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30 Pixie Bob Haircuts We Love in 2024

Have you seen the pixie bob haircut yet? This mix of a short, edgy pixie cut and classic full bob is becoming super popular because it’s universally flattering and easy to style. Read our guide below to get inspired today.

What Is a Pixie Bob Haircut?

A pixie bob is a short hairstyle that combines elements of a classic bob haircut and short pixie haircut. It’s essentially a longer, or grown-out, pixie cut that has a bob-like shape. 

Pixie bobs are typically shorter on the back with a longer top and bangs, creating the shape of a very short bob. They may or may not feature short sides like most pixie cuts do. 

Pixie bob haircuts do vary in length and can be anywhere from above the ear level to chin-length. You’ll see a longer top with a shorter back (and possibly sides) in these cuts. Bangs are very common with this cut as the front is brushed forward or over to the side. 

Still not quite sure what a pixie bob looks like or if this is a haircut that would suit you? Keep reading to see our favorite examples of this low-maintenance style! 

30 Pixie Bob Examples We Love

The pixie bob haircut has more versatility than you think. We found 30 examples of pixie-style bobs for different hair types, lengths, and textures. Check them out below!

1. Swooped Side Bangs

Gal with a pixie bob haircut holds a purse over her right shoulder in a striped shirt


Soften up a pixie cut/bob with swooped side bangs that casually fall across the cheekbone. The key to creating this style is blow-drying your bangs in the opposite direction you want them to fall!

2. Tinkerbell-Inspired Bob

Tinkerbell-Inspired Bob as a style on a blonde woman for a piece on pixie bob hairstyles


Like Tinkerbell says, all you need is a little faith, trust, and pixie dust – maybe a little mousse and pomade – to make this fairytale haircut happen. This would be flattering on any face shape, but it works best for straight or slightly wavy hair.

3. Mushroom Stacked Pixie

For a piece on pixie bobs, a blonde gal holds her arm above her head

Oksana Vakatsiienko/Shutterstock

Channel your inner forest pixie with this mushroom-style cut. It’s longer on top with ultra-short layers on the sides. The layers stack to create more volume up top, which is perfect for square, oval, and round faces.

4. Inverted Pixie Bob

Inverted pixie bob on a woman with a striped green and white shirt


Inverted bobs angle forward toward the face. This pixie version features that same angle but with a much shorter overall cut. Bubblegum pink is a fun twist!

5. Side-Swept With Baby Bangs

Side-Swept With Baby Bangs as an example for a piece on pixie bobs

El Nariz/Shutterstock

Who says you need a full, heavy fringe to rock a pixie-style bob? These wispy baby bangs draw the eye upward and emphasize the eyes and brows. The sides are tapered to keep the silhouette slender.

6. Wispy Face-Framing Layers and Bangs

Pixie bob style with Wispy Face-Framing Layers and Bangs

Anna Kraynova/Shutterstock

Wispy layers around the face flatter the cheekbones and jawline while choppy, short curtain bangs open up the eyes. This cut is shorter in the back and on the sides.

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7. Undercut With Vibrant Colors

Undercut With Vibrant Colors


Give this colorful version of the pixie cut bob a try if you’ve got a flair for the wild and wonderful. Keep the top longest, slightly taper the sides, and undercut the back with clippers to really show off your vibrant colors. 

8. Relaxed Long Pixie

Relaxed Long Pixie Bob hairstyle

Wayhome Studio/Shutterstock

Pixie bobs are basically long pixie cuts, and they are one of our favorite hairstyles for short, relaxed hair. This cut is easy to style to get you out the door faster in the mornings! 

9. Long Top With Short Sides

Pixie bob haircut on a woman standing in a white flower field


A long, side-swept top creates built-in side bangs that can be styled any way you like. With this short sides, long top haircut, the woman pushes the side bangs over rather than letting them fall across the forehead. 

10. Ash Blonde Long-Top Pixie

Woman with a pixie bob haircut in a black and white striped shirt standing in a grey studio


Cool-toned ash blonde really highlights the shape and layering in this pixie with a much longer top. Leave the top layer of hair around ear-length (blend into shorter layers underneath) and wear a deep side part to steal this look.

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11. Shaved Side With Deep Side Part

Pixie bob inspiration featuring Shaved Side With Deep Side Part


This long version of the pixie cut is made for flipping your hair over to one side. One side is shaved short, giving this cut an edgy effect. You can part your hair differently to cover the shaved side when needed. 

