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30 Unique Man Bun Hairstyles Trending in 2024

Looking for man bun inspiration? You’re in the right place. We’ve rounded up 30 of our favorite looks, why we love each one, and broken down everything you need to know about how to make and style a man bun.

Considering a Man Bun?

Men sometimes feel that they don’t have many options when it comes to hairstyles. The most common styles you see tend to be for short or medium-length hair. If you’re rocking long hair and want more options to style it, don’t sleep on the trendy man bun.

And if you think the man bun hairstyle isn’t for you, you just haven’t found the perfect type of bun yet! The masculine version of a traditional bun has been a mainstay in men’s hairstyle trends for a while now.

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What Is a Man Bun?

Graphic showing what a man bun is and also showing it from multiple angles in the front, back, and side

Man buns are exactly what they sound like – bun hairstyles intended for men. Instead of prim and proper ballerina buns, intricate chignons, or feminine messy buns with curly tendrils framing the face, man buns are often simple and straight-forward styles that are equal parts form and function. 

Why should you consider wearing a man bun? We’ve got a few good reasons. 

  • Man buns are versatile. As you’ll see in our list below, there are dozens of ways to wear this popular look for men. Not a fan of sleek, slicked-back looks? No problem. You can opt for a messy, casual bun that requires zero gel or heat styling to pull off. Hate the scruffy look and want something that is office-appropriate? There’s a polished and professional man bun for that too, my friend. 
  • They’re super simple and quick to style. Most men wouldn’t consider themselves styling experts, and even those who would might say they prefer easy styles that can be done fast. Most of the buns for dudes on our list can be styled in under a minute! What’s better than that? 
  • They combine form and function. While buns look great on men, the look isn’t all this style is about. Buns are attractive and functional for guys with long hair. If you’re working on something, out on a windy day, or just need to cool down, pulling your long hair up into a secure bun is the best way to do it. Buns are better than ponytails because they completely secure the ends of the hair, too.  
  • They’re always unique and on-trend. Buns of the manly sort are nothing new – they’ve been on the style scene for a few years now. But because they require very long hair to pull off (and most guys have shorter hair), they’re still somewhat rare to see. That might have something to do with how trendy this style remains after years of growing popularity. 
  • They help prevent damage to your hair. Wearing your long hair in a bun is a great way to help protect it from damage. When you choose this style instead of heat styling, you protect your hair from heat damage. Securing your hair in a bun prevents environmental and physical damage to your hair from tangles and snags. Sleeping in a bun can help further protect your hair. Cotton pillowcases can pull on your hair and rough up the cuticle, which leads to long-term damage and frizz. 

Still not convinced? We were kind of hoping you’d say that! We gathered a list of 30 different ways to wear a man bun so you can see the benefits of this trendy style in action. Check out the list below and read through our tips to see if this is a good style option for you! 

30 Unique Ways to Wear a Man Bun

If your hair is long enough to pull into a ponytail, you can broaden your style options by learning different ways to wear a man bun. These styles range from messy, casual, and easy to sleek, professional, and intricate. Check out 30 different ways to rock this staple men’s hairstyle below! 

1. Half-Up With Shaved Sides

Half Up With Shaved Sides man bun on a slightly asian-looking man standing in front of a river


If you’re growing out a pompadour or just looking for a different way to style it, this half-up top knot is perfect. The sides and back are shaved up to the high fade line (the temple level).

This makes styling a breeze – just slick back the top, secure it into a ponytail, and pull the hair halfway through on the last wrap to form a bun. 

2. Two Block Man Bun

Guy with a man bun and a thick beard sits on the back of a bench and looks to his right while clasping his hands together


The two block haircut popularized by K-Pop bands is the perfect base for a masculine bun. The two block cut features long hair on top, short hair on the back and sides, and no tapering or blending between the two halves or blocks.

Pull the long top into a high ponytail and secure it with an elastic. Coil the ponytail until it winds back on itself and secure with another elastic to form this breezy bun. 

3. Messy Pull-Through Bun

Messy Pull-Through Man Bun

Cookie Studio/Shutterstock

You don’t have to be a bun expert to rock this cool look crowned with intentional flyaways and a messy look. Long hair is easily managed with a pull-through bun placed at the crown.

Pull the hair back with your fingers (a comb or brush will make it too neat) and begin wrapping it with an elastic. On the final wrap, don’t pull the hair all the way through. This creates the looped pull-through bun that can be tugged on to make it more voluminous. 

