Short haircuts come in many styles. After all, every person is different, and you should know about all of your options. Read on to see 30 examples of short hairstyles for women and what we like about each.

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Looking for Short Haircuts for Women?

If a short haircuts have been on your mind and it’s time for a change, we’ve got you covered. Maybe you’re sick of your long hair and are ready for the big chop.

Maybe you’ve been enjoying short hair for years and just want to switch up your style. In any case, there’s just something appealing about short hairstyles – they are always popular and work for any hair type, texture, and look.

There are so many short hair options today. You don’t have to choose between a basic bob or putting the pedal to the metal with a super-short pixie. Why not see what short hairstyles are out there so you can choose the perfect one for you?

We’ve gathered tons of style ideas you can gather inspiration from. Keep reading to see our favorite examples of short haircuts. We’ve found styles that work whether your hair is straight, curly, wavy, relaxed, coarse, thick, or thin.

We’ve also included some tips to consider before going short at the end of this guide. Get ready to find your new look! 

30 Short Haircuts for Women

We’ve browsed through thousands of photos to find the 30 best examples of short haircuts. See all the different style options below and learn how to ask your stylist for each cut and style. 

1. Choppy Lob

Portrait of a fashion blonde with short hair and wearing a black T-shirt on the background of a cement wall

Ah, we love a good lob – all the benefits of a bob with a little more length and movement. If this short haircut is your cup of tea, have your stylist heavily layer and thin the bottom for an edgy look. 

2. Messy Pixie

Beauty portrait of fashion blond model in messy short haircut

There’s a Tinkerbell vibe with a cut like this, and we are HERE for it. Have your stylist leave the top longer to give you plenty to work with when you style it. 

3. Blunt Bob with Bangs 

Beauty concept of young latina girl with a short hairstyle

This short haircut adds a little dimension to the ever-popular bob. Have your stylist do a chin-length cut and add blunt bangs to get this look. 

4. Wavy Pageboy Bob

Portrait of pretty blonde girl with short hair posing to the camera on the street in city. She wears gray checkered dress, glasses, hat and has purple lips.
Look Studio/Shutterstock

We love the vintage pageboy look of this short haircut, especially when it’s paired with waves. This is essentially an ear-length bob with a little texture and layers cut in. 

5. Mega Quiff

Portrait of young girl with blond fashion hairstyle looking at camera isolated on gray background

Join the likes of P!nk and celebrity chef Anne Burrell with hair cut short in the back, longer on the sides, and plenty of length on top. 

6. Long on Top

Close up attractive female face with a short haircut

Looking for a short haircut that’s easy to style and maintain? Have your stylist keep it longer on top to give you something to work with, but cut the sides and back short to keep it simple. 

7. Old Hollywood

Beautiful model girl with short curly hair and red lips
Sofia Zhuravetc/Shutterstock

You’re giving off definite old Hollywood glamour vibes when you rock this cut and style. Have your stylist cut your hair just below your chin and thin the ends just a bit. Add some classic, soft waves to get the look of this classic short haircut.

8. Chin-Length Bob

Beautiful model girl with short curly hair and red lips .

If you’re all about classic style, you’ve gotta give the chin-length bob a try. Have your stylist cut the length to your chin level and add some texture to the ends for more movement. 

9. Relaxed Crop

Close up portrait of a young african american woman with a short haircut smiling and looking away

If you’re planning on having your hair relaxed or want a new cut to accentuate your hair’s texture, this crop is perfect. Soft layers on the top give you tons of options to style it. 

10. Wavy Chop

Portrait of young woman with short brown hair in basic t-shirt looking at camera while standing isolated over white background
Dean Drobot/Shutterstock

If your hair is wavy or you wear it in waves often, an ear-length cut like this shows off the texture. Ask your stylist for some light layers to get the whimsical little flyaways in the photo. 

11. Layered Long Bob

face of young brunette latina woman with short hair and curls, smiling and wearing sunglasses, she has a light white blouse, natural light with with colorful background outdoors
AC Studio/Shutterstock

This short haircut works for any hair texture, but we especially love it with waves. Ask for a just-above-the-shoulders cut with long layers to accentuate the texture of your hair. 

12. Crop with Bangs

Cute young red haired woman with short haircut in yellow blouse leaning against post in small office with partner or friend out of focus in background

If you’re a fan of side-swept bangs but want to keep the length pretty short, opt for a crop with bangs. This style works for any hair texture and would be beautiful with curls, too. 

