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25 Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyles You’ll Love in 2024

Bobs of all shapes and sizes have been a mainstay in the hairstyling industry for decades. Lately, we’ve been noticing a sharp uptick in asymmetrical bob interest. 

Women are opting for this uneven-on-purpose cut more often than ever. It makes perfect sense because the asymmetric version is a more fun, edgy twist on the classic bob cut. If straight lines and precisely-cut blunt ends aren’t your style, you’re sure to love the classic bob’s funky cousin – the asymmetric bob. 

We snagged 25 inspo pics featuring this type of gorgeous and on-trend bob to share with you. Keep reading to learn what an asymmetric bob is, see tons of photos, and find out what you need to know before getting this haircut. 

What Is An Asymmetrical Bob?

What is an asymmetrical bob, exactly? Glad you asked, because there’s a lot of confusion in the beauty industry about the different types of bobs. Asymmetrical bobs (sometimes called asymmetric or dissymmetric bobs) all have one thing in common: One side is shorter than the other. 

There’s a lot of variation and versatility among asymmetric bob haircuts. Some are borderline-pixie cut short or shaved with clippers on one side. Others, more fittingly called asymmetrical lobs, may hang down to the collarbones on the longer side. 

This type of bob may feature an entire side that is longer than the other or just a small section of longer hair on one side. The beautiful thing about these “uneven” bobs is that you can tweak it to suit you perfectly.

Since the look is about being playful, not focusing on too much precision, you can feel free to have a little fun with your asymmetric haircut. Next, let’s check out 25 pretty examples of this type of bob on different hair types, colors, and lengths. 

25 Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts We Love

Think all asymmetric bobs look the same? We hope you’ll get a sense of the variety and versatility of this trendy haircut when you see all the different examples we’re sharing with you below. Get inspired with these asymmetrical bobs of all colors, textures, shapes, and lengths! 

1. Ombre Asymmetrical Crop

Ombre Asymmetrical Cropped bob haircut on a woman letting her hair blow outside


Fans of the ombre color look will love this edgy take on asymmetry. On the left, the face-framing pieces are lightened for emphasis and left longer than the right side. We love how this bob concentrates the additional length on one side, keeping the back and sides short.   

2. Sleek Yet Jagged

Sleek Yet Jagged asymmetrical bob haircut

George Mayer/Shuttestock

If you want your bob smooth and sleek but hate blunt-cut ends, here’s a pretty option for you! Keeping one side shorter than the other makes it asymmetrical, but the look has an overall balanced effect. 

3. Rihanna’s Teardrop Lob

Rihanna’s Teardrop Lob, a great example of an asymmetrical bob hairstyle

Everett Collection/Shutterstock

RiRi was rocking an asymmetrical version of the long bob years ago, and somehow, the look is still on-trend! If you’re unsure about going too short but want the off-balance effect of asymmetry, this is a classic. 

4. Silver and Rosy Mauve Bob

Silver and Rosy Mauve asymmetrical Bob


Forget silver and gold – we want silver and this pinkish mauve! Cut slightly shorter on one side, the asymmetry brings your attention to the colored ends that are gently curved under. This is a polished and universally flattering cut. 

5. Balanced With Blunt Bangs

Balanced With Blunt Bangs for a piece on asymmetrical bob hair inspiration


Having one side shorter than the other means you’ll need something to balance the cut and tie it all together. Here, precise blunt bangs pull the look together and bring it a little balance. 

6. Flipped Out

Flipped Out asymmetrical bob haircut


You’ll flip out over this bob with spunky curls on the longer side. The left side is shaved short, and the length progressively increases around the back to the right side. 

7. Rose Gold Blonde Bob

Rose Gold Blonde Bob haircut

Lyba V Nel/Shutterstock

Asymmetry doesn’t have to be obvious or extreme. This rose gold-glazed blonde bob has only a slight difference in length on one side, but it perfectly hugs the jawline to emphasize her gorgeous face shape while the longer side directs the eyes to the collarbone. 

