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12 Trending Mushroom Haircuts to Wear in 2024

The mushroom haircut trend is officially back! Is it the right look for you? See the description of this haircut, photos and examples, style tips, and FAQs in our complete style guide. Read on to learn all you need to know.

What Is the Mushroom Haircut?

We never really thought we’d get the opportunity to say this, but guys, the mushroom haircut (also known as the bowl cut) is back in style.

Once reserved for kids who didn’t know any better and fashion-challenged adults, this bold, long-topped haircut has taken on a stylish edge and is probably working its way across your TikTok and Instagram feeds as we speak. 

Mushroom haircuts stand out. Like, you-can’t-miss-it stand out. Featuring long hair on top that is evenly cut in a circular ring around the head, a short back and sides, and usually a little layering to create that signature stacked look, mushroom cuts are unlike any other. 

While the bowl cuts I remember sporting as a kid were cringe-worthy (thanks Mom!), the new and improved version – often referred to as a mushroom haircut instead of a bowl cut – are more fashionable. 

Modern haircutting techniques, a better understanding of hair types and textures, and pairing the look with stylish, edgy looks all factor into the vastly-better mushroom cuts we’re seeing these days. This is a casual and stylish haircut for fun guys and gals alike.

So get ready to check out lots of examples of the trendiest versions of this cut and see which one you like best! We’ll also share some of the top FAQs about this style, tips to style a mushroom/bowl cut, and things to consider before you take the leap. 

12 Trending Mushroom Haircuts in 2024

We are eating these mushroom-inspired cuts UP! Check out the top trending examples of mushroom cuts below.

1. Stacked Mushroom Undercut

Stacked Undercut Mushroom Haircut on a woman in a white sleeveless shirt in a studio slouching forward with a grin on her face


Short, tightly-spaced layers create a hair shelf for the longer hair to “sit” on in this stacked style. The short layers underneath the longer top prop it up with tons of volume to create the signature mushroom silhouette. 

The bottom of the cut is shaved in an undercut that’s only visible in front of the ears and around the back. This gives the cut a subtle edge that we love.

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2. Split Wavy Mushroom Cut

Split Wavy Mushroom Haircut on a guy in a white shirt with a grin on his face while he looks up and to his right in a green room

Mix and Match Studio/Shutterstock

The split-bang look was a popular one for guys in the 90s and we’re stoked that it’s coming back. This layered bowl cut on wavy hair has lots of texture and movement – it’ll never look boring. 

The long top tapers into short length around the sides and back. But our favorite part of this look is the high-volume off-center part that just screams 90s heart throb!  

3. Tapered Curly Mushroom Crop

Tapered Curly Mushroom Crop haircut on a gal in a corduroy button-up shirt

Natalya Volchenkova/Shutterstock

Curls are a perfect addition to any mushroom cut. They can completely alter the shape of the cut, add volume, and give you a chance to show off the varied texture of your particular curl type! 

Here, tapered length begins shortening just above the ears to keep all the volume and curl concentrated on top. This is a perfect look for someone with a round or square face shape as it visually lengthens the face and keeps the volume low on the sides.

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4. Multi-Colored Mushroom Undercut

Multi-Colored Mushroom Undercut Haircut on a guy in a white button-up collared shirt and a black blazer draped over his shoulder


Edgy and modern with a hint of throwback, this multi-colored mushroom cut features a bold undercut that comes up to the eyebrow level, then dips down in the back like a drop fade

The top is straight with a little texturing done with long layers. Tapering underneath the long top allows it to stack and create that signature mushroom-like volume around the top sides. 

5. Long Tapered Mushroom Bob

Long Tapered Mushroom Bob Haircut on a gal in a white and green vertical striped button-up shirt holding her fingers to her chin


This cut is different from others you might’ve seen, and that’s one of the reasons we like it! Think of it as a modified mushroom bob – one that extends down a bit further on the back and sides. 

Since most mushroom cuts feature hair that is the same length all the way around on top, this doesn’t 100% fit the bill. But the overall mushroom cap shape and voluminous, stacked look earned this mushroom bob a spot on our list. 

