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20 Trendy Platinum Blonde Hair Ideas for 2024

Who knew there could be so many different shades of platinum blonde hair? If you’re determined to go as light as possible with your blonde, you’ll want to dive into the many shades of platinum to see which tones and shades will suit you best. 

Check out 20 examples of platinum blonde hair color shades in our guide, along with tips to achieve the brightest platinum possible and toning your color to perfection. 

What Is Platinum Blonde Hair?

What Is Platinum Blonde Hair explainer image on a tan background

Platinum blonde is a silvery, cool-toned white blonde in its truest form. There are traces of violet, silver, and blue undertones in true platinum blonde hair color.

It’s one of the lightest shades of blonde you can achieve and is a very high-maintenance hair color that requires frequent touch ups and toning. Platinum blonde is considered a level 10+ hair color.

This means it’s nearly white with little to no trace of yellow, red, or blonde undertones in the hair. While true platinum blonde hair color boasts silvery violet and blue undertones, it’s possible to take this color to even lighter levels with no discernable undertones (white platinum blonde).

When you reach these lighter blonde levels, stylists may refer to it as level 11 or level 12 hair color. This is why the beauty industry refers to platinum as level 10+.

You might go platinum blonde to rock the color as-is, or to apply a vivid color like purple, pink, or blue that won’t show up well on darker base colors. 

For many women with darker natural hair colors like red, brunette, or black, platinum blonde hair can seem unachievable. In some cases, like if you’re starting with very dark hair or need color correction, you won’t be able to reach a level 10+ platinum blonde in one salon visit.

It can take 2-3 sessions before very dark brown or black hair can safely reach a light platinum shade. That said, anyone with hair healthy enough to bleach can achieve a true platinum blonde hair color.

The platinum shade you should aim for depends on the warmth or coolness of your skin’s undertones. We’ll talk about that next.

Who Can Pull Off Platinum Blonde Hair?

Woman with platinum blonde hair smiles at the camera sensually

Maxim Ahner/Shutterstock

Since platinum is a cool-toned blonde, true platinum color looks best on women with cool undertones. But neutral and warm-toned ladies can also rock gorgeous platinum shades with a little warmth injected with the right toner! 

Cool-Toned Platinum

Cool-toned platinum blonde hair features tinges of subtle cool undertones in the color, like violet, silver, blue, and green (the undertone in ash blondes). Cool-toned platinum looks best on people with cooler undertones.

You’ll know if you have cool undertones if:

  • You look better in silver than gold jewelry
  • Your veins appear bluish or purplish
  • You look best in cool colors (blue, green, purple)

Choose violet, silvery, gray, pearl, or ash platinum blonde color if your undertones are cool. 

Neutral-Toned Platinum

Neutral-toned platinum blonde hair features balanced undertones that are either equally cool and warm or devoid of any discernible undertones. These colors work well for people with neutral undertones that are not quite cool or warm.

You’ll know if you have neutral undertones if:

  • You look equally good in silver and gold jewelry
  • Your veins appear colorless or bluish-green
  • You look good in a variety of cool and warm colors

Beige, taupe, champagne, and true white platinum blondes can be considered neutral-toned platinum. 

Warm-Toned Platinum

Warm-toned platinum blonde hair features warm undertones (gold, copper, yellow, red, or pink). These warmer shades look best on people with warm undertones, but they will clash with cool undertones.

You’ll know if you have warm undertones if:

  • You look better in gold than silver jewelry
  • Your veins appear greenish
  • You look best in warm, earthy colors (brown, red, pink, yellow)

Gold, honey, rose, and blush-toned warm platinum shades will work best if you have warm undertones.

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20 Shimmering Shades of Platinum Blonde Hair

Now that you’ve got an idea of what types of platinum shades will look best on you, let’s check out the incredible range of shades you’ll find in the platinum blonde hair color! Get your inspiration from the photos below to find a platinum shade that’s perfectly suited for you. 

1. Arctic White Platinum

Arctic White Platinum Blonde Hair

Olga Ekaterincheva/Shutterstock

Keeping a pure, bright white platinum is a job in itself, but it’s definitely got the wow factor. This stark, arctic hue has the faintest hint of silvery sheen and really grabs your attention with its pure, homogenous color. 

2. Violet-Tinged Platinum

Violet-Tinged Platinum Blonde Hair

Sofia Zhuravetc/Shutterstock

Violet is one of the 3 undertones found in basic platinum blonde hair color (along with silver and blue). It makes perfect sense that violet-tinged platinum looks so becoming with this metallic color, especially on cooler skin tones.

With a hint of violet color showing up in the shadow zones of the hair, you’ll get alluring purple pops of color with any trace of texture or wave. 

