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30 Elegant Bob With Bangs Hairstyles for 2024

Is there a better wash and go style than a bob with bangs? We think not. Find dozens of photos showcasing this timeless hairstyle in our photo guide!  We’ll show you styles we love and give you a few things to consider.

Considering a Bob With Bangs?

Bob with bangs explainer image on a tan background with key attributes of the style on the left

Bob haircuts are everywhere right now. It’s one of our favorite ways to transition your hair into a new season and make a fresh start with your mane. Bangs make every bob better. From swooped, side-swept bangs to a heavy, blunt bang, there are tons of looks you can create with the right style of bang and a bob haircut. 

If you’re considering getting a bob with bangs, you have so many options in front of you! You’ll need to think about the length of bob you want, the overall shape you like, and how your new bangs will fit into the style. 

Choosing the right kind of bob with bangs is key. Certain styles and lengths will be extremely flattering for your face shape and features. Others will downplay your best features and put the spotlight on those you’d rather hide. That’s what you want to avoid! 

Seeing plenty of inspiration pics and examples is the first step to finding the perfect bob + bang combo for you. 

We’ll start with a quick explanation of what a bob with bangs is. Then, you’ll see 30 examples of beautiful bob/bang looks to consider. Finally, we’ll show you which combos look best on each face shape and cover things you should consider before committing to this haircut. Let’s go!

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What Is a Bob With Bangs?

A bob with bangs is a haircut anywhere from ear-length (short bobs) to chin-length that features some type of fringe or bang. Lobs (long bobs) with bangs are also popular right now. Lobs with bangs can range in length from slightly below the chin down to the shoulders. 

The nice thing about this type of haircut is that it’s a very balanced look. With the length on the short side, cutting bangs into a bob haircut creates another level of length and keeps the cut from looking too one-dimensional or basic. 

Blunt bangs are especially popular with bobs, but that’s not your only option for bangs. There are several types of bangs that look great with a bob, including: 

  • Wispy or thick side-swept bangs
  • Wispy or heavy blunt bangs
  • Curtain bangs
  • Split bangs
  • Long bangs
  • Micro-bangs
  • Asymmetrical bangs
  • Face-framing tendrils

If you choose a softer style of bangs, like wispy curtain bangs or just a few face-framing tendrils, the bangs don’t necessarily have to be part of your everyday look. You can decide when you want to pull your bangs down and make them center stage. 

For bolder bangs, like a heavy, full fringe that covers the forehead, they’re going to be part of your everyday look. So make sure this is the look you want before you make the first snip, or ask your stylist for bangs like these! 

Let’s take a look at the best examples of bobs with bangs. 

30 Photos That Make Us Want a Bob with Bangs

If you didn’t want to try a new haircut already, you’re going to want to after seeing these gorgeous examples of bob haircuts with bangs! Check out how versatile this look can be. 

1. Bold and Bright Copper Bob

Bold and Bright Copper Bob With Bangs on a fair-skinned woman

George Mayer/Shutterstock

Striking golden copper color is the perfect backdrop for a simple but pretty bob with bangs. Short layering at the ends adds a little fullness while precision-cut blunt bangs frame the face. 

2. Tapered Bob With Side Bangs

Pretty thin woman with Tapered Bob With Side Bangs

Amelia Fox/Shutterstock

If you have thick hair, tapering your bob to take some weight out of the ends will give it more movement and a casual vibe. Finish with a curling iron to create tousled curls that go perfectly with a heavy side bang. 

3. Blunt Bangs With Sliced Layers

Blunt Bob With Bangs With Sliced Layers

Victoria Chudinova/Shutterstock

The slicing layering technique removes bulk and volume without creating lots of choppy, uneven ends. That’s perfect for this crisp and polished cut with blunt bangs! 

4. Shag Bob With Brow-Grazing Bangs

Shag Bob With Brow-Grazing Bangs


A choppy, shaggy cut with lots of long layers creates much-needed volume and texture for straight-haired ladies. It’s a beautiful wash-and-go cut for wavy hair, too! 