13. The Marilyn Monroe

Pretty blond girl model like Marilyn Monroe in black dress with red lips on gray background

Some like it hot, and that’s exactly how you’ll look with a short cut that reaches just past the chin with slight layering. Add lots of volume and set your hair with hot rollers to really look the part.  

14. Natural Tapered Cut

Portrait of a cheerful African American woman with a short hairstyle with hands over ears

Take advantage of those natural curls and have your stylist taper the ends to give them a little more definition. This short haircut is classic, elegant, and just looks natural.

15. Undercut Asymmetrical Bob

Dissymetric hairstyle - real view. Bob haircut in the back.
Yulia Chsherbakova/Shutterstock

Have your stylist cut your hair into an asymmetrical bob with one side cut to ear level and the other side cut to your chin. Then ask for an undercut shave that tapers into the longer side of the bob.

16. Textured Quiff

Beauty portrait of fashion young model with a short haircut

Show off your hair’s waves or curls with a textured quiff. This eye-catching short haircut features a shorter back and sides with a longer length on top for a nice contrast and more styling options. 

17. Shaved Sides

Portrait of a cool fashionable modern young girl. A short haircut with shaved temple. Dyed bright red hair. Red lipstick. Studio photo on a white background. Suspenders on checkered pants and

Show the world your edgy side with this daring cut that features long, heavily textured hair on top and close-shaved sides. 

18. Short Pageboy

Beautiful girl with a short pink haircut
Olena Serzhanova/Shutterstock

Okay, we love the shape and style of this classic pageboy cut. Make it more modern with a bold color like the bubblegum pink ombre pictured. 

19. Tapered Lob

Red hair. Beautiful Woman with Short Haircut

If you like a bob to be longer in the front and shorter in the back, ask for a tapered bob. If you’d like it longer than chin length, make sure to let your stylist know. 

20. Faux Hawk Crop

Beautiful Woman with a healthy short haircut

Like this short haircut? Have your stylist leave a little more length on top to give you plenty of hair to style into a choppy faux hawk. Let it lay down for a more casual look. 

21. Finger-Waved Lob

Woman with curly beautiful hair on gray background. Girl with beauty a pleasant smile. Short wavy hairstyle
Sofia Zhuravetc/Shutterstock

If you’re looking at shorter styles but do want to keep some length, check out this gorgeous long bob. Old school finger waves set this haircut off and make it one of our favorites. 

22. Long on Top Curly Crop

Young african american woman with a short haircut wearing casual clothes holding finger up having idea and posing
Roquillo Tebar/Shutterstock

If you’re blessed with bouncy curls, show them off by keeping the top of your hair longer and having your stylist taper the shorter sides down. 

23. Short Pixie

Portrait of beautiful senior woman in front of white background.
Milan Ilic Photographer/Shutterstock

If you’re after a bolder short cut that’s easy to style and maintain, this may be the one. The top is kept short, so you can wash, brush, and go.

24. 60s Style Bob

Beautiful woman with unusual bob hairstyle.blonde model girl

Sport a short haircut that was and still is iconic with this blunt bob. Your stylist can add precisely cut, gradual layers to get that rounded look that sets this style apart. 

25. Chin-Length Curly Lob

Young afro american girl with a short haircut in urban background
Luna Vandoorne/Shutterstock

We love this natural, freeform look for curly hair. Any woman with curls knows there’s more length than it appears, so have your stylist cut your hair a little below your chin to get this look. 

26. Shaved

Rocking a short haircut, a young woman in a black coat smiles among sprigs of spring
sun ok/Shutterstock

No haircut says “step into your power” quite like a shave. If you’re after a bold look, there’s no better option than this. 

27. Asymmetrical Bob

Close-up portrait of beautiful model with perfect glossy blond hair and bright make up. White background. Space for text.

We like the asymmetrical look of this bob, where one side is cut to the ear level, and the other side drops down to the chin at a soft point. 

28. Stacked Side Part Bob

Portrait of an attractive asian middle aged short hair style woman in her 40s smiling looking at the camera feeling cheerful, Satisfied and Confident. Middle aged Beauty and Healthy aging concept.

If you like to wash and go, this cute cut with built-in layers that stack in the back is what you need. The layers will play up any natural texture in your hair while giving you some height at the crown. 

