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What Is a Lob Haircut? | Style Guide & 30 Examples

What is a lob haircut? And who wears it the best? Don’t worry — we’re here to answer these questions and much, much more. Read on to learn all you need to know.

What Exactly Is a Lob Haircut?

The lob, or long bob, is one of the most universally flattering haircuts for women. This shoulder-sweeping style accentuates your features without being weighed down with too much length.

After growing your hair out for a while, you might be realizing that long hair isn’t as low maintenance as you’d hoped. We’re convinced that getting a lob haircut is THE best way to manage your locks without going for The Big Chop. 

Lobs are considered universally flattering, meaning this cut looks amazing on everyone. One thing we love about lobs is that no two lobs are identical. There’s a lot of variation in these haircuts. Lobs can take on completely different looks with:

  • Layers
  • Bangs
  • Different lengths 
  • Different hair textures
  • Blunt ends

If you’ve been feeling that your long hair is wearing you and not the other way around, it’s probably time to wake up your look with a lob. 

Before you book your appointment, stick around to learn all about the lob haircut – what it is, who looks best in a lob, how to customize a lob to make it flatter your features, and examples of different types of lobs. We’ve got it all in this guide! 

First up: What exactly is a lob?

Defining the Lob Haircut

Lob is short for “long bob.” It’s exactly what it sounds like – a bob, but longer. Instead of hitting somewhere between your ear level and chin (like a traditional bob), the lob can land anywhere from your chin to your shoulders. Usually, it’s somewhere in between. 

There’s no defined length for lobs, but the collarbone is generally the cutoff. Any longer, and the cut is no longer a lob – it’s just a medium-length haircut. 

Shorter cuts that reach the jawline or chin may be considered lobs by some, but are a better fit under the traditional bob category since the hair is too short to pull into a ponytail or bun. 

One of the keys to the lob haircut is the swing-y nature of the style. Since the lob typically hangs freely above your shoulders, your hair won’t perpetually lay on your shoulders or behind your back (#longhairproblems). 

With a lob, your locks will swing with lots of movement when you turn or move your head. This gives this type of cut a dynamic, youthful, and healthy feel. It’s such a flattering look! 

8 Types of Lobs

There’s so much versatility with lobs – layers, bangs, length, etc. That versatility is one reason they can work for absolutely everyone. Your lob might incorporate a few features from different types of lobs. Here are examples of some of the different types of lobs you might consider. 

1. Layered Lob

Layers add dimension, help waves and curls pop if you have them, and keep the ends from being too puffy or weighed down, depending on how thick your hair is. 

For a piece on what is a lob haircut, a woman with such a style in a side profile pic in a yellow room

Woman looking to her right while wearing a lob haircut and a black camisole

Alena Ozerova/Shutterstock

2. Blunt Lob

Blunt cut lobs aren’t layered and end in a blunt, precise line. Blunt lobs are great for fine or thin hair that needs to be bulked up a bit, but they can make thick hair look amazingly lush and healthy, too.  

Lady with a lob haircut and a grey sweater smiles standing by a fence

Anna Kraynova/Shutterstock

To help answer what is a lob haircut, an image of a woman looking away from the camera and wearing a frilly silk shirt


3. Angled Lob

Angled lobs are shorter in the back and longer in the front to create an interesting angle when viewed from the side. You can go as steep or subtle as you want with the angle to make it fit your look. 

Woman with a lob haircut looks to her left while her bangs hang over her eyebrows and she wears a cutoff sweater

Stacey Newman/Shutterstock

For a post on what is a lob haircut, a silver haired woman looks away and you can only see her shoulders and upper back


4. Lob With Bangs

Bangs and lobs go so perfectly together. Bangs can help tie the whole look together, conceal a large forehead, make your face shape look more oval, and give you more styling options. 

Smiling semi-asian woman wearing a lob haircut with bangs and red lip opens her mouth without a shirt


Woman with a lob haircut and no shirt that we can see grins in a studio while wearing pink lipstick

Kourdakova Alena/Shutterstock

5. Choppy Lob

Not one for precise, sleek looks? Then the choppy, razored lob might be just your style. You can get crazy with the layers here to create a messy-tousled look that adds volume and makes your hair look thicker. 