8. Fuschia Fusion

Fuschia Fusion asymmetrical bob haircut on a woman in a studio


Shades of magenta and fuschia fuse together in this asymmetric cut for an eye-catching look you’ll love. Soft layers help keep a loose and casual shape that’s perfect for naturally straight or wavy hair. 

9. Asymmetry + Volume

Asymmetry and volume style bob haircut on a woman in a shoulderless dress


Here’s a flattering look for ladies with oval, heart, or square-shaped faces. Round faces should avoid this look because the volume on the sides can visually widen the face.

10. Boldly Asymmetric

Boldly Asymmetric bob haircut


Fearless trendsetters and fashionistas, we can’t wait for you to try this bold take on the bob! Keeping one side just above ear-length shows off your cheekbones while the longer side highlights your jawline. 

11. Best of Both Worlds

Long asymmetrical bob haircut on a woman sitting on the floor in a black and white image

Le Cherina/Shutterstock

Can’t decide between short and long? Why not choose both with a bold and innovative cut like this? Her hair is cut to a chin-level bob on one side and progressively transitions into her longer cut on the opposite side. 

12. Undercut With Asymmetry

Asymmetrical bob with an undercut on a topless woman holding her shoulders wearing red nail polish

Nemova Oksana/Shutterstock

Not afraid of the clippers? Go for this fun, undercut bob that perfectly and seamlessly transitions to longer lengths on one side. 

13. Stacked and Slanted

Model wearing pink lipstick wearing an asymmetrical stacked and slanted bob haircut

Luba V Nel/Shutterstock

Thin or fine hair that struggles with creating enough volume? Have your stylist do an asymmetric, stacked bob! The short layers in the back boost the volume, while the longer side visually slims the face. 

14. Updated Classic

Classic asymmetrical bob haircut on a woman wearing a strappy lace black dress

Kseniia Perminova/Shutterstock

Have a little fun with your bob without going for an extreme difference in length on each side. This updated version of the classic chin-length bob has characteristics of a lob and bob in one easy-to-style cut! 

15. Extreme Asymmetrical Lob

Extreme asymmetrical lob haircut on a fair-skinned woman looking ahead and letting her hair cover her right eyes

Nadya Korobkova/Shutterstock

This is a unique take on the lob we haven’t seen before! If you’re feeling artsy, try this extremely asymmetrical style on for size. 

16. Seeing Red

Pretty light skinned woman with big blue eyes looking up at her asymmetrical bob that's red in color

Jeanne Provost/Shutterstock

All eyes will be on you with a coppery hue accentuating your new asymmetric cut. Piece-y, jagged bangs across the forehead tie it all together, and the different lengths draw the eye to your cheekbones and jawline.

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17. Mulberry, Black, and Gold Bob

Mulberry, Black, and Gold Bob hair on a woman in a studio who's closing her eyes


Choppy layers break up the variety of colors in this edgy take on the classic bob. One side is shaved to shorter lengths, and the other looks perfect in a side-swept, just-below-the-ear length. 

18. Face-Framing Tendrils

Shot of an erotic model in a white shirt with sheer sleeves looking ahead with an asymmetrical bob

George Mayer/Shutterstock

Make the asymmetric-style bob your own with a twist like these ultra-long face-framing tendrils. Bonus: If you get sick of it, you can always snip it to the same length for a more classic look.

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19. Spiral Undercut Bob

Spiral undercut asymmetrical bob haircut on a woman looking ahead in a classroom as a side profile

Youyuenyong Budsawongkod/Shutterstock

The cut follows a perfect, downward slant in the back where the length transitions from short to long. The exposed area on the short side is shaved with clippers, giving this bob an edgy effect. 

20. Deep Ash Brown Graduated Bob

Deep Ash Brown Graduated Bob

Subbotina Anna/Shutterstock

This bob is both asymmetric and graduated, so you’re getting two trends in one when you rock it. Keep a longer piece in the front to mimic more length without the added weight of a full, longer side. 

