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30 Best Haircuts for Round Faces (Men) in 2024

Whether you prefer wearing your mane short or long, browsing haircuts for men with round faces will help you find a cut that suits you. Read on to see 30 trending cuts and learn which styles best suit your face.

Why Haircuts for Round Face Men Matter

If your face is about as wide as it is long or your cheekbones seem to be the widest part of your face, the haircut you choose can make or break your look. Men with round faces need haircuts that visually slim, lengthen, and create angles around the face.

Since round faces don’t have the balance of oval faces, the sharpness of square faces, or the tapered chin of heart-shaped faces, they rely on a good haircut to fill those gaps.

But if you thought being a guy with a round face meant most haircuts won’t look good on you, we are so pleased to tell you that you’re wrong. Dozens of haircuts are perfectly suited for men with round faces.

We’ve compiled our favorites to show you examples of haircuts for round faces men will appreciate. Whether you’re itching to go shorter, want to keep your hair long, or just want something fuss-free and classic, we’ve got you covered.

See our top examples of haircuts for round faces (men edition) and learn what haircuts you should avoid at all costs in our guide. With a style for everyone, you’re sure to find a cut you love.

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30 Haircuts for Round Faces: Men

Men with round faces can visually thin and lengthen the face with any of these haircuts. Find the one that you like best and save the photo to show your barber! You’ll notice that these haircuts and styles focus on adding height up top or keeping the sides nice and short.

1. Drop Fade With Side Part

Image of a handsome man with a round face and a fade holding the top of his parted hair

Viorel Sima/Shutterstock

Drop fades are great for round faces. The shorter lengths up front combined with a hard side part draws the eye upward to visually lengthen the face.

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2. Neat Brushed-Over Fade

For a piece on the best haircuts for found face men, a guy in a gingham shirt clasps his hands together while in a brick room


Keep things tidy with a brushed-over top combined with a shorter fade on the back and sides. It’s perfect for round faces because it minimizes volume on the sides of the head.

3. Close Cropped High Fade

Serious young black man with earrings and a blue button-up jean shirt stands outside with a blurry background


High fades are perfect for rounder faces because they keep the length super short on the sides. Keep the top close-cropped for a clean and tight look that slims the face.

4. Brushed Back With Classic Fade

For a piece on haircuts for round face men, a guy in a gray shirt stands in a studio and looks ahead seriously

Fades are always popular, and paired with a longer, brushed-back top, it’s perfect for men with a round face. This cut slims the face by making it appear longer.

5. Volume on Top With Fade

A man with a round face and a haircut that has volume on top with a fade on the sides


Guys with thick hair can show it off by concentrating all the volume up top. Have the back and sides faded to create a little contrast for a modern look.

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6. Curly Fade

Round face man with a curly fade haircut


Curly hair can be a challenge for men with round faces. But as long as you keep the sides tight and leave the curl up top, it’s perfectly suited for this face shape.

7. Short Buzz Cut

Round face man with a short buzz cut smiles and wears glasses while crossing his arms in a blue jean shirt

Olena Yakobchuk/Shutterstock

A buzz cut is a simple and effective way to create the illusion of a longer face. Thanks to the short all-over length, there’s no extra fullness at the sides and it’s easy to maintain.

8. Knotted Man Bun

Guy in dark sunglasses with a beard and a man bun has one of our favorite haircuts for men with round faces

Syda Productions/Shutterstock

If your hair has reached the long bob length (somewhere between the chin and shoulders), you might be able to pull off a knotted man bun. With the hair pulled back, you get the same slimming effect as having short hair on the sides.

9. Brushed Back Top With Fade

Handsome guy in a wool jacket and turtleneck holds his left hand to his face for a piece on haircuts for round faces men

Dean Drobot/Shutterstock

Keep your length on top and have your barber fade the back and sides short to visually lengthen your face. A little gel will keep your hair in position once you brush the top back.

10. Styled-Up Tight Fade

Fit man rocks a styled-up fade haircut which looks good on his round face

You can always leave some extra length on top to expand your styling options with a fade. Keeping the hair very short before it begins fading on the sides and back gives this cut a neat, slimming look.

11. Choppy Faux Hawk

Man in a suit and a slightly unbuttoned blue striped shirt puts his left hand in his pocket

Unique Vision/Shutterstock

There’s no easier way to create additional volume on top than a faux hawk! Layering on top gives the faux hawk a choppy look that can be worn casually or dressed up.

12. Up-and-Back Taper

Bearded man with an up-and-back hairstyle for round faced men looks at his phone while leaning against a glass wall


If you’ve already got the length, just have the sides and back tapered short. Use a little medium-hold styling gel to brush and style the top up and back.

