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30 Choppy Long Bob Haircuts That Slay in 2024

You might’ve seen the choppy long bob recently sweeping Instagram. That’s no mistake. This short but not-too-short low maintenance hairstyle gives you the freedom to style your hair any way you choose. Learn why below.

What Is a Choppy Long Bob Haircut?

The choppy long bob haircut is a chic modification to a traditional bob. It leaves you with enough hair to pull back into a ponytail or shape into delicate curls but curtly removes lengthy dead ends. 

The look has become increasingly more popular because you don’t need to exert as much effort into styling the shorter cut as you would longer hair. You can even roll out of bed and rock the choppy long bob without so much as a straighten if you please. 

The choppy long bob can:

  • Give you a lightweight look
  • Enhance natural dimension and texture
  • Soften your features

Not to mention, there are many different varieties of the hairstyle to choose from.

Choppy Long Bob Inspiration: 30 Ways to Rock the Trend

While the choppy long bob haircut may have a general name, you can personalize it to your specifications, including the choppy long bob with bangs, ombre, balayage, face-framing highlights, and a-line to name a few. 

1. Natural Beach Wave Bob 

Natural beach wavy choppy long bob


The natural beach wave style for your choppy long bob is the perfect way to look effortlessly put together. The style is delightfully textured and with the choppiness of the bob, gives your hair great dimension.

2. Deep A-Line Choppy Long Bob

Deep A-Line Choppy Long Bob

Anton Zabielskyi/Shutterstock

A choppy long bob with a deep angular cut can enhance your facial features by drawing the eye along the angle. Plus, it gives you a modern edge with its directness. Naturally, the cut is shorter in the back with longer pieces framing your face. However, you still have a healthy amount of hair to tie back if you choose.

3. Choppy and Blunt Long Bob

Choppy and Blunt Long Bob

Darina Pirog/Shutterstock

When it comes to your ends, you can go for a soft or blunt look. The Choppy and blunt long bob brings your hair to an abrupt end for a full, modern look.

4. Subtly Soft Ends

Subtly Soft Ends on a woman with a collarless shirt

Anton Zabielskyi/Shutterstock

If you’re not feeling the blunt end look for your choppy long bob, you can always go with the soft ends look. This length gently fades to a natural end for a “my hair’s always been this way” kind of look rather than a fresh-out-of-the-salon style. 

5. Colored Tips

Colored Tips on a choppy long bob haircut


Have fun with your new hairstyle and add some color to the tips. This is a quick and easy way to add color to your hair without having to maintain it. 

6. Side Bang Choppy Long Bob

Side Bang Choppy Long Bob


A long choppy bob with some side-swept bangs can help emphasize your facial features, like your eyes, while the shorter length and angled ends draw attention to your cheekbones. Plus, it looks super cute.

7. Ombre Long Choppy Bob

Ombre Long Choppy Bob

Subbotina Anna/Shutterstock

Just because you have shorter hair doesn’t mean you can’t get in on the ombre color trend. Ombre looks great on a choppy long bob hairstyle and is incredibly low maintenance to keep up with. Plus, you can play around with different color palettes to add a pop of color if you want. 

8. Balayage Choppy Long Bob

Balayage Choppy Long Bob

Kourdakova Alena/Shutterstock

If you still want a similar ombre look but want the colors to blend more naturally with your hair, you can opt for a balayage treatment. Balayage creates gorgeous dimensions, especially in a choppy hairstyle. 

9. Curled Long Bob

Curled Choppy Long Bob on a pretty Euro woman in a black tank


Classic curls on a choppy long bob turn out slightly tighter than you might see on longer hair, but still add bouncy volume.

10. Curled Under Long Choppy Bob

Curled Under Long Choppy Bob


A curled under bob means that the ends loop inward toward your chin while the rest of the hair remains sleek and shiny. This style was born in the early 1900s but is making its comeback as a unique twist on the style with minimal effort.

11. Long Layered Long Choppy Bob

Long Layered Long Bob

Alena Ozerova/Shutterstock

If you have thinner hair, getting long layers with your bob can help create a fuller look. It also adds some more dimension and will help you achieve more styles, particularly when it comes to curling. 

12. Side Part

Side Part choppy long bob on a woman in a turtleneck

Anatoliy Karlyuk/Shutterstock

Having a choppy long bob gives you the option to rock a side part even if that’s not something you typically do with your hair. 

13. Natural Choppy Long Bob

Natural Choppy Long Bob

Roman Samborskyi/Shutterstock

This natural, air-dried style with a side part look is a prime example of minimal effort when it comes to a long choppy bob. You can go to sleep, wake up, and your hair is already in great shape for the day; no styling product necessary.

14. Perfect in Platinum

Perfect in Platinum


If you’re going to go bold, go all the way with a full platinum blonde color. Paired with a choppy long bob haircut, you get a sleek, modern, trendy look that’s all the rage.

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15. Straight Across Bangs

Choppy long bob on a woman in an oversized sweater holding her neck


While straight across bangs with a short bob can give off major bowl cut vibes, they look chic with a long choppy bob. 

16. Bob With Wispy Bangs

Choppy long bob with whispy bangs on a woman in a yellow hooded sweatshirt

Diana Shilovskaya/Shutterstock

Straight across bangs can be a bit heavy. Instead, you can try out some wispy bangs with your long bob to soften your facial features and give you more flexibility with styling. 

