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Men’s Haircuts With Beards | 15 Trending Styles to Try

Looking for men’s haircuts with beards or facial hair? We’ve got you (or your head, at least) covered with a complete style guide and 15 examples of the trendiest haircut/facial hair combos for men right now.

Looking for Men’s Haircuts With Beards?

Facial hair can change the way a haircut or style looks entirely. If you’re thinking about getting a haircut and you have a beard, moustache, or goatee, you’ll want to ensure the hair/beard combo is a good one. 

Some combinations work better than others, and wearing the men’s haircuts with trending beard styles will make you feel like a male fashion icon. 

Different facial hair elements can accentuate your haircut, downplay your least favorite features, and give you a balanced appearance that helps you look your best. 

Pairing the wrong type of facial hair with a great haircut can ruin the whole look. It all starts with choosing a haircut and beard type that seamlessly go together to create a cohesive, complete look that perfectly sculpts your face shape. 

But which should you choose first – your haircut or your facial hair style? Are there any combos or beard styles you should avoid with certain haircuts? How much does your haircut and beard choice actually change your appearance?

Don’t worry! We’ll provide you with all the knowledge and examples you need to choose a great hairstyle/beard combination. Keep reading to learn about creating hairstyle and facial hair combos that work and see lots of trendy examples that are popular for men right now. 

How Facial Hair Affects Your Haircut

Facial hair can make or break a haircut. Below is a visual example of how different facial hairstyles can completely change the way a haircut looks.

The change in the model’s haircut and style is very slight between all 3 pictures, but his beard changes dramatically. You can see how different the overall look is with each facial hairstyle below.

For a piece titled Mens Haircuts with beards featuring a three side by side images showing a guy with a beard, with a beard and goatee, and with stubble

Volodymyr Tverdokhlib/Shutterstock

The groomed beard and moustache look perfectly balanced and complementary with the long-top tapered haircut he’s sporting in the first photo.  

But in the second photo with the scruffy stubble beard, he looks a bit older and has a more defined jawline. Now we can see how the beard in the first photo was giving his face a little roundness to create that pleasing oval shape. 

In the final photo, we can see how a full beard and moustache alter the overall look dramatically. The face shape is left to the imagination as the long beard and moustache covers everything from the cheeks down. 

For a piece on mens haircuts with beards, a guy with a mustache and a full beard in a side by side image

Anna Nass/Shutterstock

Above, you can see how switching up the beard style completely changes the appearance of the face shape. In the first photo where the model is sporting a basic full beard and connected moustache, his face shape appears to be oval and elongated. 

But when he wears the imperial beard style with a curled moustache, his face takes on a narrow, pointier shape at the jawline, more like a heart face shape. 

We can draw a couple conclusions from this group of examples. Now you’ve seen that the style of your facial hair can and does change your overall appearance. You’ve also seen that beards can be used to help “reshape” your face if you’re not digging your natural oval, round, square, or heart face shape. 

Whatever facial hairstyle you choose, you just need to ensure it’ll work with and not against your haircut. Let’s look at some examples of the trendiest haircut/beard combos and cover the basics of creating an attractive combo next. 

15 Trendy Men’s Haircuts With Beards

Men’s hairstyle fashion is incorporating bold, edgy elements with classic silhouettes and shapes to create hip styles that will elevate your look. Here are examples of the trendiest men’s haircuts with beards we’re seeing right now. Which combo can you see yourself sporting? 

Taper With Side-Swept Bangs & Full Medium Beard

Men's haircut with beard with a style titled Taper With Side-Swept Bangs & Full Medium Beard


As above, so below is the rule with this nice taper and full beard combo. The haircut is longer on top with around 3-4 inches of length (enough to sweep the bangs over and back).

At the sides where the head begins to curve, the length begins tapering down to keep the sides and back short and neat. The beard has a similar pattern, with the longest point in the center mirroring the bangs above and the sides tapering in length. 

Mid Drop Bald Fade & Garibaldi Beard

Mid Drop Bald Fade & Garibaldi Beard for an idea for a Mid Drop Bald Fade & Garibaldi Beard


Bald fades are really popular to pair with beards because they create such an interesting contrast. The haircut could easily be overwhelmed by the beard here because it’s so short.

But the clean, well-blended fade prevents the beard from stealing the spotlight. The classic Garibaldi beard style goes perfectly with the mid bald fade thanks to its rounded square bottom curve and thin moustache.

Casual Comb Over Fade & Fade-In Beard

Men's haircut with beard idea featuring a Casual Comb Over Fade & Fade-In Beard

Cookie Studio/Shutterstock

If you’re not keen on maintaining a precise, clean bald fade, you can try a casual drop fade instead. This longer haircut won’t expose your scalp and keeps hair neat and contained on the sides and back.

It’s nice on its own, but the fade-in beard really makes this haircut shine. It works because the bottom of the fade flows into the top of the fade-in beard.