12. Sweetheart Bob

Sweetheart pixie bob on a woman in a grey red sweater

Megan Mahoney Phogoraphy/Shutterstock

This no-fuss haircut has a sweet and innocent look and is incredibly easy to style. The short layers mean that it all but styles itself, so feel free to air dry and go! 

13. Asymmetrical Layered Pixie

Gal with a pixie bob holding her head in her hands while she's wearing a grey shirt with a large sequin necklace

Luba V Nel/Shutterstock

Have a little fun with your pixie by combining it with a slightly asymmetrical bob. Keep one side longer and style however you’d like. Here, the woman’s shiny, relaxed hair is perfect to show off the layered texture of the cut. 

14. Pixie Graduated Bob

Pixie Graduated Bob haircut

Luba V Nel/Shutterstock

This sassy take on a high-volume graduated bob is perfect for women who want to boost volume and shape at the crown. Graduated layers keep this pixie-length bob perfectly shaped. 

15. Platinum Pixie With Shadow Root

Platinum Pixie Bob With Shadow Root

AYA images/Shutterstock

Platinum color can elevate any haircut to another level, but it’s so adorable when combined with a cute pixie bob! Let your natural roots show through, or have your stylist create a shadow root to give this cut a little more dimension. 

16. Streaked Pixie With Long Back

Streaked Pixie Bob Cut With Long Back on a woman with a white shirt


Typically, pixies have a shorter back and sides with a slightly longer top. Here, we’re leaving the top long enough to create side-swept bangs, but we’re also keeping some length in the back to create the pretty, flipped-out ends. 

17. Rocker Bob With Blue Highlights

Pixie Bob haircut titled Rocker Bob With Blue Highlights

William Moss/Shutterstock

Long side bangs with shaggy layers give this cut a rocker vibe. Vibrant color is one of the easiest ways to spice up a haircut, and if blue is your jam, we love this deep azure hue!

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18. Tapered With Long Bangs

Tapered Pixie Bob With Long Bangs on a woman with glasses in a long sleeve crewneck shirt

Long bangs like you see here are a common feature of pixie-cut bobs. They help give these short haircuts the effect of a longer bob haircut. Tapered sides keep the weight and bulk out, making this a great option for ladies with round or square faces. 

19. Swirled and Layered

Swirled and Layered Pixie Bob haircut on a woman with a wide black shirt


Short layers cut close together help shape the bob and create a nice, piece-y texture. To nail this unique swirled style, use a brush or comb to direct your hair toward your face starting from a deep side part. 

20. Bangs Swept Forward

Woman with a pixie bob haircut standing outside with earrings


With a short length, you can brush your hair forward from the crown to create more fullness and volume on top. Razoring along the bangs and long layers on the back and sides help the style keep a perfectly casual shape. 

21. Peekaboo Purple

Gal with a Peekaboo Purple pixie bob haircut in blue pants sitting outside near train tracks

Photography by Vimaris/Shutterstock

This pixie-style bob features shaggy layers, a slightly longer back, and choppy side-swept bangs. There’s a pretty pop of purple in the front, but choose your favorite color to make this style perfect for you! 

22. Modern Bowl Cut Bob

Modern Bowl Cut Pixie Bob

Luba V Nel/Shutterstock

There was a time when calling someone’s haircut a bowl cut was an insult. Today, the modern version of the bowl cut features more layers and concentrates volume where it’s needed. Here, the volume is at the crown with slimmer sides to suit any face shape. 

23. Pinup Pixie-Style Bob

Modern Bowl Cut Pixie Bob

Parris Blue Productions/Shutterstock

If you’ve ever fancied yourself as a pinup girl, here’s your chance to rock the look! This bob is very short – just hitting at the ears – and features a full fringe in the front. Curl the bangs under for a vintage look, or wear them parted to the side for something a little more modern.  

24. Purple Haze

Purple Haze Pixie Bob haircut inspiration


Who doesn’t love fun, vibrant purple hair? This version of the pixie-slash-bob keeps the front section much longer than the rest – about chin length – while the sides and back are kept to about ear length. 

25. Clipped Pixie Cut Bob

Clipped Pixie Cut Bob on a retro-inspired woman

Olga Ekaterincheva/Shutterstock

Using hair accessories is an easy and inexpensive way to add a little interest to your style and create more styling options. We love how a few small hair clips liven up this long-top pixie cut! 

26. Icy Blue Cropped Bob

Icy Blue Cropped Bob on a woman in a lime green sweater standing on a roof


Precise lines, clean layers, and blunt bangs make this a perfectly polished style. With the short length of a pixie and the fullness and longer back and sides of a bob, this is a winning combination. Especially with the frosty blue hue! 

