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15 African American Bride Hairstyles for 2024

You’re going to slay when you say “I do,” and our list of the best African American bride hairstyles helps you nail the perfect look for your big day! See 15 of the most-loved looks for black brides in our guide below.

Looking for African American Bride Hairstyles?

So you’re getting married soon – congrats! Browsing bridal hairstyles is one part of wedding planning that isn’t absolute torture.

As you look through the different bridal and wedding styles, you can really start to imagine yourself walking down the aisle, exchanging rings and vows, and saying “I do” to the love of your life. Deciding on the perfect wedding day hairstyle isn’t easy, though.

With so many gorgeous options for African American bride hairstyles, narrowing your options down to one seems next to impossible. Until you find “the one”, that is. And we have a good feeling that you’re going to find The One right here in our list!

We’ve curated a list of the most gorgeous African American bride hairstyles so you can see the different options and uniquely beautiful ways to style your coily, kinky, relaxed, or braided hair for your big day.

There are options that are intricate and complex, soft and ethereal, nontraditional and edgy, and classically bridal. Take a look at these pretty bridal style options for African American women and see which will get a yes from you! 

These African American Bride Hairstyles Have Us Saying “I Do” 

There may be literally thousands of options for wedding day hairstyles, but we’ve seen ‘em all and found these 15 looks to be the best. You’re sure to find a look you’ll love almost as much as your sweetheart in our list! Take a look and see how stunning you’ll be on your big day.

1. Wrapped Senegalese Twists Bridal Updo

African-American bridal hairstyle titled Wrapped Senegalese Twists Bridal Updo

Ivy Photos/Shutterstock

Jumbo Senegalese twists create eye-catching texture and volume in coily and kinky hair. For your wedding day, wear jumbo twists that are wrapped into a large bun in the back for an unforgettable bridal style.

The front is slicked back with gel for hold and sleek shine, while the back opens up into rope-like twists that are almost hypnotizing to look at. This is a gorgeous look for women with long hair who want it up and off their shoulders on their special day. 

2. Glamorous Old Hollywood Pin Curls

Glamorous Old Hollywood Pin Curls Hairstyle on an African American bride

Pixelheadphoto Digitalskillet/Shutterstock

If you’re planning a vintage-inspired wedding or just want to bring a touch of old Hollywood glam to your special day, this pin curl look is just right. Relaxed hair is styled with gel, bobby pins, and hairspray for a simple but robust style that will perfectly frame your face.

These loose pin curls create softness and curves that mirror yours and will make you feel like a movie star as you walk down the aisle. We especially love this style with a strapless dress as it shows off your shoulders and highlights your decolletage nicely.  

3. Bubble Bridal Bun With Criss-Cross Braids

African American bride hairstyle inspiration featuring Bubble Bridal Bun With Criss-Cross Braids


If you’re envisioning a more traditional bridal hairstyle for your wedding, we love this bubble bun with criss-cross flat braids. The front is intricately braided with plaits crossing over each other and leading up to the voluminous bun at the crown.

The bun features smoothed sections that are looped and pinned to create the bubble effect. This kind of updo puts all the focus on your eyes and shoulders, so it’s perfect for a strapless or off-the-shoulder dress like this. 

4. Voluminous Bridal Waves With Jeweled Accent

Voluminous Bridal Waves With Jeweled Accent as a featured image for a post on African American bride hairstyles

Pirat Pirat/Shutterstock

Here’s a gorgeous, simple bridal style that features big, voluminous waves that cascade over the shoulders. A large jeweled accent barrette clipped into the front side of the style draws the eye to the side and down the curves of your waves.

The bride’s caramel blonde with a dark brown shadow root pairs perfectly with this free-flowing style, and it can go with any wedding theme you have in mind. 

5. Crowned Queen Bridal Style

Crowned Queen African American Bridal Style


African American ladies with short hair can rely on bold accessories to channel their inner queen on the big day. What’s more fitting than a minimalist floral crown?

The bride’s hair is cut into a tapered crop with fading around the ears for an edgy, modern touch. The crown nestles perfectly into the front to create a simplistic style that says your beauty is pure and natural.

