Teen boy haircuts are always changing. And you can bet that once one style catches on, it’ll go viral — TikTok hair anyone? Get in the know be checking out the 30 most popular hairstyles for teens below.

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Most Popular Teen Boy Haircuts

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Teen boy haircuts need to meet a few criteria. They should be easy to style and maintain. They need to suit you and your lifestyle. And of course, they’ve gotta look good.

But settling on the right haircut is hard for anyone. You want to make sure you find a cut that you won’t regret! No worries. We’ve got you covered with plenty of examples of the most popular teen boy haircuts.

We found styles that are perfect for anything you find yourself doing. Maybe that’s playing video games, going to school (you have to look good, even on Zoom), dominating in sports, going on dates, or jumping off really high things that you probably shouldn’t.

These are haircuts that can hang regardless of your choice of activities. The point is, we’ve got a good batch of teen-worthy haircuts that you’re sure to love.

Scroll down to see some possibilities for your next haircut. You might end up doing something totally different with your hair!

Top 30 Teen Boy Haircuts 

These are listed in no particular order. They’re just a solid collection of the best teen boy haircuts that ever existed. We could’ve called this section “Top 29 Teen Boy Haircuts and 1 Mullet.”

But we decided against it last minute. Oh, and if you do decide to go with the mullet, maybe give yourself 48 hours to think about it first. Or 48 days. Here we go! 

Long Top Fade

Portrait of a young man with dark hair with a sad face.

Ignore this guy’s frown because we’re pretty sure he loves his haircut. I mean, we do. Leave it long on the top (at least a couple of inches) and have your barber fade it into shorter sides and back.

Short Crew Cut

Blonde teen boy 16-17 year old wearing hoodie and denim jacket outdoors. Looking at camera and rocking a teen boy haircut

Buzzed short on the sides and cleanly trimmed across the top, this one’s a classic that anyone can pull off. No wonder it regularly tops our list of the best teen boy haircuts.

Dapper Dude

As an image for a piece on teen boy haircuts, young guy dressed in white shirt standing with crossed arms. Isolated on the dark background.

If you take a couple minutes to style your hair in the morning, you’ll really like this suave cut. Leave it longer up top and fade it down to about ½” or ¼” long on the sides and back. 

Shaggy and Long

As an image for a piece on teenage boy haircuts, Close up portrait of young smiling cute teenager in white, isolated on white
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If your hair is relatively straight and you don’t need to do much to it but brush it, you might like a casual cut like this. Your barber can cut some layers into it, so it has a little more movement. 

Hi-Top Fade

Preoccupied young african american guy in casual blue shirt posing isolated on yellow wall background studio portrai
ViDI Studio/Shutterstock

You need coily or super-curly hair to make this work, but it’s a great look that allows you to keep some length on top. 

Medium-Length Curly

close up of teen boy haircut with a shaggy and slightly long style

If your hair is getting a little longer and you’re not ready to cut it off, you can have it trimmed and shaped into a cut like this. Make sure you visit a barber who is skilled working with curly hair.

Long and Curly on Top

Teen boy haircut image featuring a brunette who's not smiling but looking intensely at the camera
Marian Fil/Shutterstock

If you’ve been blessed with a mop of curly hair that’s getting a little long, consider leaving that length on top and having the sides shaved or faded down for a fresh new look. 

Quiffy Fade

Portrait of a handsome young man. Isolated over white with a teen boy haircut with a quiffy fade
Kiselev Andrey Valerevich/Shutterstock

You’ll need pretty thick hair with lots of body to pull this one-off, but we love the way it looks. Make sure you’re willing to take time in the morning to style this look.

Curly and Longish 

As an image for a piece on teen boy haircuts, Portrait of a teenage boy with long hair in winter against the backdrop of snow-covered trees in the park
Marian Fil/Shutterstock

Sure, you can wear your hair long (or longish) with any hair texture. But doesn’t it look great with curly hair? Let your hair do its thing by getting a professional trim that defines and accentuates your curls. 

