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Strawberry Blonde Hair | The Sexiest Tone of Blonde

Thinking about going blonde with hints of strawberry or copper? This hair color is super popular right now, and there’s a shade that will work for you. See 30 examples in our guide!

Considering Strawberry Blonde Hair?

Woman with strawberry blonde hair literally with the fruit in her hair lying on a pink background and holding her smiling face

Roman Samborskyi/Shutterstock

Strawberry + blonde is one of the most versatile hair color combinations in existence. Featuring warm and cool tones, it’s suitable for any skin undertone (warm, cool, or neutral).

No two shades of this golden copper hue are truly alike because it’s a mixture of a few different colors. You can learn more toward the strawberry end of the spectrum with pinky-red tints or opt for a blonder overall color with shimmering copper barely peeking through.

It can be worn as an all-over color, with a bold ombre effect or barely-there balayage highlights. No wonder this multifaceted, dimensional hair color is so on-trend right now.

If you’ve had your eye on it for a while and think you might be ready to go strawberry blonde, check out the examples and inspiration photos below. You’ll see just how much variation there is in this red-pink-blonde hair color. You’re sure to find a tone that will be perfect for you!

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30 Ways to Wear Strawberry Blonde Hair

Strawberry-tinted blonde is becoming more popular than ever. See the many ways you can wear this trendy hair color in the examples below. 

Long Red-Blonde Curls

Pale woman with strawberry blonde hair holds her hand to her chin and lays on a wooden floor

Africa Studio/Shutterstock

Curls add even more dimension and depth to this shimmering, bright hair color. This example of the color is a little more on the red side if you’re wary of going too blonde. 

Rounded Mid-Back Length With Bangs

Younger gal in a striped white and black shirt and strawberry blonde hair looks over her left shoulder toward the camera

Africa Studio/Shutterstock

Long hair is always eye-catching, and when you add this pink-coppery blonde color, it’s gorgeous. The ends are rounded in the back, and side-swept bangs are added in the front. 

Classic Sun-Kissed Strawberry Bob

Woman with a long bob haircut looks directly at the camera and you can see her freckles

Africa Studio/Shutterstock

Chin-length hair can be taken up a notch with this pretty color. Subtle blonde highlights throughout the pinkish copper tone create a natural look suitable for warm or cool undertones.

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Subtle Strawberry Ombre

Pretty woman who looks like Ivanka Trump looks directly at the camera while standing against a white background

Africa Studio/Shutterstock

Ombre color doesn’t have to be a stark contrast. We like the way this color fades to a light strawberry blonde from the darker ginger roots. 

Copper Blonde With Undone Waves

Woman in a floral dressy shirt stands away from the camera

Miss Linnea/Shutterstock

Balayage technique is used to freeform paint lighter blonde highlights and ends into this bright mixture of copper and blonde color. This is the perfect warm color for summertime. 

Strawberry Blonde With Shadow Roots

Close up of a woman with flowing hair and a wool sweater and holds her hand up to her face


Shadow roots add depth to any hair color while making it look more natural. It’s a great way to cut down on the maintenance of a color like strawberry blonde. 

Copper-Heavy Medium Long

Woman with strawberry blonde hair looks up above the camera and wears a darker pink shirt without sleeves and stands outside

Kim Ruoff/Shutterstock

Strawberry shades of blonde have so much variation. Here, more copper (CR) color is mixed in to make the overall effect a little more red. This kind of strawberry tone is beautiful with a few lighter highlights painted in, too. 

Collarbone Grazing Light Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry hair woman with a longer cut haircut and a sleeveless sweater looks at the camera

Stacey Newman/Shutterstock

Bring the hair up to a higher level – 9 or 10 – before toning with a warm pink-copper color. This results in a super light and shimmering shade of strawberry blonde. 

Long Blonde and Golden Copper Balayage

Picture of a happy woman cooking vegetables on a red pan in the kitchen

Creativa Images/Shutterstock

Deeper golden-copper roots give way to a light, strawberry-tinted blonde midway down. The balayage technique is perfect for getting a more natural finish. 