Woman with a red long wavy lob haircut in a side profile

Michelle Aleksa/Shutterstock

Woman with a red lob haircut stands looking away from the camera in a strappy dress


6. Short Lob

Since lobs can be cut to different lengths, you should check out examples of every length to see which you prefer. Short lobs are borderline traditional bobs, but have a little extra length. 

Lady with a short lob with waves in a studio with a gradient dark background

Sofia Zhuravetc/Shutterstock

To help answer what is a lob haircut, a woman in a strapless dress stands with her bangs over her eyes

Andrei Park/Shutterstock

7. Medium Lob

Medium lobs are slightly longer, usually hitting somewhere on the neck. Medium lobs are great for accentuating your shoulders and collarbones. 

Sexy blonde with a medium-length lob haircut pulls her bangs away from her face


Against a purple background stands a gal with a medium-long lob haircut holding her hands in a questioning pose

Look Studio/Shutterstock

8. Long Lob

Long lobs are bordering on leaving lob territory, but as long as you keep it to the collarbone zone, it’s considered a lob. Long lobs can help slim your face and accentuate your cleavage. 

Woman in a European street in a button up shirt and sunglasses crosses her arms and smiles

Look Studio/Shutterstock

Beautiful woman with long shiny hair in a lob and a strapless shirt shows her cleavage and blue eyes

Sofia Zhuravetc/Shutterstock

Who Looks Best in a Lob?

Okay, we know what a lob is, and we’ve seen the different types of lobs. So who should wear a lob? We’re going to look at how you can tweak a lob to suit you in any age range, with any hair type, and for any face shape. 

Age Range

When we say anyone can rock a lob, we mean it. From kids to mature women, this cut can look amazingly flattering on any age range with the right tweaks.

Lobs for Your 20s

When you’re in your 20s, you’re in your decade of experimentation. So get wild if you want to! Choppy layers, vivid colors, cool accessories, asymmetry, blunt bangs, microbangs – there are so many ways to switch up how you rock your lob. 

To answer what is a lob haircut, an asian woman spinning her hair


Gal with a lob haircut and a boho hat with a turtleneck sweater holds her hair

True Touch Lifestyle/Shutterstock

Lady with silver hair looks to her left sensually while wearing pink lip and heavy eyeshadow


Lobs for Your 30s

Picking up on the wavy trend with a longer lob and slightly off-center middle part makes this cut a sure thing for any woman in her 30s. Or opt for a deeper side part (take THAT, Gen Z) if you’re not digging the middle part trend. 

Woman with a lob haircut stands in front of a red wall and opens her mouth wide

Studio Lucky/Shutterstock

Lady in a loose shirt stands against a gradient pink wall and does not smile to show what is a lob haircut

Diana Shilovskaya/Shutterstock

Woman with a lob haircut looks to her left and smiles sensually while her hair waves over her forehead

Sofia Zhuravetc/Shutterstock

Lobs for Your 40s+

In your 40s and beyond, it’s all about softening up the cut to keep harsh lines and angles out of it. Try a lob with layers and big waves or curls to get a youthful vibe. Don’t be afraid to experiment with color and have fun with this cut! 

For a piece on what is a lob haircut, a woman in her 40s wears the style confidently while standing outside


Woman in her 40s wears a lob haircut

Vladimir Gjorgiev/Shutterstock

For a feature on what is a lob haircut, a woman in her 60s wears this style and white pants with a blue button-up


Hair Type

While any hair type can successfully rock a lob, knowing how to adjust your lob haircut to best fit your hair type is the secret. Here are a few ways to wear a lob on different hair types and textures. 

Straight Layered Lob

Straight layered lob haircut inspo

Alena Ozerova/Shutterstock

Layers keep the bottom from puffing out into that unflattering triangle shape. If you have medium to thick hair, you’ll understand. If you have finer or thinner hair, you can leave the cut blunt to help visually thicken it up! 

