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30 Unique Buzz Cut Hairsytles Trending in 2024

The buzz cut, sometimes called a military cut, is a short haircut that uses a buzzer around your entire head. The length of a buzz cut is highly flexible depending on which blade number you use. Scroll down to see 30 unique styles.

What Is a Buzz Cut?

The key to the buzz cut is its simplicity—you often use one blade size for your entire head. But it can sometimes have different lengths that fade. Either way, a buzz cut uses specific hair clipper sizes for everything.

The buzz cut is all about simplicity and minimalism, and as such, it is one of the easiest hairstyles to maintain for men. Some benefits of the buzz cut are:

  • It has a history of giving off a military/tough guy energy
  • It is one of the easiest haircuts to maintain
  • A buzz cut is a haircut that makes a statement
  • You no longer have to worry about bad hair days
  • You can even do your buzz cut haircut at home

People love the buzz cut because it is a haircut that speaks out to the world—it makes a statement. Since it is historically associated with the military, it tends to have strong and masculine energy, and it brings people’s focus directly to your face.

But more recently, it is also becoming more and more popular as a female hairstyle. As such, women getting a buzz cut can make an even stronger statement. And while the buzz cut seems so simple and lacking in variety, there are loads of variations on the style.

Whether you want longer hair on top, a hard-part on top, or something as wild as a mohawk, there is a style of buzz cut out there for you. So keep on reading to check out some inspiration for bringing some new ideas to your buzz cut haircut.

Buzz Cut Inspiration: 30 Ways to Rock the Trend

​​These are just a few examples to show that the buzz cut is far more flexible than it seems. Whether you’re adding length, fades, or bangs, there is probably a variety that will fit your style.

1. Military Buzz Cut

Guy with a buzz cut looks away from the camera into the blue sky

Greg Henry/Shutterstock

The military buzz cut, or induction cut, leaves almost no hair on your head. This style is one of the more extreme and minimalist ways to sport a buzz cut because it resembles the military buzz cut style.

2. Female Buzz Cut

Female with a buzzcut hairstyle looks up and above the reader

Edi Libedinsky/Shutterstock

While the buzz cut is a more traditionally masculine hairstyle, it is more and more common to see women choosing to buzz their hair. If you thought that a male buzz cut gave off a strong image, you will be even happier with that result for a female buzz.

3. Short Buzz Cut With Beard

Spanish man with a buzzcut and a beard grins standing in front of a bay with a skyline in the background

Ruben M Ramos/Shutterstock

If you’re someone who loves facial hair, don’t worry about whether it will mix well with a buzz cut. A short beard with a short buzz cut blends particularly well and gives a casual but neat look.

4. Buzz Cut With Chinstrap Beard

Buzzcut With Chinstrap Beard hairstyle on a guy on a wooden walkway

Manny DaChunha/Shutterstock

The chinstrap beard can be a great look for men, and as you can see from this example, it blends well with a shorter buzz cut. The beard can be pretty much any length because it can gradually fade into the sides of the haircut. The buzz cut with a chinstrap beard is a great way to have a more casual version of the military cut.

5. Short Buzz With Short Beard

Short Buzz With Short Beard hairstyle

Edi Libedinsky/Shutterstock

While some buzz styles work with a longer beard, the short beard with a buzz cut has a way of giving an even look. It’s a great way to highlight your facial features.

6. Female Induction Cut

Woman wearing a buzzcut hairstyle in a black and white image tilting her head to the right

Anne Greenwood/Shutterstock

If the standard female buzz cut was an intense look, the induction cut for females captures that energy even more. It is an intense look for females, and it is one of the easiest hairstyles to maintain. You can even give haircuts to yourself at home with this one!

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7. Buzz Cut With Angled Back

Black kid in a barber chair getting a Buzzcut With Angled Back

Joshua Resnick/Shutterstock

A buzz cut does not require the same length around the entire head. This example shows that the buzz style can blend different lengths around the head and make cool shapes, especially in the back.

8. The Buzz for Balding Look

The Buzz for Balding Hairstyle on a guy holding a soccer ball


A buzz cut can be a great way to embrace a balding look while still leaving some hair on the head. And an induction-style buzz blends well with a balding head while highlighting your facial features.

