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The Low Skin Fade | 10 Trendy Cuts & Style Guide

Considering a low skin fade? We’ve got you covered with our complete style guide. Learn about this unique haircut and what makes a low skin fade, see lots of examples, and find out if this is the cut for you in our guide!

Considering a Low Skin Fade?

It’s easy to spot a man who cares about his appearance and the way others see him. These days, men who like looking good are often sporting fresh fades that showcase crisp precision and attention to detail. 

Fades in general are the most popular haircuts for men right now, but the lesser-seen low skin fade is a uniquely trendy option. If you want to lead the pack with a trendsetting cut that won’t eat up your mornings to style, a low skin (or bald) fade should be at the top of your list. 

They’re unexpected and edgy. They allow you to play around with different lengths on top. They show less of your scalp, so they’re less high contrast than high or mid skin fades. Low bald fades also allow you to keep more volume and fullness on the sides and back. That’s great for guys with fine or thinning hair. 

If you’re not quite sold yet, just hang on. We’ve got a lot of great info about the low skin fade in this complete style guide. From what makes a low skin fade to photo examples you can screenshot to show your barber, we’ve got you covered here. 

Keep reading to learn all about this type of fade, see examples, and learn what you should consider before you commit to this cool cut! 

What Is a Low Skin Fade?

A low skin fade, also called a low bald fade, is a haircut featuring a low fade height that usually starts just above the ears. Low bald fades have gradually shorter hair toward the neckline with the shortest portion shaved down to the skin. This is what makes it a “skin” or “bald” fade.

Any length of hair on top can go with a low bald fade. If you like keeping your hair longer, you can try a slicked-back pompadour or comb the hair on top over to one side for a suave finish. 

If you prefer medium or short hair on top, you’ll give this type of fade a crisp, precise feel by keeping the hair neatly brushed forward or over to the side. 

If you’re the type that hates styling your hair or doesn’t own a single hair product, that’s okay, too. You can make it a cinch to style by keeping the top cut very short to eliminate the need for styling!

As long as the fade is shaved down to the skin at the lowest point and the fade height is low (not up near the temples or in the middle of the head), it’s considered a low skin or bald fade. There are almost endless ways you can customize it! 

Some of the most popular ways to “dress up” a low bald fade involve combining different types of fades. A low skin drop fade, burst fade, or taper fade will look unique while keeping with the trend. 

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best examples of this trendy haircut next! 

10 Trending Low Skin Fade Examples 

These are some of our favorite examples of low skin fades on different face shapes, hair types, and lengths. As you can see, it’s a really versatile base style that you can customize with any finishing touches you like! 

1. Edged-Up Low Bald Fade

Guy with a low skin fade getting his beard trimmed by a barber while lying back in a barber chair


This haircut is a perfect example of how small tweaks like an edge-up can transform the entire look. Ask for a low bald fade and a line-up to copy this cut. Brush the front forward to create a French crop look. 

2. Low Skin Fade With Shaped Edges

Low Skin Fade With Shaped Edges worn by a smiling bearded man combing his facial hair with a wooden comb


Work in a professional setting or like a polished appearance? Here’s a great option for you that is as dapper as it is on-trend. This low fade is shaved down to the skin only around the edges of the cut. It also features perfectly shaped-up edges around the neckline and even in the beard! 

3. Slicked-Back Low Bald Fade

Slicked-Back Low Bald Fade on a man getting his neckline cleaned up by a barber who's out of frame

Friends Stock/Shutterstock

Balance a low bald fade with a longer top worn slicked back for a suave touch. You can bring this fade down even lower if you like! This is a great choice for men with an oval or oblong face shape because it adds a little bit of volume around the sides to fill out the face. 

4. Low Bald Fade With Long Top

Low Skin Fade With Long Top

Baza Production/Shutterstock

This kind of cut can help hide a receding hairline if you leave the top long enough to cover the thinning areas in the front. Pushing the hair over to the side or making a deep side part helps! 

5. Low Drop Fade With Messy Top

Guy getting a low drop skin fade haircut with a messy top from a barber in a black shirt whose face it out of frame


Low fades look nice when they’re paired with a little length on top. If you’re not a fan of precise and polished styles, try tousling the longer top with a little mousse to get this messy-on-purpose texture. It really brings this low fade look together!  