27. Naturally Curly Short Bob

Naturally Curly Short Bob Pixie Cut


Natural curls can be tough to wrangle daily when you style your hair, so choosing a style that is designed to flatter your curls is the best choice. Long layers keep curls manageable, and how adorable is this pixie-length bob with her natural curls? 

28. Side-Swept Shag

Side-Swept Shag in a black and white image on a blonde woman with a wool coat

Victoria Chudinova/Shutterstock

A super-short side-swept shag (say that five times fast) is roughed up with choppy, uneven layers that give this cut an effortlessly cool vibe. Texturizing foam or mousse can help you achieve that jagged, piece-y look.

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29. Slicked-Back Long Pixie

Slicked-Back Long Pixie Bob haircut on a blonde woman with fair skin and pink lips

Olga Ekaterincheva/Shutterstock

If you’re thinking about getting a haircut like this, you’ll want to make sure you have lots of styling options! We love the slicked-back look. It’s a quick way to style your hair and always looks polished with a bit of an edge.

30. Deconstructed Pixie-Length Bob

Deconstructed Pixie-Length Bob


Deconstructed hairstyles can be hard to nail, but the key is creating plenty of workable texture with volumizing products that give your hair grip. Volumizing mousse, a little gel, and lightweight, medium-hold hair setting spray will help you achieve this look.

Frequently Asked Questions

One of the best ways to learn about a new hairstyle is to see answers to the questions other people are asking. Fortunately for you, we’ve rounded up some of the most common questions about pixie bobs.

What is a pixie bob haircut?

A pixie bob haircut is a type of short haircut, usually worn by women, in which the length ranges between a pixie and a bob haircut. Worn at ear-to-neck length, the top is slightly spiked or combed to the side.

What shape can pull off a pixie cut?

The best face type to pull off a pixie cut is an oval shape, and heart comes in a close second. Both shapes of faces blend well with short haircuts, though most anyone with any face shape can rock a pixie with confidence.

Are pixie cuts in style in 2021?

Pixie cuts are most definitely in style in 2021. In fact, we think that they're in style now more than ever, as people are working from home and have a little more room to experiment with edgy haircuts.

Are bobs still in style in 2021?

Bobs will never go out of style, so you can bet that they are still in style in 2021. The lob and the pixie bob are two newer takes on the classic bob that are especially trendy this year.

Does a pixie cut age you?

While a pixie cut might seem like a great way to reduce your time spent getting ready in the morning, pixies do tend to age you. When your hair is cut short, you reduce the amount of hair covering your wrinkles and skin discoloration, and both pixies and pixie bobs can age you.

Things to Consider Before Getting a Pixie Bob Haircut

This haircut is undeniably gorgeous, but will it work on you? There are a few things to consider about this haircut before you make your decision. Here’s what you need to know about pixie bobs before booking your haircut appointment. 

  • Styling super-short hair is different. If you’re used to a longer cut, getting a pixie-length bob will be a shock when styling it. There’s a lot less hair, which is great, but you might need to change your curling or straightening routine to accommodate your new cut. Read our guide How to Curl Really Short Hair and grab a skinny flat iron designed for short hair to make styling easier.  
  • Get it cut so you can air dry when you want to. Some cuts are gorgeous, but contain so many layers that they must be heat-styled daily. To make your life easier, let your stylist know you want a cut with long or minimal layers that can deal with occasional air-drying. It’s simpler for you and better for your hair! 
  • You won’t be able to do some styles. At the pixie/bob length, there are some hairstyles that may be out of reach – ponytails, buns, and some braids. If that’s an issue, you’ll need to ensure you leave enough length to pull your hair (or sections of it) back.
  • Hair accessories are your friends. Headbands, clips, hair ties, scarves, and wraps are all easy ways to get different looks from your new haircut. They’re also a life-saver for those bad hair days, especially when your hair is too short to pull back!  
  • Consider starting with a bob and going shorter from there. If you’re not 100% sold on the pixie-length bob, start with a chin-length bob and wear it for a few weeks to see how you feel. You might decide you like the chin-length style, but if you’re still itching to go shorter, the pixie bob will be a cute change! 

Pixie-style bobs are gorgeous on various hair types, colors, and textures, but it’s only a great hairstyle if you personally love it. 

After browsing our inspiration pics, you can see all the different ways you can rock a pixie-length bob. And now that you’ve read through the things to consider before getting this cut, you have a better idea of what you’re getting into if you choose this style. 

If you’re ready to rock a short haircut and like the longer top/front to give yourself more styling options, opt for a pixie bob. This is a modern haircut that flatters every woman who wears it and goes along with any look you’re rocking.

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