6. Bridal Bun With Floral Wreath Crown 

African American bride hairstyle on a woman with the Bridal Bun With Floral Wreath Crown style

Nejron Photo/Shutterstock

If you plan to wear your hair up on your wedding day, you don’t have to opt for an intricate style that takes hours to finish. This polished bridal bun is a beautiful choice that keeps your hair off your shoulders to visually elongate your neck in a feminine way.

The front is teased for volume and the large bun captures every flyaway for a truly polished look. A floral wreath crowns the bun for a royal finish.

7. Swept-Up Brushed Curls With Pearly Accents

African American bride hairstyle featuring Swept-Up Brushed Curls With Pearly Accents


What could be more becoming than appearing before your love with your hair natural, soft, and swept up to show off your face? We love how brushed curls frame the top of this bridal style that is equal parts dainty and voluminous.

The sides are brushed upward and secured with gel and hairspray to keep every hair in place. At the top, they open to soft, touchable curls that have been brushed through for extra volume. A pearly barrette adds the perfect feminine accent to this breathtaking bridal style. 

8. Relaxed Low Chignon With Face-Framing Pieces

Relaxed Low Chignon With Face-Framing Pieces pictured as a featured African American bride hairstyle


Casual, carefree, windblown, pure – if this is the vibe you want on your wedding day, this hairstyle is worth your consideration. Relaxed coily hair releases the intense curl pattern and loosely hangs to give this style that casual, carefree look.

The hair is gathered low into a loose chignon, where it is secured with a few hidden bobby pins. The crown is teased for extra volume. Finish by pulling a few face-framing tendrils free. 

9. Natural Coils With Floral Headband Accent

African American bride hairstyle titled Natural Coils With Floral Headband Accent

Deborah Kolb/Shutterstock

Your significant other will be overwhelmed by your intrinsic beauty when you choose a simple, natural hairstyle for your wedding day. Wearing your hair natural and coily on your special day is a way to honor yourself as you transition from single life to matrimony.

Moisturized, defined coils are the pretty backdrop for this down-to-earth bridal style. The front is smoothed with a little gel and finished off with a headband featuring a large floral accent. 

10. Low Updo With Curly Tendrils and Veil Headband

Low Updo With Curly Tendrils and Veil Headband for a piece on African American bridal hairstyles


The key to a chic hairstyle on your wedding day is opting for low-key styles that don’t try and upstage your dress, makeup, or accessories.

We love how this low, voluminous updo creates a boost of volume at the back of the head and mirrors that texture with several soft, curly tendrils framing the face in front. The look is finished off with a vintage-inspired bridal veil headband, which adds a chic and classic touch.  

11. Soft, Loose Ringlets With Bridal Crown

African American bride wearing a hairstyle that features Soft, Loose Ringlets With Bridal Crown


Here’s a gorgeous way to wear a bridal crown on your special day without opting for an intricate updo. Big, soft curls on relaxed hair create an ethereal aura around your face.

The multi-directional curls (use a large-barrel curling iron or hot rollers) produce dainty, curving tendrils all around the style to create this perfect, feminine softness. Add a sparkling crown to nestle in and draw the eye upward. You’ll feel like royalty when you say “I do.”  

12. Crowned Bridal Bun With Side-Swept Bangs

Crowned Bridal Bun With Side-Swept Bangs as a featured African American bride hairstyle


Smoothed and relaxed African American hair takes on a soft and shiny quality that makes it perfect for bridal styles like this. Here, there’s lots of flattering volume in the high bun which helps visually slim the face.

The sleek front and side-swept bangs keep the look balanced and prevent your hair from overwhelming your face. Top it off with a jeweled crown to add a little sparkle to your bridal look. 

13. Natural Chignon With Loose Pieces and Floral Accent

African American bride wearing a Natural Chignon With Loose Pieces and Floral Accent hairstyle


Your soon-to-be-spouse will see you in a new light when you walk down the aisle with this pure and simple bridal style.

There’s no need to get a relaxer, extensions, or style your hair into an intricate updo when you can let your natural beauty shine through with a pure and simple style. Ultra-moisturized, defined curls create the base for this simplistic look.