3. Platinum With Blush Roots

Platinum Blonde Hair With Blush Roots

Hanna Lomakina/Shutterstock

Blush pink roots cleanly transition into pure, cool-toned platinum for a look that’s a little different. The darker platinum shade picks up some of the blush pink tones from the roots and blends amazingly well with the model’s pinkish undertones. 

4. Icy Gray Platinum

Icy Gray Platinum Blonde Hair on a woman in a white tank top

Irina Bg/Shutterstock

Cool-toned platinum is the most highly sought-after hue. If you want to ground your color with a little depth, an icy gray is the way to go.

Gray tones create the effect of natural shadows and deepen the color of platinum slightly for a color that’s slightly easier to maintain and keep properly toned. 

5. Rosy Platinum

Rosy Platinum Blonde Hair

Olga Ekaterincheva/Shutterstock

Hints of rose gold wash this bright platinum blonde with a boost of warmth. The underlying pink-gold hues make it a little different from violet and blue-toned platinum and perfect for women with warm or neutral undertones. 

6. Platinum Blonde With a Hint of Honey

Platinum With a Hint of Honey

Olga Ekaterincheva/Shutterstock

One of the most intriguing things about platinum hair color is the chameleon-like ability to show different hues with slight differences in lighting.

This shade of platinum looks almost white with some shadowy depth in the layers underneath, but in the right light, you’ll see hints of warm honey blonde that adds a little colorful dimension. 

7. Beige Platinum Blonde

Beige Platinum Blonde Hair


Beige blondes are tinted slightly with pale silver and yellow tones that add a little extra body and dimension to the color. Beige platinum marries the sheen and lightness of platinum with the grounded depth of beige blonde for a truly unique hue that shines like a diamond. 

8. White Platinum With Silvery Depth

White Platinum With Silvery Depth


We love a bright white platinum, but the color can be a little stark for some. If you’re after a more realistic-looking color that won’t leave your strands totally pale and colorless, opt for gray-silver tones to create a little shadow and dimension. The effect is especially noticeable with a short pixie like this. 

9. Ash to Platinum Blonde Balayage

Ash to Platinum Blonde Balayage


We love a good balayage application and this colorist really nailed the technique. Cool-toned ash blonde at the roots to the midshaft gives this look a bit of depth and dimension.

Bright platinum takes over at the midshaft and lightens the look to a pure brightness that maintains those cool ashy tones. 

10. Silver-Washed Platinum

Silver-Washed Platinum Blonde Hair

Dean Drobot/Shutterstock

Silver and platinum play so well together because they both share a metallic glint with cool undertones. This silvery platinum is cool-toned through and through with a darker peekaboo root for the slightest contrast. 

11. Lifted Platinum With Warm Shadow Root

Lifted Platinum With Warm Shadow Root

Kibrin Photo/Shutterstock

A warm shadow root with platinum sounds like a color clash waiting to happen, but if you carry those warm tones throughout the hair, it works.

This golden dirty blonde root smoothly transitions into bright platinum with the slightest hint of golden honey tones in shadowed areas throughout the look. It’s a great way to make platinum work for warmer undertones. 

12. Cool-to-Warm Platinum Transition

Cool-to-Warm Platinum Transition

Volodymyr Tverdokhlib/Shutterstock

It’s rare to really pull off a color transition that includes cool and warm tones, but here we are! The cool-toned ashy roots graduate into a bright white platinum before exploding in a burst of gold-toned warmth at the ends. You get a dose of cool, neutral, and warm tones in this gradient look, so it can suit any skin tone. 

13. Ethereal Gray Platinum

Ethereal Gray Platinum Blonde Hair

Irina Bg/Shutterstock

There’s a fine line between shades of gray/silver and platinum, and this color is just light enough to firmly land on the platinum side of the spectrum.

Notice how the gray tones at the roots lift to a brighter white at the midshaft? That creates a faux shadow effect in the roots that makes this bright, ethereal color look a little more natural.

14. Neutral Champagne Platinum Blonde

Neutral Champagne Platinum


Champagne blonde tones make this shade of platinum neutral – not quite cool or warm. This balanced hue works for warm, cool, and neutral undertones equally well with the right root tones.

If you’re warm-toned, splash a little warm blonde (honey or golden) at the roots for a bit of shadow. If you’re cool-toned, opt for an ash or dirty blonde root to better tie the color in. 

15. Silvered Violet Platinum

Silvered Violet Platinum Blonde Hair


Not a fan of white platinum shades? Then you’ll want to work with hints of silvery violet to make your platinum color pop. On a short haircut like this cute pixie, it takes on an almost whimsical look that reminds us of fairy hair. 

16. Pure White Platinum Blonde

Pure White Platinum Blonde


If you’re seeking the brightest, whitest platinum, this pure hue is literal goals. Nearly colorless, it’s lifted to level 11, the lightest white/platinum you can achieve.

