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30 Long Bob Haircuts We Love in 2024

Let’s face it — the long bob haircut is this year’s hottest hairstyle. And you can bet we’ll show you tons of inspiration photos, which length will work best for you, and different ways to wear this trendy haircut.

What Is a Long Bob Haircut?

The long bob, or lob, is an enduringly popular haircut for women. It’s a happy medium that gives you the best of both worlds.

With a long bob, the hair is long enough to pull up into a:

  • Ponytail
  • Braid
  • Bun

But it’s short enough to feel lightweight and show off your features. A long bob is a little different from the classic bob. The hair is shoulder-length (or nearly so), rather than ending at the ears or chin.

The additional length is what gives this haircut so much versatility. The most popular way to wear a lob is with soft layers and gentle waves. It can be worn blunt-cut without layers or messy and shaggy with layers throughout.

Some women prefer an A-line angled long bob, where the hair in the front is slightly longer than the hair in the back. If you’re thinking about rocking this trend, you’ve got to see some of the ways women bring a unique twist to this modern classic haircut.

Whether you’re more apt to wear a polished or tousled style, there’s a lob that will speak to you in our inspiration list. Check them out!

Long Bob Inspo: 30 Gorgeous Ways to Wear It

These women show off the incredible versatility of this simple haircut with a range of styles, hair colors, and hair textures. Which lob can you see yourself sporting? 

Lively Brunette Waves

Long bob haircut with long brunette waves


Healthy, shiny, bouncy hair deserves a lightweight, shoulder-length cut like the lob to show off its vibrance. Brunette hair looks great with lively waves that scatter the light and give the hair dimension. 

Disheveled Ombre

Long bob hair with a disheveled ombre look


If polished and prim isn’t the look for you, the lob can be worn on the tousled and disheveled side for a more undone look. Combined with lighter ends from the ombre color technique, this cute cut looks fashionably messy on purpose, and not by accident.

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Platinum With Blunt Bangs

Platinum hair with blunt bangs on a woman staring directly at the camera without smiling and wearing a slightly pinkish lipstick

Valua Studio/Shutterstock

Whether or not you’re willing to go platinum, you can definitely gather some inspiration from this bold cut. It’s edgy but feminine thanks to the ultra-light color and blunt-cut ends and bangs. 

Classic Tucked Under Ends

Classic long bob cut with tucked under ends on a grinning woman standing next to a brick wall

Anna Kraynova/Shutterstock

One of the enduring features of bobs from decades past is those iconic, tucked-under ends. Pair them with a lob for an updated twist on the classic chin-length cut. 

Bed Head Waves

Freckled woman with a wavy long bob haircut in a trendy butterfly blouse

Sam Wordley/Shutterstock

This quirky take on the lob will make mornings easier and elevate your look. Wrap sections of hair around a large-barrelled curling iron to slightly wave the hair, then tug on the waves while they’re still warm to relax them a bit.

Layered Shaggy Lob

Long shaggy bob on an eastern european woman

Alexander Molofeev/Shutterstock

Layering is a great way to give a lob a different look and more movement. Dark locks benefit from this shaggy cut as it creates more dimension in the intensely colored hair.

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Curled-Under With Side Swept Bangs

Curled-under mid-shoulder length hair on a woman who does not appear to be wearing a shirt


There was a time when curled-under ends were the norm. Now, wearing them is a bold statement that has a flirty, vintage look. Pair this lob with side-swept bangs for a unique twist on the classic. 

Precision Lob

Precision lob hairstyle on a woman with dark burgundy lipstick and heavy eyeliner in a black sleeveless dress

Vitalii Smulskyi/Shutterstock

Ultra blunt-cut and focused on precision, this haircut is the style equivalent of a complex math equation. This cut works best on women with thinner, straight hair. 

Soft Layers and Wispy Fringe

Woman with long layers and a whispy fringe in the form of a long bob haircut

Kseniia Perminova/Shutterstock

Bangs go perfectly with bobs of all lengths. Always! This softly layered cut has thinned ends and a full, face-framing fringe cut wispy rather than blunt.

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The In-Between

Young woman in a yellow top crossing her arms and looking up and to her right


This length is a great example of a cut that’s in between long and short. It just hits the shoulders, but with straight hair, even a shoulder-length cut can appear long. If you’re having trouble parting with your long tresses, this is the lob to try.

