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30 Cute & Sassy Bob Haircuts Trending in 2024

Bob haircuts come in all shapes and sizes. You have the short bob, the classic bob, and the a-line bob, and many more. Read on to learn about each variety and which personality and face it’s best for.

30 Bob Haircuts for 2021

Explainer image of the bob haircut featuring a woman on the right and hairstyle traits on the left

The great thing about classic haircuts is that they’ve never really gone out of style––after all, that’s why they’re classic! And when it comes to short women’s hairstyles, the bob is up there in the hall of fame.

The bob is an instantly recognizable short style that often features a curtain of hair around the head. Of course, there are countless variations, and that’s exactly what this article is all about.

We’ve scoured the Internet for 30 of the best bob haircuts. From classic to modern, we’ve found inspiration to match your style and personality.

1. The Classic Bob

While there’s no one classic bob haircut, this one encapsulates all the elements usually associated with the standard bob. The hair is slightly longer in the back than in the front, and it goes just a touch past the chin at its longest. The style is parted in the middle to ensure that the whole haircut is symmetrical.

2. Classic Bob With Bangs

Another cut that comes close to being a classic bob, this bob variation replaces the middle part with a fringe of bangs. While still symmetrical, this hairstyle gives off a remarkably different appearance that’s classic in its own right.

3. Curled Bob

When grown out to chin length, most hair curls inward, but many women choose to manually curl the hair for an emphasized curve, as shown here. It’s a simple change, but it makes the bob look quite different.

4. Chopped Bob

Here’s another simple change you can make to the standard bob haircut. Having the ends of the hair cut with a razor creates a choppy texture that contrasts nicely against the smooth look of the rest of the hair.

5. Thick Bob with Fringe

If you’ve got thicker hair, you’ll be glad to know the bob style works well with your hair type. The thickness creates a sense of fullness despite the actual haircut being on the shorter side.

6. Shorter Bob

The bob haircut is usually chin-length, but you can go a little shorter if you want. For example, this style comes down to just the top of the chin instead of right below it. Finally, the neatly razor-cut ends provide a little bit of extra texture.

7. Short Retro Bob

With its retro silhouette, this bob recalls the hairstyles of the 50s and 60s. Notably, there’s more hair in the back than you’ll see with many of these styles. The hair can also be tucked behind the ear for a different vibe.

8. Asymmetrical Volume

Here’s another way to create a bit of variation with a bob. The hair is parted and layered so that one side is a bit more voluminous than the other, which creates subtle asymmetry.

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9. Blunt Bob

Many of the differences in bob hairstyles come from finer touches. For instance, this blunter style differentiates itself from the rest with its slightly uneven (but not choppy) ends and its completely straight sides. (This is also a great choice for fine or thin hair.)

10. Flowing Bob

Unlike other bob haircuts, this style focuses on flow. Instead of having straight or curving sides, this cut has flowing sides created by gentle waves in the hair. It’s not explicitly a wavy bob, but its soft ripple sets it apart from the classic bob.

11. Tousled Bob

If messier hairstyles are more your thing, try this tousled bob haircut. This style is on the fuller side and uses the extra hair to create a layered texture. For a finishing touch, the hair is teased slightly out of place for the tousled look.

12. The A-Line

The A-line bob is so named for the A-shaped angle created by hair that’s longer in the front and shorter in the back. While this hairstyle has been butchered and co-opted by Karens, it’s a far cry from the Karen haircut.

The classic A-line bob, as shown here, is a stylish and sensible cut that’s great for ladies who keep their hair short and prefer a more angular hairstyle.

13. Ear Tuck Bob

Sometimes, a small touch can become the focal point for an entire haircut. Here, the ear tuck is that focal point that changes the whole look of the bob. You might also notice that only the front section of the hair is tucked behind the ear while the back of the hair falls over it, creating a nice layered look.

14. Blonde Bob

The bob haircut is also an excellent choice for dyed hair! This blonde bob brings out the dyed color and is, of course, just an all-around stylish ‘do. (You can get similar results if you have highlights.)

15. Vibrantly Dyed

And if your hair is dyed a more vivid color, the bob will be even more striking. In fact, the color is actually more noticeable because it’s so concentrated. 

16. Asymmetrical Classic Bob

Into the classic bob but want something a little different? This asymmetrical bob may suit your needs. It has all the features of the standard bob, but the asymmetry makes it just a bit edgier.

17. Wavy Bob

If you use a crimping iron to put waves in your hair, then you’ll like this bob haircut. This shoulder-length bob features crimped hair all around for a wavy look that you can achieve even if your hair isn’t naturally wavy.

18. Even Wavier Bob

Need some serious waves in your hair? Try this one out. It’s a chin-length bob that features intensely wavy (and slightly tousled) hair. It almost becomes a style of its own since it looks so different from most bob variations.

19. The Long Bob

Bob haircuts can also be long! It’s less common, but it’s a unique look that you might prefer. This style is an asymmetrical wavy bob that has chin-length hair on one side and shoulder-length hair on the other.

20. Cropped Bob

For something a little more contemporary, try this cropped bob. Uneven at the ends and shorter than a standard bob, this hairstyle puts a fresh spin on the bob haircut. There’s also a bit of layering going on here for added depth.

21. Subtly Dyed

The bob does a great job of bringing out color in the hair, whether that color is bright and vibrant or darker and more tonal. Here, the purple lowlights stand out thanks to the bob’s short length and eye-catching shape.

22. 90s Bob

Do you feel like channeling your inner Friends character? Look no further than this 90s-inspired bob. The asymmetry of one side falling over the face while the other is tucked behind the ear just oozes those 90s vibes.

23. Multi-Textured Bob

When one texture just doesn’t do it for you, it’s time to go multi-textured. This bob features wavy sides, choppy ends, a slightly tousled top, and a half fringe, making it unlike any other bob style on this list.

24. Bob With Strands

Typically, the bob is fairly straight on the sides and back, but this style sections the hair into strands for a different kind of texture. This haircut also benefits from being a bit tousled to get even more texture.

25. Long & Wavy

For a more professional-looking bob, try going longer and wavier. It’s still very much a bob, but it’s a little neater and more formal, which makes it a nice choice for the workplace.

26. Frizzy Bob

If you see hairstyles as statement pieces, you’ll probably like this frizzy bob haircut. The hair is brushed to the front and encloses the eyes for a moodier look.

27. Short & Messy

Here’s a bob with a little more attitude. It’s noticeably shorter than most of the styles on this list, and it’s also heavily tousled for a slightly rebellious vibe.

28. Curled With Bangs

This is a variation on the A-line bob that combines a few textures with a fringe. The hair is sectioned into strands at the front but more uniform in the back, and the highlights add even more dimension.

29. Wide Bob

Here’s a slightly wider bob with more voluminous sides. It’s mostly a traditional bob, but the extra thickness on the sides gives it a personality all its own.

30. Loose Bob

Finally, we’ve got this loose bob haircut that’s messier in the front and tidier in the back. Usually, it’s the other way around, so this is a nice change that results in a unique appearance.

What’s Your Favorite Bob Haircut?

There you have it––30 of the best bob haircuts to choose from. If you think this is the right look for you, be sure to check out our other style guides. We’ve made it easy to look your best by giving you both inspiration and hair care tips!

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