The color is toned to remove any hints of warmth or the usual blue-violet tones typically seen in platinum strands. To say we love it is an understatement! 

17. Dimensional Platinum With Dirty Blonde Shadow Root

Pure White Platinum Blonde

Irina Bg/Shutterstock

Going platinum all over is a major maintenance commitment, but it’s a little less taxing when you opt for a deeper shadow root. Dirty blonde painted in at the roots helps create a more natural color transition and doesn’t look so stark against the scalp.

As your roots start to grow out, you’ll find it’s a lot easier to blend the dirty blonde tones than it is to perfectly match and tone platinum roots. 

18. Soft Platinum With Rose Undertones

Soft Platinum With Rose Undertones


Platinum works so well with colorful undertones and they can really transform the overall look of a basic platinum shade.

The rosy undertones in this soft platinum shade work to almost reflect back the model’s skin tone for a color that suits cool undertones amazingly well. And with those ringlets? It’s a gorgeous result. 

19. Shimmering Pearl Platinum

Shimmering Pearl Platinum Blonde Hair on a gorgeous woman with fair skin

Kobrin Photo/Shutterstock

Pearly blonde is a great cool or neutral shade, but when it’s paired with the shimmery, metallic glint of platinum, it’s magical.

This color looks almost iridescent with its cool shine and reflective smoothness. We like the contrast of the darker root, but you can take this color all the way up for a purer effect. 

20. Platinum With Sunny Yellow Undertones

Platinum With Sunny Yellow Undertones

Olga Kudryashova/Shutterstock

Warmer undertones in the skin can clash with true platinum, but adding the faintest hint of yellow to the color will solve that problem.

You won’t take on a “yellow blonde” look at all with the right toning – just a warm splash of shading that reflects through the platinum to inject a flattering warmth. 

Things to Consider

Keep these things in mind before you make the decision to go platinum. It’s a major color change with the potential to seriously damage your hair if not done properly, so listen up! 

  • It’s not a DIY-friendly color. Some hair colors are suitable for novices to try at home, but platinum’s not one of them. You’ll need to achieve such a high lift (level 10+) that harsh 40-volume developer may be required with your bleach mixture. If your hair is very dark, one process may not be enough to lift your color to the required level 10+. This is a job best left to a professional to avoid melting your hair, ending up with orange strands, or otherwise damaging your mane. 
  • Once you go platinum, you’ve got to maintain it. While it’s easy enough to let routine maintenance slip with darker hair colors, platinum blonde can’t be ignored. You’ll need frequent root touch ups and toning to keep the color pure without brassiness. If you don’t take the color all the way up to the roots and choose ombre or balayage platinum color instead, you’ll cut down on maintenance a bit. 
  • Consider a shadow root for easier maintenance. While balayage platinum that begins beneath the roots or a platinum ombre can help you leave the bleach off your roots, going for a shadow root is another way to reduce your maintenance on platinum hair. With a shadow root, your stylist will paint a dye that’s a few shades darker onto your roots naturally to avoid the dreaded “rooty” look as your hair grows out. 
  • Don’t go platinum if your hair is damaged. If you regularly chemically process your hair or use hot tools without protection, your hair may be damaged and unsuitable for bleaching. If your hair feels gummy or extremely dry and brittle, breaks off when you brush it, or seems more elastic than it should, hold off on your platinum adventure until you’ve repaired some of that damage. Get started with a twice-monthly hair mask for damaged hair. 
  • Stop using your current shampoo. If you’re planning on going platinum, now’s a good time to switch to a good sulfate-free shampoo (that link has our favorites) to really baby your hair and prevent any unnecessary stripping before you bleach. You should also start checking out purple shampoo to keep your platinum bright and pure. Purple shampoo works well for any cool-toned platinum, but not so much for warm tones. 

Should You Give Platinum Blonde Hair a Try?

With so many gorgeous shades of platinum blonde hair color, what do you think – should you give it a try? If you’ve been weighing your options and thinking about going platinum for a while, consider this your green light to finally take the leap and give it a try.

Don’t be held back by the belief that platinum blonde can only work for some women. With the right undertones and a skilled stylist to lift your hair to this bright level, you’ll love the way you look as a platinum blonde.

That said, you should definitely talk to your stylist or colorist about your platinum blonde hair goals and ask for their assessment.

With their experience and familiarity with your hair’s current condition and how it lifts/processes, they’ll be able to recommend the perfect shade of platinum – or steer you away from going so light in the interest of your hair’s health. 

Platinum might be a fun color to try out for a while, or it may become your new signature color. You’ll never know if you don’t give it a try! With your stylist’s blessing and the perfect shade of platinum for your skin tone, you really can’t go wrong.