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30 Haircuts for Round Faces (Women) for 2024

Looking for Women’s haircuts for round faces? You’re in the right place. We’ve rounded up 30 unique looks to help you slay your next brunch, job interview, date, or fun day. See the looks below.

Looking for Haircuts for Round Faced Women?

Getting a new haircut that you know looks amazing is the ultimate confidence boost for a woman. If you’re craving that newness and want to try something different, you’re already on the right track by looking for styles that are specifically tailored to your face shape. 

You might’ve already found that it’s hard to find haircuts for round faces women actually look good in 100% of the time. And what looks gorgeous on a hair model or on TikTok doesn’t always translate into real life as well as you’d like. After all, who has a professional stylist on hand and all that special lighting? 

Every now and then, you’ll find a cute cut that does appear to slim the face and give you more of an oval shape.  But as a fellow round-faced woman, I know firsthand that many of the so-called haircuts for round faces compiled in lists online are unflattering, unoriginal, and hopelessly out of style. No – you’re looking for a haircut that really puts in the work to make you look your best. 

You want a haircut that seems to sharpen your jawline, visually slims your face, and downplays the roundness of your sweet, cherubic cheeks. It needs to be either timelessly classic or fresh and enticingly on-trend. A tall order to fill? Not at all. 

This guide to haircuts for round faces has everything you’re looking for: Photos of different haircuts that work with, not against, your face shape, info on choosing cuts and styles tailored to round faces, and tips for choosing a new haircut you’ll actually love. 

We’ll start with a quick refresher on what round faces need in a haircut. Let’s get started! 

Round Face Characteristics

For a piece on haircuts for round faces women, a graphic showing various styles on a round faced woman


Before we dive into the haircuts that work best for round-faced women, the first order of business is making sure you truly have the round face shape. It can be easy to misidentify your face shape, especially if you don’t understand what proportions and characteristics make up a round face shape. 

In general, there are 4 basic face shapes that most people fit under: Round, oval, heart, and square.

Your face shape doesn’t mean your head is shaped like a perfect circle, oval, heart, or square. It just means your facial proportions (forehead, cheeks, face length and width, jawline, and chin) loosely create those general shapes. 

A true round face shape will have the following characteristics:

  • Facial width and length are roughly even
  • Cheekbones are the widest point on the face
  • Chin and jawline are softly rounded
  • Few sharp angles, more soft roundness

Selena Gomez, Emma Stone, and Mila Kunis all have a round face shape. So if you do have this face shape, you’re in good company!

Mila Kunis arrives at the premier of A Bad Mom's Christmas for a piece on haircuts for round faces women


It’s not uncommon for women with an oval or square face to mistakenly believe they have the round face shape. Like ovals, round faces don’t feature many sharp angles and have that characteristic, feminine softness. Like squares, round faces are about as wide as they are long. 

But what makes a round face truly unique from other face shapes is that the cheekbones – near the middle of the face – will be the widest point. Both the forehead and the jawline will be narrower than the cheekbones in women (and men) with round faces. 

Another thing that tends to confuse people about round faces is weight gain. If you’ve gained weight in your face as an oval, square, or heart face shape, you may notice that your cheeks have filled out and given you the characteristic round face appearance. 

Gaining weight when you have the oval, square, or heart face shape can change your face shape to be more rounded, but it’s not permanent. If you lose weight, your original face shape will become clear again. 

So what should you do if you have a weight-related round face when you’re usually an oval, square, or heart face shape? 

If you’ve put on a few pounds and your face looks decisively round now, adopt it as your temporary new face shape. Choosing haircuts and styles that work for round faces will still help you visually trim and slim your face, even if you’re an oval underneath your new roundness. 

Once you’re certain you have a round face shape, the next step to making the most of your features is choosing a flattering haircut that suits your face shape. If you’ve been wondering 

What haircut should I get?” – then this is the fun part! 

30 Haircuts for Round Faces Women Need to Try

Ladies, after wading through thousands of photos online, we’ve put together a master list of haircuts and styles that work specifically for round faces. These haircuts have special features that tailor, slim, lengthen, and sharpen round faces for the most flattering look. 

