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30 Trendy Short Bob Hairstyles for 2024

Considering a short bob for your next haircut? These trendy short cuts are universally flattering, easy to style, and lightweight. See 30 examples of cuts that are on-trend this season and find out if this cut is for you!

Considering a Short Bob Haircut?

Short bob haircuts are all the rage right now. Maybe it’s because we’re coming out of years of long-hair trends. It might have something to do with warmer weather on the horizon. Maybe we’re all just sick of styling lengthy manes every morning.

Whatever your reason, if you’re thinking about getting a short bob soon, you’re probably in need of a little inspiration. That’s exactly what you’ll find here in our short bob photo guide! We rounded up 30 of our favorite examples of short bobs across the spectrum.

Choppy, precise, casual, polished, creative, classic – no matter what kind of bob you’re looking for, chances are, you’ll find it here. So grab a comfy seat and get ready to screenshot your favorites. We’re going to look at a range of short bob haircuts that should be on your list before your next salon appointment! 

First, we’ll review what a short bob is (and what it isn’t). Then you’ll see dozens of gorgeous bobs that will inspire your next haircut. Finally, we’ll talk about the things you need to consider before getting a short bob haircut. Let’s get started! 

What Is a Short Bob?

Image titled Short Bob Haircuts... and showing 4 defining characteristics about them

A short bob is a general term that covers any haircut ranging from about ear-length to chin-length. Outside of the general length, there’s not much else short bobs all have in common. There’s a lot of variation among this type of haircut. 

You’ll see short bobs of all different types:

  • Graduated 
  • Stacked
  • Layered
  • Inverted
  • Asymmetrical
  • With or without bangs

The great thing about short bobs is that they can be a good fit for almost anyone. These universally flattering haircuts can be customized to suit your face shape, styling needs, and look preferences. There really is a short bob for everyone! 

You just have to find out which features you want in your short bob. The best way to do that? Looking at tons of inspo pics! Keep reading to see our best examples of short bobs that are on-trend and totally customizable to fit your preferences and needs. 

30 Trendy Short Bob Examples

Check out the variety of looks you can create with a short ear- to chin-length bob haircut. From precise and polished to wild and carefree, there’s a short bob that will perfectly suit you. Can you find yours on this list? 

1. Layered Curtain Bangs

Short bob haircut on a woman with curtain bangs in a grey shirt

Look Studio/Shutterstock

This short, chin-length bob is paired with trendy, brow-grazing curtain bangs to create more dimension and draw the focus to the eyes. Keep the bangs wispy and thin to avoid overshadowing your eyes!

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2. Curly Chin-Length Bob

Curly Chin-Length Short Bob Haircut on a smiling young and thin woman

Sofia Zhuravetc/Shutterstock

Big, voluminous curls provide lift and texture for a basic, chin-length bob. If you’re considering a bob without bangs, styles like this will keep the look interesting. 

3. Basic Tapered Bob

Basic tapered short bob haircut on an Asian woman in a red and black flannel shirt


Sleek, precise layering to taper the ends of your bob down is an answered prayer for thick-haired ladies. No more triangle hair! Opt for a middle part to open up the face and put your eyes front and center. 

4. Gentle Glamour Waves

Gentle glamour waves on a woman in red lip wearing a white shirt

Sofia Zhuravetc/Shutterstock

Loose, undone waves heighten the sense of glamour with this casual, chin-length bob. Soft layers along the length and slightly choppy ends keep the look from being overly polished. Don’t forget the red lippy!

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5. Ash Blonde Graduated Bob

Ash Blonde Graduated Short bob haircut worn by a thin blonde woman in a spaghetti strap cami


This short bob in a pretty ash blonde shade gets a boost from graduated layers that create more volume high up on the sides. This is a flattering effect if you have an oval or heart-shaped face. 

6. Point-Cut With Blunt Bangs

Short bob haircut titled Point-Cut With Blunt Bangs

Luba V Nel/Shutterstock

Point cutting at the ends keeps the line from being too precise without ruining the clean lines entirely. Full blunt bangs across the forehead pull the look together. 

7. Mushroomed Bob

Short bob haircut in the form of a mushroom on a woman in an orange sweater and white pants

Look Studio/Shutterstock

This throwback look is part vintage bowl cut, part chic bob, and completely adorable! If you’ve got a fuller hair texture or enough thickness to support it, go for this mushroomed-out bob with full, untapered ends. 

8. Straight With Extra Body

Straight With Extra Body short bob haircut on an Asian woman wearing a striped shirt and standing in a studio

Dragon Images/Shutterstock

Who says straight hair has to be worn sleek and flattened? We love the high-body look of this straight style. Use a round brush to blow dry for a bodacious style like this! 