Straight Angled Lob

Woman in a button-up shirt and an angled lob with thick eyebrows stands in a studio


We love a good angled bob, so it makes sense to try an angled lob if you have straight locks that show off the precision in the cut. This is a subtle angle that’s just barely longer in the front.

Lob With Glamour Waves

Woman with glamour waves on a lob haircut in a sleeveless tank grins

Zofia Zhuravetc/Shutterstock

Yes, honey! Wavy hair doesn’t naturally wave like this, but if you tend to wear your hair in waves a lot, this is such a gorgeous look to try. It’s got a very Old Hollywood glam vibe. 

Ombre Wavy Lob

Pretty woman with a messy wavy lob in a greenhouse garden area sitting on a bench

Look Studio/Shutterstock

The ombre hair color trend looks amazing when paired with waves at the lob length! Choose any colors you like, but we love the contrast of brown and blonde here. 

Curly Layered Lob

Woman with a puffy red lob holds her left hand up to her cheek


Sick of seeing only stick-straight and wavy lobs? Curly girls, y’all can rock a lob all day long with the right haircut! Make sure you’re visiting a stylist who knows how to cut curly hair without messing up the pretty curl pattern. 

Curly Balayage Lob

Woman with a curly balayage medium-length haircut looks right

Kourdakova Alena/Shutterstock

Stack the trends by incorporating balayage color into your lob for a multi-dimensional look that makes the most of your curls. The color hits the light just right at every bend and curve on these curls for the most radiant effect. 

Face Shape

Making a lob work with, not against, your face shape is simple when you know what features to ask for and avoid. Find your face shape below to learn the do’s and don’ts to make a lob perfectly suit you. 


Tyra banks at a premier for a piece on what is a lob haircut and what face shape is it best on. She has an oval face


  • Do experiment with different lob lengths to find your favorite – all lengths suit an oval face
  • Do try long bangs that graze the cheekbones 
  • Don’t go too short with bangs – it can elongate your face
  • Don’t skimp on the volume if you opt for a middle part


Mila Kunis at the 2018 Billboard awards with a lob haircut

Kathy Hutchkins/Shutterstock

  • Do opt for shoulder to collarbone-length lobs that elongate your face
  • Do experiment with blunt or side-swept bangs to slim your face shape
  • Don’t go for chin-length lobs that can make your face appear rounder
  • Don’t get short layers that add too much volume to the sides of your face


Angelina Jolie, who has a square face, poses in front of the academy award statue with a lob haircut

Featureflash Photo Agency

  • Do choose a longer than jaw-length lob to soften your strong jawline
  • Do try side-swept bangs or a side part to add more softness to your face shape
  • Don’t get a lob that stops right at the jawline as it only makes it look more angular
  • Don’t get blunt bangs – they can look too boxy on a square face


Gal with a lob smiles at a premier in Hollywood


  • Do opt for a chin-length lob to visually fill out your slender jawline
  • Do experiment with bangs to balance out your features
  • Don’t avoid waves or curls – these textures complement a pointed chin
  • Don’t go for a long lob that can make your chin appear smaller

So, What Is a Lob Haircut?

Let’s hit refresh and sum up what we’ve covered in this guide. Anyone can wear a lob (long bob) with the right tweaks.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, what your hair type or texture is, or what your face shape is. There’s a lob that will perfectly suit you (remember the eight types of lobs we talked about?). 

All you have to do is follow the “rules” for your face shape. Oval faces can basically wear any type of lob. Get wild with it! Just don’t choose super-short bangs. Round faces, square faces, and heart faces have to be a little more careful. 

For round faces, avoid chin-length lobs and try mixing it up with bangs. Square faces need softness, so blunt ends or bangs are a no-no. Heart faces need some extra volume in the chin area, so don’t go much longer than that with your lob. 

Whether you’re thinking of going for a sleek, blunt lob on straight hair, a choppy, layered lob on wavy hair, or something entirely different, we think you’re ready to rock it. Lobs are never going out of style because they’re so universally flattering.

If you’ve been thinking about getting a lob, this is your time! Ditch the dead weight and embrace this dynamic, lightweight style that adds movement and bounce to your hair. You’ll be so glad you did!