It’s all about playing up one of the round face’s best features (those striking cheekbones) while drawing attention away from the width of the face.

When you see what works and what doesn’t, you’ll have a better idea of how to wear your hair the most flattering way.  

Keep an eye out for the features you see a lot of – like side parts, volume on top, and side-swept bangs – and those you don’t see at all, like blunt bangs and sleek styles. We’ll talk more about the haircut features that suit round faces after you take a look at the best cuts for this face shape. 

Tumbling Short Curls

Tumbling short curls on a fair-skinned hipster woman for a piece on haircuts for round faces women

Wayhome Studio/Shutterstock

A short bob that hits above the chin in front is a great choice for round faces. Since the hair hits above the chin, it makes the face look lengthened by comparison. And the tumbling, voluminous curls on top bring additional height that gives the face a more lengthened oval shape.  

Long and Layered With Voluminous Middle Part

As a style on the best haircuts for round faces women, Long and Layered With Voluminous Middle Part

Wayhome Studio/Shutterstock

Middle parts are tricky for round-faced ladies. They’re super on-trend, but they can make a round face look wider by concealing your prized cheekbones. Get the best of both worlds by rocking your long, layered hair with a boost of volume along the part.

Keeping lots of volume on top balances your face shape. The volume boost along the center on top also helps guide your hair over to the sides rather than falling to the middle of your face. 

Medium-Length Inverted Lob

Medium-Length Inverted Lob, a featured hairstyle for round faces women

True Touch Lifestyle/Shutterstock

An inverted bob is such a trendy option for women with round faces. Inverted lobs (a long bob) are slightly longer in the front than in the back. Here, the hair hits around the collarbones and draws the eye downward. Keeping the cut sleek and straight ensures there’s no poofy volume on the sides to widen the face. 

Short Pixie Quiff

Short Pixie Quiff, a great haircut for women with round faces


Pixie cuts can be kind of scary for round-faced women. After all, how can you conceal facial width when your hair is cropped so short?

A pixie cut is more flattering on round faces when it’s paired with a high volume, layered quiff on top. It works for round faces because it draws the eye upward, and the additional height on top makes the face look longer. 

Shoulder-Length Bob With Side Part

Shoulder-Length Bob With Side Part as a featured haircut for round faces women

Anna Kraynova/Shutterstock

If you typically wear your hair in a center part, we encourage you to give a side part a try. This brings the attention to one side of your face, making it look narrower and shows off your cheekbones.

The shoulder length is particularly flattering for a longer bob. This is especially true if you have angular shoulders! 

Long and Layered With Side Part and Curled Ends

Long and Layered With Side Part and Curled Ends

Dmitry Lobanov/Shutterstock

Any woman with a round face shape can appreciate a long, layered haircut like this! Layers break up the shape of the cut, giving it more movement and lots of body. Curling the ends ensures you’re not adding too much body or width to the sides – just at the tips.  

Below-the-Chin Bob Parted on the Side

A featured haircut for round faced women featuring a Below-the-Chin Bob Parted on the Side


Round faces should avoid chin-length bobs, but one like this that hits just below the chin can be very flattering. It makes the face look a bit longer and more oval. The side part creates a nice angle downward across the side of the face, drawing the eye to the blunt-cut ends of the hair. 

Collarbone-Grazing Lob With Side Part

Collarbone-Grazing Lob With Side Part


A medium-length lob just hits the collarbones, which is ultra-flattering for a round face. A middle part can obscure those pretty cheekbones, so stick with a side part to keep the face open and show them off! 

Long With Barely-There Waves

Long With Barely-There Waves for a piece on short haircuts for round faces women

Wayhome Studio/Shutterstock

Long haircuts are definitely popular for women with round faces. If you style your long, unlayered hair with faint waves (use a curling wand and tug on the warm curls to create them), it’ll be a really flattering look.

The key: Don’t start the waves above your cheeks. Keeping the texture low draws the eye downward, highlighting your jawline rather than your cheeks.

