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Popular Haircuts for Men | This Year’s Trending Styles

This guide is packed with the most popular haircuts for men so you can see today’s trendiest looks. Find your next look and learn how to choose the best haircut for you in this visual guide.

Looking for Popular Haircuts for Men?

When it’s time for another haircut, you have 3 basic options:

  1. Ignore the need and keep growing it out
  2. Choose a new haircut to update your look
  3. Or get a trim and keep the current haircut and shape you have.

There’s nothing wrong with options 1 and 3. But there’s something really exciting about picking out a fresh new cut. If you’ve been wearing the same haircut for too long and are ready to try something new, browsing through the most popular haircuts for men is a quick way to land on one you’ll love.

This guide is the equivalent of flipping through haircut and style books in the waiting area at the barber shop. You’ll get to see a range of the trendiest cuts for men on a variety of hair types, face shapes, and hair lengths below.

If you think a high bald fade is too bold for your look or that you’re not stylish enough to rock a quiff, think again. The looks on our list are so popular because they are universally flattering for men. And we’re seeing real, everyday men wear these haircuts with confidence.

They know they look good and you will, too. Browse these looks to find your next haircut, or use them to gather inspiration as you build your perfect haircut using bits and pieces of the most popular options. Let’s get started! 

30 Most Popular Haircuts for Men

Check out the most popular haircuts for men below! Whether your style is clean-cut and casual or bold and edgy, there are tons of looks you’ll love in this list. Screenshot your favorites to show your barber at your next appointment! 

1. Long Top With Short Burst Fade

Long Top With Short Burst Fade, a popular haircut for men

Tom Wang/Shutterstock

We’re suckers for a good burst fade, and when it’s paired with unexpected long hair on top, it’s even better. The hair on top should be 4+ inches long to create the best contrast with the short burst fade around the ears. Use a little gel and guide the hair backward as it drops over the sides to reveal the shorter sections around the ears. 

2. Pushed-Back Long Top Taper

Pushed-Back Long Top Taper

Damir Khabirov/Shutterstock

Classically casual yet appropriate for any occasion, tapered haircuts featuring a long top are a great option if you like the clean-cut look. Work a dime-sized dab of medium-hold gel through your hair and brush it back and over to the side to nail this look. 

3. High #6 Top Fade

Idea for a popular haircut for men featuring a man with a High #6 Top Fade

This is a simple but trendy look that is popular for guys who like to keep their hair short with a little extra length on top. The top is cut with the #6 clipper guard (3/4 inch length) and the high fade starts up at the temples. The look is perfect for any face shape because it’s so balanced – not too much length on top and not too short on the sides and back. 

4. Short Sides With Quiff Top

Short Sides With Quiff Top, a popular haircut for men

Unique Vision/Shutterstock

Quiffs are big right now – literally and figuratively. These longer sections in the front give you plenty of length to style and play around with, which is perfect for guys who like experimenting with their look.

Work some mousse through the top and scrunch to make waves or dry with a diffuser to bring out your hair’s natural texture. The sides and back are buzzed to one length to keep all the attention on the quiff up top. 

5. High-Top Mid Bald Fade

High-Top Mid Bald Fade, one of the trendiest haircuts for men

Cookie Studio/Shutterstock

If you like a high-contrast, eye-catching look, this high-top fade deserves your attention. Have your barber leave a few inches of length on top and do a mid bald fade. This cut can visually slim a round or square face, but heart-shaped faces should avoid it. 

6. Medium-Length Undone Curls

Medium-Length Undone Curls on a man in a heathered grey waffle-knit sweater


Naturally curly guys can appreciate good haircuts that allow you to wash and go without spending too much time styling and perfecting those curls. With layers and a medium length, you get a flattering silhouette that puts your curls front and center.

Dispense a quarter-sized dollop of mousse into your hands and scrunch it through your curls before diffusing or air drying to copy this look.  

7. High Bald Fade With Line Up

High Bald Fade With Line Up


Here’s a look that catches the eye and stands out from the crowd! If you want to have the freshest cut, opt for a high bald fade that begins at the temples and fades down to the skin around the sides and back. Keep the hair on top nice and short (#2 clipper guard), leaving just enough length to create a contrast. 

