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10 Wolf Cut Hairstyles to Try in 2024

TikTok has made the wolf cut hair this year’s hottest style. Read on to learn what it is, see examples, and learn how to style this choppy, layered cut. Should you lead the pack or steer clear of this trend? We’ll show you below.

What’s the Wolf Cut Hair Trend All About?

Wolf cut hair featured image

It’s funny to see how hair trends morph over time. One year, it’s all about straight, sleek, and shiny. The next, choppy layers with tons of texture are in. Right now, there’s a TikTok hair trend sweeping the world in a wild way: The wolf cut.

The wolf cut hearkens back to the 70s-style shag and reminds us a bit of the emo/scene days. It’s a heavily textured, layered haircut that emits the call of the wild with its shaggy ways.

So… is the wolf cut hair trend right for you? Or are you better off leaving this TikTok trend to the Billie Eilishes of the world?  We’ll fill you in on all you need to know about this trending style in our visual guide below.

What Is a Wolf Cut?

The wolf cut is a tapered haircut with choppy, short layers that start at the crown and gradually get longer toward the ends. It blends components from the shag cut of the 1970s, the choppy emo/scene haircuts of the 00s, and the revamped mullet.

Stylists agree that while there is a lot of variation in wolf cuts – short, long, wavy, curly, straight, etc. – the key components are:

  1. Tons of volume and lift at the roots and crown
  2. Lots of short layers and tapered ends 
  3. Curtain or blunt bangs to frame the face

Basically, it  gives you a look that’s a cross between Farrah Fawcett and Elvira. It might seem like an unlikely combo, but it’s a flattering look that is suitable for most face shapes.

Since the overall length of the cut and the height of the layers can be adjusted, a good stylist can ensure your wolf cut perfectly suits your face shape and styling preferences. 

Wolf Cuts vs. Mullets

Wolf cuts are different from mullets. While both feature short, heavily layered hair in the front, there’s a big difference between the two due to how they’re layered. The wolf cut is more like a shag cut than a mullet.

Wolf CutMullet
Style in FrontBangs, short, heavily layeredShort, heavily layered
Style in BackGradual layers that get longer in the backLong hair
SymmetrySymmetrical all aroundUnbalanced
Key FeaturesFace-framing layersLong "tail" in back

The wolf cut features short layers and curtain or blunt bangs in the front to frame the face, which isn’t part of most mullets.

And instead of long hair in the back, wolf cuts feature layering throughout that gradually gets longer toward the ends. Wolf cuts are a more “even” and symmetrical haircut than mullets.

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10 Ways to Wear the Wolf Cut Hair Trend

Wolf cuts can be worn a number of ways, depending on the length of your hair, your hair texture and type, the depth and length of layers, and bang/fringe variations. We found 10 gorgeous ways to wear this year’s hottest hairstyle. Check them out! 

1. Classic Wolf Cut

Image of a woman with wolf cut hair, a trend on Tiktok smiling looking at the camera

Michelle Aleksa/Shutterstock

Shoulder-skimming length, the choppiest of layers, a nice curtain bang, and tons of textured volume up top – yep, it’s the classic wolf cut. We love the undone look of this messy, tousled style. 

2. Chin-Length Wolf Cut

Image of a woman with a wolf haircut and brown hair looks over her right shoulder

Hank Shiffman/Shutterstock

The ideal haircut for air drying, this shorter version of the popular wolf cut is a great way to wear the trend. Choppy, short layers are cut around the top and progressively lengthen toward the ends. A full fringe in the front completes the look. 

3. Shaggy Wolf Cut

Young asian woman with a Shaggy Wolf Cut hairstyle


This shoulder-length style is thinned out at the ends to keep the volume concentrated up top. The result is a flattering style that plays up the tousled, textured ends without looking too wild. 

4. Tamed Wolf Cut

Tamed Wolf Cut on a woman in a loose white cami in a blue room

Amelia Fox/Shutterstock

This wolf cut is a little tamer with shorter layers starting lower down on the hair shaft. The result is less oomph up top, but a similar relaxed-yet-wild look. If you’re worried the classic wolf cut is a little too much for daily wear, this version is perfect. 

