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30 Gorgeous Layered Haircuts We Love in 2024

Looking for layered haircuts? Look no further than our complete guide. We’ve rounded up 30 of the hottest styles to inspire your next cut. Be sure to read all the way until the end so you don’t miss a style.

Why Consider Layered Haircuts?

Layered haircuts have changed a lot over the last few years. Modern layered hairstyles are worlds away from the coarse, choppy layers of the early 2000s.

Today, layers are softer, better blended, and cut to maximize the hair’s movement and bounce. 

Adding layers to your haircut can change your look entirely (in a good way). They give you the ability to truly customize a hairstyle or cut it to perfectly suit your face shape.

You can also tweak your layers to better fit the styles you turn to most often, like ponytails or braids. If blunt, precise styles aren’t for you (too much maintenance and upkeep!), you need to opt for a layered look.

Long vs Short Layers

Before you start checking out layered haircuts you like, you need to decide if you’re going to opt for short layers or long layers. 

  • Short layers: Layers cut close together with a short distance between them; used to “stack” the hair or create volume
  • Long layers: Layers cut farther apart with a longer distance between them; used to thin out the ends or reduce volume and popular for wavy hairstyles 

Short layers are best for styles where you want the ends to flare out a bit. Because they’re cut so close together, the shorter layers toward the top “sit” on top of the lower layers and create a stacked effect.

They’re often used for face-framing layers to create that flared-out effect below the chin. Short layers are great for creating volume and thickening up areas where you want a little more bulk.

For example, if you have very thin ends, short layers can make them look much thicker and more voluminous. And short layers are a perfect match for any type of bob

Long layers are best for sleeker or flowing hairstyles, such as long, straight locks or wavy lobs. Long layers can help you achieve more of those pretty blowout-style “swoops” in straight hair (sometimes called waterfall layers).

They also help create more dramatic waves or curls because they vary the length of each one. Unlike short layers, long layers can actually reduce the amount of volume in specific sections of hair.

If you have ultra-thick hair and you’re cutting it shorter, you’ll probably want your stylist to slice some long layers in to keep the ends from getting poofy. 

30 Layered Haircuts We’re Obsessed With

Obsessed is an understatement. Here are the layered styles we love right now. Which one do you have your eye on?

1. Soft Layered Pixie Cut

Model with a Soft Layered Pixie Cut for a piece on layered haircuts

Eugenia Porechenskaya/Shutterstock

Blended long layers like this can really soften a style like the classic pixie cut. Leave the top long and have your stylist add long, blended layers to remove bulk and keep the style soft and sleek.

2. Short Layered Lob

Woman rocking a Short Layered Lob haircut standing away from the camera

Alena Ozerova/Shutterstock

Layered lobs are so popular right now! Short layers add a little oomph to the ends for a lush, medium-length style with plenty of movement.

3. Cascading Relaxed Layers

Cascading Relaxed Layered haircut on an Afro-American woman


If you’re a fan of a good hair blowout, you need to get these cascading waterfall layers! They are the perfect complement to any long hairstyle, and a blowout really makes these sweeping layers stand out.

4. Long Cut With Short Layers

Long Cut With Short Layers for a piece on layered haircuts

Petar Djordjevic/Shutterstock

Want your hair to look as thick and lush as possible? Ask your stylist to cut short layers into the ends of your long hair. It stacks the ends in a way that makes them look super healthy and thick.

5. Bob With Sweeping Layers

Bob With Sweeping Layers

Dmytro Flisak/Shutterstock

Sweeping long layers fall into a swoop shape and remove excess bulk from hair. For a short style like this bob, it keeps the overall shape sleek and polished.

6. Ultra-Long Waterfall Layers

Young woman with Ultra-Long Waterfall Layers

Volodymyr TVERDOKHLIB/Shutterstock

Super-long locks need layers to keep from being too heavy. Long waterfall layers give this cut a ton of movement and make it more lightweight.