8. Clean-Cut, Tousled, and Tapered

Clean-Cut, Tousled, and Tapered, a popular haircut for men


This tapered haircut is shorter around the sides and back, keeping the style close-cropped and clean-cut around the face. The extra length on top is the perfect stage to show off your hair’s natural texture.

So this cut is air-dryable and perfect for guys with wavy or curly hair. A little mousse will bring out and define your hair’s texture while giving it light hold. 

9. Short Mid Fade Crew Cut

Short Mid Fade Crew Cut on a guy in a plaid shirt for a piece on popular haircuts for men

G-Stock Studio/Shutterstock

Nail the dad aesthetic in a flattering way with a short crew cut featuring a stylish mid fade. Keep things classic with a basic 3-2-1 mid fade or make it pop with a bold skin fade. The key to this look is keeping the top short and close-cropped. Style the top with medium-hold gel and brush it over to the side.

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10. Pushed-Back Pompadour Fade

Pushed-Back Pompadour Fade (a popular men's haircut) on a guy in a white crew neck tshirt with a beard

Wayhome Studio/Shutterstock

The pompadour is one of the most popular haircuts for men right now and it’s easy to see why! It has vintage vibes, but when paired with a modern fade and a casual pushed-back (not slicked back) texture, this cut is everyday appropriate.

Medium hold gel will keep the pomp in place with casual texture, but firm hold gel will slick it back for a more formal look. 

11. High Drop Fade With Long Top and Side Part

High Drop Fade With Long Top and Side Part

Combining different haircuts is one of our favorite ways to create something truly unique. Try a mashup between a high and drop fade while keeping plenty of length up top for contrast.

Here, the man has pin-straight hair and styles it with a side part and mousse for lightweight hold. The fade line drops down toward the back to leave extra length around the back and sides. 

12. Styled-Up Long Top With Short Sides

Styled-Up Long Top With Short Sides

If you’re not a fan of high-contrast fades, this is a great, trendy option to try. The longer top is gelled and styled upward with a hair dryer while the shorter sides and back remove excess volume around the sides of the face. We love this look for men with square or round faces because it visually slims these face shapes.  

13. Medium Taper With Side Part

Medium Taper With Side Part

ESB Professional/Shutterstock

Super-short haircuts aren’t a great fit for every man. If you’re a fan of styles with a little more length, opt for a medium-length taper like this. Style it with a side part to create a little boost of volume on top and show off the texture of your hair. Working a little mousse through will give you light hold with extra wave or curl definition! 

14. Short Mohawk Bald Fade

Inspiration for popular haircuts for men featuring a guy wearing a Short Mohawk Bald Fade


Have you seen the trending mohawk fade? It’s a fun cross between a mohawk and burst fade and it sounds a lot wilder than it looks. Keep it conservative by making the length on top and down the back short.

Try a #4 clipper guard – and bring the fade all the way down to the skin by removing the guard for the bottom portion of the sides of the cut.

15. Long-Top Taper With Feathered Fringe

Long-Top Taper With Feathered Fringe on a guy in an orange puffer jacket standing with his arms crossed in a purple room

Asier Romero/Shutterstock

Hey, hipsters! You’ll be perfectly styled in a long-top tapered haircut like this featuring a long, wavy, feathered fringe up front. The bangs are styled similarly to curtain bangs (who says guys can’t wear the trend?) and are gently held in place with lightweight mousse to stay put without restricting natural movement. 

16. Pompadour Drop Fade With Single Rail

Pompadour Drop Fade With Single Rail for a piece on popular haircuts for men

Here’s a hipster look that we can see going mainstream. A pompadour morphs into a super-short drop bald fade for a pleasing contrast. A single rail (line) is shaved in at the temple extending to the back for interest. Style the top however you like – air-dried with your natural texture will make this style an easy option for guys who hate styling!

