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30 Best Men’s Short Haircuts in 2024

Men’s short haircuts come in all shapes and forms. So how do you know which one is right for you? By reading our guide, of course. Scroll down to see 30 unique and trending styles to rock for your next cut.

Considering a Men’s Short Haircut?

For guys who like to keep their hair short, it’s easy to fall into the same old haircut routine. After all, it’s short hair – there’s not much variety there, right? Wrong! There are more possibilities for men’s short haircuts than you think. 

There are shaved styles, buzz cuts, a variety of fades, tapered cuts, and two block cuts. Or maybe you’re all about mohawks, French crops, and quiffs (oh my!). Whatever your short hair preference is, chances are, there’s more than one way to rock it. 

It helps to see photos of men’s short haircuts for inspiration. Below, you’ll find our favorite cuts showcased on different hair types, textures, and colors. We gathered styles from clean-cut and casual to edgy and out there.

You might find that you love your current cut the most – or that you’re ready to step out of your comfort zone and try a new short style. 

When you’re done browsing these photos, be sure to stick around for our men’s haircut tips at the end. We’ll cover the things you should consider before choosing a new short haircut — different types of short haircuts, how to make your new cut look its best, choosing a great barber, and more. 

30 Men’s Short Haircuts We Love

Get inspired with these short haircuts that can change up your look and flatter your features. You’ll see that there’s more variety in men’s short haircuts than you think! 

1. The #1 Haircut

Man with a short haircut and a collared shirt leans on his left fist

Dean Drobot/Shutterstock

What’s more fitting for haircut number one than a #1 haircut? We’re talking about hair clipper numbers (or haircut numbers), of course. This haircut is done with the #1 clipper guard for uniform super-short length all over.  

2. Long Top, Short Sides

Man with a short mens haircut featuring long sides and a short top

Dmytro Zinkevych/Shutterstock

Keeping the top longer leaves you with plenty of styling possibilities (try this brushed-over look on top), and the short sides and back keep the style clean and neat.

The top will need to be cut with scissors, while the sides and back can be done with #3, 2, and 1 clipper guards. See more here: 30 Short Sides, Long Top Haircuts.

3. French Crop

Man with a French Crop haircut in a turtleneck looks at his phone and smiles in headphones


The French crop is an angular cut similar to the Caesar cut. It’s short all over, but a little longer in the front thanks to the small fringe across the forehead. This is an edgier look, but anyone can pull it off. 

4. Mini Faux Hawk Taper

Man with Mini Faux Hawk Taper in a leather jacket


Keep things short on top with a mini faux hawk styled upright with a little gel. The sides and back should be shorter, and your barber can taper the length down toward your neckline for a clean look. 

5. The #2 Haircut

Buff looking man with scruff grins at the camera for a piece on mens short haircuts


You can always refer to the clipper guard sizes to tell your barber exactly what length you want and where. If you’d like an easy cut with no styling required, the #2 haircut is hard to beat. 

6. Brushed Forward Fade

For a piece on short mens haircuts, a man in a blue shirt crosses his arms with a Brushed Forward Fade


Keep the fade classic with barely-there buzzed sides and back that gradually transition into the longer top. Brush the top forward with a little gel or mousse to help it hold. 

7. Mussed and Messy Crop

Mussed and Messy Crop on a guy for a piece on short mens haircuts


The “messy on purpose” look is never going out of style, and that’s great because it’s a look that works on anyone. A little mousse will help you create that mussed-up texture in straight hair like the example here. But any hair texture and type can rock this messy look! 

8. The #3 Haircut 

Man seriously looking at the camera and not smiling

Pavel Sazonov/Shutterstock

If clipper guards #1 and #2 are a little short for your liking, the #3 guard might be just the ticket. This is still pretty short – about ⅜” – but it’s the longest length most barbers will use to cut a fade. 