9. Tapered Curly Bob

Woman wearing a Tapered Curly Short Bob Haircut and a jean jacket

Cookie Studio/Shutterstock

Natural curls always steal the show, but too much weight and bulk in the ends makes them flatten out. A cut with a little tapering at the ends keeps curls bouncy and lightweight!  

10. Stacked Ear-Length Bob

Stacked Ear-Length Bob on a woman in a comfy looking grey shirt

Stacking a bob with progressively shorter layers from the mid-shaft to the ends creates a little bump in volume. The shorter layers prop the longer layers up. This cute ear-length cut looks best on oval and square faces. Too much volume on the sides isn’t good for round or heart-shaped faces. 

11. Chaotically Cute Curls

Chaotically Cute Curl Short Bob Haircut worn by a sexy woman with an over-the-shoulder sweater


Lots of layers with natural curls can create a little chaos, with curls creating different shapes depending on where they’re cut along the strand (C-shape, S-shape, etc.). We love the effect of mismatched ends in a quirky, curly style like this! 

12. Layered With Volume on Top

Short bob haircut titled Layered With Volume on Top


This bob just reaches the jawline, which gives your face a streamlined and gentle chiseled effect. Concentrate on creating volume on top with the longest layers, making a deep side part and using a little hairspray to set the style.

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13. Chin-Length Messy Waves

Short bob with Chin-Length Messy Waves

Subbotina Anna/Shutterstock

Bobs and waves create a completely different look than a straight, sleek bob. We love how undone waves can give a cut a touch of wildness! Keep things somewhat symmetrical with a center part. 

14. Ultraviolet Blunt-Cut Bob

Ultraviolet Blunt Short Bob Haircut


Various shades of cool-toned purples and blues will have all eyes on you when you sport this short bob, but the precise blunt-cut ends are show-stoppers, too. For a creative twist, combine textures with curls on one side and sleek strands on the other. 

15. Vintage Twist

Vintage Twist Short Bob Haircut

Look Studio/Shutterstock

A modern cut with a vintage twist is always fun to wear! No bangs and full, untapered ends combined with big, voluminous curls give this bob (slightly longer than chin-length) a vintage look. 

16. Ear-Length Bob With Face-Framing Pieces

Ear-Length Bob With Face-Framing Pieces

Mazur Serhiy/Shutterstock

Longer face-framing pieces technically make this an asymmetrical bob (keep this in mind if you plan to ask your stylist for something similar). The length puts the focus on your cheekbones and jawline. 

17. Split-Bang Curly Bob

Split-Bang Short Curly Bob Haircut

Look Studio/Shutterstock

Split bangs are similar to trendy curtain bangs but leave the forehead a little more open. That’s perfect for ladies with a small forehead or those that find curtain bangs too occlusive! Rock natural or heat-styled curls with this layered bob for more volume. 

18. Full Curved Fringe

Full Curved Fringe short bob haircut on a woman with heavy eyeliner and eyeshadow

Luba V Nel/Shutterstock

You see a lot of bobs with blunt bangs, but we love the unexpected curve in this model’s full fringe! Tapered ends tailor the bob down to emphasize and accentuate her jawline.  

19. Platinum Waves

Short bob haircut with platinum waves on a woman in a busy city street with light flowing from behind her head

Look Studio/Shutterstock

Thin and fine hair can mimic extra volume with loose, beachy waves that help shape the hair. Keep the waves limited to the bang area if you want a slim silhouette. We love the side part in this style 

20. Angled and Asymmetrical

Angled and Asymmetrical short bob haircut

George Mayer/Shutterstock

Combining different types of bobs is always a fun way to create a unique look! Here, the model is sporting a bob that is half angled (inverted bob), half asymmetrical. It slants downward toward the face (angled) and is longer on one side than the other (asymmetrical). 

21. Chin-Length Tucked Bob

Chin-Length Tucked Short Bob Haircut

Look Studio/Shutterstock

Is there a more 90s look than a middle part with the front tucked behind your ears? This sweet-and-innocent look is unlayered, no-fuss, and easy to style, but far from boring! 

22. Precision-Cut Chin-Length Bob

Side profile of a woman with a short bob haircut in a cape looking straight ahead from a salon chair

Michelle Aleksa/Shutterstock

Precision in the ends of the hair requires a little more maintenance, but if you like the clean lines, it’s worth it! Make sure to have your stylist cut your bob while your hair is parted as you normally do. 

23. Point-Cut With Side Bangs

Point-Cut Short Bob Hairstyle With Side Bangs

George Mayer/Shutterstock

Ladies with straight hair can appreciate a sleek style like this. Point-cutting along the ends keeps things slightly jagged without looking messy, and a nice side-swept bang breaks up the length. 