A small amount of mousse in damp hair before air drying or blow drying is all you need to style the cut, and a little beard oil and brushing will keep your beard looking nice. 

Defined Burst Fade & Full Beard

Defined Burst Fade Men's Haircut with Full Beard

Sfio Cracho/Shutterstock

This defined burst fade is, in many ways, the opposite of a clean and well-blended fade. There’s no blurry transitions between length.

Instead, this haircut features a soft but defined line separating the shorter section around the ears from the longer hair on the sides. We really like the way this innovative burst fade looks with a full, short beard and shaggy, tousled hair on top. 

Tapered Quiff & Extended Goatee and Disconnected Moustache

Tapered Quiff & Extended Goatee and Disconnected Moustache for a style on mens haircuts with beards

Wayhome Sudio/Shutterstock

Tapered cuts don’t have to be boring. Add a twist by keeping the front section of the top a couple of inches longer than the rest of the top to form a quiff.

You can style a quiff in a number of ways, but it’s cool how he’s shaped the quiff to mirror the chin area of his extended goatee in this example. The disconnected moustache can help visually lengthen a round or square face, too. 

Mid Comb Over Taper & Full Beard

Men's haircut with beard idea with a Mid Comb Over Taper & Full Beard pictured


Choosing a comb over fade or taper that drops lower in the back is a great option if you’re sporting or growing a full beard. This haircut features a defined side part and the hair gradually shortens on the back and sides.

A fade-in full beard looks good with this type of haircut because it has a cool visual effect. On the top, the long hair gets shorter and tapers into short sides. The beard is faded in like a flipped image of the haircut. 

Slicked-Back Pompadour & Long Garibaldi Beard

Slicked-Back Pompadour & Long Garibaldi Beard for a piece on mens haircuts with beards


When you’ve got a long beard, you need a larger-than-life hairstyle to ensure your face looks balanced. It’s all about maintaining a good beard-to-hair ratio. The key to sporting a haircut like this along with a long-ish Garibaldi beard is keeping the hair neat.

Get comfortable using a small amount of wax or pomade to style your pompadour so it stays in place. Keep the sides and back short and neatly tapered to avoid going full wild man with your look (unless that’s what you’re after). 

South of France & Full Beard

South of France & Full Beard mens haircut with beard idea


Coily and kinky hair textures can achieve lots of height and volume, which is one of the best tools for reshaping the face or accentuating your best features.

Rounded faces can slim down and look longer by keeping the length and volume focused on the top and top sides like this South of France haircut.

A clean bald fade around the ears pulls the volume in on the sides to make the face look slimmer, and the full beard coverage helps sculpt a more oval or square shape. 

High Drop Fade & Imperial With Handlebar Moustache

High Drop Fade & Imperial With Handlebar Moustache mens haircut with beard idea

Antoliy Karlyuk/Shutterstock

A small tuft of hair on the chin in combination with a handlebar moustache is a bold facial hairstyle for guys who like to experiment with different looks.

Pair it with a high drop taper fade and you’ve got the makings of a unique hipster look you can have a lot of fun with. Tousle the longer hair on top to shake things up a bit and keep the style from being too serious. Moustache wax is a must for this one. 

Long Top With Subtle Burst Fade & Short Neck Beard

Piece titled mens haircuts with beards featuring a Long Top With Subtle Burst Fade & Short Neck Beard style

Cookie Studio/Shutterstock

This is such a creative way to help sculpt and define your face shape using a haircut and beard combo. Growing a short neck beard while keeping your face clean-shaven may not be a common look, but it does accentuate the jawline and help sculpt a more angular, chiseled jaw.

Combined with the long top, short sides haircut, the overall effect lengthens the face to make it look leaner. The sides of the cut are faded in slightly around the ears (burst fade) and the top is styled with gel and swept back for a polished look. 

Short French Crop & Stubble and Moustache

Men's haircut with beard ideas depicting a Short French Crop & Stubble and Moustache style

Jordi Mora/Shutterstock

The French crop haircut is brushed forward to create the appearance of short bangs across the forehead. It’s really similar to the Caesar cut and very on-trend right now. Keep it from looking too perfectly groomed by pairing it with a stubble beard and moustache.

The thin moustache is like an upside down reflection of the curve along the hairline. It’s visually balanced and this haircut and beard combo just works well together. 

High Drop Fade Buzz Cut & Beard Without Moustache

High Drop Fade Buzz Cut & Beard Without Moustache, a featured mens haircut with beard

Manny DaCunha/Shutterstock

A high drop fade is perfect for guys with round faces and helps create a leaner look by keeping the hair on the sides of the head very short. Drop fades leave a little more hair on the back of the head if you don’t like the high and tight look.

The facial hair is what interests us most about this haircut/beard combo. Without a moustache, the beard is fully in focus and works to further sculpt that desirable oval face shape by defining the jawline better. 