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17. #1 Haircut With Line Up

#1 Haircut With Line Up as a popular haircuts for men idea

ESB Professional/Shutterstock

Into super-short haircuts that can give you a little more time in between trims? Ask your barber for a #1 haircut (cut with the #1, 1/8 inch clipper guard) with a line up around the temples. This gives definition and shape to this short haircut without the style burden of additional length. 

18. Natural Long Dreadlocks

Natural Long Dreadlocks


Growing out coily/kinky hair and getting sick of dealing with it or getting it braided? You’re ready to try dreadlocks, one of the oldest yet most popular hairstyles for men.

Getting dreads is a process, and you’ll want to work with an expert barber or loc technician to get them done right. Minimal maintenance is required to keep them shaped properly and crochet any flyaways back into the locs. 

19. 90-Degree Low Burst Fade

90-Degree Low Burst Fade, one of the most popular haircuts for men


Natural coily texture is really key to nailing this look, but you can rock a low burst fade even with the straightest strands. The coolest feature is the 90-degree low burst fade above and around the ears. It takes this haircut from basic to bold. 

20. Classic High Fade With Side-Swept Top

Classic High Fade With Side-Swept Top


If you like the classics but want to stay on-trend, this is the perfect haircut for you. Featuring a longer top that is gelled and brushed over to the side, this high fade begins with the #3 clipper guard and transitions cleanly down to the #1 guard at the shortest points along the bottom. It’s easy to style and won’t require much time in the mornings! 

21. Slicked Comb Over Fade 

Image for a piece on popular haircuts for men featuring a Slicked Comb Over Fade


Firm hold gel is the key to keeping neat, precise styles like this in place all day. A long pomp-style top is styled with a side part and slicked over and back for a clean-cut look.

This is a great example of the very-popular comb over fade. Here, the fade starts high up around the temples and seamlessly transitions down to the skin in length to keep all the volume concentrated on top. 

22. Modern Mullet With Burst Fade

Modern Mullet With Burst Fade on a guy leaning against a chainlink fence in a black and white photo

Jasmin Bauer/Shutterstock

Love it or hate it, the mullet is back and it’s one of the most popular haircuts for men right now. Make your mullet more modern and less Nascar by adding a short burst fade around the ears. Bonus points if you have curly hair (or get a perm in the back)! 

23. High Drop Skin Fade

High Drop Skin Fade featured as a popular haircut for men this year


If there were just one word to describe this cut, it would be clean. This fresh skin fade grabs your attention in the best way thanks to the stark contrast between the long, side-styled top (use gel and brush over to the side to copy the look) and the shaved “bald” back and sides. Rock it with any hair texture on any face shape and it’s going to look great. 

24. Mid Burst Fade Styled Up and Forward

Mid Burst Fade Styled Up and Forward

Viorel Sima/Shutterstock

There are so many ways to style and combine the different fades to create unique looks. Here’s a nice option for guys with medium-length hair! The burst fade around the ears begins at medium height, making it a mid burst fade. Style the top upward and forward with a little medium-hold gel to keep it in place. 

25. 3-2-1 Mid Drop Fade

3-2-1 Mid Drop Fade on a guy in a blue button-up shirt standing in a suburban street walkway


It’s the “countdown” 3-2-1 cut that looks great on any face shape, but with the trendy addition of a mid drop fade. Have your barber cut the top with the #3 guard and blend into the #2 around the sides and back, and finally fade into the #1 (shortest guard length). A mid drop fade dips down lower in the back and adds a special something to this cut. 

26. #5 Buzz Cut With Straight-Across Fringe

#5 Buzz Cut With Straight-Across Fringe, a popular haircut for men, on a guy in a barber chair with a mustache

Jordi Mora/Shutterstock

This is a simple, low-maintenance haircut that is easy to style. No wonder it’s so popular for men! Choose the length you want all-over (#5, or 5/8 inches long here) and brush the front forward. Have your barber trim up the fringe in the front to be straight across for a precise and clean look. 

