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28 Gorgeous Inverted Bob Hairstyles for 2024

The inverted bob is one of the most-loved looks of the season for a reason. This low-maintenance, flattering hairstyle has been around for decades. Today, modern trends are putting a much-needed twist on this classic style. 

We put this photo guide together so you can check out examples of inverted bobs that work with any hair type or texture, any face shape, and any hair color. Keep reading to see all the styling possibilities with the popular inverted bob! 

What Is an Inverted Bob?

First, let’s get things straight. There are many types of bob haircuts, and it’s easy to get them confused. In this guide, we’re looking at inverted bobs. You can tell inverted bobs apart from others by their general shape. 

Inverted bobs, sometimes called A-line bobs or angled bobs, are longer in the front than in the back. The general shape follows a smooth transition line that slants forward toward the face. 

The reason you’ll sometimes hear inverted cuts referred to as “A-line” is because the line of the cut resembles a capital letter A when viewed from the back. 

Inverted, A-line, or angled bobs are always shorter in the back than in the front. But the steepness of the slant varies. You’ll see that some angled bobs have a very slight, gentle angle toward the front. Others have a steep, intense slope that looks more dramatic. 

Bobs that are considered inverted are technically somewhere between ear-length and chin-length (the traditional bob length). But as long bobs, or lobs, continue to skyrocket in popularity, we’re seeing a lot of inverted lobs, too. 

28 Gorgeous Takes on the Inverted Bob 

When you’re ready for a fresh new haircut, an inverted bob might be just right! Don’t be afraid to take your favorite features from the examples below and combine them to create your perfect version of the angled bob. 

Play around with the length, bangs or no bangs, layers, symmetry, and color to land on the bob that is perfect for you. Here are our 28 favorite examples of this trendy bob! 

1. A-Line Bob With Feathered Fringe

Woman with an inverted bob sits in a salon chair looking ahead


Inverted, or A-line, bobs can be show-stopping on their own, but we love the soft, feathered fringe with this example. It opens up the front and keeps the style from looking too stiff. 

2. Inverted Bob With Shadow Root

Woman with an Inverted Bob With Shadow Root gets her head held by a hand

Roman Kosolapov/Shutterstock

Blonde highlights and a deeper shadow root are the perfect complements for this short, inverted version of the classic bob cut. Blow-dry with a round brush to achieve these gently tucked ends. 

3. Ombre Inverted Lob

Ombre Inverted Lob on a woman in a tie dye shirt


Inverted lobs are becoming wildly popular because the medium length has so many styling options. Eye-catching ombre color brings a fresh twist to this in-between length. 

4. Sleek With Blunt Bangs

Woman wearing a Sleek With Blunt Bangs

Luba V Nel/Shutterstock

Prefer shiny, sleek styles that make the most of a straight hair texture? Look no further than this stacked bob with blunt bangs. Add a little shine serum to polish the style with a perfect finish. 

5. Short-to-Long Layered Bob

Short-to-Long Layered Bob

Axel Bueckert/Shutterstock

Invert your bob by keeping it lob-length in the front (barely touching the collarbone) and short in the back. Lots of short layers create a flattering boost of volume at the back. 

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6. Basic Inverted Chin-Length Bob

Basic Inverted Chin-Length Bob


Easy to style, low-maintenance, and flattering on every face shape, this chin-length version of the inverted-style bob is a winner in every category.  

7. Subtle Shaved Bob

Jenner-looking mom in a side profile shot in a mirror


A shaved undercut bob is lightweight and creates additional volume. That’s perfect for women with thin or fine hair in need of a boost!

8. Warm Blonde Angled Bob

Side profile of a woman with an angled inverted bob standing in a grey and white room

Subbotina Anna/Shutterstock

Warm blonde tones always flatter warm or neutral undertones in the skin. If you look best in gold jewelry (gold and silver look equally flattering), try this warm, buttery blonde with your angled bob haircut.

