Considering asking for a mullet haircut before you hit the salon? If so, there are some things to consider. Read on to see examples of mullets, how to ask for them at the barber, and more.

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What Is a Mullet Haircut?

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The mullet is back! Nope, you didn’t just get out of a time machine––the mullet is once again being embraced as a fashionable style. Of course, it’s gotten its fair share of upgrades.

But it’s still a delightfully vintage look that’s great for channeling your inner MacGyver. We all know the mullet’s catchprase: “business in the front, party in the back.” Today, that definition has been expanded a little.

Mullets are still characterized by longer hair in the back, but the hair in the front will vary in length depending on the exact style. Some mullets have really short hair in front while others go a little longer for a fuller look.

30 Mullet Haircut Examples

If you want to rock a good old mullet, then you’re in luck. We’ve chosen 20 of the most trending mullet haircuts today and compiled them into this list to inspire your next style.

Classic Mullet Haircut

Guy in a grey shirt and dog tags wears a mullet haircut and a thin mustache and goatee
Andrew Does Hair on Instagram

Let’s start with the classic 80s mullet. It’s short and scruffy in the front to add a bit of texture, while the back is long and flowing. Generally, the hair in the back reaches the nape of the neck or a little lower.

Here, the hair is roughly shoulder length. The typical mullet haircut has “wings” in the back, and you can brush these outward if you want a bolder style.

On the sides, the hair is grown out evenly instead of faded. Overall, the mullet doesn’t require much styling, though you’ll want to make sure the hair in the back doesn’t get too tangled.

Short & Shaggy Mullet

Guy with a mullet haircut and a jean jacket looks intensely down toward the ground and slightly grins
Andrew Does Hair on Instagram

After something a bit more punk? Check out this short and messy mullet haircut with a unique choppy look. This style is a little longer in the front and much more tousled in the back for a slightly rebellious vibe that recalls many of the rock bands in the 70s and 80s.

Even though this style is objectively messy, it doesn’t look it thanks to the intentional razor cutting of the hair. A little bit of styling will help this look its best, too. Try a hair clay or a texturizing spray to get some extra texture and volume.

Spiky Mullet

Man with a mullet in a black and white photo looks to the left of the camera without smiling
Andrew Does Hair on Instagram

This style is a slightly different twist on the classic mullet. It’s a tad shorter in the back, and the hair is overall much more tousled. The hair on top is cut in a jagged fashion, styled into textured spikes, and roughed up a bit for good measure.

This mullet hairstyle shares many elements with the shag haircut. Both are long styles that have distinctly messy textures. Of course, since this is a mullet, there’s a little more spikiness in the back than what you’d get with a shag.

Contemporary Mullet Haircut

Modern hipster in a wool jacker and a turtleneck in glasses with a swept-back mullet looks down at the ground
The Mailroom Barber on Instagram

This updated mullet brings this haircut into the 21st century with a bang. It’s considerably longer in the front than most mullet styles, and in fact, it’s much longer all over. That’s the key to its contemporary look.

Because it’s so long, the hair looks full and even throughout, making the mullet blend into the style as a whole instead of standing out on its own. For an added touch, the hair in front swoops to the side.

This creates a halfway point between a fringe and a quiff. The hair on top is also layered to create a choppy side swept texture that creates even more visual interest and complements the mullet nicely.

Wispy Mullet

Man in a heathered gray tshirt looks to the right of the camera with a short mullet haircut
The Mailroom Barber on Instagram

Here’s a mullet style that’s a bit lighter both in terms of length and layering. With most mullet haircuts, the sides are faded and the front is short. But this look defies both of those conventions in one fell swoop.

The hair in front is longer and swooping, and the sides are quite long. When these elements come together, they create a unique mullet. This mullet is all about the waves.

The hair on top is combed into a side swept wave, and the mullet itself follows the contour of the ear in a wavy pattern. Obviously, this is best for wavy hair. But you can also style your hair this way if it’s not naturally wavy.

Asian Mullet

Asian man with a bowl cut mullet and a nasty looking dirty stache and longer earrings
Seamus OKeefe on Instagram

Asian hair tends to be thick and coarse, which can sometimes make it difficult to style. However, the mullet goes quite well with Asian hair, and it creates some really interesting textures when it’s trimmed on top but wild in the back.

Here, the hair on top has been neatly cut and is layered toward the front for a tidy result. To change things up a bit, the fringe has some cuts in it that add some angles to the style.

