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10 Edgy Caesar Haircuts for Men to Rock in 2024

The Caesar haircut is making a comeback. But it has many variations, some of which are too edgy for the average person. Read on to see some examples of this unique style and how to rock each one.

Most Stylish Caesar Haircuts

If you’re a man after a low-maintenance option, the Caesar haircut might be exactly what you’re looking for. It’s a timeless men’s cut that requires little, if any, styling to maintain.

What Is a Caesar Haircut?

Statue of Roman Emperor Augustus rocking a Caesar Haircut


The Caesar haircut is named after the Roman emperor Julius Caesar. Images of Caesar depict him with the same length hair all over, and a short fringe cut straight across.

While you might not want the same reputation as Caesar, you might want his haircut. And we’re here to tell you how to get it. We’ve compiled a list of the best styles and how to ask for them at the barber.

Caesar vs. Crop Cuts

Barber with a trimmer in his hand creates a stylish hairstyle for the client of the barbershop, trims bangs. Serious male hairdresser uses a trimmer when cutting a client. French crop haircut.

The crop is a hairstyle that often gets confused with the Caesar cut. The two are pretty similar, but there are some specific points that set them apart.

First, the term “Caesar” is used to describe one specific hairstyle, while the term “crop” is more often used to describe a type of hairstyle. Technically, any haircut where the hair is cropped can be a crop.

Second, most of the confusion revolves around the French crop, which is a hairstyle that’s very similar to the Caesar. However, a French crop usually has a longer fringe. And it’s more common to see fades used in a crop.

Now that you know what a Caesar cut is (and isn’t), take a look at 10 of the best Caesar haircuts you can get. If you’re considering the this style for your next cut, then feast your eyes on our list!

1. The Classic Caesar

Three gypsum copy of ancient statue head of Guy Julius Caesar isolated on black background. Plaster sculpture man face.

Ded Pixto/Shutterstock

To see the original Caesar, why not go straight to the source? Here’s a bust of Julius Caesar that showcases his trademark hairstyle. The short hair and straight fringe are the most infamous aspects of his haircut.

And they’ve formed the basis for all kinds of Caesar cut variations over the years. With a classic Caesar, the hair is the same length all over the head with literally no variation in length at all, not even on the back or sides.

However, this is the most malleable aspect of the Caesar, and many Caesar styles feature at least slight variations in length. Additionally, while Caesar is pictured as having curlier hair, the style works with just about any hair type.

2. The Polished Caesar Haircut

George Clooney rocking a caesar haircut at the West Coast Premiere Reading of


George Clooney is one of the most famous celebrities to sport the Caesar cut. He wears it a bit tidier than how our old pal Julius did, but it’s mostly a textbook Caesar cut.

The biggest difference is that his hair has less texture to create a more polished look. A small note here is that the hair on top is brushed to the side, though you can barely tell with how short the hair is.

The hair is brushed to the side it normally falls on (with the grain) for the neatest possible look. Again, it’s almost imperceptible, but it makes a big difference when it comes to how clean the hair looks.

3. The Extra Short Caesar

Portrait of young man with caesar hair cut, Side view


Though the Caesar is already a short hairstyle, some guys prefer even shorter versions. This close-cut variation is clearly inspired by military styles and features a high fade on the sides to give the short hair on top a little more visual weight. A nice touch is the semi-shaved part line that’s not quite a hard part.

4. The Full Caesar

Imposing well dressed man with a caesar haircut sitting on a Chesterfield leather couch

Kiselev Andrey Valerevich/Shutterstock

Alternatively, you can opt for a longer and fuller Caesar cut like the one shown here. This haircut is a basic Caesar with a few small touches, like a curved fringe instead of a straight one.

It’s longer than a standard Caesar haircut, but not by much. So it’s a good choice for men who want a low maintenance hairstyle that’s not extremely short.

5. Faded Caesar Haircut

Most traditional Caesar haircuts are the same length all over the head, but many modern variations change that up by altering the proportions a bit. Here, a fade is used to provide a huge amount of contrast that the Caesar doesn’t normally have.

With the fade and the rounded fringe, this style gets into crop territory. But it’s clearly Caesar-inspired. Another strong feature of this haircut is the hair on top styled forward in small sections to create a texture reminiscent of choppy ocean waves.

This is a great way to add a lot of depth to a shorter hairstyle using just a bit of styling product. To keep this haircut looking its best, you’ll want to make regular trips to your barber or stylist to keep everything (especially the fade) nice and trimmed.

6. Skin Faded Crop

Another cut that gets into crop territory, this Caesar-esque style features a skin fade on the sides to tighten everything up. It also borrows heavily from the Caesar style with its short, straight fringe. Think of this as a more structured Caesar with a mid-high fade.

As with some of the other styles, there’s a little bit of texture on top to change things up. Some of the hair in the back has been tousled for a finishing touch. It’s a nice middle ground between clean-cut and unkempt that makes it a well-rounded, versatile look.

7. Dyed Caesar

For an even more updated version of this traditional cut, check out this sick dyed style. It has many of the hallmarks of a Caesar cut with some cool twists like the color and the shaved texture on the fringe that’s accomplished by cutting small sections from it.

In addition to the textured fringe, this style uses a gradual skin fade on the sides. It’s a small touch that helps to clean up the look and contrast against the color and texture up top.

8. Shag Caesar Haircut

What happens when you combine a short Caesar cut with a longer shag style? You get a highly textured shag with tons of depth. Ideal for wavy or curly hair, this Caesar shag takes the best parts of both hairstyles and fuses them together.

The hair is pretty much the same length all around except for at the very top where it’s layered for depth. The fringe is also mostly short, and the texture creates an implied straight line in the style of the Caesar.

This haircut can also be modified in many ways. For example, you can combine it with a true straight fringe or have your hair cut a bit shorter than shown here.

9. All Curls

Caesar himself was depicted as having curly hair, so it’s no surprise that a Caesar Haircut works really well with a curly texture. Layering the curls and creating an implied fringe adds a dimension to the Caesar style and makes for a refreshing take on the classic cut.

For a look that’s truer to the classic Caesar, you could opt for the straight cut fringe, and you could also make the lengths more similar. However, there’s no denying that this is a fresh twist on a classic that adds vibrancy to the original style.

10. Textured Caesar

Here’s a modernized take on the Caesar haircut that uses loads of texture. While this looks much different from the basic Caesar, it still follows the general cut formula. The hair on top is styled forward, and the bangs are cut straight across.

Interestingly, this hairstyle uses different lengths, as opposed to the standard Caesar where the length is the same all over. However, the hair looks perfectly balanced, which gives it the same feeling of neatness.

What’s Your Favorite Caesar Haircut?

That does it for our list of the 10 best Caesar cuts for men. Thinking about rocking this cut? Don’t pigeonhole yourself into one style. Be sure to browse our other men’s hairstyles before deciding on the right one for you!