17. Rooty Choppy Long Blonde Bob

Rooty choppy long blonde bob on a woman in a black shirt

William Thomas Foldes/Shutterstock

Getting constant root touch-ups can be a pain, and it can be costly to boot. Instead, you can give your bob the glossy blonde look you want but extend the color out and blend a bit to the root so that you don’t have to make frequent stops at the salon for new color. 

18. The Classic Choppy Long Bob

The Classic Choppy Long Bob


You don’t always have to add color, layers, or bangs to the choppy long bob. Instead, you can get the classic straight cut look. It’s timeless, simple, and refreshing if you need a new look. 

19. Naturally Curly

Naturally Curly choppy blonde bob on a woman holding her chin with her right hand


A long choppy bob looks great for naturally curly hair too. It’s long enough to gently drape over your shoulders, but not too long to the point where you have to fight with your hair every day to get it how you want it. 

20. Slightly Angled

Slightly angled choppy long bob on a woman holding a binder in a tight skirt


Similar to the deeply angular choppy long bob, the slightly angled style draws attention to some of your best features. However, this look has less of a drastic angle, making it a bit more natural and softer.

21. Slicked Back Style

Pretty Asian model with a slicked-back choppy long bob haircut walks on the runway in Milan

Rebekka Fagnani/Shutterstock

You’ve probably seen the slicked back look on the red carpet every now and then. This high fashion look is accessible when you get the choppy long bob haircut. 

22. Choppy Long Bob With Curtain Bangs

Choppy Long Bob With Curtain Bangs

Anna Kraynova/Shutterstock

If you’re afraid of having your hair look too flat and straight cut, you can add some curtain bangs. With curtain bangs, you can create tons of new styles to add volume and dimension to your hair.

23. Colored Lowlights

Choppy long blonde bob haircut with lowlights on a woman in a fancy blue shirt

Sweetland Studio/Shutterstock

Colored lowlights can give you just the right amount of fun color without being too much. These lowlights delicately intertwine with the lighter layers for some dimension and personality. Choose from blues and greens to yellows and purples if you want. 

24. All-Over Color Choppy Long Bob

All-Over Color Choppy Long Bob

Viachaslau Govorkov/Shutterstock

Are you in the market for a complete hair refresh? You might want to consider cutting and getting an all-over color for your choppy long bob. 

25. Highlighted Choppy Long Bob

Highlighted Long Choppy Bob

Sophie Hartmann/Shutterstock

Highlights add a bit more bold color to your hair, similar to balayage. You can choose highlights if you don’t want to pay the expensive price for a balayage but want to achieve a similar look. However, keep in mind that highlights typically look a bit brighter than balayage.

26. Straightened Choppy Long Bob

Straightened Choppy Long Bob

Michelle Aleksa/Shutterstock

Go for an ultra-modern, sleek look with a straightened choppy long bob. For added style, you can give this look a quick spritz from a texturizing spray

27. Choppy Lob With Pops of Color

Choppy Lob With Pops of Color on a pretty thin woman


Think colored lowlights but with more colors and achieve more subtlety. These little pops of color can break up flat-looking hair and add a bit of personality to your hairstyle. But the color won’t come out as blindingly bright. 

28. Soft Curls

Woman with a choppy long bob haircut with curls stands seductively in a studio

Sofia Zhuravetc/Shutterstock

Soft curls on a long bob kind of look like tamed beach waves. They’re loose, yet bouncy and delicate. This style paired with the lightweight cut really softens your features. 

29. Winged Ends

Choppy long bob haircut with winged ends on a woman in a blue shirt in a brown room


Winged ends, popularized in the mid 1900s, means that your hair’s ends flip upward. The trend died out somewhere along the line in the 1900s but is swiftly resurfacing as a hot hair trend for the choppy long bob.

30. Asymmetrical Choppy Long Bob

Asymmetrical Choppy Long Bob

Everett Collection/Shutterstock

You don’t see the asymmetrical bob too often, making this variation of the choppy long bob unique. If you find yourself constantly parting to one side, tucking your hair on one side behind the ear, you might want to save yourself the hassle with a cut that does it all for you. 

Things to Consider

While the choppy long bob keeps your hair at a reasonably longer length than a standard bob, it still might seem like a drastic change if you have long hair.

Even if you don’t have long hair, you might worry about how you’ll style your hair or if you need to change your daily grooming routine completely. Well, you can relax. Here are a few things to consider before getting the choppy long bob:

Is This Style Right for Your Features?

If you’re simply in a carpe diem kind of mood and think getting your haircut into a choppy long bob is a good idea at the moment, sit on it. Sit on the idea for a night to make sure this is the look that’s right for you. 

Try finding pictures of celebrities with your face shape and see how they look in a choppy long bob. Again, it can be a drastic change for some people and you don’t want to make the decision only to regret it afterward.


Unless you color your hair too when you get your haircut, you will not need to change your standard shampoo and conditioner regimen. However, you probably won’t need to use as much shampoo and conditioner as you might have before. 


Styling your choppy long bob can be as low-maintenance as you want it to be, but the in-the-middle length of a great bob still offers you the opportunity for experimentation (when you want to). Not sure how? Experiment with styling products. A little bit of hair wax can make it choppier, edgier without much effort. A spritz of sea-salt spray is perfect for creating beachy waves. And this style looks great with wavy hair, whether those waves are natural or artificially achieved.

Is the Choppy Long Bob Style for You?

Ultimately, whether or not the choppy long bob is the hair style for you depends on you. However, this cut looks great on oval or long face shapesMaybe you want something new but don’t want to risk cutting your hair on a whim.

In this case, have a consultation with your hairstylist to discuss the choppy long bob and the different variations. See what they say, and then form your opinion about the next steps to take.

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