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30 Asian Short Hair Ideas to Rock in 2024

Looking for short haircuts and styles suitable for Asian hair? We have tons of inspiration for you in this complete short hairstyle guide. Keep reading to see 30 short hairstyles for Asian women.

Asian Short Hair Inspiration

Asian Short Hair explainer image on a tan background

Asian hair is envied all over the world. Structurally different from African and Caucasian hair, it’s known for its strength, intense dark color, and thickness. Asian short hairstyles and cuts are increasingly popular for people with this hair type for a few reasons. 

First is the actual structure of the hair. Asian hair strands are rounder than African and Caucasian hair. This is part of what makes the hair on the scalp appear so lush and thick.

For short hairstyles, thickness is important to give the hair a healthy and vibrant look. As you know, thick hair can become heavy and hot if worn at long lengths.

So many people with this hair type prefer to rock a shorter style. Second is the strength of each hair strand. Asian short hair can better withstand the wear and tear of daily styling than other hair types. That’s thanks to the super-compact cuticle cells that make up each strand of hair.

These overlapping cells are tightly squeezed together. Like well-placed shingles on a roof, cuticle cells protect the cortex and medulla inside each strand. Short hair tends to require a least a little daily styling. So the strength of Asian hair makes it really suitable for a shorter ‘do.

Finally, the intense pigmentation and straight texture of Asian hair make it ideal for short styles. With a head of thick and lush dark hair, you don’t have to worry about the scalp showing through with shorter styles.

The straight texture lends interesting characteristics and better manageability to other short styles, which include the pixie cut and the bobIf you have this versatile hair type, make the most of it with a cut that is as attractive as it is manageable.

A cute pixie, crop, bob, or lob might be just what you need to refresh your look. Here’s a little inspiration to help you choose the Asian short hair cut that will be perfect for you! 

30 Asian Short Hair Styles and Cuts

Looking for a little hair inspiration? Look no further. Check out these beautiful cuts and styles that will flatter your face and suit your hair type perfectly. 

1. Coppery Chestnut Lob

Woman in a black turtleneck looking to her right


If you’re ready to go shorter but not too short, this shoulder-grazing lob with a side part is perfect. Paired with a light brown color tinged with coppery tones, it’s gorgeous. 

2. Long Wavy Bob

As a piece for a woman on asian short hair, a young woman stands in front of the pink background


Nearly shoulder-length hair is a favorite among Asian short haircuts. Soft, face-framing layers and curling iron waves give this style more movement. A middle part sets it off. 

3. Medium Length Semi-Shag

Young woman with asian short hair and rocks light brown hair


Shag haircuts feature hair that is layered short on top and progressively lengthens as you go down. This cut starts the layers lower down for a fuller, more voluminous look. 

4. Chin Length With Thinned Ends

Asian short haired woman holds her chin and sits at an all-white desk against a white background


If your hair tends to feel heavy as it gets longer, try this Asian short hairstyle with thinned-out ends. Thinning shears are used to remove some of the hair’s weight and volume at the ends for a sleeker style that feels cooler on the neck. 

5. Auburn Tinted With a Side Part

Woman sits against a pink background holding her face and wearing an asian short hair cut

Keep layers to a minimum, except for some shorter pieces around the face for this style. A soft auburn or other reddish tint adds something unique to this look. 

6. Shoulder Grazing Soft Waves

Young asian woman with a short haircut flashes a toothy grin and holds her arms up


If you’d rather not spend an hour curling every strand on your head, this shoulder-grazing cut with waves at the ends is the solution. Just wrap the very ends of the hair around a large-barrel curling iron to get soft turns that add interest to this look.

7. Fringe Grow-Out Glow Up

Short asian hair woman looks to the left side and wears a tan dress


Growing out bangs seems to take forever, but this mid-neck cut makes it so much cuter. Part your overgrown fringe down the middle and have your stylist cut your hair a few inches longer than the bangs to help them blend in. 

8. Shoulder Length With Blunt Bangs

Asian short haired woman does not smile and looks at the camera

Blunt bangs cut just above the eyebrows won’t get in your way. The shoulder length of this haircut gives it plenty of possibilities for styling and updos. 

9. Thick Curled-Under Bob

Young asian woman smiles and looks up to the right of her shoulder and wears a black dress

Beauty Stock/Shutterstock

Get a little of a 1960’s vibe with a bob featuring curled-under ends. The model’s hair is exquisitely thick here, but you can mimic the look with a stacked bob with gradual layers to create volume in the back. 

10. Classic Long Bob

Young woman with an asian short hair cut wears a bob cut and a middle hair part


With enough length to throw it up into a ponytail when you want, this lob is so versatile. Wear it down straight, wavy, or curly and choose to part it down the middle or on the side. 