7. Blended Midi Lilac Layers

Blended Midi Lilac Layers

Daniela Collins/Shutterstock

Midi-length hair – somewhere between medium and long – is very in. Add a pop of icy lilac color and beautifully blended long layers for the perfect layered cut.

8. Long With Short Face-Framing Layers

Long With Short Face-Framing Layers


The early 2000s brought us the look, but we love the new and improved version. Concentrating the layers just around the face creates those cute little flare-outs at the ends – and who doesn’t love a throwback?

9. Wavy Lob With Short Layers

Wavy Lob With Short Layers as a featured style for a piece on layered hairstyles

Mark Nazh/Shutterstock

Vivid pink steals the show, but short layers snipped into the style add a boost of volume that literally props up the waves. If you struggle with fine or thin hair, this is a great layered haircut to choose.

10. Long Layered Curly Lob

Long Layered Curly Lob


Long layers translate into additional voluminous curls. A shoulder-length lob keeps the curls lightweight and bouncy to add to the lifted effect.

11. Perfectly Blended Long Layers

Perfectly Blended Long Layers


Long, straight locks can look messy or badly cut with choppy layers. Long, well-blended layers are the way to go with sleek tresses like this!

12. 70s Shag Layers

70s Shag Layer haircut on a slightly Asian woman with her hair blowing in the wind

Konstantin Chagin/Shutterstock

Shag layers can work on any hair length, but we like how they contrast with longer haircuts the best. Shag layers are ultra-short at the top and progressively get longer toward the ends for plenty of texture.

13. Long Face-Framing Layers

Long Face-Framing Layers


While short face-framing layers create those flared-out ends, long layers in the front are more casual and blend in better with the rest of the hair. They create the perfect waves!

14. Short Blunt Layers on Long Hair

Short Blunt Layers on Long Hair

Dima Aslanian/Shutterstock

Short, blunt layers add thickness to the ends of any length hairstyle. It works well on this gorgeous brunette with blonde balayage.

15. Micro-Bob With Short Layers

Micro-Bob With Short Layered haircut

Daniele Collins/Shutterstock

A cool, ultraviolet purple frames super-short layers cut into the ends of this micro-bob for a thickening effect. Even if you forgo the color, this is a polished and fashion-forward look.

16. Long Layered Waves

Long Layered Waves on a woman for a piece on layered haircuts


Long hair and long layers are a match made in hair heaven. Add this gorgeous, dimensional auburn color to the mix, and it is perfection.

17. V-Cut With Layers

V-Cut With Layers on a woman standing in a black shirt

Shumskaya Tatiana/Shutterstock

The V-cut comes to a point when the hair is gathered at the back, making it a super lightweight long style. Add in long layers to remove bulk from the ends. 

18. Auburn Balayage With Midi Layers

Auburn Balayage With Midi Layers

Anne Richard/Shutterstock

We love the gorgeous color gradient in this auburn balayage and how the placement of the midi (medium-long) layers accentuates it. Add curls to put these midi layers in the spotlight!

19. Long Layers and Curtain Bangs

As a featured style for a piece on layered haircuts, Long Layers and Curtain Bangs


Long layers can actually be short, as pictured here – it’s the length between each layer that makes them considered “long.” This style is perfect for growing out bangs in a flattering way.

20. Boho Wavy Layers

Boho Wavy Layers, inspiration for a piece on layered haircuts

Volodymyr Tverdokhlib/Shutterstock

One of the fun things about layers is that they can work with polished, neat styles or tousled, messy styles equally well. Check out the dimension long layers add to these long boho waves!

21. Marilyn Monroe Layers

Marilyn Monroe Layers on a Japanese woman

Wear It Out/Shutterstock

Get your daily dose of glam with layers like Marilyn’s. These long layers create the perfect contrast with a short haircut and bouncy, big curls.