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Short Crop With Side Bangs

Short Crop With Side Bangs, a featured haircut for women with round faces

Luis Molinero/Shutterstock

A cropped cut like this looks fresh and edgy, and we love the slight softness the rounded side-swept bangs give it.

Keep the softness balanced by bringing the crop in super-short at the ends with long layering in the sides and top. Your jawline and cheekbones will look more chiseled and angular next to the softly draped side-swept bangs. 

Wispy Ear-Length Bob With Split Bangs

Woman with a round face wearing a haircut titled Wispy Ear-Length Bob With Split Bangs

Anna Kraynova/Shutterstock

Here’s a unique yet trendy haircut for any round face! Lots of long layers keeps the ends of this bob nice and wispy with lots of movement.

The heavy bang works on round faces because they’re split open to let the forehead peek through. Since the bob hits above the chin, it lengthens the face for a slender look. 

Natural Curls With All-Around Volume

Natural Curls With All-Around Volume, a featured haircut for round faced women

Wayhome Studio/Shutterstock

You might’ve heard that too much volume on the sides is a bad thing for round faces, and on its own, it usually is. But when you also add volume to the top, the result is a slimmer-looking face that basks in your natural curls’ glory!

Remember the old phrase “As above, so below” here. As long as you add equal volume to the top (to visually lengthen the face), it’s okay to wear “big hair.” 

Shoulder-Grazing Medium Length With Wispy Fringe

Shoulder-Grazing Medium Length With Wispy Fringe


A full, heavy fringe would be too much for this medium-length haircut on a round face. It’s better to heavily point-cut the bangs to make them wispy and light with plenty of spaces for the forehead to show through.

You don’t want to completely eliminate the forehead on a round face with heavy bangs – it can make the face look even shorter and wider. 

Flipped-Out Side Bangs

Flipped-Out Side Bangs, a haircut for round faces women


Here’s a great, trendy haircut addition you can pair with almost any straight style for a look that flatters round faces. Side bangs draw the eye to the side of your face, highlighting your cheekbones and jawline for a more angular look.

Flipping out the ends is trendy and creates a little boost in width on the side. That’s usually a no-no for round faces, but it works here because that extra width makes the face look slimmer by comparison.  

Colorful Bob With Off-Center Part

Colorful Bob With Off-Center Part, a great style for round faced women

New Africa/Shutterstock

Hitting just beneath the chin and featuring a brilliant orange hue with blonde underdye, this edgy and trendy look was made for a round face! It checks all the boxes – lengthen and slim the face, sleek and straight on the sides to minimize facial width, and blunt ends that add an angular touch to counteract roundness.  

Voluminous Pixie Bob With Side-Swept Bangs

For a piece titled Haircuts for Round Faces Women, a Voluminous Pixie Bob With Side-Swept Bangs is pictured


Volume on top is a round-faced woman’s best friend in the hair world. Use texturizing or volumizing mousse to achieve more height at the crown and along your part with a short pixie bob like this. The side-swept bangs leave your cheekbones open to show off and slim your face magically.

Long With Center Part and Curly Ends

Long With Center Part and Curly Ends on a woman as a featured haircut for round faces women


If you like long haircuts best, opt for one with long layers like this. A stylist can slice these layers in to create more movement and keep the style from being too wide on the sides.

You could always go for a little more volume on top by using a root-lifting spray at the roots. The curled ends keep all the texture in the bottom third of the hair to ensure it doesn’t visually widen the face. 

Straight and Sleek With Off-Center Part

A haircut for round faces women featuring Straight and Sleek With Off-Center Part

Roman Samborskyi/Shutterstock

If you have pin-straight locks, you can rock an off-center part to move the focus to the side of your face and your cheekbones. The sleek, straight look keeps the sides from being too voluminous (read: widening).

And the long length gives you endless styling opportunities. Tuck your hair behind your ears to show off your cheekbones and accentuate your jaw. Curl the ends under for a sweet but trendy look. 

Long With Graduated Face-Framing Layers

Long With Graduated Face-Framing Layers


Face-framing layers can really do a lot for a round face. If you don’t want to go short with your length, you can still get the benefits of a shorter haircut by getting these staggered layers!