9. Inverted Mulberry Bob

Inverted Mulberry Bob on a woman in a car

Lisa Vazquez/Shutterstock

This Fall-ready mulberry color has rich red, purple, and brown tones in it that are perfect for cool and neutral undertones. Rock the color in combination with an inverted and sleek bob for a polished look.

10. Angled Bob for Thick Hair

Angled Bob for Thick Hair


Ladies with super-thick manes, you might think inverted bobs aren’t right for your hair type. But with the right layering, a perfectly stacked and inverted hairstyle can be so flattering on thick hair!

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11. Silvery Lilac A-Line Bob

Silvery Lilac A-Line Bob on a woman in a black lace dress


Cool-toned silver with a hint of lilac brings a subtly inverted bob to life. Add side-swept, face-framing bangs with choppy layers for added interest. 

12. Inverted Blonde Bob

Inverted Blonde Bob on a woman in a salon chair getting her neckline shaved

Roman Kosolapov/Shutterstock

Take your bottle blonde to the next level with a gently inverted angled bob. The longer pieces in the front perfectly frame the face, but the short length in the back keeps it lightweight.  

13. Collarbone-Grazing Lob

Collarbone-Grazing inverted Lob


Did you know that you can play up your collarbones and visually lengthen your neck with a lob that hits right at the collarbone? This medium-length bob is shorter in the back and gradually slants forward for a perfectly inverted shape. 

14. Bold Platinum Angled Bob With Fringe

Collarbone-Grazing inverted Lob

George Mayer/Shutterstock

Fearless trendsetters will appreciate this bold and vibrant look with a full, heavy fringe across the forehead. Sparkling platinum blonde turns heads on its own, but with this angled cut paired with blunt bangs, you’re sure to be the center of attention.

15. Subtly Undercut Angled Bob

Stylist woman with an inverted bob haircut wears a cream oversized suede button-up shirt while standing in a blue and white room

Mazur Serhiy/Shutterstock

A high undercut that reaches the temple area keeps a short bob lightweight without excess bulk around the face. This has a slimming effect, especially for women with round faces!

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16. Chin-Length With Wispy Ends

Chin-Length With Wispy Ends haircut

Head Over Heels/Shutterstock

Removing bulk and weight from the ends keeps a short, chin-length bob from making the face look round. Rock this slanted bob with razored or point-cut ends for a lightweight, dynamic feel. 

17. A-Line Midi Bob

Woman with a blonde midi inverted bob haircut stands in a dark room for a black and white image

George Mayer/Shutterstock

Not quite long enough to be considered lob nor short enough to fit under the bob category, this could be called a midi bob. We love how it gently angles forward – perfect if you’re not a fan of the steep angle seen in other A-line styles. 

18. Inverted Asymmetrical Lob

Inverted Asymmetrical Lob on a woman standing in front of a clump birch tree


Bring together two trendy bob types – the inverted and asymmetrical bobs – for a truly unique and fun style. In asymmetrical bobs, one side is longer than the other. And since the back is shorter than the front, it’s also considered inverted. 

19. Fire Engine Red Layered Bob

Fire Engine Red Layered inverted Bob

Felix Mizioznikov/Shutterstock

Up for a bold, new color? Channel your inner Ariel with this fire-engine red color paired with choppy layers and a gently angled length that is shorter in the back. 

20. Angled Bob With Face-Framing Layers

Angled Bob With Face-Framing Layers on a gal with blonde hair wearing a fancy black dress


Bring a little symmetry to your angled bob by creating a downward angle with gradual layers in the front. This style would work beautifully on straight, wavy, or curly textures.

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21. Dip-Dyed Inverted Bob

Dip-Dyed Inverted Bob

Andriy Blokhin/Shutterstock

Strawberry blonde roots and mid-shaft give way to a faded, cool-toned blue-gray at the ends. This edgy dip-dyed look is perfect for drawing attention to the unique, inverted shape of this steep-angled bob. 

22. Lazy Chic Inverted Lob

Side profile of a thin woman with a Lazy Chic Inverted Lob wearing a pink laced shirt

William Moss/Shutterstock

Lazy chic is the aesthetic many of us wish we could nail – looking good without putting in an hour of effort in the morning. With this casual cut, lazy chic is easy! Just air dry and enjoy your natural texture with this inverted lob. 