22. Twisted Bob With Short Layers

Twisted Bob With Short Layers


These deconstructed twists in the hair highlight short, choppy layers at the ends of the hair. These short layers add a boost of volume to the ends, so it’s perfect for fine or thin hair. 

23. Perfect Ponytail Layers

As a layered haircut inspo, a woman with Perfect Ponytail Layers as viewed from the back


Long layers turn any ponytail from boring to breathtaking. They add so much visual interest with the gradually longer tips of the hair flowing down!

24. Long Layered Pixie

Lady with a Long Layered Pixie in a strappy black dress


Leaving some extra length on top with a pixie cut gives you a lot more styling possibilities. This long-top pixie has long layers cut in to thin out the ends and make the style sleeker.

25. Double Layered Cut

Blonde woman with a Double Layered Cut holding her cheek


Double layers – both short and long – create a cool visual effect and the illusion of more thickness and volume. This is perfect for fine or thin hair that needs a boost!

The short layers are done in the front on the face-framing pieces. Long layers are cut into the rest of the hair.

26. Bob With Long Layers

Bob With Long Layers on a woman smiling with shorter hair

Konstantin Chagin/Shutterstock

Keep your bob lightweight and full of movement with long layers cut in. It creates the illusion of thinner hair at the ends, perfect for a swing-y bob like this.

27. Balayage Blended Long Layers

Balayage Blended Long Layered haircut

Welly Saikat/Shutterstock

Long layers are the right complement for this long, brunette balayage look. The layers are carefully sliced in and blended seamlessly into the style.

28. Wispy Layered Ends

Wispy Layered Ends on a woman walking in a street with bright blonde hair

Dima Alsanian/Shutterstock

Wispy long layers in the tips of the hair keep the ends lightweight and free-flowing. That’s perfect for longer cuts like this, which can feel heavy or lose movement due to the thickness of the ends.

29. Lob With Long Layers

Lob With Long Layers on a woman with red lip

Anne Richard/Shutterstock

You know now that long layers remove bulk from hair, which is exactly what this cute brunette lob needed at the ends. Long layers keep the cut sleek and lightweight.

30. Short Flared Layers and Blunt Bangs

Short Flared Layers and Blunt Bangs


Short layers will flare out like this if there’s a trace of bend or curl in your hair. If you like the look, set it off with precise blunt bangs that frame the face.

The Dos and Don’ts of Layered Haircuts

There are definitely right and wrong ways to wear layered haircuts. We’ll guide you through the dos and don’ts of layered haircuts, so you end up with the most flattering style! 

  • DO opt for short layers if you have fine or thin hair. Short layers add bulk to the ends to make even baby-fine or thinning hair appear thick and lush. 
  • DO get a few face-framing layers if you’re not a fan of the all-over layered look. Short face-framing layers tend to flare out, creating a curve under the chin. Long face-framing layers are more subtle and perfect for pulling a piece or two down when you wear your hair up. 
  • DO choose long layers if you have thick or curly hair. Long layers remove bulk from your hair to make it more lightweight and give it more movement. 
  • DON’T make the mistake of cutting layers yourself. Blending layers so they don’t look accidental or choppy takes skill and the right tools. Leave it to your stylist! 
  • DON’T avoid trims after getting layers. As layers grow out, the layered sections may grow at different rates, messing with the overall balance of your haircut. Expect to need a trim within 6-8 weeks after your layered haircut. 
  • DON’T forget that layers affect the way different hairstyles will work on your hair. Buns, braids, ponytails, curls, and waves will all look slightly different once you get layers. Expect that braids and buns may have stray, shorter strands sticking out after layering.

Layered cuts can transform even the most unruly, limp, thin, or heavy locks. The amazing thing about layers is that they’re so versatile. Short layers thicken fine or thin hair up and add volume.

Long layers thin heavy or thick hair out and make it more lightweight. Whatever you need to have a good hair day, there’s a good chance getting layers that suit your haircut will be the solution you need.

Which style above was your favorite, and are you digging short or long layers more? Be sure to let us know!

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