6. Micro Mushroom Undercut

Micro Mushroom Undercut Haircut on a gal with shaved sides in a grey sweater


Shaved on the underside of the sides and back, this mushroom-esque undercut features a long top that is cut evenly and precisely in a circle around the head. The long portion extends just past the temples, leaving a band of shaved hair circling around the bottom. 

Since the length on top covers a short area from the top of the head to just past the temples, this brushed-forward style creates an edgy micro bang look across the forehead. 

7. Stacked Brow-Grazing Mushroom Cut

Stacked Brow-Grazing Mushroom Cut


Bring the volume on the sides a bit lower to pull off this stacked brow-grazing mushroom cut. The long hair on top extends down to the ears, while the long layers through the top keep it from adopting the helmet look. 

Tapering underneath the long hair on top helps prop it up for the signature stacked look. The front of the cut is point cut (snipped vertically with scissors) to make the line a bit uneven. This cut is tapered sharply near the nape of the neck. 

8. Side-Swept Mushroom Crop

Side-Swept Mushroom Crop haircut on a guy in a white shirt delivering flowers to his girlfriend


This cropped version of the mushroom cut features a burst fade around the ears for added interest. Like other mushroom cuts, the long hair on top is cut evenly in a straight line around the entire head.

The hair underneath is tapered short and gives way to the shaved burst fade sections around the ears. Here, the cut is styled casually to the side with a little piece-y texture that you can easily achieve with a little wax or pomade on the ends.

Opt for the same just-above-the-brows length if you have a round or square face – this will visually lengthen your face for a more oval or rectangular shape. 

9. Mushroom Cut With Split Bangs

Mushroom Cut With Split Bangs Haircut

Bangkok Click Studio/Shutterstock

This unique take on the bowl/mushroom cut is evenly parted down the center to maximize the volume on top. The long top is tapered down the back and sides to keep the volume low on the bottom sides and give it that toadstool-esque look. 

Following the center part, the bangs are brushed forward and split open to reveal a little of the forehead. This helps visually lengthen round faces and balances the heart face shape. 

10. Long Bleached-Top Mushroom Cut

Long Bleached-Top Mushroom Haircut on a gal in a cream-colored lightweight jacket


Fans of alternative looks will appreciate this bleached-top mushroom cut with a little extra length. The additional length means the front needs to be parted and open instead of being brushed forward as is typical with this type of haircut. 

The bleached top definitely adds a cool effect, but this past-the-ears mushroom style would look great without it. 

11. Youthful Mushroom Cut

Youthful Mushroom Cut on a guy in a leather-style winter coat and jeans


If you had an old-school bowl cut in elementary school, you might think giving your kid a mushroom cut is downright evil. But today’s mushroom cuts are so much better than the bowl cuts of yesteryear! 

Peep the short layers at the ends, the clean undercut in the back, and the impeccable shine on this kid’s sun-lightened hair. We love this clean-cut, no-fuss look for younger kids as much as we do for adults.

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12. Wavy Mushroom Crop

Wavy Mushroom Crop Haircut on an Asian man in a grey crew neck sweater

Tom Wang/Shutterstock

Like other mushroom cuts, this one is longest on top and short around the bottom of the back and sides. The front is brushed forward onto the forehead, then swept over to the side for a slightly different look. 

Paired with messy, natural waves, the side-swept bangs give this cut a lived-in and effortless look that is easy to air-dry for low-maintenance care. 

Frequently Asked Questions

This bold and previously-ridiculed haircut may leave you with a lot of questions. Find out the answers to the most commonly asked questions about mushroom cuts below!

Click for Frequently Asked Questions

Is the mushroom haircut the same as a bowl cut?

Yes, mushroom cuts and bowl cuts are the same haircut. The two terms can be used interchangeably because they both refer to the general shape of this cut: Long on top, short on the bottom back and sides, usually with the length on top cut to an even length around the head.

When was the mushroom haircut popular?

The mushroom cut or bowl cut became popular in the late 1980s and stuck around in popular culture through the mid 1990s. While the cut first debuted on young and teenage boys, it caught on with girls and women soon after.

Celebrities like Halle Berry sported the mushroom cut in the 90s before it faded from popularity. Today, it’s back with a modern edge, but the general shape of the cut is still the same!

