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29 Trending Curtain Bangs Ideas for 2024

Thinking about getting curtain bangs? This type of fringe can work with any face shape, hair texture, or style. See 30 examples of curtain bangs and different ways to wear the trend in our complete style guide.

Curtain Bangs: Making a Comeback

Curtain Bangs Featured Image

Every now and then, another style or trend from a past decade emerges. The return of a flattering, low-maintenance trend like curtain bangs was eminent. And we are here for it.

Sixties and seventies beauty icons and celebrities like Farah Fawcett, Goldie Hawn, and Brigette Bardot all wore curtain bangs. They created a soft, flirty look that was worlds away from the precise look of the blunt-cut bangs of the day.

Now this twist on classic bangs is back because it looks great on everyone, works with a variety of looks, and is super simple to style. These bangs can be styled to look sleek and polished or messy and edgy.

Curtain bangs are so versatile, and that’s part of what makes them great.

If you’re thinking about wearing the trend, you need to look at some examples to find the style that’s best for you! Below, we’ll share some info about curtain bangs and different ways they can be worn.

Then, you’ll see 30 examples that will help you decide which curtain bang style you want. Let’s get started!

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What Are Curtain Bangs?

What are curtain bangs graphic table

There are several different types of bangs. But specifically, curtain bangs are a type of fringe parted in the middle to frame the face. They get their name from the way the parted hair frames the face like a curtain does a window.

With a little swoop naturally forming on each side, curtain bangs create soft curves that are versatile and flattering on every face shape. Most curtain bangs are softly layered and are shortest in the center. They gradually get longer to better blend with the rest of the hair.

Layering gives the bangs more movement. This makes them a dynamic part of your hairstyle rather than a static fringe that lays in one place.

Curtain bangs may be worn parted slightly to the left or right, but if they are parted too far over, they’re indistinguishable from side-swept bangs and won’t frame your face the same way.

They are meant to hang down the edges of your face, opening up above the eyebrows to put your eyes front and center.

30 Trending Ways to Wear Curtain Bangs

Getting curtain bangs is a simple way to instantly update your hairstyle. They will flatter any face shape and work with any hair type. There are so many ways to wear these face framing bangs!

The best way to show you is with examples. Check out some of our favorite ways to wear curtain bangs!

1. Slightly Offset Curtain Bang

Stylish young woman with curtain bangs stands against a grey/white wall with a jean outfit on


These bangs aren’t parted dead in the middle, but just off-center for a casual look. Use a curling wand or iron to wrap the ends of the bangs and wave away from your face.

2. Long Bangs Blended into Waves

Pretty woman with long hair stands in front of a pink background and gives the nixon victory sign while rocking curtain bangs

Roman Samborskyi/Shutterstock

If short bangs in your face gets on your nerves, consider wearing a longer version of the trend. They are almost jaw level in this example, curving slightly at the cheekbone area. The extra length blends seamlessly into waves while perfectly framing the face.

3. Urban Edgy

Woman with curtain bangs wears an edgy crop shirt and holds her right cheek while standing on one knee


Let the bangs hit around the cheekbone level and use texturizing spray or sea salt spray to make them look a little lived-in. Finish with a curling wand or iron to wave them away from your face.

4. Short Inverted Curtain Bangs

Man sitting in an unbuttoned oxford in front of a treed backyard and wearing inverted curtain bangs hairstyle


These bangs swoop inward toward the face at the bottom, creating a C-shape that is super flattering for short hair. The back and sides are buzzed up to the eyebrow level, leaving a longer, shaggy layer on top to blend the short curtain bangs into.

5. Shaggy and Sultry

Woman in a dark room with long curtain bangs holds her right ear and looks down to her right

Dalina Deinega/Shutterstock

Longer curtain bangs are so sultry because they put your eyes in the spotlight. Paired with super-long blonde wavy hair, these bangs that swoop right at the cheekbone will highlight every flattering point on your face.

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6. Perfectly in Place

Woman in a checkered short sleeved shirt and a hairstyle with curtain bangs looks with heavy eye makeup at the camera


If a polished look is more your speed, curtain bangs that hit at the cheeks are worth considering. They’re long enough to add waves or curls and can blend in with the rest of your hair perfectly.

7. Air Dried and Casual

lady with long air dried and casual curtain bangs that are blonde in color stands in front of a yellow wall and points to her left

Luis Molinero/Shutterstock

Curtain bangs do not need tons of styling to look great. This is a perfect example! Just let your hair air dry for a casual look (try twisting the bangs away from you as they dry for more swoop).

8. Barely Parted Curtain Bangs

Hipster woman with dark round glasses and teal headphones holds her right hip and stands in front of an ocean

Svitlana Sokolova/Shutterstock

Instead of a wide part, shorter forehead-covering curtain bangs naturally have a narrower part. Hitting just above the eyebrows at their shortest, they make the eyes the main focus.

9. Artsy Half-Tucked

Hipster woman stands in front of stairs and holds a skateboard while wearing a beanie


Paired with long hair, these bangs add interest to the style and swoop around the tops of the cheekbones. With one side tucked, more of the face shows.

