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30 Trendy Undercut Bob Hairstyles to Wear in 2024

An undercut bob is a unique haircut that looks classy with an edgy side underneath. It gives you length to style, while the undercut keeps your hair from being too thick. Read on to learn why it’s the trendiest style of the year.

What Is the Undercut Bob?

The Undercut Bob hairstyle depicted in a graphic with an explainer of what the hairstyle is

An undercut bob is a haircut with long hair on top and a shaved portion underneath the hair. It was a popular haircut for men in the early 1900s, but women took it over in the last 20 years. 

Celebrities like Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, and Scarlett Johansson have rocked unique undercuts. This versatile look can be played up for a punk look or toned down for a glamorous event.

While the bob itself looks like a traditional style, the undercut elevates this look into something edgy. There are many variations to the style:

  • Shave the back
  • Shave the sides
  • Cut a design into the undercut
  • Dye the undercut

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30 Trending Undercut Bob Haircuts

You might think an undercut sounds basic—a shaved portion under longer hair. Once you see these 30 unique looks, you’ll understand that there’s no limit to an undercut style.

1. Long Bob With Side Undercut

Undercut bob on a hipster woman in a long sleeve black tshirt

Sadie River/Shutterstock

Undercuts were used for long hair. It’s a way of thinning out your hair, so it’s not as heavy on your head. You’ll have less hair to pull back when it’s in your way. It also gives you an interesting look instead of the standard long hair.

2. Hidden Undercut Bob 

Gal with a hidden undercut bob haircut wearing a black leather jacket and dark black denim poses in a studio


The hidden undercut fits well under a bob and can be hidden for a more professional look since the shaved portion sits lower on the head and doesn’t come up around the ears. This style is super low maintenance, which gives you time to focus on things you love more than doing your hair. You’ll still look fabulous while doing them, though. 

3. Long Bob Undercut With Bangs 

Long bob undercut haircut with bangs on a woman in a blue and white striped sweater

Kseniia Perminova/Shutterstock

The long bob haircut is extremely versatile and goes great with bangs. When you combine it with an undercut, you lighten the load your hair has on your head, making it easier to deal with every day. 

4. Side Undercut Bob 

Black and white sketch of a woman with an undercut bob looking down and to her left

Levskaia Kseniia/Shutterstock

For a more dramatic effect, you can get an undercut that extends to the one side of your head. This style is edgier and can provide an alternative to the traditional bob haircut. 

5. Angled Undercut Bob With Bangs

Trendy woman with platinum blonde hair wearing an undercut bob wig and Willie Wonka glasses in a dark room with red lips

Nadya Korobkova/Shutterstock

Bangs can help frame your face, especially when you opt for an angled bob hairstyle. Having an undercut with this style will help the hair lay better on the head as it angles towards the face. 

6. Traditional Undercut Bob Hairstyle With Straight Bangs 

Traditional Undercut Bob Hairstyle With Straight Bangs 

Valua Studio/Shutterstock

This is a classic hairstyle with the twist of having an undercut. The traditional bob style with bangs is perfect for any occasion, but the addition of an undercut helps thin thicker hair, so the style doesn’t become too hard to style. 

7. Bob Undercut Hairstyle With Angled Bangs 

Bob Undercut Hairstyle With Angled Bangs on a busty woman in a nightgown


The alternative of angled bangs with this undercut bob hairstyle can help soften the face and make your cut seem less sharp or precise. The angle of the side bangs can also help to elongate the face, making it seem slimmer. 

8. Layered Bob With Sharp Undercut Style 

Gal with a Layered Bob With Sharp Undercut haircut has her face shielded by her hair blowing in the wind


This layered bob hairstyle is edgy and stylish, and the layered undercut gives it loads of volume. It doesn’t taper into the neck, but rather ends sharply, creating a dramatic look.

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9. Textured Layered Bob With Undercut

Side profile photo of a woman in a white shirt with blonde hair and an undercut bob looking ahead without smiling in a drab grey room

George Mayer/Shutterstock

A bob doesn’t have to conform to any lengths or rules. This textured layered bob hairstyle uses alternating layers for an eye-catching look while the undercut helps tame the volume from super thick hair. 