9. Lined-Up Buzz Cut

Lined-Up Buzzcut

Jordi Mora/Shutterstock

While many buzz styles don’t highlight the angles too much, the lined-up buzz cut with its long hair on top brings out the angles. This style works great with a longer buzz and the sharp corners give this haircut a very clean and professional look. 

10. Thin Hair Buzz Cut

Thin Hair Buzzcut on an Asian man holding a blue razor to his face


Similar to the buzz cut that balances a balding head, this buzz style is a great way to hide your thinning hair. The buzz can be on the longer side and the angles/lines of the buzz can be gradual, all of which make your hair look thicker.

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11. Mohawk Buzz

Mohawk Buzzcut haircut on a man in a white room not smiling

Suzanne Tucker/Shutterstock

A buzz cut is already an intense look, and the addition of a mohawk style only makes it more extreme. The Mohawk buzz is usually extremely short on the sides while leaving a long strip from the back of the neck to the front of the head. Mohawks are harder to maintain yourself, but if you want a creative haircut this one is worth it!

12. Buzz and Fade

Buzzcut fade hairstyle on a kid in a dapper blue striped polo standing in front of a pool

Junial Enterprises/Shutterstock

The buzz and fade is the look that is clean and still leaves some length on the top. Whatever length of hair you choose on the top, you can gradually fade it into a short buzz on the sides. This style is an easy and simple haircut for kids. 

13. Buzzed Stripe

Buzzed Stripe haircut on a man holding his head

Suzanne Tucket/Shutterstock

The buzzed stripe is a weird look, but if you’re feeling experimental, you might want to give it a try. It is essentially the opposite of a mohawk in that it leaves long hair all around the head except for one striped section of short buzz.

14. Female Mohawk Buzz

Female mohawk buzzcut on a woman giving herself a haircut looking in a mirror

sun ok/Shutterstock

The female mohawk buzz is a great way to be experimental. Unlike the male version of the mohawk, this female version can leave even more hair on the top and you’ll have a lot of variety in how you style it.

15. Crew Buzz Cut

Crew Buzzcut hairstyle on a kid in a red shirt holding his arms to his waist

Kolosov Alexandr/Shutterstock

The crew buzz cut is a great way to go super short on the side while still leaving some length on the top. You can ultimately decide just how much to leave on top and then blend it accordingly.

16. Longer Buzz Cut

Woman giving a buzzcut to a guy sitting in her salon chair


This example showcases a style of buzz with more length that is even around the entire head. It is a longer style of the neat and even military look.

17. Faded Buzz

Close up of a guy getting a faded buzzcut from a yellow set of clippers

Trakto Creative Design/Shutterstock

The faded buzz is the go-to look for people who are nervous about doing a full buzz. How long you go on the top is up to you, but this look allows you to have a clean buzzed appearance on the side while still leaving a lot of hair on top.

18. Afro Buzz

Kid getting an afro buzz from a barber holding a long brush to his chin

Aksinia Abiagam/Shutterstock

The afro buzz works great for people who want to leave a lot of hair on top. A clean and short induction buzz on the sides can be blended into a long afro style on top.

19. Extra-Short Mohawk 

Man with an extra-short mohawk buzz haircut grins from his well-defined cheekbones

Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock

Long mohawks can sometimes make too big of a statement. So if you want a more subtle and clean version of the mohawk look, consider the extra-short mohawk. With a short induction on the sides and a short stripe on top, this style is both intense and professional. 

20. Bowl Buzz

Kid getting a bowl cut buzzcut or undercut style from a hairdresser in a mask

Fernando Avendano/Shutterstock

The bowl buzz pushes the boundaries on what a buzz cut style can be. It can be as short a buzz as you like on the sides, and it leaves long hair on top that evenly hangs over the head like a bowl.

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21. Flat Top Buzz

Man getting a flat top buzzcut looks ahead in a side profile image

Santosh Kumar Parida/Shutterstock

Unlike the draping look of the bowl buzz, the flat top buzz leaves longer hair on the top that still has a neat and flat look. This style will probably be a bit harder to maintain, but it leaves you with lots of options for how to style the hair on the top.