Finally, the hair in back is allowed to fully grow out, so it’s noticeably more messy than the hair on top. This unique combination of textures makes for a stylishly satisfying mullet.

’90s Mullet Haircut

Man with turtle glasses and a longer mullet hairstyle in a white tshirt
The Mailroom Barber on Instagram

This refreshingly flowing mullet hearkens back to the early 1990s with its cascading length and all-around waviness. The 80s mullet haircut was a bit choppier and scruffier.

But the mullets that made their way into the 90s were much longer in the front. This made them more balanced. If the regular mullet is “business in the front, party in the back,” then this mullet is “party in the front and in the back!”

The mullet itself reaches the nape of the neck. It flares out on the sides but is straight in the back. The front of the head is also a focal point here thanks to the wavy mid part that falls on both sides, creating nice symmetrical layering. 

Thick Mullet

Guy in a green tshirt in a barber shop with a thick and faded mullet haircut
The Mailroom Barber on Instagram

If you have thick hair or just prefer a full-looking haircut, this mullet might be perfect for you. It’s much thicker on top than most mullets, and the hair is almost the same length all over the head (except for the the long mid fade on the sides).

The dense wavy texture is also a major element here, and you can achieve that with some layering and styling. A texturizing product like a hair clay is best for this haircut.

To get the exact sort of texture shown here, apply the clay to damp hair so that it bunches together, creating those distinct, textured waves. For a more natural look, apply the clay to dry hair.

Short Mullet Crop

Man with steeley blue eyes and a mullet haircut and bleached top
Seamus OKeefe on Instagram

If you’ve followed 2021 men’s hairstyle trends, you know that crop styles like the Edgar haircut are all the rage right now. This combination mullet crop does an excellent job of proving just how useful the crop can be.

The style here is specifically a long crop with a wavy fringe combined with a short mullet in the back. The longer crop blends seamlessly into the mullet, resulting in a contemporary look that stylishly updates the cut.

Casual Mullet Haircut

Man with a casual mullet hairstyle smiling and wearing rimless Ray Ban glasses and a white tshirt
The Mailroom Barber on Instagram

The mullet is already a casual haircut, but this variation really brings out the style’s laid-back vibes. Here, the hair is quite frizzy and messy, which not only provides volume but also creates a unique shape.

It’s a little tidier than a complete bedhead look, but it’s still far more tousled than most mullet haircuts. The exact look of this style will depend on your hair type.

If you have straight or slightly wavy hair, you can expect a little more frizzy. If you have extremely wavy, curly, or coiled hair, you can let the hair’s texture do the work, which means you won’t have to tousle it as much.

Slicked Mullet

Man with a slicked back mullet haircut and a hard part that's etched into his head in black and white
Andrew Does Hair on Instagram

You’ve seen a 90s mullet, but how about a 50s mullet? If this iconic hairstyle had been invented 30 years prior, it probably would’ve looked something like this. There’s the classic slicked back hair that’s common amongst pretty much all 50s hairstyles.

And there’s even a side part for that fully retro vibe. However, unlike 50s hairstyles, this one includes a mullet that extends smoothly from the back. This is one of the shorter mullets on the list, and to mullet purists, it’s probably not a “proper” mullet.

That said, it’s a really unique spin on the mullet that combines 80s and 50s style in a way few other haircuts do. There’s nothing quite like it, so if you’re a fan of offbeat yet fashionable hairstyles, this is definitely one to consider.

Shag Mullet

Man with a shag mullet haircut looks to the right of the camera and wears a weathered tshirt and necklace
Andrew Does Hair on Instagram

Like the spiky mullet we looked at, this mullet variation takes inspiration from the classic shag haircut. This one is almost a straight up shag, but there’s just enough hair in the back for it to be classified as a mullet.

This is a more overtly messy style that’s designed to give you the rock star or “just rolled out of bed” look, although you can tidy it up a bit by brushing it neatly or styling it into place.

Short Wings

Guy with a dirty stache wears a shirt with cowboys on it and looks at the camera while rocking a mullet
Andrew Does Hair on Instagram

If the traditional mullet is too long for you, then you might want to consider this shorter variation. From the front, you can only see two wings spreading out from behind the neck.

It’s one of the shortest mullets on our list, but that also means that it’s much lower maintenance and overall easier to wear and style.

Glam Rock Mullet

Pretty young woman with a mullet haircut and a tank top with tattoos looks at the camera from the right side
Andrew Does Hair on Instagram

Here’s one for the Whitesnake fans out there! While this mullet might not make you look like a rock and roll Beethoven, it’ll get you in the ballpark. It’s an incredibly spiky shoulder-length style that recalls the style of 80s glam metal bands.