4. Braided Top Knot Undercut

Braided Top Knot Man Bun Haircut worn by a man in a backpack standing in front of a river


You’ll need at least a few inches (preferably 6+) of hair on top to create this funky braided style. The top section from temple to temple reaching back to the crown is left long and braided in hanging box braids.

The bottom half of the head from the temple line down is shaved in an edgy undercut for contrast. Pull the hanging braids into a high ponytail and pull the group of braids halfway through on the last wrap of the elastic. Fan the ends of the braids out to nail this look.  

5. Long and Layered Half-Up Top Knot

Long and Layered Half-Up Top Knot man bun on a guy without a shirt emerging from out of the water

Marc Roura/Shutterstock

The half-up top knot is one of the most popular ways to wear a man bun and we can see why. If you’ve spent years growing your mane long, you want to show off that length while keeping it manageable and out of your face. This half-up top knot is perfect!

Gather the section on top from temple to temple and loosely coil it until it winds back on itself in a messy bun. Secure it with a ponytail holder and pull on the top knot to loosen it up. Leave the rest flowing and wavy to show off your length and layers! 

6. High Bun With Full Bandholz Beard

High Man Bun With Full Bandholz Beard

Wayhome Studio/Shutterstock

Your facial hairstyle or beard type can have a huge effect on the way your hairstyle looks. We love this pairing of a full and long bandholz beard with a high bun. This cylindrical bun stands tall and helps create more volume at the crown.

This is just right for guys with a round or square face. Move the bun lower if you have an oval or heart shaped face.

Create the bun by gathering hair at the crown, twisting it into a coil, and securing the base with an elastic. Keep the coil wrapped tightly to encourage the bun to form upward instead of outward. 

7. Sleek Pompadour Top Knot With Mid Fade

Sleek Pompadour Top Knot With Mid Fade

Raul Mellado Ortiz/Shutterstock

Fades and top knots just go so perfectly together. Here, the pompadour long top is slicked back with a little gel for hold into a high ponytail. The ponytail is looped tightly to create a small, neat pull-through bun.

The key to this look is the sleek top and clean fade on the back and sides. Ask your barber for a mid drop fade (using clipper guards 4-3-2) to copy this look.  

8. High Undercut With Midi Bun

High Undercut With Midi Man Bun haircut on a guy in a white shirt in a yellow room in a side profile image

A high undercut that drops downward as you move toward the back of the head creates the illusion of a thinner, leaner face (especially for guys with round faces). The long hair on top creates a clear and attractive contrast.

But once it reaches a certain length, it’s harder to style a pompadour. Try a midi bun instead! Position the long top in a low ponytail at the back. Twist the ponytail in one direction until it coils up and pop an elastic at the base to hold it in place. 

9. Half-Up Low Pull-Through Bun

Half-Up Low Pull-Through Bun on a man in a white shirt in a blue room in a side profile image

Roman Samborskyi/Shutterstock

If you struggle with trying complicated hairstyles or just want easy-peasy styles that take no time at all to create, the pull-through bun is essential. If you can make a ponytail, you can make a pull-through bun!

On the last wrap of the ponytail, don’t pull the “tail” all the way through. Leave it looped and hanging partially out of the elastic. You can tug on the pull-through bun to widen it or give it more volume and oomph. 

10. Neat Midi Man Bun

Neat Midi Man Bun on a guy leaning on a railing and looking a nature preserve

22Images Studio/Shutterstock

Straight, sleek hair lacks volume and tends to lie flat unless you pump it full of product. If your hair doesn’t have wavy or curly texture, a neat bun positioned midway down the back of the head is a great option.

It’s practical, keeps your long hair out of your face, and takes less than a minute to style. Create a looped pull-through bun as shown or try a coiled bun if you want to take it down to reveal soft curls later. 

11. Dreadlock Top Knot With Line-Up

Dreadlock Top Knot Man Bun With Line-Up


Style dreadlocks in a different way with this high top knot. Synthetic dread extensions make it easy to try out a longer length without committing years to growing your hair out. Gather the dreads into a high ponytail – it will be thick.

Secure with a large elastic and arch the locs to secure the tips and create a large, looped bun. Pull a few locs out to frame the bun. This casual look gets a polished effect from a neat line-up at the front hairline and temples.

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12. Outdoorsy Midi Looped Bun

Outdoorsy Midi Looped Man Bun


Outdoorsmen know the unique benefits of having long hair – wear it down to warm yourself up or pull it up to cool down and keep it out of your face. When you pull it up, you can easily create this midi looped bun for a different style.