How do you do a mushroom haircut?

Doing a mushroom cut isn’t all that difficult for a beginner as long as you choose a very basic version. Don’t try one featuring stacked layers or an undercut fade if you’re not experienced with cutting hair!

The basics of a mushroom cut involve cutting the short bottom and sides (if you’re doing a short bowl or mushroom cut) before finishing the long hair on top.

Clippers can be used to trim the hair along the bottom of the cut to the short length you want. Choose a clipper guard size that corresponds to the length you want on the bottom. Trim from the neckline upward, ensuring not to trim too high.

You can always come back and trim more if needed! For the top, you may find it easier to start with the hair in front to ensure it hits where you’d like – right at the eyebrows, for example. Brush the hair forward in front and use sharp scissors for clean cut lines.

Make sure the long hair on top follows an even sloped or straight line around the head. If you want a more complex version of the mushroom cut, it’s a good idea to call a stylist. They can work in flattering long layers, short stacked layers, a fade, perfect tapering, etc.

Is the mushroom cut back?

We pay attention to rising and established trends in the hair scene for both men and women. According to Google searches, social media trends, and the sharp increase in bowl cut requests reported by hair stylists, the mushroom cut/bowl cut is definitely back.

How would I look with a mushroom cut?

Your face shape, hair type, facial features, and overall style or aesthetic are the main factors in determining how you’d look with a mushroom cut. Keep in mind that this now-trendy but previously-mocked hairstyle isn’t a fit for everyone.

Oval, square, and heart face shapes can all successfully rock a mushroom cut, but round faces should be careful with this style.

The increased volume on the sides of the face visually widens a round face. You can avoid this problem by keeping your top shorter and bringing up the short, clippered section to above your ears.

Things to Consider

Graphic image of a guy with a mushroom haircut wearing a light purple shirt in front of a grey background

Nadia Snopek/Shutterstock

The mushroom haircut or bowl cut is a bold style choice for both men and women who have enough length to work with on top.

If the bowl is your goal and you’ve been thinking about trying this trendy but controversial haircut for yourself, keep the following things in mind as you make your decision. 

  • Regular trims will keep it looking neat. If you get this haircut, you’ll need to make time to get into the barber shop or salon at least once every 6 weeks for a trim. Bowl cuts on straight hair may need more frequent trims to look neat. Wavy and curly hair styled in a messy or tousled mushroom cut can go longer between trims thanks to the casual style. 
  • The dorky look can be avoided. If you’re worried about looking like Lloyd Christmas when you get a mushroom cut, you can avoid the potentially dorky look by going to a skilled stylist and bringing a few example photos of what you want. A fade, clean tapering, long, sliced layers, and mussed-up texture are all features of the modern, not-dorky mushroom cut. 
  • Tailor it to your face shape and features. Oval faces can wear any mushroom cut. Heart faces should avoid stacked layers that create excess volume on top because the jaw and chin are so narrow. Square and round faces should opt for extra volume on top and shorter lengths on the sides to visually lengthen the face. Ask your stylist to help you determine what tweaks your cut needs to better suit your face shape. 
  • Keep your hair type in mind. Thick, pin-straight hair acts differently in a mushroom cut than hair with soft waves or defined ringlets. If you want a cut that looks good even when air-dried, make sure you’re having it cut in a way that flatters and makes the most of your hair texture instead of ignoring it or requiring you to straighten, curl, or otherwise heat style it each day. 
  • You may need to go shorter to grow it out properly. Since the mushroom cut features long hair on top and short hair on the back and sides, growing it out as-is results in uneven hair lengths that will look odd. You may need to have the long hair on top trimmed to be closer in length to the back and sides once you tire of this haircut, so keep this in mind.  

Is the Mushroom Haircut Right for You?

It was once synonymous with bad at-home haircuts, but the mushroom haircut is back in a big way with a fresh, edgy style. Can you say glow up? 

If you believe a mushroom or bowl cut is the right choice for you, make an appointment with your go-to stylist or look for a local stylist with great reviews. Make sure to bring a few inspiration photos so you can show them exactly the look you’re going for! 

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