Pink and Copper on Fine Hair

Woman with long strawberry blonde hair stands in a dress in a studio with a grey backdrop and her hair blows in the wind

Africa Studio/Shutterstock

Baby-fine strands get new life with a bright and multi-toned color like this mix of pink and copper. The hair is lifted to at least a level 8 or 9 before being toned with a pinky copper, and a few coppery highlights are sprinkled in for dimension. 

Waterfall Braid With Curled Ends

Woman with braided hair that wraps around her head stands away from the camera

Africa Studio/Shutterstock

There are so many ways to style and wear this trendy hair color. For a polished yet casual style, try a waterfall braid with curled ends to show off the shimmer in this red-blonde hair color.

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Medium-Long Gingery Blonde 

Woman with strawberry blonde hair holds sunglasses up onto her forehead


Natural redheads look great with a strawberry tint if they want to go lighter with their color. This gingery blonde version looks natural with the model’s cool, pinkish undertones. 

Strawberry Golden Blonde

Lady outside in a dress holds her hand flat over the top of some wheat


This version of the color is more blonde than strawberry, making it perfect for women who just want to experiment with red tones. The coppery hues really come alive in the sunlight. 

Long Glam Curls

Fair-skinned lady with strawberry blonde hair lets it hang down over her black dress

Irina Bg/Shutterstock

Show off strawberry-toned blonde with long, glam curls that shine and add depth to the color. Subtle lighter blonde highlights throughout the hair will give it a naturally brightened look. 

Flaxen Honey-Strawberry 

Expensive-looking woman lets her long strawberry blonde hair hang down past her chest on her left side


This might be the ultimate shade of strawberry blonde. The warm, coppery ginger color is brightened with golden honey blonde for a unique color that looks natural. 

Coily Coppery Blonde

Braless woman with an afro and strawberry blonde hair holds her head with her right hand

Beauty Stock/Shutterstock

Darker skin tones with coily hair can make strawberry shades look gorgeous. White-blonde highlights throughout the hair brighten it up and add more dimension. 

Light Brown to Strawberry Blonde Balayage

Lady with balayage holding the tip of her hair


The warm tones in the light golden brown color at the roots blend beautifully with a copper-pink tinted blonde balayage. On collarbone-grazing hair with waves, the effect is stunning. 

Auburn With Copper Blonde Highlights

Hot lady with long curly hair holds the right side of her head while standing in a grey background studio


Strawberry-copper shades make beautiful highlights with any warm color. Concentrate the highlights at your part and the hair framing the face for a sunny boost of dimension. 

Stunning Strawberry With Shadow Roots

Woman with strawberry blonde hair looks to her right through long bangs that cover her right eye


Golden copper tones in the blonde color here are offset with the darker natural roots. Talk about gorgeous low maintenance hair color! 

Sun Kissed Copper Blonde

Fair skinned woman with strawberry blonde straight hair and freckles tilts her head to the right and looks at the camera in a pink sweater

Alina Kruk/Shutterstock

Subtle red undertones in this color are more noticeable in the sunlight, so if you’re on the fence about going strawberry blonde, this is a great starting point. 

Strawberry-Tinted Blonde With Blended Roots

Young lady standing away from the camera and holding something in her right hand with other people standing ahead

Andrey Arkusha/Shutterstock

One-dimensional hair color is outdated. Bring your color into the present with a darker blended root that smoothly transitions into a bright strawberry-tinted blonde. 

Flowing Ginger Blonde 

Nice looking young woman in her 20s with blue eyes and a white shirt looks to her right in a studio

Ekaterina Jurkova/Shutterstock

Long hair can really make the most of this gorgeous color because there’s more of it to show off! All-over ginger blonde is broken up with subtle light blonde highlights for added dimension. 

Subtle Balayage With Middle Part

Young woman in her mid-twenties holds her phone and wears a bag around her arm while looking at her phone

Vadim Martynenko/Shutterstock

Hints of lighter blonde painted on with the balayage technique add sparkle to this gold-strawberry color. Make it lower maintenance by having your stylist bring the color up to the roots without covering them. 