Long Front, Short Sides and Back

Teenage boy with big toothy smile
Christine Glade/Shutterstock

Play up your hair’s natural texture by leaving the hair at the hairline a little longer than the rest of the top. Then have your stylist fade the top into shorter sides and the back. 

Tousled Crop

Portrait of a casual young man with a standard teen boy haircut

There’s something really great about a haircut that’s easy to style (or not style) while highlighting your hair’s natural texture and shape. This one’s especially great for teens with wavy or curly hair. 

Long Top, High Fade

Handsome Athletic young man isolated on grey background. Muscular teenage guy portrait with an average teen boy haircut
Subbotina Anna/Shutterstock

Something tells us your popularity will increase by a lot if you get this cut. It’s long on the top, enough to do a hard part to the side or be slicked back. Have your barber do a high fade to get this look. 

Longer Top, Shorter Sides

Fashion portrait of handsome teenager posing in casual jacket, young smart European man smiling and trendy dressed

Yes, most teen boy haircuts can technically be described as “longer top, shorter sides,” but we like that this one is styled by pushing the hair at the hairline up and back for a little height and interest.

Wavy Top Long Fade

Guy with a run of the mill teen boy haircut sitting next to a wooden hut
Thai Soriano/Shutterstock

If you like the idea of a fade but don’t want to go super short, you might like this cut. You can have the longer hair on top trimmed slightly and gradually fade the sides and back into it without clippers. 

Relaxed Hi-Top Undercut

Positive teen boy in yellow hoodie crossing arms and looking at camera against bright violet background
Mark Nazh/Shutterstock

If your hair has a strong curly texture, you can pull off this relaxed hi-top undercut. Have your stylist leave the top long and shave the sides up to a hard part at the top. 

Greaser Pompadour

teenager focus for his studies doing homework at home on the table with laptop or computer - headphones on the table
Perfect Wave/Shutterstock

It’s not the 50s, but pompadours are in style big-time. Get the look by having the top of the hair sectioned off while the stylist fades the sides down with clippers. Use pomade, gel, or another hair product to slick it back. 

Swept Back Medium Fade

Portrait of a teenage boy standing by a white brick wall. Studio shot
Kiselev Andrey Valerevich/Shutterstock

If your hair on top is long enough to sweep backward and hold with gel or pomade, try this one. You can have the sides faded starting at about the middle of your head to keep the look casual. 

Faux Hawk

Smiling guy with a standard teenage boy haircut standing and smilling
Suzanne Tucker/Shutterstock

If mohawks are a little too much, but you like the look, just have the sides buzzed short and leave the top long enough to style into a faux hawk. 

The Bieb

Portrait of young smiling boy
Ipag Collection/Shutterstock

It’s totally fine if you want to channel your inner Bieber with this iconic look. Layers will help it swish around.

Shaved Part

Glamour shot of a young kid that looks slight like Justin Bieber as an image for a piece on teen boy hairstyles
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Play up your part by having it shaved for definition. Keep the top long and parted to the side to show it off. This style is one of the most popular teen boy haircuts on our list.

Medium Length Taper

Guy with a teen boy haircut smiling in a blue button up shirt
Cookie Studio/Shutterstock

This teen boy haircut leaves a little more length on top for styling however you want. The longer fade starts just above the ears if you’re not into the high fade look.

Buzz Cut

teen boy by brick wall with a nice looking teen boy haircut that is an undercut
Maya Kruchankova/Shutterstock

An old, reliable option is the classic buzz cut. It couldn’t be easier if you want to do it yourself – just choose the clipper guard length you want and buzz your entire head. 

Long Top Undercut

Top above back close up cropped view photo of clean clear modern ideal stylish trendy with mask lotion cream wax gel hairdress of brutal hipster isolated on gray background
Roman Samborskyi/Shutterstock

Leave the top long and have your hair undercut (shaved close to the skin) all the way up the sides and back for this look. 

Long Quiff

Close up portrait of a handsome young man against gray background as an image for a piece on teen boy haircuts

If you’ve got enough length and the will to style your hair in the mornings, try the long quiff. You’ll tousle it with strong hold product like gel or pomade and give it lots of height in the front. 


