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15 Haircut Line Designs We Love in 2024

Interested in haircut lines designs? You’re in the right place. This unique method of cutting hair offers many options, and it’s a great way to express your personality or stand out. Read on to see 15 trendy styles for 2024.

What Are Haircut Lines Designs?

As the name suggests, these are haircuts that have line-based designs in them. This is done by shaving lines into the hair.

This technique can be used to create everything from simple notches to intricate patterns and even portraits. It requires short hair, so it’s usually done on the sides, but it can be done anywhere on the head if you have a shorter style like a buzz cut.

This might not be for everyone, but it has a streetwise edginess to it that is very complementary to certain styles. If you enjoy the streetwear vibe, then you’re probably going to like this hairstyle.

It works with almost all types of hair as long as the hair is short enough. There are also many ways to utilize this technique.

You can go all out or keep it subtle—the choice is up to you. Let’s talk about maintaining this look. As the hair grows out, the lines will fill in, so if you want to keep a line design, you’ll need to visit your barber or stylist for regular trims.

Ideally, the shaved lines will be completely free of hair for contrast. The hair can grow out a little, but getting the hair trimmed consistently is crucial to keeping this look.

15 Haircut Line Designs We Love

Now that you’ve got the basics of this bold hairstyle, let’s take a look at some examples. Check out these 15 examples of haircut lines designs!

1. Simple Line

Simple Line Haircut lines design

barber.theory on Instagram

Let’s start out simple. You don’t have to go all crazy and get a detailed picture to have a cool haircut line design. In fact, one line can go a long way, and this haircut proves that.

It’s literally just one line, but it does a lot for the hair. This is a longer hairstyle, so the line helps to provide contrast and makes the sides stand out. It gives a similar effect to a hard part, and it can give any haircut a bit of an edge.

While this works well with long hairstyles, it can also work well with short ones. Generally speaking, as long as you have some contrast between the top and sides, a line will stick out nicely.

2. Single Notch

Single Notch haircut lines designs

seamusokeeffe_ on Instagram

This is even simpler than a shaved line. It’s just a shaved notch. Even though this seems subtle, it can pack a punch because it contrasts so heavily and pops right out. There are many places to put it.

And here it’s placed at the back of the head right where the top and sides meet. It works great with dark hair because of that contrast, but depending on your hair color, type, and style, you have different options for placement.

3. Double Notch

Double Notch haircut line design

seamusokeeffe_ on Instagram

Of course, we have to follow up with a double notch. This is a slightly more noticeable way of doing a notch, so if you want a prominent design that’s still on the subtle side, this is a good option for you. These notches are placed at the front of the sides, just below the temple.

They’re larger notches that get smaller as they reach the front of the head, though you can also go for notches that are just one width. The change in width, however, adds a neat dynamic aspect.

4. Disconnected Slash

Disconnected Slash haircut lines design

barber.theory on Instagram

The term here “disconnected” refers to a technique that uses a shaved line to disconnect the top and the sides. In many cases, the line that disconnects the hair is the focal point, which puts it under our category of lines designs.

This particular style is a disconnected haircut with a thicker line that happens just above the fade on the sides. There’s also a little slash at the end of the line that points toward the ear, creating an interesting angle.

5. Disconnected Crop

Disconnected Crop haircut line design

barber.theory on Instagram

Here’s another disconnected hairstyle that offers a different vibe. This one’s a disconnected crop that features a messy bowl cut on top and a sharp fade on the sides.

The disconnected line grows in width as it reaches the front of the head, and that change in size is a cool way to change up the hairstyle.

It’s not that obvious, but it looks much different from a completely straight line. This has heavy futuristic vibes, and if your style is inspired by techno raves and streetwear, this could be a perfect fit.

6. Low Hard Part

Haircut line design with a low hard part

barber.theory on Instagram

We’ll call this one a “low hard part” because it’s essentially a normal hard part that’s just way lower on the head. A normal hard part is shaved in where you’d normally part your hair on top.

But this one is comfortably on the side. However, it still does the same job of separating the longer top from the faded sides.

And, while they’re not quite lines, the two fangs in front create a similar effect. They separate the fringe and add a ton of visual interest, so that’s another option to consider if you want a different look or texture.

7. Head to Beard

head to beard haircut lines design

barber.theory on Instagram

This interesting haircut lines design is based on a unique concept of connecting the hair on top of the head and the beard. The line wraps around the head and is continued in the beard, which creates a nice effect.

You can also modify this style. For example, you can do it with multiple lines, or you can do it with lines that are shaped differently. That said, less is probably more here, as the subtle effect works best when it’s simpler and easier to see.