High Strawberry Blonde Ombre

Pretty young woman in a strapless black dress lets her hair blow in the wind


Starting the ombre effect up high is a unique way to work this color in without worrying about your roots growing out. As the hair grows, the ombre effect will look more subtle.  

Light Golden Copper

Person with light golden copper strawberry blonde hair stands by a wooded marsh in a dress and looks to her right


Focus on the redder side of the strawberry spectrum with a light golden-hued copper color. Ultra-fine foil highlights boost the color’s blonde factor a bit.  

Shoulder-Length Long Bob

Woman in round hipster sunglasses stands outside a beach and wears sunglasses

Sergey Causelove/Shutterstock

Hair that just hits the shoulders gets added shimmer and vibrancy with a ginger-hued blonde and pretty curls. Concentrating the strawberry highlights to the top layer gives you some depth from the darker hair underneath. 

Strawberry Copper Blonde

Lady in a white dress with a green blouse sits on the ground and holds her arm up to the left part of her head

Julia Strekoza/Shutterstock

A deeper shade of this popular hair color is suitable for all seasons and skin tones. Copper lowlights and blonde highlights complete the look. 

Face-Framing Golden Strawberry Highlights

Beautiful model in a dark room and strawberry blonde hair gazes into the camera with her deep blue eyes

Sofia Zhuravetc/Shutterstock

All-over auburn hair color is boosted and brightened with face-framing highlights in a golden strawberry shade. Keep the highlights around the face and starting mid-shaft along the part for this look. 

Shimmering Layered Flaxen Strawberry 

Lady against a glimmering background that is blurry and tilts her head to the left and doesn't smile

Valua Studio/Shutterstock

Layers always add interest, depth, and dimension to a hair color. With this flaxen-hued strawberry tone, the color seems to be lit from within. 

Strawberry-Kissed Blonde

Woman with strawberry-kissed hair holds her phone sort of up to her face and wears a trenchcoat


Pinkish strawberry lowlights will wake up and shake up a light golden blonde color. The collarbone length makes it practical and works well with stick-straight, wavy, or curly locks. 

Is Strawberry Blonde the Right Color for You?

This pink-copper shade of golden blonde is undeniably gorgeous, but is it the right hair color for you? Here are a few things to consider before you head to the salon. 

It works with cool, warm, and neutral undertones. Some colors won’t look good on certain skin tones and undertones, but strawberry shades of blonde are an exception. Because this color blends warm golden blonde with cooler pinkish-red tones, it can work for any undertone. 

Keep your skin undertone in mind as you hunt for the right shade, though. Learn more toward a pinky blonde if you have cool undertones. Warmer undertones should aim for a warmer copper or golden blonde-heavy hue. 

Keep maintenance in mind. If you’re going to be lifting your hair from a dark natural or dyed color, it’s going to be damaged a bit from the bleach. In addition to the bleach, you’ll need a toner on top to get that pinkish-red tint on the blonde. If you don’t want to visit the salon every 4-6 weeks for root touch-ups, consider opting for an ombre, shadow root, or balayage, so the color starts lower down. 

Red fades fast. Any red shade is going to fade out much faster than other hair colors. It’s frustrating, but that’s the way it is. Once the reddish tint begins to fade, you’ll be left with a color that’s more blonde than berry. You’ll either need to book more frequent salon visits to redeposit red tones, use a specially formulated shampoo, or come to terms with the golden blonde color it will inevitably fade to. 

Don’t try this at home. It’s tempting – so tempting – to grab some lightener, developer, and toner to try and make your golden strawberry dreams come true at home. Don’t do it! This is a notoriously difficult hair color to get right. Stylists will know exactly how much copper, ginger, or pink color to mix with the golden blonde to get the shade that’s perfect for your skin tone. 

Your hair will also need to be lightened to at least a level 8, 9, or 10 to really pull this color off. If your hair is very dark or takes a long time to lift, you risk frying your hair (or worse!) by trying this at home. 

If you’re settled on this hair color and want to give it a try, you need to book an appointment with a skilled stylist specializing in blonding.