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30 Little Boy’s Haircuts We Love in 2024

Is your little rascal due for a haircut soon? Check out our list of trending little boy haircuts for ages 2-12. You’ll see today’s most popular haircuts for young boys, from classic timeless styles to fashion-forward edgy cuts.

Looking for Little Boy Haircuts?

Moms and dads with young boys have a lot on their hands. Between rough and tumble play, grass and mud stains, and a constant stream of unexplained injuries that seem to defy logic, the last thing you need to worry about is what haircut your son should get next.

That’s what this visual guide is for! 

Don’t cramp your little one’s style with an outdated haircut. He’ll feel like a king when you choose a trendy hairstyle that stands out, is easy to maintain and style, and perfectly suits his personality. 

Take a look at our list of trending little boy haircuts below to see some of the most popular options! Together, you and your son can choose a haircut that will be the perfect fit for him.

Whether he likes to keep his hair short and easy to style or wear bold styles that make him the center of attention, we’ve got tons of modern options for your little rascal below. 

30 Trending Little Boy Haircuts

Little boy haircuts are as varied and diverse as haircuts for adult men, but many haircut photos online feature grown men sporting the style. You need to see examples of haircuts on young boys to see how they look on a smaller face. 

We found 30 of the most popular little boy haircuts trending online right now. See how each haircut looks on kids ranging in age from 2 to 12. Choose any of these ‘dos for your son to keep his look fresh and up to date! 

1. High Fade With Styled-Up Bangs

High Fade With Styled-Up Bangs for a piece on little boy haircuts

Amir Bajiric/Shutterstock

A high fade begins around the temples to keep the length on the sides nice and short. This gives this haircut an overall clean and neat look, even with the messy, styled-up short bangs in front.

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2. Hard Line Mid Bald Fade

Hard Line Mid Bald Fade little boy haircut on a dapper looking african-american

Anatoliy Karlyuk/Shutterstock

This mid fade is perfect for little boys who don’t want to spend any time styling their hair in the mornings! The top is longer than the back and sides, which are shaved down to the skin for a clean-cut look. The “fade” features a hard line (shaved line) that divides the long top from the shaved back and sides. 

3. Mini Quiff With Short Sides

Mini Quiff With Short Sides as a featured style for little boys haircuts

Valua Studio/Shutterstock

If your son has an adventurous sense of style, he’ll love this mini quiff with short sides. The top is left longer than the back and sides to create some nice contrast.

Use a little gel to push and style the quiff top into a wedge or point. On days when you’re running late, the top can easily be brushed down or forward to get out the door faster!  

4. Casual Long-Top Taper

Little boy with a Casual Long-Top Taper (a featured little boy's haircut) wearing a green canvas hooded jacket

Africa Studio/Shutterstock

Keep things casual for your go-with-the-flow son with an easygoing long-top tapered cut. Featuring tapered length on the sides and back, the top is a few inches long. So, it can be swept back with a little medium-hold gel or texturizing mousse. You have lots of styling options with this versatile haircut! 

5. Electrified High Fade

Electrified High Fade on a little boy in a white tshirt

Ranta Images/Shutterstock

If your son delights in “shocking” others, he will appreciate this electrified high fade! The long top is styled up in undefined spikes that send a jolt through this bold style. The long hair fades down to a very short back and sides, so all he’ll have to do is style the top with mousse or gel.

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6. Taper With Pushed-Back Bangs

Taper With Pushed-Back Bangs on a little boy in a school photo

Eugene Partyzan/Shutterstock

Tapered haircuts are less dramatic than fades, but have that same fresh and neat look. Your son will look adorably mature in this tapered cut featuring pushed-back bangs that give it a casual vibe.

A little gel or mousse worked into damp hair, then air-dried or blow-dried in the pushed-back position, will help you copy this look.  