22. Brush Cut

Brush cut buzz cut idea on an Asian man in a fancy white sweater

Robert Way/Shutterstock

The brush cut buzz is one of the longer styles of buzz cuts, and it works great for people who like to have thicker hair on top. The length can be even all around or have a subtle fade from the sides. This style works particularly well for faces with an oval shape.

23. Caesar Buzz

Caesar Buzzcut on a guy shown in an aerial image from the barber's perspective

Tanaworakit Orantanaporn/Shutterstock

The Caesar buzz allows you to keep enough length on top to style your hair while still having the clean look of a buzz. It is less intense than something like an induction buzz but gives you much more flexibility. Remember to style your hair on top for this one to avoid looking messy!

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24. Balding Buzz With Thick Beard

Balding man with a longer buzzcut holds a phone to his face

Edi Libedinsky/Shutterstock

This buzz is another great way to make your balding more subtle. You can choose a buzz length that matches your balding spot so that the hair looks as even as possible. And with a thick beard, it brings people’s attention to the face.

25. Receding Hair Buzz

Man playing a guitar with a buzzcut hairstyle smiling and squinting his eyes

Ruben M Ramos/Shutterstock

If you have a receding hairline, this style might be perfect for you. You can go as short as you want on the sides and blend into a short buzz on top that will mask your receding hair.

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26. The Even Buzz

Kid getting a buzzcut shown from the barber's perspective

tanaworakit orantaporn/Shutterstock

This buzz is similar to the military-style cut except usually a little longer. It is an even buzz all around the head, although it can also blend into a slightly longer buzz on top if you want.

27. Straight Line Buzz

Man in glasses has a straight line buzzcut in a blue ringer shirt

Stacey Newman/Shutterstock

The straight-line buzz is even all around the head and can work with a variety of lengths. It involves a precise straight cut across the front of the head, which means it works best for people with thick and healthy hair.

28. Buzz Cut With Short Bangs

Younger guy getting a buzzcut from a barber holding a comb in his left hand

Mrs.Rungnapa akthaisong/Shutterstock

If you like having just a bit of hair on the top to style, the buzz cut with short bangs can be a great option. You can go as short as you like on the sides and leave just enough length on top so that you have short bangs hanging over your forehead.

29. Thick Buzz

Close up image of a guy getting a thick buzzcut smiling while looking in the mirror


The thick buzz combines the clean and intense look of the military-style but still leaves length all around the head. It’s a low-maintenance style that you won’t have to worry about keeping up with.

30. Long Buzzed Fade

Man in a grey sweater rocks a long buzzed fade and holds his right shoulder


In this haircut, a short buzz on the sides fades into a long buzz on the top. The length on top can go quite long with this one, and it gives you plenty of options for how to style your hair.

Things to Consider

As you can see, the buzz cut is not as simple as the name implies, and there are an endless number of variations you can choose from with this haircut. Let’s go over some of the things you should consider before getting a buzz cut.

First and foremost, be aware that a buzz cut can be a pretty intense and intimidating haircut. Especially if you are coming from a longer style, people will react to your new buzz cut. If you’re unsure whether the style will fit in with your life or your professional situation, then definitely think twice before getting this haircut.

A haircut like an undercut fade brings attention to the head. But the main feature of the buzz cut is that it naturally brings people’s attention to the face. So just be aware that with almost any buzz cut, and especially the lined-up buzz cut, people will be drawn to your face!

When it comes to getting a buzz cut, you will also have to consider the length that you want. Generally speaking, shorter buzz cuts tend to look simplistic and militaristic. 

The shorter and more traditional buzz almost implies that you can’t afford to go to the barber and that you cut your hair at home. But the long buzz cut is a way around this–the longer buzz maintains the cool and edgy look of a buzz without being too short and boring.

Is a Buzz Cut Right for You?

The buzz cut is not for everyone, but hopefully, these examples highlight that it is still a flexible type of haircut. The length, fade, and whether or not you have facial hair only scratch the surface of what is possible with different combinations of styles.

Whether you go short or long, there is probably something that can work with your style. And while you’re here, be sure to check out our other style guides!

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