5. Sleek Wolf Cut

Sleek Wolf Cut on a woman in pink lip and a blue room

Valua Studio/Shutterstock

Here’s an interesting take on the trend: A sleek, straightened version of the wolf cut! If you don’t want to wear undone waves or curls every day, you can always opt for this sleek, straightened style.

Just run a flat iron (don’t forget the heat protectant!) over your layers and slightly turn the ends under for this look. 

6. Blunt Bang Wolf Cut

Blunt Bang Wolf Cut on a fashionable woman in silver glasses


It’s more common to see curtain bangs with a wolf cut, but we really love the way full blunt bangs look with this cut too. Long, shaggy layers create the perfect canvas for textured waves. 

7. Curly Wolf Cut

Curly Wolf Cut worn by a pretty gal holding her curls


Intense natural curl gives the wolf cut a completely different look than waves or straight hair. If you’re of the “the bigger, the better” mindset, the ultra-short layers and bangs of this style could be perfect for your ringlets. 

8. Messy Wolf Cut

Messy Wolf Cut on a tatted up woman who appears to not be wearing a shirt

Nas Creatives/Shutterstock

Full bangs, longer face-framing pieces, and tons of choppy layers make this version of the wolf cut unique. For a boost of volume at the crown like the model pictured, tease the hair at the roots and style it forward. 

9. Wolf Cut & Micro Bangs

Gal with a wolf cut and micro bangs eating a popsicle while standing outside


Ultra-short bangs are the focal point of this shaggy style. Perfect for women with curly hair, this textured style reminds us of a mullet with the longer layers in the back. 

10. Coily Wolf Cut

Woman with a wolf haircut looking directly into the camera and slightly grinning

Flamingo Images/Shutterstock

Coily hair can easily pull off the tapered wolf cut thanks to the self-supporting texture of the hair. Add short bangs to balance the style and perfectly frame your face!

Should You Get a Wolf Cut?

The wolf cut is a bold, fresh look that is trendy for a reason – but is it right for you? To find out if you should get one yourself, you need to think about it from a few angles first. Here’s what you should consider before rocking the style:

  • The wolf cut requires daily styling – are you up for it? If you aren’t blessed with natural texture, body, and volume, this haircut can become tiresome because it requires daily styling to create the intended look. The number of choppy layers involved in this cut mean that it won’t have that bodacious wolf cut look unless you heat style it. Without creating waves, curls, or body with hot tools, this style will lie flat with layers sticking out at odd angles. You should consider whether or not you’re willing to work daily to keep your hair looking its best. 
  • Determine how you’ll style it. If your hair has a lot of natural texture from waves or curls, you might be able to get away with air-drying this type of cut. But most of us will have to style it to get the look we want, so it’s helpful to think of how you’d style it before you commit to the cut. We recommend working a good hair serum or mousse through your locks first and spraying with a heat protectant. Then, you can use a flat iron to clamp the roots for added volume and create soft, textured waves throughout. Lift up random sections and spritz with a volumizing spray or sprinkle texturizing powder into the roots for more lift.  
  • Your hair texture and type determine how it’ll look. Once you look at a few photos of wolf cuts, you start to get an idea of how it’ll look on you. But have you taken your hair’s texture and type into account? Super curly or coily hair will look very different with a wolf cut than fine, pin-straight hair or dense, beachy waves. Make sure you look at examples of wolf cuts on different hair types so you know how your hair will look in this style!  
  • You can customize it for your face shape to make it more flattering. Wolf cuts can work on any face shape as long as you make the right adjustments. Round faces should focus on creating volume with shorter layers on the top to make the face appear more oval; square faces should opt for wispier layers that soften the strong jaw; oval faces can rock any version of the cut, and heart-shaped faces should add more layers around the chin level to visually fill it out. 
  • Trends come and go. Are you sure you want a wolf cut? While the old hair adage “it grows back” definitely applies here, getting a wolf cut can be a little more of a hair commitment than you think. The ultra-short layers cut into the hair will all grow out differently and create a particularly challenging grow-out phase. You may find that you’re better off cutting your hair short once you tire of a wolf cut due to all the choppy layers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a wolf haircut work for all hair types?