5. Mini Bob With Wide Bangs

Mini Bob With Wide Bangs


Cutting your bangs wider than your forehead is a unique look that pairs well with this short, pin-straight mini bob. Keep the bangs above the eyebrow level to nail the modern vibe. 

6. Blunt-Cut Bob With Heavy Bangs

Blunt-Cut Bob With Heavy Bangs


If wispy bangs aren’t “cutting” it for you, opt for a fuller, heavier bang that gently curves at the edges for a smooth transition. This is definitely a look for thick-haired ladies. 

7. Curly Bob With Short Bangs

Curly Bob With Short Bangs

Roquillo Tebar/Shutterstock

Tame your curls with a haircut that enhances and defines them. Tapering around the edges of the cut gives it a nice shape. With bangs, you can finally stop fighting to wrangle the curls up front and let them do their thing! 

8. Tapered Chin-Length Bob With Side Bangs

Tapered Chin-Length Bob With Side Bangs

Cookie Studio/Shutterstock

This bob is tapered with short layers that shape it, so the longest hair is in the back, not on your face. The slanting shape of side bangs is flattering on most people, and at this length, you can even tuck them behind your ears for a different look. 

9. Triangle Bob With Full Bangs

Triangle Bob With Full Bangs


This bob has a slightly triangular shape due to short layering at the ends combined with thick hair. To balance the look, you’ll need a full, heavy bang that lays across the forehead. 

10. Shag Bob With Micro-Bangs

Shag Bob With Micro-Bangs


Ultra-short micro-bangs lend a modern edge to any look. We especially love how the short bangs contrast with a longer, just-past-the-chin wavy bob. The pink highlights are just a bonus!  

11. Long Curtain Bangs

Long Curtain Bangs on a woman in a white crop-top for a piece on bob with bangs

Victoria Chudinova/Shutterstock

Since this bob extends past the chin, it’s considered a long bob (lob). This is a great option if you’re not sold on going short just yet and want to rock the curtain bang trend without committing to a shorter cheekbone length. 

12. Shoulder-Length Lob With Face-Framing Bangs

Shoulder-Length Lob With Face-Framing Bangs


You don’t have to commit to full bangs if you’re not sure they’re for you. Start with a shoulder-length long bob and have your stylist slice a few layers into the front to create face-framing tendrils you can pull down. 

13. Wispy Bangs With Flipped Out Ends

Bob With Bangs With Wispy Flipped-Out Ends


We’re flipping out over this pretty haircut! A long bob (just above shoulder-length) with short layers and wispy fringe across the forehead looks great when you use a small-barreled curling iron to curl the ends up. 

14. Razored Bob With Swooped Bangs

Razored Bob With Swooped Bangs


A heavily-razored chin-length bob feels weightless and has tons of movement thanks to the layering. Long side bangs are the best to create that signature swoop shape. Blow-dry your bangs in the opposite direction you want them to lay for the best shape. 

15. Coily Bob With Brow-Grazing Bangs

Coily Bob With Brow-Grazing Bangs

Cookie Studio/Shutterstock

Coily hair may not create the usual bob shape, but this is such a gorgeous cut for this intensely curly hair type. Long layers that don’t disrupt the curl pattern remove some of the weight from the hair for bouncy ringlets. 

16. Wine Red With Blunt Bangs

Wine Red Bob With Blunt Bangs

Maples Images/Shutterstock

A deep and dimensional merlot color really takes this basic chin-length bob with blunt bangs over the top! A thick, full fringe works best with this cut.  

17. Layered Bob With Straight Curtain Bangs

Layered Bob With Straight Curtain Bangs

Cookie Studio/Shutterstock

Straightened curtain bangs create a completely different look than curtain bangs with a slight bend. We love how they hang on the edges of the face to draw the eye toward your best features. 