10. Angled Undercut Bob With Long Bangs

Angled Undercut Bob With Long Bangs

George Mayer/Shutterstock

Some women do not prefer short bangs or do not like how they frame their face. A long bang cut with this angled undercut bob is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to add a dramatic look with a low-maintenance hairstyle. 

11. Ombre Colored Undercut Bob 

Ombre Colored Undercut Bob 


Spice up your undercut bob hairstyle with some color. This long bob with the undercut adds color and originality to a classic style. Not only will it be lighter and easier to manage, but you’ll use less hair color to achieve the look. 

12. Undercut Design and Color 

Girl with an undercut bob that's also faded in the back with hard shave lines dyed in multiple colors in the various parts

Guilherme Publik/Shutterstock

There are no rules against styling your undercut as well as your bob hairstyle. Add personality to your bob by incorporating shaved details and color into your undercut. You have the choice of when you want to show it off or keep it hidden. 

13. Subtle Bob Undercut

Subtle Bob Undercut on an Asian woman standing outside in front of greenery

Lookchan Chaiya/Shutterstock

If you do not want to have an edgy look or do not need a lot of thinning out, this subtle undercut bob hairstyle can provide the look and feel you need. It helps keep the underside neat while not taking too much volume away. 

14. Trim-Edge Undercut With a Lob

Trim-Edge Undercut With a Lob


Not all undercuts need to be dramatic or intense to be effective. This undercut goes around the bottom edge of a bob haircut to help give more flexibility and ease of use when on the go. The trim-edge makes it easy to pull your hair back into a ponytail without any fuss or loose strands. 

15. One-Sided Bob Hairstyle With an Undercut 

One-Sided Bob Hairstyle With an Undercut 


No one says that a bob haircut has to be symmetrical or even. This one-sided bob uses an undercut to provide a dramatic effect that is stylish and easy to manage. 

16. Low Profile Undercut With a Bob Hairstyle

Low Profile Undercut With a Bob Hairstyle

William Moss/Shutterstock

This low profile undercut is barely visible around the ears, making styling each day a breeze. It prevents those small, stray hairs from flying away from your face, and gives you a more polished look. 

17. Alternating Length Textured Undercut Bob

Alternating Length Textured Undercut Bob


If you want a short hairstyle, this alternating length bob with an undercut is a simple and attractive way to manage your hair. The textured style gives volume and flow to a classic haircut. 

18. Low-Profile One-Sided Bob Undercut

Woman with an undercut bob with really long bangs wears a red blazer and looks straight ahead in red lip


If you want to add flair to only one side without being too dramatic, this low-profile one-sided bob undercut is the perfect solution. With an undercut on one side only, the volume of hair is concentrated on the opposite side, making styling easy. 

19. Versatile Short Bob Undercut 

Versatile Short Bob Undercut 


For short hair lovers, this versatile short bob undercut can be styled down or swept over for a more dramatic look. The undercut around the edges helps give more volume to the hair, which can be for a smoother style or an edgy look. 

20. Medium-Length Bob With Undercut 

Medium-Length Bob With Undercut on a sexy blonde in a midriff shirt


This medium-length bob hairstyle with an undercut works great for anyone who has thick hair. The thinning from the undercut doesn’t weigh the hair down and helps tame any excessive volume. 

21. One-Length Bob With Undercut 

One-Length Bob With Undercut haircut worn by a woman with darker skin


For anyone who prefers a bob hairstyle all the same length, using an undercut can help keep it from frizzing, or being hard to manage and style. The undercut is easily hidden with the hair that covers the entire head, making it ideal for a more professional look. 

22. Short Blunt Bob Hairstyle With an Undercut 

Short Blunt Bob Hairstyle With an Undercut  in an edgy artistic image of a woman in a fishnet shirt with a red bra


This dramatic short blunt bob hairstyle is short enough to showcase the undercut beneath it. This style is ideal for anyone who wants to show off their undercut or minimize the time they spend each day getting ready. 

23. Long One-Length Bob Hairstyle With an Undercut 

Long One-Length Bob Hairstyle With an Undercut 

Alena Ozerova/Shutterstock

When you have long hair all one length, the weight can be a hassle to take care of and style each day. Using an undercut can help reduce styling time, as well as cut back on unneeded volume that comes from having thick hair. 

24. Unusual Bob With Undercut 

Woman with an undercut bob with bangs that turn into a lobster claw with her hair covering one of her eyes


This unique bob hairstyle sports alternating lengths of hair on each side of the head. The undercut helps to keep it clean and helps to avoid any odd transitions of length between the two sides. 

25. Short Bob With Long Bangs and Undercut 

Riri-esque woman with butterfly eyelashes closes her eyes and lets her undercut bob cover her right eye

Subbotina Anna/Shutterstock

Just because you want a short bob hairstyle doesn’t mean that you cannot have long bangs for a dramatic look. The undercut helps keep the style around the ears and neck clean and sharp while the long bangs add flair to your face. 

26. Medium Blunt Bob Style With Undercut 

Medium Blunt Bob Style With Undercut  on a ladyboy with platinum blonde hair


Using blunt edges for the bob cut can give this classic style clean, crisp lines. Medium length hair works best for blunt edging, and you can sport an undercut for an attractive alternative. 

27. Vibrant Color for Bob Hairstyle With Undercut 

Sexy image of a woman with large fake breasts wearing half of a shirt under a red leather jacket and a red undercut bob wig

Value Studio/Shutterstock

The haircut you choose can also change with the seasons simply by changing up your color a bit. Make your classic bob with an undercut stand out by adding vibrant color to your hair for a completely new look. 

28. Wavy Bob Hairstyle With Undercut 

Wavy Bob Hairstyle With Undercut  hairstyle on a serious looking woman


If you have naturally wavy hair, you can still sport an attractive bob hairstyle with an undercut. Wavy and curly hair have exceptional volume, so using an undercut with a bob will help tame your tresses, so they’re manageable and not out of control. 

29. Short Bob With Tapered Bangs and Undercut 

Short Bob With Tapered Bangs and Undercut 


The bangs you choose for your bob hairstyle do not have to be short or long. You can taper them to blend into the bob, helping to frame your face and soften your look. 

30. Messy Textured Bob Hairstyle With Undercut 

Messy Textured Bob Hairstyle With Undercut 

By heavily layering your bob hairstyle, you can create an edgy look for a messy textured bob while sporting an undercut. The versatility of this style can provide several options when styling your hair each day. 

Things to Consider

After seeing these amazing photos of different undercut bob styles, you’re probably more than ready to visit the salon. But before you go, consider a few things that might impact your choice.

  • Hair thickness. If you have thick hair, getting an undercut won’t just look cool, but it’ll also make your hair easier to maintain. An undercut eliminates a lot of hair that weighs down your head. You’ll be able to throw your hair back into a ponytail or a top knot without trying to snag all of those loose strands.
  • Hair length. Undercuts look awesome regardless of your hair length, so you can’t go wrong with this style. But some women like to keep their undercuts secret. They leave their hair down for professional events and pull it up for an edgy look. If you cut your hair too short, your undercut might be visible all of the time, so think before you snip it off.
  • Type of undercut. This list proved that there isn’t simply one type of undercut you can get. You can get an undercut detail, which gives you a fantastic design shaved into your hair. You can dye the undercut a different color. You can get it buzzed close, or kept long for a softer look. Consider what will work best with your overall style.
  • Hair color. This list has some unique hair colors. You can leave your undercut natural and dye the rest of your hair, or vice versa. You can dye them complementary colors or shades of the same hue. You’re already getting a rocking haircut; why not add color, too?
  • Risk factor. Sure, it’s just hair, but sometimes the thought of shaving any part of your head can be anxiety-inducing. Consider what risk you’d like to take before you hit the salon. You might want a trimmed undercut until you get used to the idea of short hair. Or you might want to shave it off and keep long layers to hide it. Have fun with it.

Is the Undercut Bob for You?

You can’t go wrong with an undercut bob. There are so many styles that you’ll find one that looks great on you. It’s a fun change from a traditional haircut, and you can always keep the undercut to yourself as your own little secret.

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