Close up back behind rear view photo dark skin he him his man turned to empty space distracted unrecognizable groomed shaved head wearing white t-shirt outfit clothes isolated on grey background
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Nothing’s easier than shaving your head. It’s also great for summertime or keeping your hair off your face. No wonder it’s one of the most popular teen boy haircuts of this year.

Shaved Designs

An example of an edgier teen boy haircut is a design shaved into the back of the head
Dmytro Kolesnikov/Shutterstock

If you know a talented barber and want a bold look, get some cool designs shaved in. You can have a small design etched in or have it done all over the back and sides. 

Multi-Colored Mohawk

Portrait of a cool young man with pink mohawk as another example of a teen boy haircut

This one’s sure to please mom and dad! Shave the sides down to the skin and leave the middle top and back long enough to style into a mohawk. 

Classic Crew Cut

Young brunette man with an average teen boy haircut looking at the camera and grinning

If the daring mohawk isn’t your style, you can always opt for a clean-cut classic: The crew cut! This has been a staple on teen boy haircut lists for years: the 90s, 2000s, and yet again today.

Close Fade

Barber hand in gloves cut hair and shaves young man on a brick wall background. Close up portrait of a guy with a teen boy haircut

A little length left up top is a nice contrast with a close fade shaved down the skin. This one requires regular trims and touch-ups, so keep that in mind. 

Business in the Front, Party in the Back

Young skinny man with a dark hairmullet and a moustache and bright blue eyes
Jasmin Bauer/Shutterstock

We’re just as surprised as you that the mullet trend is picking up, but if you’re inclined, we say go for it. 

How to Choose a Teen Boy Haircut

Before you decide on a haircut, keep these things in mind to make sure you won’t regret your choice. 

Will it work for your lifestyle? Every teen has places to go and obligations to fulfill, so think about school, work, sports, church, and any other activities you participate in before choosing a haircut. Mohawks are awesome, but if school doesn’t allow it, you’ll wish you’d gone with a different cut. 

How long will it take to grow out? Making a major change to your hair can be a great decision that you’ll love, but everyone gets at least one haircut they hate. If you decide you don’t like the one you’re considering, how long will it take you to grow it out? If it’s a while, think long and hard before you get it done. 

Will you need to style it every day? If you’re the type of teen who hits snooze five times before rolling out of bed, you probably don’t want to opt for a haircut that requires you to spend 15 minutes styling it each morning. Pick your haircut based on how much time you will actually dedicate to styling it. 

Are you going to be sick of the haircut in a week? Getting a mullet is hilarious for a few minutes, but do you really want to be stuck with it for a while? Think about the longer-term when you get a haircut (and take comfort in knowing you can always have the back cut if you tire of the Joe Dirt look). 

Does the haircut work with your hair texture and thickness? Some styles are best for thinner, straight hair, while others will only work if your hair is very curly or thick. Talking to a good barber can help you pick a haircut that suits your hair’s texture and thickness perfectly. 

Are your parents okay with it? Every family is different, and some parents encourage teens to go for unique haircuts and styles. But consider your parents or guardians and what they’ll be okay with before you do anything drastic to your hair.

Teen Boy Haircuts: Things to Consider

There are thousands of teen boy haircuts out there, but not every one is going to suit you. Your hair’s unique texture, thickness, color, and characteristics are going to be a big part of finding the right haircut for you.

A good barber can help you narrow your choices down to styles that are going to suit you perfectly while hitting all the checkboxes of what you want. Keeping your lifestyle and activities in mind when you’re choosing a cut is so important.

Make sure you’re looking at cuts that won’t interfere with the things you’ve got to do daily. If you’re planning to do something drastic or bold with your hair, you may want to check with your school’s handbook, your coach, and your parents to make sure it will pass muster. 

Kids, teens, adults – everyone’s hair is a major part of their self-expression. When it comes down to it, only you can choose a haircut that you’re going to love.

We hope our list of haircut ideas gave you some inspiration for your next haircut. One thing is certain: A good haircut will boost your confidence and take your look to the next level.

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