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Auburn Hair | 30 Unique Shades You’re Sure to Love

We’re having a serious love affair with auburn hair right now. See all the different shades of auburn and ways to wear this rich, dimensional color and learn a few things you should consider before going auburn in our visual guide below.

Looking for Auburn Hair Inspiration?

Auburn hair is one of those colors that you can’t quite put your finger on. You know it when you see it, but even the most discerning eye can struggle to describe this rich and sensual tone. Is it red? Is it brown? Is it gold, maroon, and copper combined? Maybe all of the above?

We’re drawn to the puzzling, illusory auburn hair color for this reason. This changeable hue appears to contain thousands of sparkling shades when the light hits it just right. 

Glittering, sparkling strands of auburn red hair may look like fiery golden copper in the sun but it can appear a deep, velvety maroon in shadows. What other color has so much variation and the ability to transform itself so beautifully?

While hair color trends are constantly shifting, auburn hair color remains a consistently popular choice for women who want a daring, bold, and feminine color. 

If you think auburn red always looks the same, you’ll be happy to see how many gorgeous shades of this hue are out there. It’s truly unique in the number of variations it has. 

Auburn hair can be described many different ways, depending on the shade you choose:

  • Reddish-brown with copper tones
  • Burnt sienna with orange or ginger tones
  • Deep Titian red with heavy brown tones
  • True red with chocolate or coffee tones
  • Brownish maroon with ginger tones

They all sound gorgeous, but you want to find the specific shade of auburn that will be perfect for you. Knowing which shade of auburn you want starts with seeing what your options are. 

Below, you’ll see 30 different shades of auburn hair on different hair types, textures, and skin tones. Take screenshots of your favorites so you can have your stylist mix your unique auburn color!  

30 Unique Shades of Auburn Hair

We found 30 different auburn hair color ideas featuring subtly different shades and undertones to share with you in this visual guide. Prepare to be in awe of the sensual, dimensional color that is auburn! 

1. Gilded Auburn

Gilded Auburn hair on a woman with freckles holding the right side of her head in front of a pile of wood

Andrewshkova Nastya/Shutterstock

Ultra-dimensional, this gilded auburn shade catches the light like stained glass and reflects many hues. With hints of shining gold, rich brown, and glittering ginger-orange red, this shade is always a stunner. 

2. Titian and Auburn

Titian and Auburn hair on a woman leaning up against a rusted chain-link fence

Classically Absurd/Shutterstock

Titian red (a similar color to auburn) and those familiar rich auburn tones combine to create a warm, deep color that comes to life in the light. The color appears purely deep red in shadow, but illumination makes it look goldish copper. 

3. True Red + Maroon Auburn

True Red + Maroon Auburn on a woman holding her arm behind her back


True red has blue undertones that make it perfect for cool and neutral undertones. With the warmth of fiery auburn and violet-brown maroon tones, the effect is breathtakingly beautiful. 

4. Coppery-Golden Auburn

Coppery-Golden Auburn hair on a woman with fair skin and a relaxed look on her face

Oleg Gekman/Shutterstock

This copper and gold-toned auburn appears to be lit from within with a fiery glow. The metallic copper-gold tones catch the light and are truly breathtaking against the deeper brownish undertones of this gorgeous shade. 

5. Richest Red Auburn

Gal with a serious look on her face gazes into the camera and lets her auburn hair blow in the wind


Since auburn is a mixture of various shades of red and brown, the specific color your stylist whips up can be tweaked to perfectly suit your skin and undertones. Here, the shade is heavy on the red, leaving the brown faintly in the background. 

6. Bright Ginger-Toned Auburn

Bright Ginger-Toned Auburn hair on a thin woman in a blue sweater standing against a white walled building


If dark colors don’t suit you, this bright gingery auburn could be the perfect way to go deliciously red. With bright orange and golden tones sneaking into the brownish red, the overall color is a lighter shade of auburn that is just perfect for women with warm or cool undertones. 

7. Sienna and Auburn Blend

Auburn hair idea featuring a Sienna and Auburn Blend style


Earthy sienna-brown tones add depth and richness to the bright orange-toned red in this special auburn shade. The bends and curves of big, bouncy ringlets perfectly show off the amazing variation of colors along each strand.  