24. Bubblegum Stacked Bob

Bubblegum Stacked Short Bob Haircut in pink on a woman in a black shirt

Michelle Aleksa/Shutterstock

Lovers of pink will really appreciate this ear-length, stacked and layered bob. It’s just right for thin or fine hair that needs a boost in volume thanks to the gradual layers that prop the hair up around the back and sides. 

25. Windblown Casual Bob

Windblown Casual Short Bob haircut on a thin and serious woman in a lightbox

Alena Gerasimova/Shutterstock

Like casual, no-fuss looks? If your hair has a little natural wavy or curly texture, this air-dry-friendly cut will be perfect for you! There are lots of choppy layers along the length to keep things full of movement and variation. Long side bangs, slightly feathered back, frame the face.

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26. Retro Glam

Retro glam short bob haircut on a woman in a white lace dress

Volodymyr Tverdokhlib/Shutterstock

This short bob gives off major retro vibes thanks to big, spiral curls, Marilyn Monroe-esque bangs, and a uniform length just above the shoulders. Keep your eye makeup simple with bold eyeliner and a pop of red for your lips to nail this look! 

27. Dip-Dyed Asymmetrical Bob

Dip-Dyed Asymmetrical Short Bob Haircut


The dip-dyed look gives a cool, experimental look to a precisely-cut, sleek bob in a unique and asymmetrical shape. Since you won’t actually wear the hair over your eyes, you can rock a deep side part or middle part to open up your face. 

28. Pixie Bob With Side-Swept Bangs

Pixie Bob With Side-Swept Bangs

Amir Kaljikovic/Shutterstock

Pixie bobs are growing in popularity because they’re not quite as short as pixie cuts and don’t require as much commitment, but they are almost as low-maintenance. 

29. Softly Layered Bubble Bob

Softly Layered Bubble Bob


This pretty, softly layered bob is ear-length for easy styling and features long side bangs that sweep across the face. The layers graduate from longest to shortest along the length and create a very slight “bubble” effect around the top of the head for a volume boost.  

30. Side-Swept Ear-Length Crop

Side-Swept Ear-Length Crop

Nataliia Melnychuk/Shutterstock

Thick hair beautifully brushed over to the side keeps the face open and shows off your hair’s texture. Rock this style with straight, wavy, or curly hair and set with hairspray to keep it out of your face. 

Things to Consider

Before you settle on a short bob for your next haircut, you’ll want to make sure this really is the style for you. Often, we don’t consider the potential downsides of a haircut until it’s too late! Avoid any haircut regret by considering the following before you get this type of cut. 

  • It takes a while to grow out. If you end up disliking the short length of this haircut, it’s going to take a while to grow it back out. Hair grows at a rate of about half an inch per month, so if you’re growing out a shorter bob, it could take years to reach your previous length. Knowing this upfront is essential! 
  • Make sure it will flatter your face shape. Short bobs can flatter every face shape, but for round and square faces in particular, you have to be careful to choose the right type of bob. Stacked or graduated bobs with layers that add volume to the sides can make round and square faces look wider. Opt for sleeker short styles if you have a round or square face shape. 
  • You can’t “hide” behind a short haircut. Long hairstyles can act as a sort of security blanket, especially if you’ve been rocking longer styles for years. Once you get a short cut like a bob, there’s no more “hiding” behind your hair – and this can take a little time to get used to. 
  • Certain styles won’t work. If you’re super active or regularly pull your hair up, getting a short haircut like an ear-length bob can pose a problem. Headbands and clips work to keep hair out of your eyes when it’s too short to pull up, but for sports like swimming or intense exercise, these options may not work as well as a ponytail. Keep this in mind before you commit! 
  • Shorter length intensifies waves and curls. If you have naturally wavy or curly hair, getting a shorter haircut will intensify the wave or curl pattern as the hair becomes more lightweight. Your curls could end up more like tight ringlets and your loose, casual waves could more closely resemble curls without the weight of longer strands pulling them down. Talk to your stylist if you think this could be an issue for you. 

It may seem like there are a lot of potential downsides to getting a short bob, but in reality, this is one of the most popular and forgiving haircuts for women. If you like the idea of going shorter but aren’t quite ready for something as short as a pixie cut or crop just yet, a short bob is going to be ideal. 

The key is having a trustworthy stylist that can consult with you about your next haircut. If you think you want a bob that is ear-length to chin-length, let your stylist know any of your concerns and preferences before it’s time to cut.

They’ll be able to customize the haircut you want to best suit your face shape and features. Don’t forget to bring your stylist screenshots of your favorite examples! Photos help a stylist clearly see the look you’re going for without requiring you to exactly describe what you want.

Since short-length bobs vary so much, being able to point to specifics and say, “This is exactly what I want” will ensure you walk out with the haircut you’re dreaming of.

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