Gather your brushed hair into a ponytail above the nape of your neck. Wrap an elastic around it, and on the final loop (usually loop #3 or #4), don’t fully pull the ponytail through. This creates the small loop bun that doesn’t look too “fixed” or styled – just right for the outdoorsman. 

13. Sleek Wrapped Man Bun

Sleek Wrapped Man Bun worn by a man in a plaid suit

Halay Alex/Shutterstock

Guys who want an office-friendly way to wear a bun, we hope you’re paying attention! This sleek version is appropriate for professionals and guys looking for a trendy way to style their long hair for a formal event. You’ll need a little medium-hold gel to pull this look off.

Work the gel (about a quarter-sized amount) through your damp hair and brush it back into a neat ponytail at the back. Twist the ponytail and coil it around the base to form a polished bun – you may need a few bobby pins to really secure it. 

14. Dramatic Diamond Undercut Mushroom Bun

Dramatic Diamond Undercut Mushroom Bun on a guy in a blue shirt sitting in front of a shiplap wall with flower pots hanging from it


If you’re an addict for dramatics, you will love this high-contrast option. The sides and back are strategically shaved to form a diamond shape on top. You can copy the mushroom bun by creating a pull-through bun and using an extra elastic to force the loop upward.

Doing this makes it smaller and tighter to form a mushroom cap shape. This style is higher-maintenance, requiring more trims thanks to the super-short undercut and clear line of definition along the diamond. 

15. Mid Looped Bun With Headband

Man in a plaid shirt sitting outdoors working on a laptop wearing a Mid Looped Man Bun With Headband

22Images Studio/Shutterstock

Guys often forget that they have the option to use hair accessories to change up their look, widen their range of hairstyles, and better secure short flyaways that tend to pop up around the face. We love a good elastic headband just for this purpose!

Create a bun midway down the back of your head – a super-simple looped bun is shown here, just pull the ponytail halfway through on the last wrap – and finish the look with a stretchy headband to keep it all in place. 

16. Last-Minute Vertical Loop Bun

Last-Minute Vertical Loop Man Bun on a guy in a black tank top in a grey room


Don’t get caught running out the door with your long hair a mess! You can pull this easy style together in just a few seconds. Use your fingers to direct your hair toward the back of your head and gather it into a ponytail. You’re creating a basic looped bun.

Instead of the loop being horizontal, you’ll make it vertical by creating the loop on the side rather than underneath the ponytail. The opening in your bun will face up instead of side-to-side, and you’re out the door in under a minute! 

17. Feathered Low Bun With Burst Undercut

Feathered Low Bun With Burst Undercut


Fans of the trendy burst fade hairstyle will appreciate this cool take on the look. Instead of a true burst fade where the hair tapers seamlessly in length, this style features a burst undercut.

This means the hair around the ears is shaved to a shorter length with no fade transition. Gather the hair into a low ponytail and loop it into a pull-through bun or try a twisted coil bun.

Use a comb to brush the hair in front upward and slightly back. As it falls and settles into a feathered pattern, spritz it with a little medium-hold hairspray to hold it in place. 

18. High Fanned-Out Curly Bun

High Fanned-Out Curly Man Bun

Once you’ve mastered the basic pull-through bun, you can also create a fanned-out bun that really shows off the texture at the ends of your hair. We love this look on guys with curly hair! Gather your hair into a high ponytail with an elastic.

Instead of wrapping the elastic from the top toward the bottom, do it in reverse so the elastic loops up and over the ponytail each time.

On the final wrap when it’s feeling nice and secure, loop the hair through halfway or less so that the ends fan out above the ponytail. This creates some nice volume on top, which is a bonus for round and square-faced men! 

19. Coiled Man Bun for Thick Hair

Coiled Man Bun for Thick Hair worn by a man in a jean jacket


Men with dense, thick hair, do you know how lucky you are? You can put your lush mane into a coiled bun to keep it manageable and maintained without hiding that dapper density.

Direct your hair toward the back of your head with your fingers, which will help create a slightly uneven texture in the front of the bun.

At the crown, twist the hair in one direction until it forms a coil and let the coil wrap around itself to form a bun. Secure it with an elastic and use your fingers to pull the bun apart to really emphasize the thickness. 

20. High Undercut Top Knot

High Undercut Top Knot man bun on a guy in a blue button-up shirt

Alexandra Laprise/Shutterstock

Top knots are placed at or above the crown to create a boost in height and volume on top of the head. This is a great trick for guys with wide, round, or square faces because the height on top makes the face look leaner.