11. Crop With Long Bangs

Short haired woman is asian and wears her camera around her neck


If you’d love to go shorter but don’t want to give up the beautiful face-framing hair you’re used to, opt for this crop with long bangs. You’ll still have plenty of length to style as you’d like! 

12. Tapered Bob

Asian short haired woman smiles and holds her hand up to her chin

Art Stock Creative/Shutterstock

Layers that taper the overall length of the hair start at about the ear level for this look. Tapering will give your hair a more defined shape and make styling easier. 

13. Professional Pixie

Short hair asian woman smiles and wears a black suit with a white shirt


Pixie cuts don’t have to look edgy or intense! Soft tapering on the shorter sides and back give way to longer hair upfront for a look that works in the office and everywhere else. 

14. Pink Blunt Bob

Asian short her woman with pink hair stands in front of a pink wall

WAYHOME Studio/Shutterstock

For the daring and adventurous, you can’t go wrong with a soft pink hue in the hair. A blunt chopped chin-length bob and blunt, full bangs balance the girly color with a little edginess.  

15. Curled-Under Lob With Bangs

Thin asian woman in a pink shirt holds her hand up to her chin


If you want your bob or lob to look softer and more feminine, a quick turn of the curling iron on the ends will do the trick. A wispy fringe completes the look. 

16. Two-Block Inspired Chop

Young woman with a yellow shirt gives the thumbs up and points at the camera

Luis Molinero/Shutterstock

The trendy two-block haircut features a very short back and sides with a much longer top that can sweep over the side or be parted in the middle. This gorgeous take on that cut is a perfect option if you want to show off your short hair sometimes and play up the length on the top at others.  

17. Stacked Lob

Asian woman with short hair and a yellow shirt crosses her arms and looks upward while smiling

Luis Molinero/Shutterstock

Stacking the hair involves creating gradual layers in the back that cause the hair to “stack” up and create additional volume. Boost your hair’s body with this longer version of a bob stacked in the back. 

18. Asymmetrical Tapered Bob

Asian woman with a white camisole and an asian short hairstyle looks up


Asymmetry works so beautifully when it’s done correctly! If you tend to part your hair on one side, this cut could be perfect for you. Leave the side you tend to part it on longer and have your stylist gently angle it back toward the shorter, gradually layered back and side. 

19. Close Cropped With Copper Tones

Asian short hair woman holds her hand up to her chin and does not smile while looking out of the corner of her eye


Soft, coppery ends bring a lot of attention to the choppy layers cut into this close-cropped haircut. With a little extra length on top, you can reposition the part, use clips or barrettes to pin it back, or rock some wispy side-swept bangs. 

20. Choppy Layers With Blunt Bangs

Young woman with a white tank top holds a piece of her hair


Choppy layers on an asian short haircut can give even the straightest hair more body and movement. Layers start just below the chin level here, but we think this style would still be gorgeous if cut a little shorter. 

21. Full Bob With Side Swept Bangs

An older asian woman looks directly at the camera


You don’t have to thin your ends out to have a gorgeous short haircut! Take advantage of your hair’s lush thickness and volume with this chin-length bob. Pair it with shorter side-swept bangs to update the look. 

22. Caramel and Auburn-Tipped Lob

Radiant woman puts a finger to her chin and has a short asian haircut

Mix and match Studio/Shutterstock

If you have some natural reddish tones in your hair, you can play it up with this pretty long bob. Alternatively, have your stylist paint a smidge of an auburn color on your tips to create an unexpected pop of color. 

23. Tousled Pixie

Asian woman with short hair and a black blazer with studded shoulder pads looks at the camera without smiling


Pixie cuts are meant to be versatile and fun, and this style really nails it. A little texturizing styling product and hairspray allow you to play around with the shorter layers on top for more height and interest. 

24. Chin Length Classic Bob

Against a pink background stands a woman with a cropped turtleneck stands in front of the camera

ME Image/Shutterstock

A slightly off-center part and length that just hits the chin create a classic look that never goes out of style. Limit face-framing layers to ensure you can tuck the hair behind your ears for this kind of look. 

25. Tapered Crop With Side Swept Fringe

Asian short hair woman holds her right arm and stands in front of a pink wall


A tapered asian short hair crop brings the bottom of the hair in closer to the head by stacking shorter layers that progressively get longer toward the bottom hairline. This look is perfectly paired with a full fringe styled to the side. 

26. Modern Asymmetrical Chop

Very trendy asian woman with a short haircut wears a neck-long necklace and has a dragon tattoo

Ben Heys/Shutterstock

If you’re the trendsetter type, try an asymmetrical cut that leaves a section longer on one side and chin-length around the rest of the head. A vibrant color for the longer piece really makes it pop! 