13. Shaggy Long Bob

Man with long hair holds a pen in his right hand and touches a key on his laptop which sits on a desk next to his coffee

Vlad Linev/Shutterstock

Yeah, the long bob might be a term typically reserved for the ladies, but this specific length can work wonders on a masculine round face. Hitting just at the chin, the hair draws the eye down rather than to the sides to make the face look longer.

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14. High Drop Fade With Shaved Part

Man dressed in athletic clothing and a high drop fade with shaved part looks at his phone while sitting on a concrete step


If you want a unique fade that stands out, a high drop fade is your cut. The fade starts at the temples but gradually dips down toward the back. A shaved part finishes the look.

15. Slicked Back High Fade

Man with an unbuttoned jean jacket has a high slicked back fade and crosses his arms


High fades start around the temples rather than midway down the head. The higher a fade starts, the more it visually lengthens the face. Brush the top back for a suave look that can be dressed up or down.

16. Mid-Length Top and Faded Sides

Guy with a mid-length top and faded sides haircut sits and looks out the window of a coffee shop with a brick wall to his left

EZ-Stock Studio/Shutterstock

If you prefer your hair longer on top, keep the length concentrated there and just below the crown for a look that’s round-face-approved. This fade starts high in the front and drops down around the back.

17. Curly Top Taper

Guy with a curly top taper haircut (best haircut for men with round faces) wears a hoodie and a button-up shirt while looking at the camera in a studio


If you have curly hair and a round face, cut and taper the sides short to minimize fullness while leaving a little length on top to show off the curls. With a little facial hair to balance it, this is the perfect solution.

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18. Tousled Front, Tapered Sides

Guy wearing earpods and one-strapping a backpack (cool moves with haircuts for round faces) and wears glasses while walking outside


Show off your hair’s natural texture by leaving the top long and letting it curl or wave naturally. Have the sides and back tapered to slim the style down for a round face.

19. Short Top High Fade

Smiling man with a fade buzz cut looks at his phone and holds his suit jacket above his right shoulder


Bump up a buzz cut a notch or two by fading the sides down to the skin. Start the fade up high near the temples for the best slimming effect.

20. Long Top, Tapered Sides

For a piece on haircuts for round faces (men), a guy with a long crew cut and a white v neck in glasses looks at the camera while standing in an alley


For round faces, balance is always important. If you want to leave a little more length and fullness on the sides, you need to add extra length and volume up top to balance it out. This cut is a great example.

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21. Classic Fade With Hard Part

Man with a shirt that says happiness looks gorgeous on you puts his hands in his pockets and has a haircut for round face men


Simple styles like this can be worn with any face shape, but this one is perfect for round faces. Close-faded sides and back keep the volume and fullness focused on top to make the face look longer and thinner.

22. Slick Pompadour With High Fade

Man in a pea coat holds a coffee in his right hand and a phone in his left while walking outside a pair of high-rise buildings


Dapper dudes with round faces rejoice, because this debonair style is right on the money. The fade starts high up to contrast with the long pompadour on top. The look is neat, clean, and a little edgy.

23. Tousled Front With Tapered Sides

Older man with toustled front and tapered sides wears an unbuttoned flannel shirt and holds his fist up to his left cheek

Pablo Rogat/Shutterstock

Get a rugged, casual look that downplays roundness with this tapered cut. It’s shorter on the sides to reduce fullness there, while leaving a little length on top to create messy texture up front.

24. Full Shaggy Top With Undercut

Man with a full shaggy top with undercut hairstyle has a round face and wears a grey jean jacket while standing outside a brooklyn neighborhood and crosses his arms

F8 studio/Shutterstock

Thick hair can be a challenge because it *wants* to puff out. Nip it in the bud by keeping the sides shaved short with an undercut and brush the longer hair on top back and over.

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25. Hi-Top Fade

Clean cut black man with diamond earrings looks at the camera against a white background in a studio and wears a jean jacket

Artist Photographer 3D/Shutterstock

If you’ve got the length on top already, just have your barber fade the back and sides super short and trim the top for a vintage look that is coming back into style.

26. Long Brushed Back Taper

Round faced man wears no shirt and has a long brushed-back taper haircut and looks directly into the camera

4 PM Production/Shutterstock

Here’s a great “workaround” if you don’t like the idea of cutting the sides short. Keep them long enough to brush and style backward to create the appearance of shorter sides. Use a little gel or pomade in the hair to hold.

27. Short Classic Fade

Broad-shouldered man with a long beard and a haircut for guys with round faces in a studio against a dark gray background

Faces Portrait/Shutterstock

Sometimes simple is best. Keeping the hair short on top means less time to style (if you have curly or wavy hair, it’s even easier), and a classic fade beginning midway down the head ensures your face shape looks slimmer.

