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30 Quick & Easy Hairstyle Ideas for 2024

Looking for easy hairstyles to add to your rotation? You’re in the right place. While it can be overwhelming to find an easy style that works for you, we’ve made it easy to find one you’ll love in our complete guide below.

Looking for Easy Hairstyles?

For many women, choosing cute new hairstyles to wear is nothing but a chore. Carefully sculpted or intricately braided styles are perfect for some events, but for everyday styles, many of us are coming up short. You can only skate by with ponytails and messy buns for so many days in a row. 

We just want easy hairstyles that are as simple to do as a ponytail but make it look like we actually put some effort in. Is that too much to ask? 

No! In fact, that’s what this guide is all about. We found a treasure trove of genuinely easy hairstyles that look good, require little effort, and will stay put all day long. If you’re looking for fast, simple, and straight-forward hairstyles, you’re going to love what we’re about to show you. 

The easy styles we found take no time at all to learn and do yourself. Take your favorites and work them into your weekly style rotation! If you love to have lots of options at your fingertips, you’re really going to flip over these simple hairstyles. 

What Makes a Hairstyle Easy?

Woman sitting in bed looking like a hot mess wishing she would have done an easy hairstyle at her last cut

Lenar Nigmutullin/Shutterstock

We said we’d show you easy hairstyles to work into your style rotation, but what makes a hairstyle “easy?” Glad you asked! We consider an easy style to be one that:

  1. Takes 10 minutes or less to style
  2. Requires no expert or special knowledge to do
  3. Requires minimal tools or equipment to complete 

This means intricate styles, many types of braids, most heat-styled options, and complicated updos are O-U-T. In this guide, we’re looking at the simplest styles that you can pull together in 10 minutes or less. 

You won’t need to know how to do a fishtail braid or create the perfect spiral curls with a curling wand. You won’t need a thousand bobby pins or elastics to hold these simple hairstyles together. Check out just how creative easy styles can be below! 

30 Easy Hairstyles You Can Master

Do your hair in 10 minutes or less tomorrow by choosing one of these easy styles! Which styles are you going to work into your weekly rotation?

1. Air-Dried Natural Waves

Air-Dried Natural Waves on a woman in a frilly over-the-shoulder shirt for a piece on easy hairstyles

Alla Iatsun/Shutterstock

If your hair has a wavy or curly texture, it really opens up your style options and gives you more variety. After washing your hair, work some texturizing mousse through to help define and hold your waves.

Create your chosen part (we love the middle part shown here) and allow your hair to air dry. Use alligator clips on the sections parallel to the middle part as it dries to boost the volume!

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2. High Twisted Bun

High Twisted Bun being held by a girl with both her hands above her head for a piece on easy hairstyles


Have fun with a bun by placing it up high at the crown of your head and securing it in a twisted, coiled style. Start with a high ponytail and secure it with an elastic. Then twist the ponytail in one direction until it begins to coil up on itself.

Wrap the coiled bun around the base of the ponytail and secure with another elastic. You may need a bobby pin or two to make the style stay in place longer. 

3. Elegant Wrapped Ponytail

Woman without a shirt looking away from the camera with an Elegant Wrapped Ponytail that hangs down to her mid-back


One of our favorite tricks to dress up a basic pony is wrapping the elastic with hair. Once you’ve pulled your hair up, take a small (less than an inch wide) section of your hair from the ponytail and wrap it around the elastic. Secure it with a bobby pin or two and spritz with hairspray to hold it in place. 

4. Pretty Side Braid

Pretty Side Braid on a woman in a white and black striped short-sleeved shirt


Create a side part at a flattering point and brush your hair over to the thicker side of the part. Divide the hair into 3 equal sections and do a simple 3-strand braid as far down as you can. Secure the side braid with an elastic, pull out a few wispy pieces on the opposite side, and you’re good to go. 

5. Box Braids Half-Updo

Box Braids Half-Updo on a black woman in a yellow sweater in a side-profile image


For ladies who already have a hanging style like box braids or 2-strand twists, finding easy styles you can do is essential to switch things up throughout the week. Pull up the top half of your braids and secure below the crown at the back for a fast and simple style that shows off your face. 