Burgundy A-Line

Burgundy long bob cut in an A-line style

R. Lim/Shutterstock

An A-line bob is slightly angled downward, with the hair in the front being a little longer than the hair around the back. With a gorgeous, deep burgundy color, this cut looks fresh and full of movement.

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Straight Lob With Razored Ends

Young lady in a floral blouse with a straight long bob with layered edges

Kolabava Nadzeya/Shutterstock

Using a razor to layer and thin the ends of the hair gives a messy-edgy look to any haircut. We love the soft hints of pink in the blonde highlights here. 

Sleek Blunt Cut Lob

Attractive causasian female in a cutoff sweater and her left hand on her hip looking out of the corner of her eye and standing in front of a white wall

Anton Zabielskyi/Shutterstock

Straight-haired women love the long bob because it’s the perfect haircut to show off their hair’s sleek, smooth texture. Leave it blunt cut without much layering to give this cut a crisp edge and bold look.  

Shoulder-Length Shag

Blonde woman in a studio with a shoulder-length shag haircut that almost looks like a mullet

Valua Studio/Shutterstock

The shag cut involves short layers that start up high and progressively get longer toward the ends. This is a vintage-inspired look that works best on straight hair. 

Collarbone-Grazing Copper

Photo of a collarbone-grazing copper hairstyle on a woman in a black shirt with a black background


A slightly longer take on the lob, this copper-colored example is eye-catching. It’s perfect for anyone moving from long to a medium-length cut – you can always cut more off if you want to go shorter! 

Layered A-Line

Fit woman in a black camisole with an unrecognizable face with her layered a-line long bob haircut covering her face

Alena Ozerova/Shutterstock

Gradual layering at the ends gives the hair more freedom to move. This dynamic cut is shorter in the back and angles down slightly in the front for contrast. 

Tousled Waves

Young woman with tousled waves and big, deep blue eyes in a white shirt looks directly and intensely at the reader

Roman Samborskyi/Shutterstock

Soft waves and a side part give a simple above-the-shoulders haircut a boost. This cut is suitable for all hair types. 

Shaggy Inverted Lob

Shaggy inverted lob haircut on a person with dangly earrings and in a suede peacoat with a wide collar


Razored in the front and angled upward toward the back where the hair is stacked with gradual layers, the shaggy inverted lob is an entire look. If you get tired of the intense layering, you can always have it trimmed to the shorter layers and sport a chin-length bob.

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Blunt-Cut Brunette

Blunt-cut brunette hairstyle on a person wearing a frilly blouse standing and looking at a wall


No fuss, minimal styling, and no pesky flyaways from short layers – that’s the blunt cut lob. This style is especially great for women with thick hair. 

Long Bob With Choppy Fringe

Pretty asian woman with straight-across bangs in a red floral shirt stands in front of a modern kitchen


Going a bit longer – down to the collarbone – gives you even more style versatility. Adding in a choppy fringe changes the look and gives it a youthful touch.

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Relaxed Coils

Woman with naturally curly hair holds her left hand in a fist up to her chin and laughs heavily


Relaxed hair is a perfect candidate for a long bob, especially at this flattering length. Curls bring it just below the chin, but the hair is likely at least shoulder length when straightened. 

Chic Sleek Side Part

Chic lady with a body-hugging dress in sunglasses waits for a train while checking her phone


Thin hair with a fine texture effortlessly meshes with this haircut. It’s lightweight, polished, and professional without looking stuffy. 

Razored Swing Lob

Fit young woman with a long bob haircut dyed platinum stands in a midriff-cutoff shirt and lets her hair naturally flow toward her mouth


Cut just below the chin and above the shoulders, this boldly-shaped lob has plenty of movement thanks to lightly razored ends. Pair it with vivid color for an edgy look. 

Au Naturel 

Lady with a long bob haircut that is au natural lets the hair blow in the wind away from her


If you’re lucky enough to have hair you can “wash and go” with, the lob does a great job showing it off. Let your natural straight, wavy, or curly texture shine with this shoulder-skimming cut. 

Hollywood Glam Waves

Lady with hollywood glam wave hairstyle looks in a mirror while her reflection is blurred


If tousled, beachy waves aren’t your style, these perfect Hollywood glam waves may be more your speed. Done with a large-barrelled curling iron facing the same direction for each section, the waves really set off the shoulder-length cut. 

Ultra-Layered Bubblegum Bob

Hipster teen looks at the phone and crosses her legs while sitting on her bed


Thick hair can benefit from lots of layering that begins high up to reduce the hair’s overall weight. Layers also make the cut more dynamic and able to move with you. With bubblegum pink, this cut has a feminine edge.  

