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15 Older Men With Long Hair Ideas for 2024

Older men with long hair need to follow a few rules to keep their mane looking full and lush. If you’re struggling with length that’s making you look older, or you aren’t sure if long hair will work for you, take a peek at our guide!

Looking for Older Men With Long Hair?

Balding, thinning hair, graying, and changes in hair texture and volume can all affect older men with long hair. If you want to wear your hair long past the age of 40, you need to follow a few general rules to ensure it looks sophisticated and sexy, not sad and stringy. 

Long hair can (and does, as you’ll soon see) look amazing on older guys when it’s done right. There’s no hard rule that says you can’t rock a Fabio-esque mane in middle age and beyond!

You just need to know a few tricks to keep your long locks looking lush instead of limp and languished. 

Paying attention to your hair type, the age-related changes happening to your scalp and hair, and the overall health and condition of your hair will help you keep rocking long hair when your younger days are far behind you. 

Check out this guide to see the best examples of older men with long hair, learn what to avoid, and find out long hair tips and tricks that will make you look younger without losing your length. 

Whether you like the shaggy long-haired rocker look, hipster hair long enough for a top knot, or a flowing Casanova mane that makes women melt, we’re going to show you how to sport these looks confidently in your 40s and beyond

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15 Dashing Older Men With Long Hair

If someone told you that you can’t or shouldn’t rock long locks as an older man, these photos are about to prove them wrong.

Older men with long hair do need to avoid certain types of cuts. But there are several looks that perfectly suit a distinguished man with plenty of life experience like yourself. You’ll see the best examples of older men with long hair below. 

1. Slicked Back Length With Full Beard

Older man with long hair styled in the Slicked Back Length With Full Beard look

Body Stock/Shutterstock

One issue older men with long hair run into is wearing their hair for formal or special events. What can you do with long hair besides a ponytail or bun when you need a touch of elegance?

Find some firm-hold gel, work it through your hair while it’s damp, and brush it back for a sleek look. It’s worth growing your beard and moustache to pair with this sophisticated style.

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2. Low Ponytail, Full Beard, and Handlebar Moustache

Older man with long hair idea titled Low Ponytail, Full Beard, and Handlebar Moustache

New Africa/Shutterstock

Precisely groomed facial hair is the perfect accompaniment for long hair on older guys. It balances the look and can be used to draw attention back to your face instead of keeping all eyes focused on your long locks.

Here, a bold handlebar moustache and full beard give the long-haired look a masculine edge even when the hair is slicked back into a low ponytail. 

3. Long Skinny Dreadlocks With Circle Beard

Long Skinny Dreadlocks With Circle Beard as an image for a piece titled older men with long hair

Margarita Ray/Shutterstock

Men of color should consider dreadlocks as a way to contain and shape their long hair as they get older. Skinny dreads can be sectioned off in a way that hides any thinning areas.

It also shows off your hard-earned length. A circle beard that includes a goatee and thin moustache adds a sophisticated touch to this handsome style. 

4. Wavy Layered Long Hair With Short Beard

Wavy Layered Long Hair With Short Beard for a piece titled Older Men With Long Hair

Christian Buehner/Shutterstock

If you’ve always been a guy who likes to keep things loose and casual, the layered long-haired look is a natural fit for you. A wavy hair texture adds interest and shape to flowing hair with long, sliced layers, while a short and groomed beard contrasts nicely.

Pay attention to the health of your ends – this style only looks good if they’re full and healthy. If they start splitting or looking stringy, it’s time for a trim.

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5. Medium-Long Curly Taper With Stubble

Medium-Long Curly Taper With Stubble shown on a man as an image for a piece on older men with long hair ideas


Curly hair is made for wearing long, and with a dab of curl cream or gel, it’s easy to style. A study found that women consider a few days’ worth of stubble to be sexy and indicate masculinity. So, put down the razor and let a stubbly beard grow in for a few days (along with a moustache) to look mature and manly sporting your medium-long curls.  

