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About Debra

Debra is a Nashville-based content creator and strategist. As the daughter of a long-time hair stylist and salon owner, she’s spent most of her life as a guinea pig for new color and cut techniques. She grew up in hair salons and surrounded by stylists and barbers.

She understands how important it is to find a salon that perfectly suits you. Equipped with a good pair of shears and a brave husband and daughter, she loves trying new cutting techniques and hairstyles on herself and family.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in professional studies from Middle Tennessee State University. Writing for respected publications like Forbes and HuffPost, she’s committed to bringing her passion for great hair to the masses.

About Travellers Wordwide

We started You Probably Need a Haircut because we think there should be more free hair styling and care guides online. Our team creates detailed guides for hair care, products, and styling for all types of people across the globe. We don't think it's complicated; you're looking for information on which hairstyles are trending this year or how to care for your hair. And we aim to provide you with just that. Learn more about us and our editorial standards.

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