The hair is shaved short in an undercut that reaches up to the temples. The small section of long hair on top is pulled into a high looped bun. Achieve it by pulling the ponytail part-way through on the final wrap as you secure it. 

21. Slacker Bun With Face-Framing Pieces

Slacker Man Bun With Face-Framing Pieces


Look put together yet slightly off-task with this trendy slacker bun. This style can work for other hair types, but note that wavy and curly hair will make this style more voluminous on the sides (great for heart and oval faces, but not so much for round and square).

Pull the hair into a low pull-through bun (loop the hair halfway on the final wrap) and use your fingers to tug loose a few face-framing pieces around the front. 

22. High-Volume Boosted Bun

High-Volume Boosted Man Bun worn by a guy in a white button-up leaning against the back of a tan couch

Syda Productions/Shutterstock

A high-volume bun like this can perfectly smooth out the shape of your head if you’re lacking volume on top. This one requires a little more styling, but the results are worth it! Use a comb to tease the roots in the front section of the top.

Hold the ends of the hair upward and insert the comb near the roots, then move the comb in tight up and down motions to backcomb.

This creates the volume boost in front. Now, smooth the teased section back and gather the rest of your hair with it at the crown. Secure into a twisted or looped pull-through bun to finish the style. Spray with hairspray for the best hold. 

23. Modified Samurai Half-Up Top Knot

Modified Samurai Half-Up Top Knot man bun


The samurai top knot is created with the top half of hair in this style and styled in a voluminous, loose bun. The hair above the ears is a bit shorter, so it’s left out of the top knot in this example.

This adds some volume to the sides, making it a great choice for men with oval, elongated, or heart-shaped faces. Secure your bun with a regular elastic or try a spiral hair tie as shown for looser hold. 

24. Mid Fade Undercut With High Coiled Bun

Mid Fade Undercut With High Coiled Bun

Leika Production/Shutterstock

Fades and undercuts really add a masculine edge to any ponytail or bun style. We like how the mid fade undercut contrasts with the much longer top here. Many guys choose a high undercut for similar styles, so this feels a bit more unique.

Pull the long top into a high bun on top of the head. You can either twist the hair until it coils into a circular twist or try a messier looped pull-through bun. 

25. Low Polished Bun With Garibaldi Beard

Low Polished Man Bun With Garibaldi Beard

Veles Studio/Shutterstock

Guys who prefer a neater look or want a style that’s appropriate for more formal occasions should try a low polished bun. It couldn’t be easier to style. Create a side part and brush each side down and toward the back. Gather the hair low at the nape of the neck and secure it into a ponytail.

Twist the ponytail around to form a coiled bun – it’s okay if there are a few shorter pieces sticking out. The key to this style is the neat, parted front. We love how a full Garibaldi beard pairs with this style! 

26. Double Puff Buns

Double Puff Man Buns on a guy in overalls and a gray shirt

Luna Vandoorne/Shutterstock

Afro texture makes it so unbelievably easy to form that man bun look without styling an actual bun. Double the fun with this twin bun look! Part your hair down the middle to create two equal sections.

Use a stiff brush and some medium-hold gel to form two high puff ponytails. Depending on the length of your hair, you can leave the puff ponytails as-is or loop them into pull-through buns on top. 

27. Two Block Top Knot With Shaved Line

Two Block Top Knot With Shaved Part Line


A precise shaved line is one of the best ways to add something special to a basic hairstyle. If you’re rocking a two block cut or have long hair you can try this look. The bottom is cut short with clippers to contrast the much longer top.

A line is shaved in at the divide between the two lengths. Pull the top portion into a small looped bun by not pulling the ponytail all the way through on the final wrap. 

28. High Drop Undercut With Loop Bun

High Drop Undercut With Loop Man Bun on a guy wearing a white long-sleeved henley shirt

A high undercut that dips down in the back will enable you to keep a little more density in the long section on top. The back and sides are shaved short in an undercut style.

The length on top is slicked back into a ponytail just below the crown. Loop the ponytail through the elastic, leaving the ends out to create a little textural interest under the bun. 

29. Undercut Chopstick Bun

Undercut Chopstick Man Bun

Viktoriia Viktorovna/Shutterstock

Adopt an artsy look with a bun stabilized with two chopsticks like this example. The hair is shaved short on the back and sides, which reach up to the temples in the front. This creates a high undercut that perfectly suits a round or square face.