8. Auburn With Golden Blonde Highlights

Auburn Hair With Golden Blonde Highlights on a thin and tall woman crossing her arms


Auburn is one of the best base colors to pair with highlights because it’s already so dimensional and multi-toned. Since this is a warm shade of the auburn hue, golden blonde streaks throughout are so complementary. 

9. Muted Auburn-Brown

Muted Auburn-Brown Hair on a fair-skinned woman with freckles in a side profile image

Dean Drobot/Shuttersock

Naturally auburn-haired ladies know that the richness does fade slightly with age, appearing more brown as you get older. But make no mistake – heavy brown undertones only make the sparkling red hues in the color shine more brightly! We love this realistic auburn brown shade. 

10. Lively Cinnamon Auburn

Lively Cinnamon Auburn hair on a pretty fair-skinned woman resting her chin on her palms

Dean Drobot/Shutterstock

Warm with reddish tones like spicy cinnamon, this dynamic and energetic color will wake you up and bring your look new life. It’s beautiful on any hair texture, but the bouncy curls really make it look like this shade of red is always in motion! 

11. Golden Brown Auburn

Golden Brown Auburn hair on a lady in a leather jacket with a furry lining

Zoom Team/Shutterstock

Golden brown with generous red tones creates the sultry combination of colors seen here. It’s a warm color that pairs well with earthy tones and warm skin undertones – perfect for fall.  

12. Natural Auburn

Natural auburn hair on a woman grinning upward toward the camera

Fotoluminate LLC/Shutterstock

This is often how natural auburn appears: Obvious red overtones with brownish copper undertones. It’s eye-catching without looking fake or too “in your face.” If you want natural looking auburn, this warm shade with lots of golden brown is it! 

13. Russet and Espresso Auburn

Russet and Espresso Auburn Hair

Dean Drobot/Shutterstock

Russet red and lush espresso-brown pair up to create this spirited shade of auburn. The curls really bring the color to life, and it’s amazing how the hue looks almost blonde where the light illuminates it. 

14. Elegant Auburn

Lady with Auburn Hair wearing a green dress leaning on her left arm and grinning in a yellow room

NAS Creatives/Shutterstock

This color is not so much subtle as it is quietly vibrant. Delicious chocolate brown is the base for warm, rich auburn with hints of copper. This is a color that looks natural and steals the spotlight. 

15. Subtle Gingerbread Auburn

Subtle Gingerbread Auburn hair on a pretty woman with a lob cut


While the auburn color is stunning and eye-catching, not everyone wants a headful of sparkling embers. If you prefer more subtle tones, try this gingerbread-brown auburn shade. A background of tawny brown is draped in copper-hinted auburn for a pretty, balanced color that won’t wear you.  

16. Burgundy-Laced Auburn

Woman with auburn hair leaning on her right palm and smiling while gazing at the reader from the top of her eyes


Violet-purple with deep brown almost literally dances throughout this vivid auburn color. The burgundy hints in the ample auburn color make it cooler-toned and suitable for cool or neutral undertones. 

17. Ginger-Auburn With Shadow Root

Ginger-Auburn Hair With Shadow Root on a woman in a yellow dress

ViDi Studio/Shutterstock

Red can be a pain to maintain, so opting for a deep brown shadow root will make things a bit easier. This orange-ginger auburn is brighter than many other shades and pairs well with warm or neutral undertones. 

18. Fiery Sunset Auburn

Fiery Sunset Auburn Hair on a woman in glasses without lenses

Andreshkova Nastya/Shutterstock

Doesn’t this shade bring to mind the glowing fire of a pretty sunset? Where the light hits it, the bright golden copper tones are brought to life. In shadowed areas, the rich depth of brown perfectly balances this dimensional hue. 

19. Auburn With Hints of Lilac

Auburn Hair With Hints of Lilac

Boiko Okha/Shutterstock

Light violet tones this lavish auburn shade to make it truly unique. If you like maroon and burgundy shades of auburn, you might love this lilac-based shade even more! 

20. Scotch Auburn

Scotch Auburn hair worn by a pretty young woman posing with her head looking right

Dean Drobot/Shutterstock

This lovely shade reminds us of the natural hair color so many Scottish people are proud to have. It’s deeply rich and red, but in the light, it takes on a lighter gold-copper hue. 

21. Auburn Penny

Lady with auburn hair looking right and grinning while tilting her head to the right


Like the color of a newly minted penny, this auburn with orange-copper undertones shines like a diamond in the sunlight and maintains a rich depth in shadows. The brownish tones make the color a cooler shade suitable for neutral or cool skin undertones. 