While the Wolf Haircut is trending, it's not for everyone. A wolf cut will looks better on someone looking for volume, so if you have thick hair already, it might be best to skip this cut (unless you want to really add volume to your hair.

Wolf cuts look carefree and don't require a great deal of styling. They also work on all hair lengths, though hair that's too short tends to look more unkept that hair that's longer.

How to achieve a wolf hairdo?

There's really not that much that needs to be done to achieve a wolf hairdo. First, your stylist will wash and dry your hair. Then, they'll cut messy layers to add depth and volume. Next, they'll add shaggy bangs to the top, thin it out at the ends, and style it. That's it!

Is is hard to achieve this hairdo?

It's not hard to achieve a wolf cut. While they're relatively new styles, a skilled hairstylist will know exactly what you're looking for. They're used to cutting bangs and adding volume-maximizing layers, so it'll be a walk in the park for them. However, it helps them to work off an inspirational picture, so be sure to bring in a photo to show them the exact look you're hoping to get.

How do you style a wolf haircut?

While everyone's hair is different, styling a wolf haircut isn't terribly difficult. In any case, you'll want to emphasize the texture of the hair and add volume. A good leave-in conditioner helps add volume and a beachy vibe after it air dries.

If you have straight or fine hair, a waver tool or a good can of hair spray and a teasing comb will give your cut the volume you're after. After all, wolf cuts are meant to look messy and slightly tousled, though you want to style it a bit so it doesn't look like you just rolled out of bed.

What is a wolf haircut?

All thanks to TikTok, the Wolf Haircut is one of this year's hottest styles. It's mainly worn by younger women looking for a shorter, edgier style that has a '70s vibe while also being easy to maintain.

Will the wolf cut look good on me?

Wolf cuts don't look good on everyone. However, the core of the cut is about the attitude. It'd an edgy style that goes against the grain of average haircuts. While anyone can rock the look, it's best on teenagers and women in their early 20s who have a slightly edgy style. If you've rocked a shag or mullet haircut in the past, you're a prime candidate for a wolf cut.

Is a wolf cut pricey?

A wolf cut is just a haircut that blends a fringe cut with volume-adding layers. So don't expect to pay any more for it than a normal haircut. However, if you want it styled, you might need a blowout, which might add $20-$50 to your cut, depending on what your salon charges for additional styling services.

Who does the wolf cut work best for?

A wolf cut is best for women with an edgy style and thin or fine hair seeking more volume. If your hair is thick, it might end up too heavy, which will require more salon visits and will take longer to style your hair in the morning. That said, a wolf cut can work on any hair type, but it's best for young women with medium to long hair.

What should you ask for at the salon?

If you're wondering how to ask for a wolf cut at the salon, you could simply ask for a wolf cut. However, stylists work best when you bring them an inspiration photo (pick from one of our options above). So find a style you like and show your hair stylist. If you'd like to make any modifications to the cut, be sure to let them know. This way, they'll know how to model the cut and how to modify it to best suit your face and style.

What kind of upkeep is required?

The best part about a wolf cut is that it'll look fresh while growing out. The main feature of the cut is that it has layers, and as your hair grows, it'll just add to the volume. Which is, of course, the point of the wolf cut. If you have shorter or thicker hair, you'll want to get your hair trimmed every 5-7 weeks. However, you can wait up to 2-3 months to get a cut without looking like you need a cut.

Is a Wolf Cut Right for You?

Should you get a wolf cut haircut

So, is the wolf cut one of those trends you can’t wait to try, or one that you love to hate? We think it’s a breath of fresh air. Don’t get us wrong – we love the ever-popular tousled beachy waves and sleek, straight styles.

But there’s something wild, feminine, and fresh about the wolf cut.

If you like the look and are up for daily styling, the wolf cut could be a great new look for you. Just make sure you’re working with a trustworthy stylist who knows how to manage your hair type and texture properly. This ensures you get a flattering version of the cut that suits your face shape and hair type.

And one final word – don’t try to DIY your next ‘do. Doing it at home will probably result in a choppy mullet look instead of the bold, edgy wolf cut you want.

Make sure you bring a few inspo photos to show your stylist (hopefully you grabbed a few screenshots from this guide). They’ll be able to help consult you on any modifications you might need to make to the cut so it’s more flattering for your face and hair type!

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