28. Shaved With Beard

Man who is shaved with a beard smiles and wears a backpack while standing outside a tree-lined sidewalk


Round faces typically steer clear of shaved styles to avoid the dreaded “baby” look. But with a beard, the style is less rounded and more masculine.

29. Casual Pompadour Fade

Guy in a long sleeve shirt with a casual pompadour brush-back haircut looks to his left without smiling


Pompadours require plenty of length to slick back and stay put, so if your hair is getting long, give this one a try. With a fade somewhere between classic and high on the sides and back, the volume on top draws the eye upward to visually thin your face.

30. Clean Brushed-Over Taper

Shirtless man with a clean brushed-over taper haircut (best haircut for round faced men) smiles and gazes at himself

G-Stock Studio/Shutterstock

Tapered cuts aren’t as sharply contrasted as shorter fades, but they still reduce the volume on the sides of the head to slim the face. Brush the top over for a clean-cut look.

Tips on Haircuts for Round Faced Men

Now that you’ve seen a good sampling of haircuts for round faces men should go for, here are a few tips to help you get the best haircut that suits your face shape.

Consider your hair type and texture. Browsing photos of haircuts for men with round faces is really helpful, but you also need to consider how your own hair will look in the cut you choose. If you have highly textured hair (coily or curly), will it lay down the right way for the style you want?

Do you have any cowlicks or thinning areas that will affect the result? Does your hair tend to frizz, stick out, or lie flat to your head? Keep all of these things in mind when you’re looking for the haircut that will best suit you.

  • Avoid volume on the sides. Since the cheeks are typically the widest point of the face in round faces, you want to avoid any haircut or style with lots of volume or fullness on the sides. It will visually widen your face. Opt for close-cropped styles or fades to keep the sides short and help give your face a slimmer look.
  • Concentrate height up top. Guys with long hair and round faces can really benefit by playing up the volume on top. A little gel can help you style the hair on top up, up and back, or up and over to the side for more height. If you have natural curls or waves, that’s even better. Focusing on adding height up top visually lengthens the face to cut down on the roundness.
  • Avoid middle parts. While the classic 90’s look (middle part with curtain bangs) is coming back into style, it’s not a great idea for guys with round faces. Middle parts create an illusion of more roundness. Opt for a side part if you don’t like to slick your hair back.
  • Tread carefully with long hair. Men with round faces can wear their hair long attractively, but you need to be careful how you get it cut and style it. One wrong move, and you’re looking more like Jack Black and less like Leonardo DiCaprio (both have round faces).

Guys with curly hair should avoid wearing it long as curls add too much volume to the sides. Stick with a long bob length, somewhere between the chin and shoulders, and don’t opt for too many layers around the ears and cheeks to properly wear long hair with a round face.

Click for Frequently Asked Questions

Which hairstyle suits a round face for guys?

One of the best hairstyles for guys with round faces is one with short sides and a short back with some length on top. This will let you style it into a quiff, pompadour, or part it to the side.

Is having a round face bad?

No. In fact, studies have shown that people with round faces look happier and more approachable. They're also one of the most common face shapes.

How do I look good with a round face?

If you have a round face, one of the keys to looking good is to keep your hair symmetrical and longer. Parting your hair complements your face and balances it out.

Is round face shape attractive men?

Yes. Round faces on men can be attractive if your hair is styled correctly. While you may not look as masculine without a strong jaw line, women will find you approachable and trustworthy. In general, people with round faces tend to look jollier and more easygoing.

Is short hair good for round faces?

While short hairstyles can work well with round faces, we tend to recommend men with round faces wear their hair longer and parted on the top. This helps add volume to the head and lets the hair flow with the natural shape of the face.

Does long hair look good on round faces for men?

In short, no, but the long answer is that it can if the style is right. The objective is not to do anything that adds roundness to the face, such as part hair down the middle, come down on the sides, or come down to the temples.
Even with long hair, the ideal cut adds volume to the top of the head.

Does short hair look good on round faces for men?

Short hair can look good if styled right but avoid buzz cuts which add more roundness. The most important thing is that the style goes up in some way to add volume to the top of the head.
It’s also a good idea to have an asymmetrical (off-center) part.

Is long hair or short hair better for round faces men?

There are too many styles to choose from to make a judgment, but parts should always be asymmetrical. Hair should not go down the side of the face, the sides should be short, and the top should have volume.
A style that avoids the side of the head might be more challenging with long hair, but it can do it.

Which hair style is best for round face male?

The word “best” varies from person to person. However, the classic pompadour is a popular haircut for round faces.
The slicked-back back top provides volume against the shaved sides.

Is wavy hair good for round faces men?

For men stuck with a round face, wavy hair can be a blessing in disguise with the right style.
Two great options are a wavy top with a short taper or a wavy side-swept look with short sides. The wavy top should look natural, and the wavy side-swept should look styled and neat.