21. Rocker Vibes

Rocker vibes asymmetrical bob hairstyle on a woman with a partly shaved head


Bring out the heavy eyeliner, metallic accents, and combat boots because this version of the asymmetric bob rocks! Shaved short on one side, a deep side part serves as the dividing line where the longer side begins. 

22. Sassy, Shaggy Lob

Sassy, Shaggy Lob on a woman with a busty chest and an open jean jacket

Lorraine Kourafas/Shutterstock

This shaggy, choppy haircut with lots of layers is roughly lob (long bob) length – chin-length on one side, collarbone length on the other. Short layers in the back create a boost in volume that would even be Karen-approved (not that you care about their approval). 

23. White Hot

Woman with a white hot asymmetrical bob haircut stands in a strappy black dress


Skip the platinum color if you’re not a fan of high-maintenance ‘dos, but don’t sleep on this asymmetric bob haircut! Softly layered, above-the-ear length on one side blends into a longer, chin-length on the other. It’s perfect for highlighting your best facial features. 

24. Dissymmetric Undercut Bob

Dissymmetric Undercut Bob

Yuliya Chsherbakova/Shutterstock

The back view of a non-symmetrical cut like this is so gorgeous! Up front, you’ll see the same differences in length. Here, the front hits just at the chin on the longer side and just above the ear on the shorter side. 

25. Chopped and Cropped

Chopped and Cropped asymmetrical bob haircut

Janez Volmajer/Shutterstock

Here’s an option that is perfect for ladies with straight hair who prefer to air dry and go. This easy style is layered harshly to create choppy, jagged lines that create an interesting, asymmetric shape. 

Things to Consider Before Getting an Asymmetric Bob

These haircuts are perfect for some, but they’re definitely not the right choice for everyone. Here’s what you should think about before hopping in the salon chair for an asymmetrical bob. 

  • Make sure this is the type of bob you want. Asymmetric bobs are so cute, but they’re not the only type of bob out there. Make sure this is the variety you want. Some people confuse inverted or A-line bobs (which are longer in the front than the back) with asymmetrical ones. Just be sure you know what you’re asking your stylist for.
  • Consider your usual part. The way you typically part your hair plays into how your bob should be cut. Make sure your stylist cuts your bob using the part you typically wear on a daily basis. If a stylist cuts your usually side-parted hair into a bob while it’s parted down the middle, one side will appear longer when you part it on the side later. 
  • Play around with different lengths. Don’t feel stuck with making one side ear-length and other side chin-length. The point of this type of bob is having a little fun with it! Maybe you’ll like the way a super-short (even shaved) side looks when contrasted with a much longer, collarbone-length side. Or maybe you prefer only a slight difference in length. Play around with a few lengths to see which look you like best.
  • Cut the shorter side to a length you could live with all over. It may be tempting to opt for a shaved or super-short length on one side, but the general rule is that you shouldn’t cut it to a length you can’t deal with all over. The reason is that if you get sick of the cut and want to go all one length again, you’ll have to make all your hair the same length as the shorter side. 
  • Avoid looking like a Karen. Unless you want to make retail workers give you the stink eye as soon as you enter an establishment, you’ll want to avoid any asymmetric bob that too closely resembles a Karen haircut. Steer clear of spikes in the back, avoid chunky highlights, and please don’t flat iron your bangs to be pin-straight. 

We hope you’ve gleaned some inspiration from our asymmetrical bob photo guide! Of all the different types of bobs, this is definitely one of our favorites. If you’ve been itching to try a new haircut and want something eye-catching and easy to style, the asymmetrical version of the bob may be just right for you. 

After all, if you get tired of the uneven look of this bob, you can always cut it all to the same length and start searching for your next unique ‘do. But we have a feeling you’re going to want to rock your asymmetrical cut for a long time.

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