23. Radiant Red Angled Bob

Radiant Red Angled Bob

Katya Yatsenko/Shutterstock

The secret to adding a little oomph to any hairstyle? A bright, vibrant hair color like this radiant red. We love how it shines and draws the eye to the angled shape of this bob.

24. A-Line Lob With Asymmetrical Bangs

A-Line Inverted Lob With Asymmetrical Bangs on a woman in a red dress in front of a studio light


Have a little fun with an A-line bob by adding asymmetrical bangs! They fall across the forehead in an unexpected slant to draw the focus to the eyes. 

25. Inverted and Side-Parted Bob

Inverted and Side-Parted Bob on a woman in a white sequin sweater


No need to get fancy or complex with an inverted or angled bob – just part it to the side and wear your natural texture for a classic and casual look. This cut would look great with bangs, too! 

26. Sleek and Lightweight A-Line Bob

Sleek and Lightweight A-Line Bob on a woman in a camo sequin dress


Women with thin or fine hair love A-line bobs because they make the most of the hair’s existing texture and fullness. This sleek version doesn’t need a ton of volume to look amazing! 

27. Color Contrast

Color contrast on a woman with blonde hair with black ends wearing red lip with a face-framing inverted bob


While the bold color contrast may work better for the runway than for every day, the shape of this inverted cut is the real star. Heavy blunt bangs put the focus on the eyes and center of the face, while the chin-length helps emphasize the jawline.  

28. Espresso Brown Angled Bob

Photo of a woman with an Espresso Brown Angled Bob


A deep and rich brunette shade like the espresso brown shown here perfectly complements a bold cut. With blunt bangs and thick, unlayered ends, this is a high-volume style that manages to look sleek with a little shine serum and a quick flat iron. 

Things to Consider

Before you ask your stylist for an inverted or angled bob, you need to make sure it’s truly the haircut you want. Plus, there are a few things to know about this bob type that you might not have considered. Here’s what you should think about before getting an A-line bob. 

  • It must be done by a professional. You can get away with DIYing certain haircuts – even a classic bob is doable without a lot of hair-cutting experience. But an inverted or angled bob is difficult to cut evenly and precisely. It’s hard to get the angle on each side to match (ask me how I know). This is a haircut you’ll need to visit a salon to get. 
  • The inverted bob highlights where it hits. This means wherever your bob hits or ends is the area it will highlight the most. You can use this to your advantage if you know what to do! If you want to emphasize your cheekbones, have your stylist cut some bangs that hit there. To highlight your jawline, opt for the longer front to be chin-length. Similarly, avoid a bob that hits an area you want to hide.
  • Your styling options may be limited. Depending on the length you choose and how steep the angle is, your styling options may be a bit bare after getting an A-line bob. Ponytails, buns, and many braids won’t work with short angled bobs. Make sure you’ve looked at a few go-to styles you can wear with this type of bob before you commit. 
  • Undercuts and shaved parts can be a pain to grow out. One of the cutest ways to dress up an A-line bob is with an undercut or by shaving the back for a lighter-weight cut. But these options make it much harder to seamlessly grow out your bob when the time comes. Shorter sections won’t be able to catch up with the growth of other sections, so you may have to wear your hair down to hide them or get a shorter cut than you want. 
  • You might get called a “Karen.” Managing expectations is important, and it’s smart to know about any potential negatives before you commit to a haircut. The angled bob is sometimes associated with the dreaded Karen haircut label, so this may not be the cut for you if you want to avoid that. 

Once you’ve weighed your options and have looked at this type of bob from all angles (sorry, we had to), you may decide that it’s exactly the fresh change you need. You might find that this trendy cut isn’t going to be practical for the types of styles you usually wear. 

Whatever you decide, make sure you’re working with a talented stylist who can suggest tweaks to make the haircut you want work with, not against, your hair type and face shape. Who knows? The inverted bob might become your new signature look.

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