To form the bun, twist the hair tightly in one direction and let it coil around unevenly. While holding it tightly to keep the looped shape, secure with an elastic. Stab two chopsticks through so they intersect to firmly hold the style in place. 

30. Messy and Casual Looped Bun

Messy and Casual Looped Man Bun on a guy smiling over his shoulder in a grey room


Keep things loose and carefree with this messy looped bun. This look is all about creating a general shape without making the form too sleek or stiff. Start off with a little texture for the best results.

If your hair is naturally straight, try wearing it in braids or coiled buns overnight to create waves.

Gather the hair at the crown and loop the ponytail halfway through on the final wrap to form the bun. Tug on it to loosen it up and let a few pieces fall at the back and around the front hairline to give it that signature messy look. 

Things to Consider Before Trying the Man Bun

Rugged looking blonde man in a white button-up shirt crossing his arms and looking to the right while standing in front of a mannequin in a white brick room

Mark Nazh/Shutterstock

Now that you’ve seen just how versatile a man bun can be, you’re probably ready to try the style for yourself. Here are a few things you should know about before you do! 

  • You’ll need lots of length. If you’re willing to sport a bun, you’ll need to make sure your hair is long enough to pull it off. As long as you can gather your hair into a ponytail, you should be able to create a bun. If your hair isn’t long enough to fully pull up, you might be able to try a half-up bun instead. And there’s no shame in wearing a small bun – these are actually becoming more and more trendy! 
  • Undercut and fade styles are a pain to grow out. Styles featuring undercuts and fades look great, but it’s important to realize how difficult it will be to grow these styles out. Super-short length on the back and sides won’t “catch up” to the much-longer length on top, so when you tire of this style, you’ll need to trim the top to match the shorter length. If you’re not okay with losing that length on top, this is something to think about. 
  • Get the right supplies. Styling buns is actually really easy, but the finished look is better and holds more securely if you have the right supplies. Every guy with long hair should have a good medium-hold gel for slicked-back styles, bobby pins to better secure a bun, high-quality elastics without metal fasteners to prevent damage, and a good brush and comb to keep the hair detangled or to help create volume with backcombing. 
  • Switch up your bun style. If you decide you like wearing buns, don’t get locked into a single type of bun or style. Switch things up! Take screenshots of the styles you like best on this list and commit to trying a new one a few times per week. You’ll build out your hairstyle repertoire and ensure you never get tired of wearing your hair the same way everyday.

Frequently Asked Questions

As with anything, the best way to learn about a topic is to see answers to questions others have already asked. Fortunately for you, we’ve rounded up some of the most common man bun FAQs from across the web.

Are man buns still in style in 2021?

Man buns are not as popular as they used to be in previous years, but they're still a trendy and edgy haircut. Not only do man buns look good, but they blend great with beards, pompadours, and fades. They're a very practical hairstyle for men on the go.

What is wrong with man buns?

There's nothing inherently wrong with man buns. However, in most cultures the norm is that men have short hair and women have long hair, so man buns are still finding their way into many cultures. We guess that within the next decade, men with long hair will no longer be considered a fashion faux pas.

What does it mean when a guy has a man bun?

In many Western cultures, a man bun on a guy is a sign of freedom, spontaneity, and adventure. You'll find man buns on snowboarders, hippies, and many young men living out of camper vans. Women love them, as it signals that the guy's life is anything but dull.

What is man bun in slang?

When referring to the slang term, a man bun is a hairstyle worn by adventurous men where the hair is tied into a bun. Hence the name "man bun."

How long goes a man bun take to grow?

A man bun typically takes 6-12 months to grow, but expect 12-24 months at a minimum if you have thick hair that must be regularly trimmed or you're starting with a bald head or very short hair.

Think You Can Rock a Man Bun?

Image of a guy pointing at the camera with his finger guns while wearing a man bun

Cookie Studio/Shutterstock

The man bun is a bold style that can be as casual or edgy as you want it to be. There’s a type of bun that will perfectly complement your style and vibe – all you have to do is customize it to your liking. There’s no need for a lot of styling experience if you want to try a bun.

Start with the easiest style – the looped pull-through bun – and work your way up to more complicated, but still simple, styles like the coiled bun or twisted top knot. 

You’ll love how a bun makes your long hair feel styled, managed, and secure throughout the day. And we’re willing to bet that you’re going to get a lot more compliments when you rock one of the styles from our list!

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