10. Piece-y Brow Grazing Bangs

Pale young woman with curtain bangs and red lip stands below a low timber roof

Sokolova Maryna/Shutterstock

Growing your bangs out? Start parting them down the middle and let them naturally “piece” out or use a dab of styling wax or pomade. Longer lengths look great with this face framing style too, so no need for a trim every few weeks!

11. Coily Curtains

Ethnic woman in a white ribbed sweater smiles and wears natural curly curtain bangs

Cookie Studio/Shutterstock

Coily and kinky hair can really rock the curtain bangs! With tight curls cut into a cascading shape that frames the face perfectly, this is a great way to add interest to any short ‘do.

12. Subtle Part Curtain Bangs

Beautiful brunette woman with curtain bangs sits on a padded couch in front of a number of green palm plants

Svitlana Sokolova/Shutterstock

The layers and subtle part in these bangs peek out from under her hat, which gives the look a flirty and laid-back vibe. If you prefer shorter bangs that won’t hang in your eyes, this example is perfect.

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13. Dense and Short

European looking woman in a furry hooded jacket holds the hood at its ends and looks intensely at the camera without smiling

Sharon Cobo/Shutterstock

Wispy versions are great, but there’s something kind of vintage about denser, thick curtain bangs. When they’re shorter, they’re less intrusive on the face.

14. Clipped Back Bangs

Young woman with clipped-back curtain bangs and in a furry hooded shirt stands in front of a pink wall

Anton Mukhin/Shutterstock

You’ll love your new curtain bangs, but it’s fun to find different ways to style them! We like the look of clipping them back just above the ears.

15. Short Curtain Bangs

Lady with short curtain bangs and a flowing grey shirt gives the peace sign with both hands and grins with large dimples

Long, straight hair looks great with this style of bang. The curtain bangs here graze the eyebrows to leave the eyes open as a focal point. We like the piece-y look of these short bangs.

16. Tomboy Bangs

Bored woman with long tomboy curtain bangs rests her chin on her closed fists while laying flat on the ground


These middle-parted bangs have such a youthful look and pair excellently with a shorter haircut. You can use a little lightweight styling gel to help set the part.

17. Retro Hollywood

Young thin woman in a one-piece full-legged black jumper sits on a modern concrete and wooden bench and wears aviators with curtain bangs

Andrey Arkusha/Shutterstock

Those deep-set waves and the shining blonde tones scream old Hollywood. Use a curling wand for the most glamorous, shapely wave.

18. Off Center Retro

Fashionable woman with curtain bangs holds her hip in jeans


Heavily razored and textured ends lend a wispy ethereal look to these soft curtain bangs that just brush the brow. 

19. Face Framing Curls

Strange portrait of a woman with curly curtain bangs wears polka dots on her cheeks and sticks her tongue out while opening her eyes up wide


Curly haired women, take advantage of your hair’s amazing texture and shape with a U-shaped curtain fringe. Shorter in the middle, the hair won’t fall into your eyes and your curls are front and center.

20. Clean Part Curtain Bangs

Lady with green nails holds her chin and her curtain bangs frame her pretty blue eyes

Kseniia Perminova/Shutterstock

This version of curtain bangs reminds us of the 70s. With its simple, no-frills shape and clean part just slightly off center, the eyes are what you’ll notice first.

21. Messy Half Up

Obnoxious image of a lady with a messy half-up bun with glitter on her hand and curtain bangs giving the OK sign


Frame your face flawlessly and make it effortless when you pair these bangs with a casual half up do. We love the layers and how the bangs hit right at the cheeks.

22. Platinum Split

Lady with blonde hair holds up brown leaves and wears a tan trenchcoat

Volodymyr Tverdokhlib/Shutterstock

Ultra-light platinum strands are hard to achieve and maintain, but these bangs are easy! They are cut at a staggered angle down the sides of the face for a blunt, edgy look.

23. Chin Length Balayage

Boho image of a woman with red lip sitting cross legged in front of a light purple house

Svitlana Sokolova/Shutterstock

Balayage (hand-painted) color gradually lightens the hair from mid-shaft to the tips, and these bangs are the perfect way to set it off. Pop on a sun hat for an effortlessly chic look.

24. Ultra Thin Curtain Bangs

Sienna miller at the MTV movie awards in 2009 with curtain bangs and wearing a teal sequin shirt

Everett Collection/Shutterstock

Sienna Miller has worn super-thin curtain bangs (not the hair density, but the thickness of the bang sections). These are so flattering and chic on fine hair with waves!

25. Hip and Shaggy

Fashionable woman in tan jeans sits cross legged in an ice cream parlour while wearing a jean jacket, red lip, and curtain bangs

Svitlana Sokolova/Shutterstock

There’s a decidedly chill and effortless vibe with this middle-parted fringe that hits at the eyebrows. The look is natural – not trying to be polished – and hip.

26. Long and Blended

Thin and fashionable woman with white sunglasses up on her head types on her cell phone and holds shopping bags

LightField Studios/Shutterstock

If you don’t want your curtain bangs to take center stage on your face, longer length is the answer. When they’re long enough, you can brush them over to each side and use hairspray to hold.