7. Layered Crop With Split Bangs

Layered Crop With Split Bangs, a featured little boy haircut


Boys with super-straight hair sometimes struggle to find styles that don’t stand straight up or fall completely flat. This cut solves the issue by creating lots of shape with layers.

Short layers are cut in throughout the cut to give it more movement and shape. The bangs are split open to show that cute little face and keep the hair out of his eyes. 

8. Medium Curly Cut With Side-Swept Bangs

Medium Curly Cut With Side-Swept Bangs as a haircut on a little boy

ShotPrime Studio/Shutterstock

Forever fighting to keep your son’s hair from falling into his precious face? No more! Have his barber cut side-swept bangs into his curly mane to solve this problem. They’ll swoop to the side without falling in his eyes and serve as a nice focal point for the basic medium-length cut on curly hair.  

9. Medium Curly Tapered Crop

Little boy haircut titled Medium Curly Tapered Crop


If your son is growing out his curly locks and doesn’t want a drastic haircut, this medium-length style is a perfect option.

Make the most of his enviable hair texture by working a little curl cream or mousse through his hair while it’s damp. Scrunch the hair or twist curl groups between your fingers to encourage more curl definition and less frizz. 

10. Long-Top Taper With Side Part

Long-Top Taper With Side Part, a featured little boy haircut

Anna Nahabed/Shutterstock

Boys who like to keep their hair longer (and moms who can’t bear to part with their sons’ length) will love this free-flowing, easygoing cut.

The top is medium-long and transitions into gradually shorter lengths on the back and sides in a nice tapered cut. Part the hair to the side to open up the face and keep the length out of his eyes. 

11. Side-Swept Crew Cut

Side-Swept Crew Cut on a little boy in an orange sweater for a piece on little boy haircuts

Sidorova Vera/Shutterstock

The classic crew cut is a great option for little boys because it’s easy to style and the short length means it always looks neat. To up the style factor, brush the top over to one side with a little medium-hold gel to hold the look. The back and sides are tapered in length and are shortest at the neckline. 

12. High-Top Burst Fade

High-Top Burst Fade on a small Asian boy for a piece on little boy haircuts


This mashup between a high fade, burst fade, and bald fade is a trending look for little boys this year. Leave a few inches of length on top and style it up with medium or firm-hold gel to lock it in place.

This creates a nice contrast with the much shorter lengths on the faded back and sides. The burst fade around the ears gives this cut a tidy and precise look. 

13. Long Top With Point-Cut Fringe

Long Top With Point-Cut Fringe for a featured little boys haircut

Dmytro Vietrov/Shutterstock

Keep the length short and tapered on the sides and back, but leave at least 2 inches of length on top. Brush the top forward to create bangs in the front.

Then have his barber point cut up into the bangs to make them wispy and slightly messy like you see above. The best part is how easy it is for a young boy to style this cut on his own! 

14. Layered Shag With Side-Swept Bangs

Little Boy Haircut featuring a Layered Shag With Side-Swept Bangs


Boys who like rocking longer hair will love this medium-length shag with bangs. The length reaches the chin in some areas, and the layers begin up around the ears to break up the length nicely. Finish the look with softly layered side-swept bangs that fall across the forehead in a cute swoop. 

15. Two-Block Haircut

Little boy haircut on a small Asian boy holding the right side of his head in a green room


The trending K-Pop inspired two block haircut features a bowl-cut mushroom top and much shorter back and sides. The result is a cool cut that has two distinct blocks, or sections. We love how cute it looks on little boys’ hair! 

16. Side-Swept Low Taper Fade

Side-Swept Low Taper Fade on a little boy


A low taper fade doesn’t have the dramatic, high-contrast look of a high or bald fade. But it does look fresh, neat, and definitely on-trend!

This cut is perfect for boys with thick or pin-straight hair that you struggle to style. Work a dime-sized amount of gel through his damp hair and brush it to the side while you blow dry or let it air dry. 