Start the layers around your shoulders to avoid making your face appear wider. Rock a center part as shown, but blast some root-lifting spray or mousse first to achieve a little more height on top. 

Ear-Length Bob With Bangs

Ear-Length Bob With Bangs, a featured haircut for round faces women

Look Studio/Shutterstock

One of the best haircut options for round faces is the classic ear-length bob. Hitting at or just below the ears leaves your jawline and chin exposed, making them look more angular and visually lengthening your face. The side bangs put your cheekbones front and center to add to the effect.

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Long With Short Layered Ends

Long With Short Layered Ends

Roman Samborskyi/Shutterstock

Short layers can be confusing – the hair is long, why are the layers considered short? These layers are cut closely together with a short distance between them, hence the name.

Here, short layering at the ends of the hair will make the cut feel lighter and give it more movement. The long hair with a side part is a classic, visually lengthening cut for round-faced women. 

Extreme Asymmetrical Bob With Underdye

Extreme Asymmetrical Bob With Underdye, a haircut for round faces women

Bangkok Click Studio/Shutterstock

We love a good asymmetrical bob, and it’s such a fitting look for a round face! It serves many purposes. It shows off the jawline on one side, making it look more chiseled.

It opens up the face to show the full length, making it look wider. And the vast length difference on each side keeps the eyes moving down to the ends of the hair, highlighting your neck, shoulders, and collarbones. 

Long Top Styled-Up Pixie

Long Top Styled-Up Pixie, a great haircut for women with round faces

Halay Alex/Shutterstock

A pixie cut featuring a longer-than-usual top is a great haircut for round faces. With extra length on top, you can create more slimming volume that visually lengthens your face.

The short length on the sides and back keeps the silhouette of the pixie cut slender and flattering. Choose a cut like this only if you’re willing to dedicate time to fully style your hair each morning! 

Wavy Lob With Off-Center Part

Wavy Lob With Off-Center Part for a piece on haircuts for round faced women


If you have natural waves or love to style your hair with waves, a long bob (lob) is a wonderful choice. Since the waves extend up to the cheek area (usually a bad idea for round faces), you need to make a few tweaks like the model above.

Keep the face-framing pieces long – no bangs with this style – and curl only the ends of those pieces. With an off-center part, you can keep those face-framing tendrils arranged in a loosely oval opening around your face to fake an oval face shape! 

Long Balayage With Mega Waves

Long Balayage With Mega Waves

Sofia Zhuravetc/Shutterstock

This beautifully balayaged (hand-painted hair color) look will definitely steal the spotlight and slim a round face. Huge, voluminous waves bring the attention downward below the chin. Where the face-framing pieces curve outward and open up, they make the width of the face look tiny by comparison. 

Layered Medium-Length With Wispy Fringe

Layered Medium-Length With Wispy Fringe, a haircut for round faces women

Lots of long layers make a medium-length style more lightweight and dynamic so it moves when you do. A zig-zag part creates extra volume and interest on top to draw the eye upward (which adds length to your face). The wispy bangs let your forehead show through to complete that oval appearance. 

Volume-Boosted Curly Crop

Volume-Boosted Curly Crop, a great haircut for round faces women

Viktoriia Hnatiuk/Shutterstock

With many features of the edgy pixie cut, this crop has additional length on top for more styling options and volume potential. Style the top in waves or loose curls to boost volume there. It will draw the eye upward and add a little length to the face for a more oval appearance.  

Sleek Inverted Bob With Side Part

A great haircut for round faces women, a Sleek Inverted Bob With Side Part

George Mayer/Shutterstock

Longer in the front than in the back, this angled or inverted bob creates that chiseled look for your jawline and helps chip away at the overall soft look a round face can have. Keep it sleek and straight to visually slim the face, then part it on the side to show off your cheekbones and jaw. 

Lob With Body-Boosted Ends

Lob With Body-Boosted Ends, a featured haircut for round faces women


Round faces don’t need to steer clear of volume – just keep it concentrated on top and below your cheeks to avoid making your face look rounder. Body-boosted, irregular waves at the ends of the hair gives this shoulder-length lob a casual and lived-in look that is so flattering. 