27. Mohawk Fade With Shaved Designs

Mohawk Fade With Shaved Designs in a side profile image for a piece on popular haircuts for men

Dmytro Kolesnikov/Shutterstock

Hairstyle patterns (also called shaved/freestyle designs or hair tattoos) can liven up any haircut and they’re very popular right now. If you have a skilled go-to barber or lots of confidence in your clipper abilities, this cut should definitely be on your list. It brings together two of our favorite trendy men’s haircuts: the mohawk fade and hairstyle patterns! 

28. Feathered Two Block Haircut

Feathered Two Block Haircut (aka Tiktok hair) on a guy in a tan room in a white shirt holding his right cheek

For the bold trendsetters who are always one step ahead of the rest, a daring style that stands out is just what the barber ordered. Try a feathered two block haircut for something different that is just hitting the mainstream. While two block cuts have been popular for a bit, feathering the front gives the look a modern, trendy twist. 

29. Long With Sliced Layers

Man who looks like Gilfoyle from Silicon Valley in an image for a piece titled popular haircuts for men with the subtitle Long With Sliced Layers


While short haircuts definitely dominate the list of the most popular haircuts for men, long hair can’t be left out! If you’re keen on keeping lots of length, have your barber or stylist slice long layers into your hair and point-cut the ends to make them more lightweight and uneven. A middle part is also on-trend and perfectly finishes off this look. 

30. #2 Bald Drop Fade

#2 Bald Drop Fade, one of the most popular haircuts for men, on a guy standing outside on a wooden boardwalk in a nature preserve

Manny DaCunha/Shutterstock

It’s cut with the #2 clipper guard to keep the length really short on top, but this cut is #1 in our eyes. A skilled barber can seamlessly blend the #2 length (1/4 inch) into #1 (1/8 inch) and finally #0 (no clipper guard) to create a nice bald fade. The fade line dips down in the back to make it a bald drop fade. 

Things to Consider

We’ve looked at 30 different haircuts for men that are topping the popularity charts this year. If you’ve got a good idea of which cut you’re going to try next, let us stop you right there. There are a few things you need to work out and consider before you book your haircut appointment. 

Read through the list to make sure you end up with a fashionable haircut you’ll feel confident rocking! 

  • Will it suit and flatter your face shape? Choosing a new haircut isn’t only about the way you feel about the style. You should also consider how the cut will look against your specific face shape (oval, round, square, or heart). Faces that are a little wider than they are long (round and square) need to keep the sides very short or shaved down to the skin to avoid looking chunky. Slim oval faces shouldn’t have too much volume on top to avoid visually lengthening the face. Learn more about choosing the right haircut that suits your face shape here: Which Men’s Haircut Should I Get?.
  • Are you comfortable styling it on your own? Ever gotten a great-looking cut styled at the barber shop only to find out you have no idea how to deal with it at home? That’s a quick way to end up regretting your next haircut. Make sure you’ll be comfortable styling your new cut and that it won’t require more of you than you want to give. If it takes 20 minutes to style perfectly in the morning, will you still love it? If not, pick a different, lower-maintenance cut. 
  • Is it appropriate for this time of year? The current season and weather trends in your area have a lot to do with how comfortable it will be to rock your new cut. Going super short during fall or winter will leave your head feeling awfully chilly, and buzz cuts and bald fades can leave your scalp subject to sunburns in the spring and summer months if you’re not careful. Think about the time of year and how it will affect your cut before you commit.  
  • How will your workplace feel about it? Quiffs and mohawk fades are fun, but they’re not necessarily workplace appropriate. Check with the higher-ups before you settle on a bold new haircut. The last thing you want is to show up to work with your fresh cut and get written up or asked to change the cut.

What’s Your Favorite Popular Haircut for Men?

For a piece on popular haircuts for men, a guy with a long, slicked-back pompadour getting his top hair trimmed


Getting a new haircut is exciting. Starting with one of the looks on this list ensures you’ll end up with a trendy haircut that’ll land you lots of compliments and show everyone that you’re in the know. 

Add your own original twists to make any of these haircuts 100% you, and don’t be afraid to try a style you’d normally shy away from. Who knows? You just might end up picking a bold new cut as your new signature look!

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