6. Lined-Up Low Bald Caesar Fade

Man in a salon chair gets a Lined-Up Low Bald Caesar Fade haircut from a female hairstylist


This haircut features elements from the popular Caesar cut (with short bangs brushed straight forward) and a modern low bald fade. We love the results, especially with a clean line-up around the temples. 

7. Low Skin Drop Fade

Low skin fade roundup featuring the Low Skin Drop Fade on a guy in a salon chair

Africa Studio/Shutterstock

Dark hair creates the most dramatic contrast for low bald fades. Here, the fade line dips in the back to create a drop fade. The barber styled it with a little mousse in the damp hair before hitting it with a blow dryer for a boost in volume at the crown.  

8. Comb Over Low Bald Fade

Barber in a vest and long sleeve white button up shirt sprinkling something onto a guy's hair after giving him a low skin fade haircut

Serhii Bobyk/Shutterstock

Comb over fades are trending right now, so why not hop on the train and try this mashup look? The bleached top is about 3 inches long and perfectly slicked over to the side for a polished effect. The low bald fade puts a fun twist on this classic style. 

9. Pompadour Low Skin Fade

Side profile of a man with a Pompadour Low Skin Fade haircut wearing glasses in a studio

Nuttadol Kanperm/Shutterstock

The eye-catching volume of a pompadour brings a little balance to a low bald fade. It’s a great way to style longer hair on top, especially if it’s more than 2 inches long! Volume on top with longer hair styled into a pompadour makes this cut perfect for guys with square or round faces. 

10. Short Comb Over Low Drop Fade

Short Comb Over Low Drop Fade as a style for a piece on low skin fades


Clean-cut and conservative, this fresh style features a low bald fade that drops down toward the back for a unique shape. The top is kept on the short side – around 2 inches – just long enough to comb over to the side. Styling is easy with only the top to worry about! 

Things to Consider

Low skin/bald fades are great haircuts and it’s no wonder they’re becoming more popular. Before you jump in head first (pun intended), it’s a good idea to keep a few things in mind about this particular haircut. Here’s what you should know before you commit to a low bald fade at your next barber appointment:

  • Low fades won’t work for everyone. If you have an oval, oblong, or heart face shape, a low fade will be one of the best haircuts to flatter your face shape. But if you have a round or square face, low fades can leave too much volume on the sides and visually widen your face. Choose wisely based on your face shape – you might find you’re better off with a high or mid skin fade instead. 
  • Skin fades won’t work for everyone. Your haircut selection should be very personal, keeping your preferences and best/worst features in mind. Skin fades are shaved all the way down to the skin and will reveal portions of your scalp. If you have moles or scars on your scalp that you’d rather hide, a skin fade won’t do you any favors. If you haven’t rocked a bald fade before, chances are that your scalp hasn’t seen the sun in a long time. If the contrast of a white scalp against your hair color will bother you, skip the skin fade for now. 
  • Don’t go too low with your fade. Low fades are more of a range than a precise measurement, but the key is to keep your low fade from going too low. If you start the fade line too low, it will just look like your hairline has moved up and won’t look like a fade at all. To be on the safe side, have your barber start the fade just above the ears and let it slightly dip in the back. 
  • Leave it to a professional. Cutting fades is generally not something a beginner is comfortable doing, and low bald fades are notoriously hard to seamlessly blend out. So do yourself a favor and leave this haircut to a professional barber you trust. If you don’t have a go-to barber, now is the time to start asking around for the best ones near you. You can also do a quick Google search in your zip code to read local barber reviews. 

Still think a low skin fade is the look for you? As long as you know how you want the top cut and feel like the low fade height and skin fade will be flattering for you, we say go for it. Low fades are easy to turn into mid or high fades if you end up deciding you’re not a fan of the look. 

Find a reliable barber you can trust to get this haircut and tip them well. You’ll be back into the barber shop every few weeks for trims, so you want to establish a good relationship with your barber right off the bat. 

That’s the complete lowdown on low skin fades. See more men’s haircuts in our other guides next: