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10 Trending Comb Over Fades to Try in 2024

Comb over fades have secured their place in popular men’s haircuts and won’t be leaving soon. Check out our style guide to learn more about this cut, what it is, and see examples of our favorite versions of this fade.

Considering a Comb Over Fade Haircut?

When it comes to picking your next haircut, you’re not short on options – there are literally thousands. But if you want a haircut that will work for you, not against you, it requires a little thought and planning. Since you’re here, you’re on the right track! 

It just so happens that the comb over fade is one of the most universal men’s haircuts out there. This long top/short sides and back haircut has built-in styling options to help you get out of the house faster in the mornings.

And it doesn’t hurt that it looks great on every man, no matter your hair type or face shape! Your search for your next haircut may be cut short once you see how versatile and flattering the comb over fade can be. We’ve found a range of examples of this cut styled in different ways to share with you.

We’ll also provide info on what elements make up a comb over fade, special things to consider before getting a haircut like this, and tips to style yours in a way that puts your best features front and center. What are you waiting for? Let’s get started! 

What Is a Comb Over Fade?

A comb over fade or combover fade is a unique haircut featuring long hair on top that is brushed over to one side in combination with some type of fade on the sides and back. These haircuts are known for their polished, suave appearance and easy styling. 

While a combover fade might conjure up images of a completely slicked-over top, there are actually a few variations in ways to style the top. We love seeing the top slicked straight back, casually tousled with carefree texture, in combination with a hard (shaved) part, or neatly slicked over to the side. 

The sides and back of a combover fade can also be tweaked and customized to form your ideal haircut. Choose your preferred fade height (high, mid, or low) and fade type (classic, bald/skin, drop, burst, etc.) to combine with a longer top and build the perfect comb over fade for you. 

Next up: We’ll look at a range of examples showcasing just how versatile and attractive this haircut can be! 

10 Comb Over Fade Ideas We Love

Below, you’ll see 10 examples of the comb over fade that are worth trying. If you’ve been stuck in a style rut or just want to try something new, we have a feeling that the combover fade is going to be a key part of your new look! 

1. Casual Comb Over High Bald Fade

Casual Comb Over High Bald Fade


High bald fades are really popular right now, but when you combine this cut with a combed-over top, it’s even better. Keep things casual with a little mousse on top, then brush it back and slightly to the side. 

2. Comb Over Drop Fade With Hard Part

Comb Over Drop Fade With Hard Part


Make your fade unique by adding a drop in the back. This dip in the fade height allows you to keep the sides trim and sleek while giving you a little more length in the back. A shaved hard part is the finishing touch for this cut. 

3. Dapper Comb Over Burst Fade

Dapper Comb Over Burst Fade worn by a man in a blue grey blazer with white button up shirt

Chernenko Ekaterina/Shutterstock

We’re always looking for ways to tweak or dress up a classic haircut. Adding a burst fade to this comb over look is a great example! The burst fade leaves the sides sleek to keep all the focus on the slicked-over hair on top. 

4. Long Comb Over Skin Fade With Hard Part

Long Comb Over Skin Fade With Hard Part on a lumberjack-looking guy holding beard trimming scissors

Volodymyr Tverdokhlib/Shutterstock

If you’ve been growing your hair out for a while, you don’t have to lose all your length to get a combover fade! Leave as much length on top as you want. The combed-over top, shaved part, and drop skin fade will keep this style looking neat and tidy no matter how long the top is. 

5. Taper Fade With Side Part

Taper Fade With Side Part for a roundup on comb over fade ideas

Filip Warulik/Shutterstock

This longer taper fade has a clean, conservative look and it’s an instant classic. Keep the top long so you can slick it over to one side. Tip: Blow dry your hair up and back after working in a little gel or mousse to get a boost in volume at the front like you see here. 

6. High Skin Fade With Comb Over

High Skin Fade With Comb Over


The key to making your high fade more modern is keeping some extra length on top to contrast. You’ll need around 3 inches of length on top to successfully keep it slicked over or back. 

7. Cropped Comb Over Mid Fade

Cropped Comb Over Mid Fade worn by a man in dark round modern sunglasses and a black button up shirt

Amir Bajric/Shutterstock

Like to keep your hair shorter on top? You can still rock a combover mid fade with as little as 2 inches of length on top. Just use a little firm hold gel and a hair dryer to set your style in a combed-over side part. 

8. High Comb Over Drop Fade

Man with a comb over fade with a drop holds the ends of his mustache and wears sunglasses while sitting outdoors


Here’s a cool combo of a comb over, drop, and skin fade all in one haircut! You’ll need around 3-4 inches of length on top to pull it off. If you’re after an edgy and high contrast look, this is it. 

9. Comb Over Short Taper Fade

Comb Over Short Taper Fade

StoryTime Studio/Shutterstock

This short taper fade features a combed-over top that makes it look super suave. The sides are tapered in length but aren’t cut short enough to show your scalp (like a skin fade). Bonus points if you’re also rocking this bright copper color! 

10. High Comb Over Bald Fade

Roundup post for ideas for comb over fades on a guy standing in an alleyway outside


Bald fades catch the eye unlike any other haircut, but you can add to the wow factor by keeping a few inches of length up top! Part the top to one side and slick it over with gel for staying power. This high fade dips down in the back, technically making this a high bald drop fade with a combover. 

Things to Consider

This is an increasingly popular and top-requested haircut for men. But is the comb over fade going to be the right haircut for you specifically? Here are a few things you should consider before you commit to this cut:

  • What kind of fade will you get? The most important thing to consider before getting this cut is the height and type of fade you’ll pair with it. High fades can visually slim and lengthen the face. Mid fades are classic and universally flattering. Low fades can help you retain volume on the sides to visually fill out the face. As far as the different types of fades, the examples above show how burst, drop, taper, and bald fades all look great with this cut. Get an idea of which type of fade you want before you visit the barber. 
  • How long will you leave the top? You’ll need at least 2 inches on top to really get that comb over look, but the style works best with 3-4 inches of length on top. If your hair is much shorter than that, it may not resemble a combover fade until the top grows out enough to keep it parted to the side. Keep in mind that the longer the top is, the more work you’ll have to put in to style it. But if your hair has good natural texture, you may be able to air dry and go for a casual version of this cut! 
  • Will it match your style? This is a style-driven haircut that is typically worn slicked over to one side for a polished and professional appearance. But there are ways to make this polished style work for more casual or edgy aesthetics. Just keep the top tousled or air dry to show off your natural texture if you’re not a fan of the gelled-and-styled look. To add a little edge to the cut, opt for a high-contrast skin fade with a combed-over top.
  • Who’s going to cut it? Most fades are not DIY friendly, this one included. Unless you’re extremely comfortable cutting hair both with scissors and clippers, you’ll need to leave this haircut to the pros. If you’re unsure about choosing the right fade height, fade type, or top length, they’ll be able to point you in the right direction. Make sure you have a reliable barber to call, and don’t forget to bring in a few screenshots or photos to show them exactly what you want. 

Now that you’ve learned all about this haircut, seen examples, and found out the things you should figure out before committing to this haircut, how are you feeling about it?

We think this is a soon-to-be classic haircut that would be a good choice for any guy looking for a new style with a modern edge. Whether you’re opting for a more traditional polished look or something a bit edgier, you’ve got options with this cut.

Figure out how high you want your fade, the type of fade you like best, and how long you’ll leave the top. After you get the haircut, it’s only a matter of styling the top each day. And you can make that as intensive or minimal as you want. 

Before you head to the barber shop, it’s a good idea to know how much you can expect to pay for this haircut. Be sure to check out our guide next: How Much Does a Haircut Cost? And don’t forget to leave a 15% to 20% tip for your barber if you love your new haircut!

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