17. High Bald Fade

High Bald Fade as a little boy haircut on a black boy in a red polo shirt

Daxiao Productions/Shutterstock

This high bald fade will make your little boy look older, but don’t fret! He’s going to love how easy this haircut is to care for and maintain. No styling required thanks to the ultra-short top cut with the #1 clipper guard. The sides are faded down to the skin for a sleek and tidy look. 

18. Long Top With Undercut

Little boy in sunglasses and a grey button-up shirt holds a longboard

Flamingo Images/Shutterstock

This high-contrast style will have your little guy looking like a fashion icon. It features a long top (make sure to leave at least 2-3 inches of length) styled over to the side and shaved-short back and sides for a dramatic contrast. You can style the top a variety of ways, so this look comes with a lot of options. 

19. Back-and-Over Taper With Side Part

Back-and-Over Taper With Side Part for a piece on little boy haircuts

George Rudy/Shutterstock

If your son likes freeform cuts that don’t have to be styled the same way everyday, this tapered haircut features a longer top that offers lots of style options.

Here, it’s worn in a side part with the front pushed back and over to the side. It keeps the longer hair out of his face and creates lots of volume on top. 

20. Quiff With Short Sides and Back

Little boy haircut idea featuring Quiff With Short Sides and Back


This is a winning haircut for little boys with big personalities! A quiff is a long top that is typically styled up with lots of volume as the focal point of the haircut. Keep the back and sides nice and short to let the quiff be the star of this look.  

21. Greaser Pompadour Fade

Greaser Pompadour Fade (a popular little boy haircut) worn by a little boy in a jean jacket with his hands in his pockets

Sevastsyanau Uladzimir/Shutterstock

Let your little boy get into a greaser vibe with this trendy pompadour fade. He’ll be equal parts tough and handsome with the longer top slicked back with a little gel for hold. Let the ends of the top curl under for this timeless look and have the sides faded and short to keep all the focus on top.

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22. Undercut Mid Fade With Top Knot

Undercut Mid Fade With Top Knot as an example of a little boy haircut

Kuznetsov Dmitriy/Shutterstock

If your son doesn’t want to let go of the length he’s been growing out, he might love this compromise! An undercut mid drop fade keeps the bottom half of this cut neat and tidy while the length on top is enough for a top knot or pompadour. Style it up, down, or over to the side for different looks.  

23. Retro Comb Over Fade

Retro Comb Over Fade on a little boy in a blue pinstriped shirt


Some little boys are old souls with a love for all things retro and vintage. Have your son looking spiffy in this retro comb over fade featuring a curved fade line that drops down in the back and a long top perfect for slicking back, styling up, or parting to the side. 

24. Mohawk Fade With Line-Up

Mohawk Fade With Line-Up haircut idea for little boys

Samuel Borges Photography/Shutterstock

Adventurous boys who like to try new things with their hair should try the mohawk fade! This daring haircut features a long strip of hair running from the front hairline to the back neckline.

The mohawk is pushed to the center to create a peak and the sides of the ‘hawk are faded to transition cleanly to the shorter length there. Finish up with a fresh line-up to get those edges looking perfect! 

25. High-Top Taper With Frosted Tips

High-Top Taper With Frosted Tips little boys haircut on an African-American boy in a backpack

Alex Tihonovs/Shutterstock

If you were alive during the 90s and 00s, you know that frosted tips were all the rage then. And now they’re back! Frosted tips draw more attention to the longer length on top in this high-top tapered haircut. The back and sides gradually get shorter toward the neckline to balance the length and color of the top.  

26. Short Curly Crop

Short Curly Crop little boy's haircut on a curly-haired boy in a blue denim jacket


Is there anything cuter than curly hair on a little boy? We love choosing haircuts that highlight and make the most of curls rather than keeping them too short to do their thing.

This cropped cut features a little more length on top and tapered back and sides to keep the look from being messy. 