9. Faux Hawk + Facial Hair

Handsome man with a black vneck and a faux hawk for a piece on short mens haircuts


The faux hawk is such a great short cut for men with a square, round, or oval face. It adds some volume up top to slim the face, and the short sides and back help keep the sides slender. 

10. The #6 Fade

Guy with a mens short haircut stands looking at the camera in sunglasses


A #6 fade uses the #6 clipper guard on top for the longest section, leaving it about ¾” long. From there, you can have it faded with any shorter guards you like. For an edgier look, try having it faded down to the skin. 

11. Short and Clean Cut

Man with a Short and Clean mens short haircut sitting with his fist holding his chin

Cheryl Savan/Shutterstock

There’s not much length difference here, but the cut is slightly tapered on the sides and back. Leaving just a little extra length on the top and up front gives you some extra hair to style with mousse or gel when you’re feelin’ fancy. 

12. The #7 High Skin Fade

High skin fade on a man in a side profile

Jacob Lund/Shutterstock

Skin fades are definitely an edgy look that instantly add a little toughness to your vibe. Leaving the hair on top sufficiently long – around ⅞” long – contrasts better and really helps the look pop. 

13. Short High Drop Fade

Short High Drop Fade for a piece on mens short haircuts

Kiselev Andrey Valerevich/Shutterstock

This is a drop fade that dips lower in the back, and it’s considered a high fade because the length begins tapering above the temples. We love the unique look of keeping the hair on top very short. 

14. The #4 Haircut

African American man in a blue open shirt smiles and has a short mens haircut


For guys who don’t want to cut their hair super short, an all-over #4 haircut could be perfect. With the #4 guard, your hair is cut to about ½” long. We love the half-inch length on coily hair! 

15. Coiffed Crop

Man with a Coiffed Crop and an unzipped jacket smiles while standing in an alley


If you have a little extra time for styling in the mornings, a short haircut like this can really flatter your features! Apply a little gel or mousse to the top, then comb it back and slightly to the side to copy this look. 

16. Basic Buzzcut

Attractive man in a blue sweater smiles standing in front of a brick wall


Not sure which clipper guard size you want your barber to use? Just ask for a buzzcut, and they’ll choose a suitable guard to give you just the right amount of length. 

17. Widow’s Peak Skin Fade

Widow's Peak Skin Fade on a man in a white crew neck shirt looking at a phone in front of a skyline


If you’re rocking a natural widow’s peak or want to create one with creative clipper use, this is such a unique look! The hair comes to a point in the front before fading all the way down to the skin on the back and sides. 

18. The Caesar Cut

Side profile of a man in a black jacket in a studio with a mens short haircut


Short on the back and sides, longer on top, and a short fringe that is cut bluntly across the forehead: Meet the Caesar cut. It’s a strong look that really stands out.  

19. Short Taper With Pushed-Up Bangs

For a piece on mens short haircuts, Short Taper With Pushed Up Bangs


This cut is pretty short all over, but it tapers down in length a bit at the sides and back. At the front, short bangs are styled up and back with a little gel or mousse for hold. 

20. Side-Swept Taper

Guy in a black shirt looking to his left and glaring at the camera in a grey room


A tapered cut looks a little more debonair when you brush the top over to the side. This is a great option for guys who aren’t comfortable going ultra-short. 

21. Styled-Up High Fade

Asian man with a Styled-Up High Fade looks upward

Ranta Images/Shutterstock

This is such a throwback look and we love it! It works best with hair that is either super straight (which can help the hair stand up) or very coily/kinky (for the same reason). Any hair texture can nail this look with a little styling product, though! 

22. Long Quiff, Short Back and Sides

Long Quiff, Short Back and Sides on a guy in a yellow shirt


A quiff is a long forelock or section of hair that is styled upward and back. This is a great example of a quiff paired with shorter hair on the back and sides – great for a guy who prefers short hair but wants to experiment with a little length. 

23. Temple Skin Fade

An example of a mens short haircut on a black man with a Temple Skin Fade


Precision is the name of the game when it comes to temple fades. You want those edges clean and precise! This example shows the hair faded down to the skin on the back and sides.