#1 Buzz Cut & Medium-Long Garibaldi Beard

Exampled of a mens haircut with beard depicting a #1 Buzz Cut & Medium-Long Garibaldi Beard


When you’re thinning on top or just prefer an almost-shaved look, opt for a short #1 buzz cut. The super-short length is less stark in the presence of a medium-long full Garibaldi beard, which is slightly squared off and rounded along the bottom edge.

It connects with the full moustache. In face, most of what’s happening is down in the moustache and beard area.

So it works to draw the eye away from the top of your head and down toward your face and eyes. This is a great low-maintenance look – just run the clippers over your head every few weeks and keep your beard clean and brushed!  

High Skin Fade & Anchor Beard

High Skin Fade & Anchor Beard

Ekaterina Govorina/Shutterstock

You can’t go wrong with a high skin fade if you’re looking for a haircut that is clean, precise, and buys you a little time between barber visits.

The high skin fade begins up around the temples and quickly transitions to shorter lengths until the cut is shaved down to the skin on the sides and back.

This minimalist cut leaves only a small amount of hair on the top of the head, which perfectly matches an anchor beard that only leaves a small amount of hair on the chin. 

#2 Buzz Cut & Groomed Balbo Beard

#2 Buzz Cut & Groomed Balbo Beard on a man for a piece titled mens haircuts with beards

Edi Libedinsky/Shutterstock

Meticulous groomers who like everything neat and tidy will love this combo. Try a short #2 buzz cut – it’s just long enough to darken your scalp so you don’t look bald, but short enough to be incredibly low maintenance with no need to style it daily.

In combination with a perfectly groomed Balbo-style beard, this look tells everyone that you take pride in your appearance and don’t mind putting in effort to look good. 

Things to Consider

We’ve looked at a range of popular men’s haircuts with beards and talked about which beard styles go with different haircuts. Before you commit to a haircut and beard combo, make sure you know about the following to make your decision a little bit easier. 

  • Pick the anchor: Haircut or beard. When it comes to choosing a great, flattering haircut and beard combo, the first choice you have to make is whether your haircut or beard will be the focal point of your look. If your hair is thinning or you’re going bald, you’ll want to put the focus on your beard and choose your beard style first. If your hair is your pride and joy, decide on the haircut you want to get before you find a beard that will be complementary to it. 
  • Choose where you want your volume. Volume isn’t something most men think about when they’re coming up with ideas for their next haircut or beard style, but it’s smart to consider. You don’t want to overwhelm your face with too much hair and obscure your best features, so pick where you want your volume – head or beard. If you’re going to wear your hair medium-length or longer, keep your beard short and groomed to avoid looking like you’ve surrendered to your hair. If you like to wear a longer, shaggier beard, keep your haircut short and neat. We especially like short fades with shaggy beards. 
  • When in doubt, go shorter. A short full beard is going to look good with most haircuts. If you’ve picked a haircut that you like but aren’t sure what type of beard to wear with it or how long it should be, err on the side of caution by choosing a short full beard (the natural way your beard grows in) and keep it groomed. It’ll be a cinch to maintain and should keep you looking neat. You can always experiment with other beard lengths and styles to see how they affect your overall look. 
  • Loosely mirror your haircut shape in your beard. It’s not always the case, but most haircuts look good with a beard that loosely mirrors or mimics the haircut’s overall shape and weight. If your haircut length is longest in the center of the top, reflect that by choosing a longer rounded (like the Garibaldi) or pointed (like the ducktail or Verdi) beard. Likewise, if you’re sporting a fade on top, you may want to have your barber fade-in your beard to match. One exception is if you have very long hair or lots of volume from curls or coils on top. In that case, you’ll want to balance the look with a shorter, well-groomed beard. 
  • Hair creates the illusion of fullness. Knowing this is essential to pick the right haircut and beard combo for you. Wherever hair is, that area will look a little bit fuller. Where hair is shaved, that area will look slightly thinner or more narrow. Consider this for both your haircut and your beard choice. Grow hair where you want to create the illusion of fullness. This is helpful for guys with oval or oblong face shapes – growing a beard that reaches up the sides of your face can help create a pleasant roundess. Shave the hair where you want to create the illusion of narrowness. You might opt for a goatee or anchor beard that doesn’t extend past the mouth if you have a wide or round face. High fade haircuts remove volume from the sides of the head and work nicely on round faces, too. 

What’s Your Favorite Men’s Haircut With a Beard?

Various men's haircuts with beards in a 9-place graphic image


Mens haircuts with beards are one of the most popular looks today. Facial hair is back in vogue and the trend isn’t going away anytime soon. Just make sure you’re choosing a haircut and beard combination that works to sculpt and perfect your face shape. 

If you don’t put any thought into your choices, you could end up with a combination that makes your face look too wide, narrow, long, or short.

But as long as you keep the general rules in mind – mirror your haircut’s shape with your beard, pay attention to visual weight and balance, and shave hair in areas you want to slim – you’ll end up with a trendy haircut/beard combo you’ll feel confident sporting. 

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