27. Comb Over Fade With Shaved Lines

Little boy haircut titled Comb Over Fade With Shaved Lines


Some boys are all about the details. If that sounds like your little dude, he’ll like this comb over fade with shaved lines. The long hair on top transitions into a high fade that progressively shortens toward the bottom hairline. Horizontal lines are precisely shaved in with clippers and a razor to make this trendy cut stand out. 

28. Styled-Up Long Top With Short Back and Sides

Styled-Up Long Top With Short Back and Sides as a featured style for a piece on little boy haircuts


One of our favorite looks for little guys is a haircut with lots of volume on top. Your son will look like he belongs on the cover of a kid’s catalog with this stylish cut!

Keep the top a few inches long to give you plenty of length to style up with gel. Brush the shorter back and sides down to create some nice contrast. 

29. Tapered Cut With Split Bangs

Tapered Cut With Split Bangs on a little boy with a side part smiling big in a crew neck sweatshirt


A little extra length on top can create cool split bangs that act like a built-in style. Just create a center part (or slightly off-center) while the hair is damp, add a small amount of mousse, and let the hair air dry to create this look. The tapered length on the back and sides keeps the cut from looking grown-out and messy.  

30. Caesar Crop Fade

Caesar Crop Fade on a little Asian boy for a piece on little boy haircuts


The Caesar crop haircut features straight-across, short bangs brushed forward onto the forehead. This haircut also features a high fade that creates a nice, gradual transition between the different lengths for a clean-cut look. This is one of the trendiest looks of the year for little boys! 

Things to Consider

With so many little boy haircuts to choose from, narrowing your choices down can be a challenge. After all, your little rascal would look handsome in any kind of haircut!

How can you possibly choose? Make your decision a little easier by keeping the following things in mind:

  • Note his preferences and do your best to compromise. Some young boys couldn’t care less what their hair looks like and are happy to let Mom or Dad choose. Others take a more active approach and know exactly what haircut they want. If your son is in the latter camp, let him lead the way in choosing his next haircut. If he’s after something truly wild or a cut you just can’t stand, do your best to find a compromise that he’ll like. Remember: It’s just hair and it will grow back!  
  • Consider school, sports, and extracurricular obligations. If your wild one is attending school or involved in extracurricular activities or other obligations outside of the home, make sure you’re choosing a haircut that won’t interfere. If he plays sports, you’ll want to opt for a cut that is short enough to stay out of his face or long enough to pull back. Check with his school to ensure you’re following all rules for hairstyles and colors before settling on a bold new cut. 
  • Be honest with yourself about styling. Some of the trendiest cuts are also the most time-intensive in terms of styling. To ensure you don’t end up wrecking the household peace in the mornings or biting off more than you or your son can chew, be honest with yourself about how much styling you or your son are willing to do each morning. If spending 20 minutes doing his hair isn’t realistic for you, choose a cut that is short on top to make things easier. 
  • Invest in the right products. Super-short boys’ haircuts may not require any special styling products, but longer little boy haircuts (and cuts featuring short sides with a long top) will look better when you use a little mousse, gel, or curl cream. The products he needs will depend on his hair type. For fine or straight hair, mousse is best. Gel is what you need for styles that require lots of hold, like pompadours. Grab some curl cream to eliminate frizz and define curls on wavy to curly hair types. 

What’s Your Favorite Little Boy Haircut?

Little boy getting a haircut from a gal in a plain shirt and open white undershirt


Your son may not know exactly what haircut he wants yet, but after checking out this list of the most popular cuts for young boys, he’s sure to get some ideas. Try browsing this guide together and making note of both your favorites to start narrowing choices down.

If you’re in the driver’s seat and are choosing your son’s next haircut, keep the above considerations in mind and he’s sure to love his new cut. 

Whether he’s rocking a classic cut that never goes out of style or a trendy new ‘do that sort of shocks you, one thing is certain. He’s going to feel like the king of the playground when he shows off his new look! 

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