Asymmetrical Bob With Shaved Side

Asymmetrical Bob With Shaved Side on a woman in a red and black plaid shirt


This fun take on the asymmetrical bob is ultra-flattering for a round face thanks to the close-cropped, shaved side that contrasts with the longer hair on the other side. A side part is the best way to wear this cut, creating a nice downward angle across the face that draws the eye to your shoulders.

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Things to Consider

We tried to find haircuts for round faces women can actually envision themselves wearing. Before you get your face-flattering new cut, there are a few things that are important to keep in mind. 

Know the Worst Haircuts for Round Faces

While the “rules” for round faces we’ve stated here are accurate, the truth is that women with round faces can rock any haircut they like.

If you’ve got a good idea of the haircut you want to get, it can be helpful to first learn about the worst haircuts for round faces. If you can avoid these, you’re going to look fine with whatever cut you choose. 

Chin-Length With Blunt Bangs

Chin-Length With Blunt Bangs haircut, one of the worst for round faces


Heavy, blunt bangs that conceal the forehead make your face look shorter and wider. The chin length means the ends tuck under right at the roundest part of your face – the jawline and chin – which is not a flattering look for round-faced women. 

Voluminous Curls Around the Cheeks

For a piece on the best haircuts for round faces women, Voluminous Curls Around the Cheeks


Curls create body and volume, which should never be at the same level as your cheeks (unless there’s a ton of volume on top). This look is so close to working for a round face, but the curls start right at the cheek level and broaden the face. There’s not enough volume on top to counteract it. 

Sleek and Straight With Rounded Full Bangs

Sleek and Straight With Rounded Full Bangs, one of the worst haircuts for round faced women


This haircut could be cute on another face shape, but the rounded ends of the full, heavy bang here are so wrong for round faces. You want angles and edges, not more softness and round areas. The bangs create this round “window” that only widens the round face.

Voluminous Bowl Cut With Heavy Fringe

Voluminous Bowl Cut With Heavy Fringe, a bad haircut for women with round faces

Look Studio/Shutterstock

We said volume on top is a good thing for round faces and it is. But here, the volume is on top and on the sides, giving this bowl cut a bulbous look that is kryptonite for a round face. The heavy bang conceals the forehead as well, making the face look much shorter and wider. 

Chin-Length Bob With Center Part

Chin-Length Bob With Center Part

Serg Zastavkin/Shutterstock

Avoid chin-length anything when you have a round face, but especially a chin-length bob paired with a center part. It creates the effect of short curtains around the face that open widest at the widest part of a round face: The cheeks. This effect makes the face look more rounded and shorter. 

Be Honest With Yourself

When you’re excited about trying out a new look, you’ll tell yourself all kinds of lies.

  • “I’ll get up an hour earlier each morning to recreate this pretty style!”
  • “I’m going to go to the salon every 4 weeks to get this pixie cut trimmed.”
  • “I’m sure I won’t mind taming these long layers every day!” 

Be honest with yourself about what you’re truly willing to do once you get your new haircut. If it’s going to require more of you than your current ‘do, make sure you’re willing to put in the work to make it look nice. Otherwise, you’ll end up regretting your choice. 

Know When to Break the Rules

Some people see a round face as a problem that needs fixing. Others fully embrace this face shape and aren’t trying to hide it with haircuts that visually slim or lengthen the face. Find out which camp you’re in. 

If you like a haircut that is considered wrong for round faces, don’t necessarily let that stop you! If you’re okay with your face looking a little more rounded or full, you can wear any haircut you like. It’s okay to break these so-called “rules” if you’re truly in love with a certain cut or style.

You may as well enjoy it and wear your hair the way you like it best! We hope the haircuts and advice in this guide are helpful as you move toward finding your next look.

Follow the tips and recommendations to visually slim and lengthen a round face – or throw it all out the window and rely on your own opinion of what looks good on you. After all, you’re the only one that you should be aiming to please with your new haircut! 

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