6. Twin Hanging Braids + Hat

Twin Hanging Braids + Hat as an idea for a super easy hairstyle


A trendy hat is really key to transforming easy styles into something that looks like you put tons of effort in. Divide your hair down the center and loosely braid each half. No need to French braid! Secure the ends with a small elastic. Finish the look with your favorite hat for a fashionable, simple style! 

7. Sleek Sock Bun

Sleek Sock Bun on a woman with very tanned skin and holding the left side of her neck

L Julia/Shutterstock

Use an actual sock (toes cut off) or a bun donut to create this look – the choice is yours. Medium-hold gel is a must to slick all the hair back for this polished bun.

Work the sock or donut all the way to the end of your high ponytail, then spread the hair over the donut, tuck the ends under, and start rolling the bun downward until you reach the elastic. It will look like you spent an hour on it! 

8. Curly With Half-Up Top Knot

Curly With Half-Up Top Knot as an easy hairstyle on a woman in a black long-sleeve turtleneck

Red Umbrella and Donkey/Shutterstock

We love a good top knot, and this half-up version is on track to become our new fave! Any hair texture will work with this style, but we love how the spiraling curls contrast with the messy top knot. Secure with a scrunchy to add a trendy vibe. 

9. Hair Bow

Gal in a black and white checkered room with yellow round glasses holding the right side of the face and making a duck face pose with her lips for a piece on easy hairstyles


Hear us out – it looks complicated, but this cute bow hairstyle is actually super simple! Gather your hair into a high ponytail and pull it halfway through to create a wide fan of hair.

Divide the fan bun in half to create the sides of the hair bow. Then take a small section of the tail ends of hair below the bun and bring them forward to “wrap” the middle of the bow. Secure with 2 bobby pins and you are done-zo! 

10. Messy Ponytail With Air-Dried Waves

Messy Ponytail With Air-Dried Waves as an easy everyday hairstyle on a blonde woman in a grey shirt


Air-dried texture is a mainstay in easy styles because it’s a lot less work (and less damaging on your hair, too). Make the most of natural waves by working some texturizing mousse through while your hair is damp. Then gather it into a messy high or mid ponytail to show off that texture! 

11. TikTok Bathrobe Curls

TikTok Bathrobe Curls on a woman in a lavender turtleneck

Roman Samborskyi/Shutterstock

The viral sensation of bathrobe belt curls on TikTok have taken the world by storm and they actually work! Fold a bathrobe belt in half so it’s shorter and fatter.

Lay it across your head horizontally and wrap the ends of your hair from one side around the belt. Secure the ends with scrunchies and let dry or speed things up with a hair dryer. You get natural, pretty curls or waves! 

12. Headband Hanging Braid

An easy hairstyle featuring a Headband Hanging Braid


If you can do a 3-strand braid, you can do this style easily! You can start the braid by bringing your hair to one side and adjusting it back toward the middle before securing it with a clip or elastic. Add a headband to up the chic factor. 

13. Quick Artsy Pencil Bun

Quick Artsy Pencil Bun on a smiling blonde woman looking at her smartphone while sitting on a couch and looking comfy

Dean Drobot/Shutterstock

Whether you’re actually an artist or not, there’s something so cute and effortless about a pencil bun (now TikTok famous). Gather your hair at the nape of your neck and twist it to create a wide coil.

Twist the coil around itself to form a spiral-shaped bun, then stick the end of a pencil into the side at an angle. Weave it up and down to catch the hair in the bun and underneath. That’s it! No elastic required. 

14. Low Pigtails for Medium Hair

Low Pigtails for Medium Hair (an easy hairstyle) on a woman crossing her arms and looking seriously at the camera

Ranta Images/Shutterstock

If you’re currently rocking a long bob or any medium-length haircut, these easy low pigtails need to be in your style rotation. Create a middle part and gather each side into a low ponytail. We love the choppy look created by a blunt haircut gathered in low pigtails like this!  

15. Triple Bun Easy Updo

Triple Bun Easy Updo on a woman in a blue and white striped long-sleeve shirt


When you want your hair off your face and neck but you’re sick of ponytails, try a triple bun updo. Divide your hair into 3 equal sections in the back. Twist each section into a coiled low bun and secure with a couple of bobby pins. It looks like you spent lots of time styling it, but it only takes a few minutes to do.

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16. French Twisted No-Elastic Ponytail

French Twisted No-Elastic Ponytail


This twisted ponytail seems like magic because it doesn’t use any elastics. It looks impressive but it’s so easy! Gather your hair at the back into a ponytail just below the crown.