60s Shag Lob

Young asian woman with a 60s shag lob holding her mobile phone and smiling at something she sees on the screen


Hearken to the age of peace and love with a 60s-inspired shag in a lob length. Layering begins around the ear level, and the ends are thin to concentrate the volume on the sides and top. 

Textured Curls

Woman with shoulder-length hair and fair skin wearing red lip and a peacoat while standing outside


Curls winding in different directions, layers, and a deep side part create a unique twist on the lob look. Add highlights to give the hair even more dimension. 

Ombre With Pointed Ends

Ombre hair styled into a long bob with curled ends that point forward


The ombre effect brings attention to the unique ends that are cut into soft points. The hair is around collarbone length, but using a round brush to curl the ends under will give you this effect. 

Layered Wavy Ends

Fashionable young asian woman without makeup standing naturally against a dark pink wall with a long bob haircut


Starting the layers near the ends of the hair helps remove some of the weight from thicker hair. Those layers also perk up the waves to give added texture to the tips of the hair.

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Things to Consider Before Getting a Long Bob Haircut

Before you call your stylist to get this haircut, there are a few things you should think about first. Here’s what you should know about lobs before you commit. 

Mind the length. If you have longer hair cut into a lob length, you still need to decide just how short you want to go. A lob can encompass hair anywhere from just below the chin down to the collarbone. Hair cut just below the chin won’t have as many styling options as collarbone-length hair. Think about the ways you typically style your hair before you decide how short to cut it.

Know your hair’s texture and characteristics. If your hair is super curly or tends to lie flat and limp, a new lob haircut won’t miraculously change it. You need to ensure you pick a haircut that works with, not against, your hair.

Curly hair needs a stylist who knows how to cut and layer curls. Limp hair can benefit from additional layers and professional products to add volume. Ask your stylist for recommendations if you’re unsure what your hair needs to make a lob look good.  

Make it your own. Popular haircuts can be off-putting to trendsetters, but there are so many options for a lob haircut. Change the color, add highlights, make it slightly shorter, grow it out a bit, add layers, get bangs, etc. Think about ways to make your long bob uniquely you. 

Stay open to change. Some women get a lob and decide it’s just not for them. That’s understandable, as a lob is really an “in-between” length. Don’t assume you need to go back to long hair if you don’t love the lob! You might love the way your hair looks and feels in a shorter, classic bob. 

Get creative to style it. There are a lot more options than straight, wavy, or curly with a lob. Get creative! Try braids, twists, barrettes and clips, half-up, updos, a middle or side part, or pigtails to widen your lob style repertoire. This will give you plenty of options so that you won’t get bored with the same look every day.

Is a Long Bob the Style for You?

Pretty Russian woman with a long bob and very dark eyeliner holds the right side of her head

Olga Brik/Shutterstock

A long bob is one of the few haircuts that can truly suit any face shape, any hair texture, and any woman. If you’ve never had your hair cut to this medium length, you’re missing out.

Give your stylist a call, and make sure to bring plenty of inspiration photos to show them what you want. And while you’re here, be sure to check out our hundreds of other style and hair care guides!

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Are Long Bobs Still in Style 2021?

The long bob is universally flattering because it hits about mid-neck length and has graduated layers toward the front to create texture. It also works well with many face shapes because the length is versatile and easy to adjust. The long bob is still a popular style in 2021, and there are many ways to wear it depending on your hair type and preferred look.

What Is a Long Bob Called?

A long bob, often referred to as a lob, is a hairstyle that is long in the front and shorter in the back. It is typically cut above or below the shoulders and is flattering to most face shapes. Long bobs are usually styled straight or with a slight wave.

Is a Long Bob Flattering?

Long bobs are flattering for several reasons. First, it can help to balance out facial features. Second, it can add length to a shorter neck or rounder face. Third, it can make thin hair look fuller, and finally, it is a versatile style that can be worn in various ways.

What Length Is a Long Bob?

A long bob ranges from just below the chin to above the shoulders and is between 17" and 24" in length. It's not too short or too long, so it appeals to many people. The style can also be customized to fit the individual's preference and hair type.

Is Big Hair Coming Back 2021?

It's hard to say for sure, but it seems like big hair is making a comeback. There are a lot of celebrities who are wearing big hairstyles again, and there are a lot of tutorials online on how to create big hairstyles. So it's definitely something to consider if you're looking for a new hairstyle soon.