29. Shoulder-Length Lob with Bangs

Smiling Beautiful Woman With Brown Short Hair. Haircut. Hairstyle. Fringe. Professional Makeup.

Heavy, side-swept bangs are the standout feature of this classic cut. You can’t go wrong with a shoulder-length long bob and bangs! 

30. The New Karen

Closeup portrait of beautiful young woman wearing pearl necklace

No need to ask for the manager – just ask your stylist to cut a short, asymmetrical bob with extra length on top and up front. Choppy layers in the back and around the sides give this cut its recognizable sass. 

Things to Consider Before Going Short

Your hair is front-and-center anytime you go out, hop on a Zoom call, or check your reflection in the mirror. Deciding to go with a short hairstyle is a big deal and can be quite a change!

To make sure the change is refreshing instead of repellent, there are a few things you should consider before you book an appointment for the big chop. 

Dry or wet cut? Your stylist will either cut your hair wet or dry. There are pros and cons for each, but it’s a good idea to think about which type of cut you’d prefer. For curly hair, it’s a good idea to have your hair cut dry, so there are no surprises in terms of length if it’s cut wet. 

Will it suit your face shape? The shape of your face plays a major role in how well a haircut will suit you. Any cut will work for oval faces. Rectangular or square jawlines are very suited for short cuts, especially with layers and bangs added in to soften the face and add fullness to the sides. Round and heart-shaped faces should steer clear of cuts that add volume to the sides of the hair. 

Growing your hair out takes time. The old adage, “It’ll grow back!” may be true, but it’s not super helpful if you cut your hair short and hate the results. Before you get a drastic cut, remember that hair grows about half an inch per month. Growing it out takes time. Are you willing to wait if you’re not thrilled with the cut?

Your curls will be more pronounced. Short hair weighs less, so once you take off a good amount of length, you should know that your curls or waves will suddenly be much tighter. Keep this in mind so you can choose a length that works for you. 

Regular trims will be a thing. If you don’t mind visiting the salon every few weeks, this will be no problem. But if hopping in the stylist’s chair every 4-6 weeks to maintain your short hairstyle isn’t on your priority list, you may want to reconsider getting a short haircut. 

Styling options may be limited. With longer hair, you can always throw it up in a pony, twist it into a messy bun, or do a quick braid to tame it. If you go shorter than shoulder length with your hair, you might lose some or all of these options. On the other hand, you can always opt to use clips, barrettes, and headbands to keep your hair out of your face when needed. 

How to Choose the Perfect Short Haircut

You’ve seen some great examples of hairstyles for short hair. We’ve talked about some of the important things to consider before you head to the salon. Now, you might be ready to choose the perfect hairstyle for you – but how do you narrow the choices down? 

  • Face shape: If your face is oval, most cuts and styles will look great. Square or rectangular faces should consider styles with bangs and layers. Round and heart-shaped faces look best with styles that don’t add extra volume or fullness to the sides of the face. 
  • Hair texture: If you have curly hair, remember that your curls will be tighter and more defined with a short cut and style. If you have super thick hair, make sure you get layers and texturing to keep your hair from puffing out too much. 
  • Styling requirements: No one knows you better than you. Will you actually be willing to fully style your hair every day, or are you more likely to be comfortable with a wash and go style? Don’t get a cut that requires more styling time than you want to dedicate. 
  • Time to grow out: If you’re really not sure a short hairstyle will suit you, you might consider opting for a long bob or shoulder-length style first to see how you like shorter hair. If you don’t dig it, it won’t take long to grow out. You can always get more cut off, but you can’t put it back on! 
  • Your desired look: What’s your style and vibe? If you gravitate toward basic, classic styles that never go out of style, bobs and lobs are always a great choice. If you’re willing to try bold styles and like to be at the forefront of new trends, check out undercuts, shaved styles, and asymmetrical styles. 

Choosing the perfect short style means thinking about your wants and needs, the texture and characteristics of your hair, and the commitment your new style will require from you.

There are so many short hairstyles out there. Just consider these important factors as you search to find the style that will suit you best. 

Whether you decide to go as short as possible or border on medium-length hair, you’re sure to find a short style that makes you say, “That’s so me.” Who knows? It might end up being your signature look.

Ready to change your look? Head over to our huge hair salon database to find a stylist in your area. Using it is simple; just enter your location, click search, and browse salons. Yes – it’s that easy!

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