22. Polished Parisian Auburn

Polished Parisian Auburn Hair on a woman in a beret

Look Studio/Shutterstock

Romantic and sophisticated like the City of Light, Parisian auburn is a sight to see with dimensional strands that reflect a variety of colors. Style it in curls to really show off the color’s unique variation. 

23. Ethereal Deep Auburn

Ethereal Deep Auburn worn by a pale woman with gorgeous long hair in a black shirt


This deep shade of auburn looks like it belongs on a fairy in an enchanted forest. Look at how this rich, vibrant color changes color in the light and shines like the sun! It’s magical.  

24. Autumn Harvest Auburn

Lady wearing a light pink camisole with a ton of cleavage exposed while also rocking auburn hair while sitting in a wheat field

Andreshkova Nastya/Shutterstock

Featuring warm, earthy brown and copper red tones, this color reminds us of the changing leaves of autumn. There’s the burning warmth remaining from summer in the coppery tones while the cooler brown brings fall into focus. 

25. Glowing Auburn Ember

Glowing Auburn Ember hairs color

Yuliya Yafimik/Shutterstock

This shade of red against fair olive-complected skin is truly gorgeous! With abundant warm copper caramel tones throughout the deeper brown-red, this is a shade that can work with warm, neutral, and cool undertones.  

26. Sanguine and Copper Auburn

Sanguine and Copper Auburn hair


Sanguine red is the color of dried blood – it’s beautiful as a hair color, but hints of metallic copper make it something special. It matches just as well with a creamy cool-toned complexion and fair eyes (like the model here) as it does with warm undertones and brown eyes. 

27. Auburn With Hints of Cocoa

Woman in an orange shirt wearing Auburn Hair With Hints of Cocoa

Dean Drobot/Shutterstock

The shining, rich red tones are grounded with warm cocoa tones that gives this auburn an overall brownish red (rather than reddish brown) look. It’s a very dimensional color, so if you want to avoid a flat red, give this shade a try! 

28. Ruddy Copper Auburn

Ruddy Copper Auburn hair on a woman with fair skin


This ruddy, reddish-brown shade with copper overtones sparkles even in the dark. Perfect for any skin tone (fair, medium, or deep) and any undertone (warm, cool, or neutral), this is a genuine auburn tone that is truly universal. 

29. Strawberry Pink Auburn

Strawberry Pink Auburn hair on a woman looking in a window

Robert Brown Stock/Shutterstock

Unexpectedly pretty, this pink-toned strawberry auburn – we’re calling it strauberry – shows a whole different side of the popular auburn shade. A mix of strawberry blonde and perfect red-auburn create this sweet, lighter color for those who want less depth in their red. 

30. Maroon and Brown Auburn

Maroon and Brown Auburn hair


The main overtones here are deep maroon and rich brown, which can work for any skin undertone (warm, cool, or neutral). We love the velvety depth of this shade! 

Choose Your Perfect Auburn

One of the best things about auburn hair color is that it can be universally flattering for all skin tones and undertones. It doesn’t matter if you’re fair, medium, or deep-complected. You can have warm, cool, or neutral undertones.

There’s a shade of auburn that will flatter you – you just have to find it!

Choosing your perfect auburn means determining whether your skin undertones are warm, cool, or neutral. In general, you want to choose a color that shares your undertones. 

  • People with warm undertones should look at warm auburn shades (which usually have hints of gold or copper). 
  • Cool skin undertones look best with cool auburn shades with deep cocoa or espresso brown undertones and hints of cool-toned maroon, burgundy, or true red.
  • Those with neutral undertones can choose any shade of auburn because both warm and cool colors are complimentary on neutral undertones.   

What’s Your Favorite Auburn Hair Color?

Photo behind a woman walking down a city sidewalk letting her auburn hair blow in the wind


Once you’ve found shades of auburn that suit your undertones, it’s wise to visit your stylist and go over a few of your favorite shades to find the one that will work best for you. 

Your stylist can recommend whether you should go slightly lighter or darker, mix additional colors in for depth and dimension, and go over color maintenance requirements with you. 

When you’re crowned with your perfectly-selected shade of auburn hair, you’ll feel like a new and inspired woman. You just might decide to become a redhead for life! 

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