Start twisting and twisting until it forms a French-twist-esque coil, then stick two hair pins in (one angled up, one down) to secure this loose and casual style. 

17. Curly Ponytail With Face-Framing Tendrils

Curly Ponytail With Face-Framing Tendrils featured as an easy hairstyle

Roman Samborskyi/Shutterstock

Texture can really transform a style and make it look more polished. Natural curls are perfect for this style, but if you can spare about 10 minutes, creating curls with a curling iron is easy, too!

Pull your hair into a high pony and pull out two face-framing tendrils in front. Curl the ends of the ponytail to finish the look or let your natural curls shine! 

18. Tied Scarf Updo

Tied Scarf Updo (an easy hairstyle) on an African-American woman in a jean jacket in a white room


When you’re at a loss on how to style your hair, let your favorite hair accessories be your inspiration. Pull your hair up into a basic ponytail (a high pony works best with this style) and tie a pretty scarf around your head in front to finish it off. 

19. Trendy Bubble Ponytail

Trendy Bubble Ponytail for a piece on easy hairstyles


All things that were cool when you were growing up – okay, almost all things – are cool again, bubble ponytail included. Create a high ponytail and add elastics every couple of inches to create the bubbles. Tug on each bubble to make it wider and give the ponytail a lived-in look! 

20. Dorothy’s Wrapped Pigtails

Dorothy’s Wrapped Pigtails listed as an easy hairstyle


Channel your inner Dorothy Gale with wrapped pigtails that end in big, voluminous curls. Part your hair down the center and sleep in two coiled low buns overnight to create the curls.

In the morning, undo the buns and secure each pigtail with a small elastic. Wrap the elastic with a small strip of your hair and pin on each side to secure. Easy and so cute! 

21. Low Ribbon-Tied Ponytail

Low Ribbon-Tied Ponytail on a woman in a frilly lace dress with a Dorothy-style aura

Red Umbrella and Donkey/Shutterstock

Just when you think you’re all out of simple hairstyle options, you remember a small piece of ribbon in your bathroom cabinet. Genius! Gather your hair low at the nape of your neck and tie a small length of ribbon around it, securing it in a pretty bow. Nice save! 

22. Messy Top Knot

Messy Top Knot on a pretty woman in a lace shirt that drapes over her shoulder


Will the messy top knot ever truly go out of style? Not if we all just keep wearing it! This is a great style for 2nd day (or 3rd, or 4th…) hair that may be a little dirty.

Gather your hair into a high ponytail and loosely twist it before wrapping the twist around itself. Secure with another elastic and stick pins in to capture long loose pieces. Done! 

23. Low Chic Scrunchy Pony

Low Chic Scrunchy Pony featured in a style idea roundup titled Easy Hairstyles

Jan Cieplik/Shutterstock

Scrunchies and chic don’t seem like they’d go together, but they do with this low ponytail style! The key is ensuring your ponytail is low (at the nape of the neck) and perfectly smooth to nail the chic, elegant look. Secure with a monocolor scrunchy (bonus points for velvet or corduroy texture) to complete the style. 

24. Hanging Rope Braid

Hanging Rope Braid in a step-by-step collage-style image


Rope braids are even easier than 3-strand braids and they belong in your hairstyle playbook! Take two equal sections of your hair and twist them both in the same direction.

Then twist the 2 coils in the opposite direction around each other. This holds the twists together for a pretty braid, and when you take it down, you’ll have perfect waves or curls! 

25. Half-Up Twists

Half-Up Twists in a back profile on a woman in a blue and white striped jacket

Arjan Ard Studio/Shutterstock

When in doubt, twist it out! If you’re not sure how to style your hair one morning, grab two small sections from the front sides and twist them away from your face. Bring the twists to the back and secure with an elastic for a quick and easy hairstyle. 

26. High Puff Pony

High Puff Pony displayed on a black woman crossing her arms in a jean jacket in a studio for a piece on easy hairstyles

Viktoriia Hnatiuk/Shutterstock

Puff ponytails are a favorite simple style for black women or anyone with a kinky/coily hair texture. Make the most of your intense curls by placing them up high in a ponytail secured at the crown. Use medium to firm-hold gel to slick the front, sides, and back down so all the attention is on your puff ponytail. 