27. Twin Half Up Ponytails

Woman with sunglasses and twin half-up pony curtain bangs holds two shopping bags and stands in front of glass doors

Artem Voropai/Shutterstock

This is a fun way to wear your bangs when you want them out of your face! They’ll need to be a little longer than your cheekbone level to pull back successfully.

28. Swooping Pink Pastel

Lady with pink long curtain bangs in a boho straw hat looks straight ahead, side profile


Cut to be around jaw level, these longer bangs perfectly frame the face. Especially in a vivid pink color that stands out – two trends in one!

29. Flicked Out Curtain Bangs

Fashionable woman with curtain bangs looks at her phone

LightField Studios/Shutterstock

Give your bangs a little extra attitude with a quick flick at the tips with a curling iron or wand. Just wrap the ends enough to give them one swoop, not complete curls.

Show off your vintage vibe with jagged-cut bangs that hit at the lash level in the center and come down to the cheekbones on the sides. This shape helps them split naturally, and we love the look of the off center part here.

Tips for Wearing Curtain Bangs

While curtain bangs could work for any face shape, hair length, style, or texture, there are few tips to keep in mind if you plan on rocking them soon!

  1. Oily hair might not be the best fit. Unless you plan to use a little dry shampoo daily, bangs that lay on your face might get oily faster if you’re prone to having oily strands. These can quickly become a nightmare if you don’t consider this before getting them cut!
  2. A round brush will be your best friend. Use a round brush when you dry your hair to get that iconic little bend in curtain bangs. It will also give them more volume at the roots if you first concentrate on using your blow dryer to pull them upward as you dry.
  3. They’re most flattering when they hit somewhere from brow to chin. Anywhere from your brow level to your chin level are perfect points for your bangs to end. Shorter bangs look great with shorter haircuts, while chin or jaw-length bangs pair perfectly with longer hair styles.
  4. Wavy hair was made for curtain bangs. Every hair type looks good with these – straight, wavy, curly, and coily – but wavy hair just has a way of seamlessly blending the ends of the bangs right into the hair. The natural wave gives curtain bangs the perfect curved shape as well, and wavy hair makes these bangs super low maintenance.
  5. Ask your stylist for recommendations. Styling products might not be necessary to style your new curtain bangs, but for some hair types, they’re either helpful or essential. Your stylist can recommend what to use and how to train your hair to adopt the new middle part if you’re currently parting to the side.

Trends come and go, but curtain bangs have made their mark in the beauty world and we predict they’ll stay around for a while. Are you going to get yours cut soon?

Frequently Asked Questions

Click for Frequently Asked Questions

What are curtain bangs actually called?

 Curtain bangs are also called Fringe bangs. These are a low-maintenance way to get bangs while also framing your face on either side. They're textured, and flow effortless down your face, framing it while also adding a little flair to an otherwise normal hairstyle.

Are curtain bangs high maintenance?

Curtain bangs are so popular because of their low-maintenance nature. While traditional bangs need to be trimmed every 3-4 weeks to keep them out of your eyes, curtain bangs are long. By nature, this means that they can be left untouched and grow with the rest of your hair without requiring a trim for 5-6 weeks, if not even months.

Are curtain bangs good for fine hair?

Curtain bangs look good on all hair, regardless of whether it's fine, thick, coarse, or thin. While thick hair cut with curtain bangs might have a little more flow to it, fine hair can be cut into a curtain bang without problem.

Who are curtain bangs good for?

Curtain bangs look good on practically everyone. Regardless of whether your hair is straight, curly, wavy, fine, or thick, curtain bangs will look great on you, so long as they're tailored to your specific face shape and style.

What's the difference between curtain bangs and face frame?

Curtain bangs share many of the same features as face framing bangs (aka money piece hair), but curtain bangs typically hit your eyebrow, while face framing bangs extend down to your chin, if not longer.

What face shape should get curtain bangs?

While everyone will look good with curtain bangs, square face shapes benefit most from the trend. Because square face shapes tend to have strong jawlines, the curtain bangs balance out these angles best when they're cut high and tight. However, as we said earlier, everyone looks great with curtain bangs as long as they're cut to flatter your own unique features and style.

 Do curtain bangs make your hair look thicker?

Curtain bangs can make your hair look thicker because they bring more of your hair to the front. When they're worn brushed forward, your eyes and features will pop. However, curtain bangs are great for all hair types, whether thick, thin, wavy, curly, or otherwise.

Should I get curtain bangs or not?

If there's any hair style that's both trending and versatile, it's curtain bangs. Should you get them? Absolutely! They're a great way to spruce up an otherwise drab hairstyle while also bringing attention to your best features.

Do you need thick hair for curtain bangs?

Curtain bangs best serve women with thick, straight hair, as they require a decent amount of volume to remain in place when styling. However, they're a versatile hairstyle that suit any face shape and hairstyle. With enough product, it doesn't matter how thick your hair is - you can rock curtain bangs!

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