18. Curly Balayage Bob With Long Bangs

Curly Balayage Bob With Long Bangs

Cookie Studio/Shutterstock

We love this look for curly girls who don’t always want their bangs hanging in their face. Keeping your bangs a little longer means you can allow them to curl up and “hang out” with the rest of your hair pushed over to the side. Pull them down for a different look. 

19. Graduated Long Bob With Full Fringe

Graduated Long Bob With Full Fringe


Graduated layers that begin at the chin encourage the hair to naturally tuck under for an easy out-the-door look without heat styling. A full but piece-y fringe sets the look off! 

20. Rounded Bob With Side-Swept Bangs

Graduated Long Bob With Full Fringe for a piece on bob with bangs


Rounded bobs are tapered and layered to remove weight from the ends. The soft shape is flattering on any face shape, and with slanted side bangs, it’s a 10/10 look. 

21. Chin-Length Bob With Wispy Curtain Bangs

Chin-Length Bob With Wispy Curtain Bangs

Cookie Studio/Shutterstock

Try the curtain bang trend without cutting too much hair by keeping the pieces small and wispy. They’ll grow out quickly if you decide you don’t like them! 

22. Tucked Bob With Split Fringe

Featured style for a piece on bob with bangs featuring Tucked Bob With Split Fringe


Split fringe à la Brigitte Bardot gives a feminine and flirty touch to an otherwise simple and classic haircut. This style works best if you have thick, full hair.  

23. Curly Chin-Length Bob With Short Bangs

Curly Chin-Length Bob With Short Bangs

Cookie Studio/Shutterstock

Here’s a gorgeous look for naturally curly hair! Tip: If you want your bangs to fall mid-forehead, cut them while they’re wet to the eyebrow level. When your curls dry, they’ll shrink up a bit. 

24. Casual Lob With Curtain Bangs

Casual Lob With Curtain Bangs

Dean Drobot/Shutterstock

This is an on-trend look that we don’t see going away anytime soon. Rock a longer bob with lots of layers and curtain bangs styled away from the face to recreate the look! 

25. Midi Bob With Feathered Fringe

Featured style for a piece on Bobs with bangs titled Midi Bob With Feathered Fringe

Sarah Cheriton-Jones/Shutterstock

This midi-length bob is somewhere between a bob and a lob – perfect when you can’t decide how short to go! Add in some longer bangs that lay across the forehead and feather them back for a 70s inspired twist. 

26. Lob With Cheekbone-Length Bangs

Lob With Cheekbone-Length Bangs on a woman standing in front of a pink background in overalls

Wayhome Studio/Shutterstock

This is the best look when you’re growing out bangs or want to start with long bangs you can tuck behind your ears. Sliced layers at the ends give the cut a little shape. 

27. Chin-Length Bob With Razored Side Bangs

Chin-Length Bob With Razored Side Bangs


Razored side bangs start off very short on one side and gradually increase in length as they slant across the forehead. With a thinned-out chin-length bob, it creates a youthful, edgy vibe.

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28. Precision Bangs With Messy Bob

Precision Bangs With Messy Bob

George Mayer/Shutterstock

This look is a study in contrast! Carefully cut, perfectly straight blunt bangs balance the tousled, messy-on-purpose style in the rest of the hair. 

29. Air-Dry Friendly Curly Bob

Air-Dry Friendly Curly Bob with bangs


If you have a great curl routine and don’t like to heat-style your hair, you need a wash-and-go cut with layers in all the right places. Opt for a short, ear-length bob with wispy pieces cut to the eyebrow level for an easy look that doesn’t need lots of product or styling. 

30. Layered Bob With Razored Bangs

Layered Bob With Razored Bangs


If you want your bangs to transition into a heavily layered bob, have your stylist use a razor to create jagged, long layers. Style the bangs to the side without swooping to nail the edgy look. 

Choosing a Bob With Bangs for Your Face Shape 

The length and shape of your bob, along with the type of bangs you choose, is important. Your face shape, whether it’s oval, round, square, or heart, is going to look best with a specific type of bob and fringe. 