The mullet is already a big 80s vibe, but this one just screams 80s. This mullet haircut takes a little more styling than most of the mullets on this list. The texture is vital to pulling off this haircut.

So you’ll want to use a matte clay or pomade to spike the hair. Bonus points if you dye or partially dye your hair for even more edginess.

Country Mullet Haircut

Man with a faded mullet sits in the barber chair
The Mailroom Barber on Instagram

While the previous mullet took style cues from hard rock and metal, this one gets serious inspiration from country artists. This mullet is much longer, falling onto the shoulders and sticking out the front.

It’s also longer up top, where the hair is slicked back almost into a quiff. This is a great mullet for guys with straighter hair. Straight hair will allow this mullet to be long without looking too big, which is a potential issue with other hair types.

As with some of the other styles, you’ll want to apply some hair product to slightly damp hair in order to get those thick waves that run throughout the hair.

Rockabilly Mullet

Woman with a rocker-style mullet smiles and holds her finger up to her chin
Andrew Does Hair on Instagram

Yet another music-inspired mullet, this one borrows from typical rockabilly fashion for a haircut that’s equal parts rock and punk. This haircut has some serious volume and is easily the biggest mullet on our list.

The mullet itself falls to the shoulders to round out the voluminous look. The other noteworthy element of this mullet is the fade on the sides. It’s not a typical fade––only the portion right above the ear is faded.

And it’s a short fade at that. For a truly unique flair, the sideburns aren’t cut or faded but rather shaped into a set of fangs that complete this mullet with a vampiric flourish.

Side Part Mullet

Man with a mullet pushed up in the front stands in a studio without smiling
Andrew Does Hair on Instagram

The side part is an absolute classic of men’s hair. But what do you get if you combine it with the mullet? As it turns out, you get something pretty cool.

Side parts are handy for adding cleanliness and definition to a hairstyle, and the mullet is a naturally disheveled look; the two have a yin-yang relationship when they’re paired.

Waterfall Mullet Haircut

Person looking away from the camera and wearing a rat tail mullet haircut
Andrew Does Hair on Instagram

This is perhaps the most creative mullet haircut on the list. It emulates the way a waterfall has splashing, foaming water at its base. Instead of the hair spreading out into wings, it’s pushed inward and upward.

This creates more volume at the bottom of the mullet. Like most of the other mullets showcased here, this haircut lends itself well to texture-heavy hair.

Bowl Mullet

Black and white image of a man with a long mustache and goatee and patchy scruff standing against a chain link fence
Jasmin Bauer/Shutterstock

On paper, the description of a mullet crossed with a bowl cut admittedly doesn’t sound too appealing. However, take the updated versions of these two cuts and combine different elements from each.

The result can be quite stylish. The hairline on top is straight across as in the bowl cut, and the mullet is cut the same length at the rest of the hair to tidy things up.

Mature Mullet

Man with a longer santa clause beard sits in a barber cape looking out the window
The Mailroom Barber on Instagram

Last but not least, here’s a mullet that’s perfect for grey, silver, or white hair. The hair color makes this mullet one of the most striking styles in this article, and it proves that you’re never too old to rock a mullet.

The Mullet Haircut at a Glance

Mullet Things to Consider in graphical form next to an image of a guy wearing a mullet and sunglasses

If you’re looking to get a mullet, remember these top tips:

  • Trim your hair as it grows out. Lots of people just grow their hair out without getting regular trims, and this leads to unruly, caveman-like hair.
  • Pick the right mullet for your hair type. Since this style brings out all the natural qualities of your hair, you’ll want to choose a mullet haircut that works best with your specific hair type.
  • Choose vintage or modern. The 80s mullet is a far cry from some of the modernized mullet, so choose your vibe wisely!
  • Don’t worry too much about length. Some mullet purists will argue that a mullet has to be a certain length, but really, there’s no set length, so choose what looks good on you.
  • Style your hair! While the mullet can be worn without product, using a little bit of a texturizing product can work wonders.

While it’s not ideal for everyone, there’s no denying that the mullet is a one-of-a-kind hairstyle that can look fantastic. It’s officially in style once again, and we hope this article has given you some long-locked inspiration.

Author: Ian Chandler

Ian Chandler is a hair and fashion writer living in Ohio. He formerly served as editor at a leading men's hair website and has published several popular guides on trending hairstyles. (His haircut of choice is the side part.)