27. Red Tones With Wispy Bangs

Short-haired asian woman stands in a field of white flowers while wearing a white dress


The deep pigmentation of Asian hair makes it such a perfect match for reddish highlights and tints. Here, the model’s varying intensities of coppery auburn throughout the hair and wispy, soft bangs in front make this chin-length style unforgettable. 

28. Ear Length With Curly Top

Short hair asian woman in a yellow and black flannel shirt holds up her hand and smiles

Roquillo Tebar/Shutterstock

Don’t keep searching for “Asian short hair.” Feeling adventurous? Just go short with a layered ear-length cut that leaves lots of hair on top to style as you wish. We love this look with a tousled, curly style on top for added texture.  

29. Swooping Pixie Crop

Asian woman with short hair holds the phone up to her ear and looks at an ipad


Thick, full hair doesn’t have to be thinned out to try and mimic thinner hair. Make the most of your hair’s fullness with a pixie crop like this, where the front is swooped and styled to one side. 

30. Sophisticated Balayage Bob

Well dressed woman with a red sweater and red lips sits in front of vegetation


Tasteful balayage color from the temples downward creates a color transition that makes this bob anything but basic. For a posh touch, use a curling iron to turn the face-framing pieces away from your face and a little hairspray to hold.  

Things to Consider With Asian Short Hair

Your hair type is unique and enviable, but everyone with this hair type will face some challenges with styling and taming their locks. Here’s what you should keep in mind to manage, maintain, and make your hair look its best when it’s cut short. 

Know your hair’s habits before getting it cut. Your stylist might be experienced working with your hair type, but no one knows your hair’s habits and characteristics better than you.

Don’t opt for a cut that will have you battling stray straight hairs sticking out daily or using copious amounts of hairspray to get it to hold. Your stylist can help you find a short hairstyle that will meet your daily styling needs without going over the limit. 

Get a professional’s help with color and bleach. If you’re opting for a short hairstyle and color or highlights, you’ll probably need some bleach to lighten it up. Don’t assume you can do this at home!

Since Asian hair is so intensely pigmented, it’s notoriously challenging to lift properly. That means you’ll need to book a visit to a salon for any color or highlighting jobs. Super dark hair can lift to a brassy orange or even bright yellow color if done improperly. 

Straight hair has a harder time holding a curl. You might’ve been blessed with sleek tresses that curly girls envy, but when you do want to curl your new short style, you might have a hard time getting those curls to stay.

A few tips can help: Use hairspray on each section before and after you curl it, try using rollers while your hair is wet until it’s dry for added body, and try curling with slightly dirty hair a day or two after you’ve washed it. 

Know how to beat the frizz. Short hair with layers can make frizz more noticeable and harder to manage without the additional weight of long hair. If you’re struggling with excess frizz after washing your hair or on humid days, there are ways to combat it.

Find a good moisturizing conditioner to use (applying to the ends only will keep your hair from being weighed down too much). Use a quarter-sized amount of mousse in your wet hair before drying it.

And make sure you’re using a hairbrush that won’t cause frizz, like a boar bristle or detangling brush.

The Asian hair type is so gorgeous with short styles like those above. Decide if you’d like to go super-short (like a pixie cut) or keep some length with an in-between cut like a long or classic bob haircut. Keep your hair’s texture, characteristics, and thickness in mind as you look at different ideas for inspiration.

And when you’ve settled on the short haircut you want, make sure to bring plenty of photos to your stylist. This will help you communicate exactly what you want without leaving any room for interpretation.

Click for Frequently Asked Questions

Can Asians have short hair?

Absolutely! Short hairstyles are trendy for Asian people of all genders. Short bobs, pixie cuts, side-swept bangs, and more look beautiful on Asian faces. The same goes for edgier styles like the two block cut. Plus, short hair can be as versatile as long hair, and with the proper styling technique, you can change up your shorter hair as often as you like.

Is short hair popular in Korea?

Many of the most popular hairstyles on Korean men and women are shorter cuts. Undercuts, bobs, and pixie cuts are commonly for people of all ages. Short hair cuts can be demure and classic or edgy and head-turning.

What is a Korean undercut?

The Korean undercut is a hairstyle that initially rose to popularity via K-Pop culture, with many K-Pop stars sporting the cut. There are many variations of the Korean undercut, one of which is the trendy two block haircut. The longer hair on the crown of the undercut allows the wearer to style their hair in unique and versatile ways.

What is a two block haircut?

This haircut is a variation of the Korean undercut, which features two distinct blocks of hair, which is how it got its name. The first block consists of the sides and back of the head cut close or shaved. The second block is the crown of the head, which is left as long as the wearer likes.

How do Asians curl short hair?

Asian hair can be stubbornly straight, making it difficult to curl. To make curls last all day, start with very dry hair. Then comb and section the hair and apply hairspray before and after curling. Finish by curling your hair away from your face using the curling iron for all-day beachy waves.