If you get the wrong type, the look won’t be flattering and could draw attention to features you don’t want to highlight. Here’s how to choose the right bob and bang combo for your face shape. 

Oval Face

Oval face shapes are symmetrical and balanced, so you can pretty much wear any type of bob with bangs. You may want to stay away from lobs that hit below the chin as these styles can visually lengthen your face and make it look oblong.

Opt for bangs that leave your forehead uncovered if you’d like to show off your balanced oval face shape! The most important thing to keep in mind for oval-faced ladies is choosing the type of bangs that you like the best and will find easy to style each day.  

Round Face

Round faces are about as wide as they are long, creating a roughly circular shape. This means you need to choose haircuts and bangs that help you create the illusion of a longer (read: slimmer) face. 

Steer clear of ear-length bobs and opt for lengths that hit at the chin or lower. Chin-length bobs and lobs are perfect for round faces. 

For bangs, don’t get anything too precise with perfectly straight lines (like straight-across blunt bangs). You want jagged or piece-y edges to break up the line and visually lengthen your face.  

Square Face

Square faces have a lot in common with round faces. But they feature a strong, angular jawline that can look boxy with the wrong bob and bang combination. The key to choosing the right combo for a square face is softening the face shape with loose texture and no straight lines. 

Avoid bobs that hit right at the chin, which will only accentuate a strong jaw and make it look more angular. Instead, choose an ear-length bob or a longer, shoulder-length lob to keep the shape softened. 

A split bang, which is like a short version of curtain bangs, is a great option for square faces. Long curtain bangs look great with this face shape. So do side-swept bangs that slant or swoop across the forehead. Avoid precise, blunt bangs with this face shape. 

Heart Face

Heart faces are narrowest at the chin and widest at the forehead, making balance a challenge for this face shape. Since most of your facial width is up top, you want to focus on keeping things soft and wispy in the bang area while focusing the volume of the bob lower. 

This means chin-length bobs and lobs are perfect for heart-shaped faces. Layering can help you achieve a boost in volume around the narrow chin and jaw. 

Bangs for heart-shaped faces should be wispy and light, never completely blocking the forehead. This means blunt bangs and full fringes are out. Instead, opt for wispy, side-swept bangs, curtain bangs, split fringe, or face-framing tendrils. 

We hope you’ve found some great inspiration photos that help you narrow down the type of haircut you want to try next. After reading through the advice for choosing the best bob with bangs for your face shape, you now know which examples on this list would work for you. 

Bobs with bangs are such a versatile look. You might discover that this is the one haircut you’ll never get bored with – there’s always another length, type of bangs, and layering technique to try!

Click for Frequently Asked Questions

Do bangs look good with a bob?

A bob with bangs is a good look for just about every person. You can tailor the style to fit any face shape and hair type. For example, try long side-swept bangs if you have a round face. If you have a square face, go for blunt or softly angled bangs. You can also change the length and fringe of the bangs to fit your face perfectly.

Are bobs still in style 2021?

For many years, Bobs have been a popular hairstyle, and they are still stylish in 2021. There are many different types of bobs, including the blunt bob, the layered bob, and the inverted bob. You can choose the one that best suits your personality, hair type, and face shape.

How do you style bobs with bangs?

The bangs can be styled with a center part, parted to the side, half up/half down for versatility. When blow-drying your hair, use a round brush to style the bangs and give them some volume. You can also use a curling iron or flat iron to add waves or curls.

Do bangs make you look younger?

Many people think bangs make you look younger because they cover up a forehead that may have wrinkles. Bangs can also soften the face and make you look more youthful. If you have a rounder face, bangs can make you look younger. People with bob haircuts often choose to have bangs for this reason.

Are bangs in for 2021?

Bangs will not be out of style anytime soon because they are a classic look, with many celebrities still wearing this style. The long, side-swept fringe has been a popular hairstyle for decades. The look is low maintenance and can be styled to suit any face shape by cutting and shaping the bangs.

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