It’s gathered into a low chignon with a few loose pieces pulled out in front to frame the face and balance the look. A single floral accent on the side draws the eye to the looped chignon and highlights the gorgeous texture of your hair. 

14. Down and Loose Balayage Coils With Shadow Root

Down and Loose Balayage Coils With Shadow Root as a featured African American bride hairstyle

Beauty Stock/Shutterstock

If you’re thinking about trying a style that’s less traditional for your big day, have you thought about wearing your hair down and loose?

With a fresh balayage color and contrasting shadow root, this mega-volume and unexpected style could be perfect for your wedding day. The key here is creating a somewhat uniform definition in your coils so the look is intentional and not messy.

Balayage color highlighting the curves of your curls helps further define this look. A middle part is shown, but we think this would look wonderful with a deep side part, too. 

15. Relaxed Lob With Feathered Floral Accent

Relaxed Lob With Feathered Floral Accent featured as an African American bride hairstyle


For a truly no-fuss style for the wedding day, women with relaxed coily hair may like a simple option like this. The ends of the side-parted lob (a long bob) are gently flipped with a curling iron to create a flirty, feminine texture at the ends.

The smoothness of the style is accented with a feathered floral barrette on one side – replace it with a small tiara or crown if you’re after a look with a little more glam. 

Things to Consider

Bridal hairstyles for African American women need to meet a few criteria to get your approval on your big day.

Here’s what you should keep in mind as you browse wedding hairstyles to ensure you make a choice that will flatter you and make you feel like the most beautiful woman in the world when your wedding day arrives:

  • Think about your dress pattern and cut. If you’ve already picked out your wedding dress, this is a lot easier. But if you haven’t yet said yes to the dress, now is the time to start thinking about general shapes and cuts you like. A formal, intricate updo will make a simple dress look out of place by comparison. Wearing your hair down and loose with a dramatic, detailed wedding gown could look mismatched. Try to picture your dream dress and choose a style that emphasizes or goes with it to achieve a balanced look. 
  • The style should be a good fit for your hair type. Whether you’re currently rocking natural coily texture, tight kinky texture, smooth extensions or hair pieces, or relaxed texture, look at styles that feature your hair type or a texture you’re willing to try. There’s no need to get a relaxer or extensions for your bridal hairstyle when there are so many gorgeous options (loose, half-up, and updos) for natural coily or kinky hair. By focusing only on styles featuring your hair type and texture, you avoid feeling like you’re trying to squeeze your hair into a box that it just won’t fit into. 
  • Show off your best features. On your wedding day, you shouldn’t choose a style just because it looks pretty. Most bridal hairstyles do! Choose one that will help highlight your best features while downplaying those you’d rather hide. If you have gorgeous cheekbones, your hair could be pulled up into a high bun or updo to accentuate them. For a double chin, wearing your hair down or up with lots of face-framing pieces in front are good options. To highlight your eyes, try a style with long curtain bangs or flat braids into an intricate updo. 
  • Consider your styling time allotment. While planning a wedding is stressful, nothing compares to the stress of running behind schedule on the actual wedding day. If you’re partial to more formal, intricate bridal hairstyles, make sure you’re working that into consideration as you schedule out your big day. A bubble bun with criss-cross braids takes a lot more time than wearing your hair down with a simple tiara or floral accent. Plan accordingly to make sure your day goes smoothly.   
  • Don’t stress it too much. There’s a lot of pressure to make everything absolutely perfect for your wedding day – the dress, hair, vows, rings, music, guest list, reception, etc. While it’s important to choose a flattering bridal hairstyle that you love, don’t let the process of choosing the style stress you out. It’s all about helping you feel beautiful on one of the most special days of your life. And you can’t feel beautiful if you’re overwhelmed with stress! The focus of the day is on the love you and your significant other share, not your hair. So pick a style you like and let the pressure of picking the perfect style melt away!

What’s Your Favorite African American Bride Hairstyle?

Photo for a roundup on the best African American Bride Hairstyles featuring a woman standing in a rustic old city square holding her hand to her ear


So there you have it — African American bride hairstyles we can’t get enough of. Let’s face it: you always slay. But, it’s your wedding, and you want to kick it up a notch. Wear any of our favorite styles, and you’ll do just that.

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