27. Bun-nytail

Back view of a lady in a black leather jacket listed as an idea for an easy hairstyle

Red Umbrella and Donkey/Shutterstock

Here’s a unique way to wear your hair up without resorting to the basic low ponytail! Divide your hair into 2 equal sections in the back. Twist one section until it begins to coil in on itself.

Bring the untwisted section to the base of the twisted section and wrap the twist into a coiled bun. Secure the bun with an elastic or bobby pins. The ends of the untwisted section will poke through, creating your bun/ponytail or bun-nytail! 

28. Sleek and Straight Half-Updo

Sleek and Straight Half-Updo listed as an easy hairstyle on a woman in a side-profile image

Red Umbrella Photography/Shutterstock

Naturally straight hair can be a pain to style because it doesn’t usually hold curls or waves very well. Make the most of pin-straight texture with a sleek half-updo!

Just separate the top half of your hair (or a little less) and brush it back so it’s nice and smooth. Secure with an elastic or small clip just below the crown. 

29. High Space Buns

High Space Buns on a woman in a pink room as an idea for an easy hairstyle

Roman Samborskyi/Shutterstock

The 90s called and they want their space buns back. Welp, they can’t have ‘em because you’re too busy rocking this easy style in the modern day!

Divide your hair in 2 equal parts and brush upward to create 2 high ponytails. Twist and coil them to create 2 spiral space buns and secure with another elastic. Cosmically cool!

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30. Bold Barrette

Bold Barrette on a boho-style woman wearing an easy hairstyle

Kryvenok Anastasiia/Shutterstock

When you’re wracking your brain to remember easy styles and keep coming up short, reach for a bold hair barrette. Seriously, that’s all you need! Wear your hair down with your natural texture and secure a big, trendy barrette as a nice finishing touch. 

Things to Consider

These quick and easy hairstyles are essentials in any woman’s style rotation. If you hate wearing your hair the same way everyday but don’t want to spend an hour curling or straightening it each morning, any style on this list will help you shake things up! 

If you’ve looked at lists like this before and tend to forget about your favorite quick styles when it’s crunch time, trust us – we get it. Bookmark this guide so you can come back for style inspiration when you’re bored with your ‘do, and follow the tips below to ensure you always have a cute style in your back pocket when you need it! 

  • Master air-drying methods for great texture. The key to nailing easy styles that look great is starting off with beautiful, no-heat hair texture. Mastering different air-drying methods will ensure your hair is prepped and ready with casual waves or perfect ringlets when it’s time to style. Drying your hair in buns, braids, twists, or pin curls will give you great wavy or curly texture that boosts the look of any style you choose. Air-dry overnight so you wake up with hair that is already ¾ styled! 
  • Rely on accessories for a stylish finish. When you run into a hairstyle rut, sometimes accessories are the best and easiest way out of it. Find headbands, clips, barrettes, scrunchies, and scarves you love and start working them into your styles to broaden your options. A ponytail is boring and basic until you add a thick headband or tied scarf! 
  • When in doubt, twist it out. One of our favorite general rules for easy styles is “When in doubt, twist it out.” If you don’t know what in the world to do with your hair today, find a way to work some twists into the style to dress it up and make it special. Wearing your hair down and loose can get old over time, but twisting the side front sections and securing at the back is a legit style that looks like you took extra time to look good. Find a way to work a twist in and you’ll bring even basic styles to life! 

Easy hairstyles shouldn’t take a lot of time – think 10 minutes or less – and definitely shouldn’t test your patience (there’s enough of that in everyday life).

Now that you’re armed with 30 cute and easy hairstyle ideas, you’re ready to go forth and conquer the world without wearing the same low ponytail for a 3rd day this week.

What’s Your Favorite Easy Hairstyle?

Woman in a blue-gray sweater putting her hair up into an easy hairstyle that will be a messy bun

Friends Stock/Shutterstock

There are so many simple, pretty styles on this list. You might’ve just discovered your new go-to style for those rushed mornings! Don’t forget that while you can skimp on the time you spend styling your hair, you should never skimp on hair care and maintenance. 

Make time each week to clarify and deep-cleanse your hair with clarifying shampoo, do a deep conditioning treatment, and treat yourself to a nice scalp massage to keep your hair and scalp healthy. Healthier hair is easier to style and has fewer bad hair days – it’s definitely worth your time!

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