24. The #8 Fade

Man with a number 8 fade haircut smiles and crosses his arms


The #8 clipper guard leaves hair about an inch long, which is perfect if you like short hair but don’t want to go too short. The top is cut with the #8 guard, and the sides and back are done with progressively shorter guards to create a gradual fade. 

25. Shaved Undercut

Man with a black button-up stands with a high fade haircut in a studio

Ranta Images/Shutterstock

Here’s a unique style for guys who like pushing the envelope! Leave the hair on top at a short length and shave the back and sides into an undercut without fading or tapering the top.  

26. Short Curly Taper

Man in a blue sweater with a polo does not smile and stands grimly in the studio


Curls add so much interest to any short haircut. Leave just enough length on top to allow your ringlets to curl up and have the sides and back tapered down in length to keep things neat and tidy. 

27. Fade With Side-Swept Fringe

Man with a Fade With Side Swept Fringe for a piece on men's short haircuts

True Touch Lifestyle/Shutterstock

If you’re willing to let your bangs grow out a little, this is a great look to experiment with. Side-swept fringe covers the forehead, but you can also style the bangs back or part them for a different look. 

28. Posh and Professional 

Posh and Professional man with a suit


Keep it professional, posh, and polished with a sleek haircut like this. The top is left a little longer for styling while the sides and back cleanly taper down in length. Use gel with medium to firm hold to nail that polished look. 

29. Classic Crew Cut

Man with a red button-up shirt in a grey room wearing a classic crew cut


You can’t go wrong with the classics, of course! Try a crew cut with a slightly longer top and shorter sides. You can brush the top to one side, forward, or part it how you’d like to switch up the look. 

30. Shaved Hair

Man crossing his arms with the ultimate mens short haircut


If you’re reeling from the many short haircut options for men, you can always go with a trusted style: The shaved head! This is an easy style that just requires regular trims that you can do yourself at home. 

6 Things to Consider Before Getting Your Hair Cut

Now that you’ve seen the wide range of short haircuts guys can get, there are a few things you should consider before getting your next cut. Here’s what you should keep in mind. 

  1. Learn about your fade options. Fades are one of the most popular short hair options for men. If you’re planning on getting a fade, taking a little time to learn about the different types of fades helps a lot. It ensures you’ll end up with the look you want, and you might find the perfect kind of fade for you! 
  2. Know what to expect when you get a super-short cut. Very short haircuts are easy and low-maintenance for the most part, but they can also show your scalp, highlight any imperfections you may have, and make your hair look thinner. If you’re dealing with hair loss or thinning, try to stick to #3 and higher clipper guards to ensure your scalp doesn’t show. 
  3. Make time for regular trims. Short, low-maintenance cuts still need to be maintained with regular trims. You’ll probably need to visit your barber every 2-4 weeks to keep your short haircut looking fresh.
  4. Find a skilled barber. Is your current barber the one you want doing your next haircut? If not, look for the best barber in your area. They’ll not only do a great job on your cut, but they’ll have plenty of advice and experience to steer you in the right direction if you need suggestions. 
  5. Invest in the best equipment. At-home haircuts are only as good as the clippers or scissors they’re done with. If you’re cutting your own hair, invest in the best clippers you can afford to ensure you’re working with sharp, quality blades that precisely cut the way you want. 
  6. Find a good styling product with hold. Even if you’re not big on styling your hair, you should find at least one mousse, gel, or other styling product with hold to use. You’ll be able to apply a small amount to your hair in the morning and keep it in place all day. We love the $5 L’Oreal Paris Clean Gel for short hair. 

Every man can pull off a short haircut. If you want a low-maintenance, easy haircut that shows off your best features and keeps you cool in warmer months, you’ve gotta go short.

Short haircuts can accentuate your jawline, emphasize your eyes, and show off your hair’s texture (whether it’s straight, wavy, or curly).