8. Curved Line

Curved line haircut lines designs

barber.theory on Instagram

This one is a simple curved line that follows a gentle curve from the back to the front. This culminates in the fringe, which is shaped like an arrow, but the curved line style will work with a range of haircuts.

Another interesting aspect is that the hair is faded to emphasize the curve. There are three distinct sections: the bald line, the strip of faded hair, and the bald section just above the ear. This is a cool way to get texture.

9. Curly Zigzag

Curly Zigzag haircut line design

elevatedbarber on Instagram

Okay, let’s look at something that’s a little more on the wild side. This is a curly zigzag pattern that goes from the front of the head to just past the ear. It consists of both sharp and curved lines, so it’s a really eye-catching pattern.

The dyed hair also helps this bold pattern to pop out and come to life. No doubt inspired by graffiti, this lines design is best for guys who want an edgy and unique flair to their hair.

10. Zorro

Zorro haircut line design

elevatedbarber on Instagram

This Z-shaped pattern is another take on the zigzag that’s similar to the character Zorro’s calling card. It’s a striking Z with long lines that decorate the back of the head.

The design itself is quite loud, but the placement makes it more reserved. This is a fun way to add a dash of style to your hair without going too extreme. The top line of the Z looks like it starts at the ear, creating a satisfying look.

11. Hard Part With Line Up

Hard Part with Line Up haircut line design

elevatedbarber on Instagram

This style uses two techniques: the hard part and the line up. The hard part is the shaved line up top, and the line up is the neatly trimmed and well-defined temple area.

On their own, these two techniques are fairly standard, but put them together and you get an angular style that’s noticeably defined by its lines.

12. Fade Separator

Fade Separator haircut lines designs

elevatedbarber on Instagram

You can also use a shaved line to cleanly separate different lengths in a fade. Here the line forms a boundary between longer faded hair above and shorter faded hair below.

It’s a clever and neat way of incorporating a line design into an otherwise “normal” hairstyle. Despite the line being quite long and thick, it’s not as noticeable as you’d think. Instead, it blends into the style and becomes a part of it.

13. Drop Line

Drop Line haircut lines designs

elevatedbarber on Instagram

This haircut line design takes its inspiration from a drop fade, which is when the line of a fade “drops” below the ear. The shaved line has the same trajectory as a drop fade.

And since it’s used to separate fade lengths, you do actually get a drop fade as well. This is another pretty understated way of doing a line design that adds just enough spice to the hair to make it different.

14. Kids’ Zigzag

kids zigzag haircut lines designs

hairhousebyadamchan on Instagram

Haircut lines designs are also great for kids, as they’re a super cute way of expressing youthful energy. This style for little ones features a sharp S shape that goes from the front of the head to the back.

The S is paired with a short and gradual fade so that it sticks out and contrasts. These simple sorts of zigzags are nice for kids because they’re fun but not too crazy. As a plus, designs like this will be okay for many schools.

15. Giant Curve

Giant curve haircut line design on a guy that looks like Rod Wave

themailroombarber on Instagram

Last but certainly not least, here’s a line design that’s not for the faint of heart. It’s a huge curved line (almost an inch thick!) that follows the contour of the ear.

This creates a defined semicircle of faded hair below the line. This is a good choice if you want a line design that stands out from the rest and emphasizes the contrast in your hair.

A nice touch is that the line isn’t completely shaved. There’s a little bit of hair left in the middle to add depth and dimension to the design.

Things to Consider

Alright, now we need to talk about some things to keep in mind when thinking about getting a haircut line design. Obviously, lines designs aren’t going to be for everyone. That’s a given.

But even if you think it’s right for you, there are some things you’ll want to consider before rushing off to get one:

  • Think about your commitments. Since lines designs are so loud and bold, they’re only good for casual situations. If you have any relatively formal commitments, you’ll probably want to avoid them. For example, if you have any sort of office job, you’re not going to want a haircut with a design.
  • A little goes a long way. There are tons of cool lines designs that are full of crazy patterns, but those can be much louder in real life. If you want to try out some lines, start with a small notch or line instead.
  • This isn’t for long hair (usually). With a few exceptions, long hair and line designs generally don’t go together. This is especially true if your hair is long on the sides as well as the top. Ultimately, use your judgment here.

What’s Your Favorite Haircut Line Design?

And that does it for our article on haircut lines designs. These can be really fun, but you have to make sure they’re for you. We hope this list has given you the dose of inspiration you needed, and maybe it’s even helped you make up your mind.

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