6. The Posh Gentleman With Captain’s Beard

Older man with long hair idea titled The Posh Gentleman With Captain’s Beard

Fractal Pictures/Shutterstock

Older gents that don’t want to part with long hair should aim for a posh and polished look. This means keeping the length to about chin level at the longest and pairing it with a prominent, full captain’s beard.

Create an off-center part and brush the front back and over to the side a bit. You can spritz it with hairspray to hold the style or work light- or medium-hold gel through while it’s still damp.

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7. Off-Center Part With Flipped Ends and Goatee

Off-Center Part With Flipped Ends and Goatee as an idea for an older man with long hair roundup


Long, straight hair needs volume on top and layering to avoid lying flat and limp (which will only age you). Cover all bases by using some volumizing mousse at the roots while your hair is damp, then flip it upside down to blow dry it.

You can curve your brush when you get to the ends to create a little flip that gives the hair more movement and flow. The goatee is a perfect and youthful touch! 

8. High Ponytail With Full Beard

High Ponytail With Full Beard on an older man


A high ponytail is an easy way to style long hair for an older guy. We love the touch of gray coming in along the sides and top of this man’s hair.

It gives the ponytail a distinguished and mature look that is worlds away from a woman’s high pony. Paired with a full beard of a short-medium length, this look is handsome, tough, and giving off hipster vibes. 

9. Tapered and Feathered Medium-Long Hair

Older man with long hair idea titled Tapered and Feathered Medium-Long Hair


If you’re in the process of growing your hair out, this tapered medium-long haircut is a great choice for older guys. It reminds us of Keanu’s long style with feathered-back sides and tapered length that is shorter toward the bottom. This makes this long hairstyle more lightweight and easier to manage.

Work mousse through, create an off-center part, then blow dry each side toward the back of your head to get the feathered look. 

10. Classy Low Ponytail With Facial Hair

Older man with long hair in the Classy Low Ponytail With Facial Hair style

Lipik Stock Media/Shutterstock

Gray hair makes you look mature, wise, and distinguished. Why not roll with it and let your hair grow long, pull it back into a classy low ponytail, and show it off?

This tidy style conveys elegance and looks best on straight, long hair. A little dry shampoo can help you achieve volume on top to hide any thinning zones. 

11. Suave Chin-Length Layered Cut

Suave Chin-Length Layered Cut listed in a piece named Older Men With Long Hair Ideas


If medium-length hair is more your speed, you’ll love this debonair and suave cut for older guys. The chin length is flattering for square, heart, and oval face shapes.

And the flipped-up ends create the illusion of more thickness and density. A middle part with lots of volume on top gives this style a youthful touch. Pair it with facial hair for a different look. 

12. Medium-Long Tapered Curls

Medium-Long Tapered Curls on an older man with long hair

Perfect Wave/Shutterstock

Guys who want long hair without going too long will appreciate this handsome style! The length tapers toward the neckline, removing a lot of the weight and bulk from the ends.

Curly or wavy hair texture will give a cut like this a boost in volume which pairs nicely with a center part. Grow your beard out to balance the look perfectly. 

13. Half-Tucked Bun With Short Beard

Half-Tucked Bun With Short Beard as a hairstyle idea for older men with long hair

Mimma Key/Shutterstock

Awaken your primal instincts with a modern take on a look man’s been sporting for centuries. Long hair is gathered back into a ponytail at the crown, but the ponytail is pulled halfway through the elastic to create a half-tucked bun.

This look gives you the best of both worlds: The sleekness of short hair in the front and the fullness of long hair in the back. With a stubbly, short beard, the look is rugged and masculine. 

14. Long Top With Shaved Undercut

Idea for older men with long hair to style it in the Long Top With Shaved Undercut look


A unique way to keep rocking lock hair as a mature man is getting an undercut. Your barber will pull a section from the top up and out of the way, then use clippers to shave or trim the hair around the sides and back to a much shorter length.

The resulting undercut creates a bold contrast with the length on top and gives you a number of styling options that make this a truly versatile option.

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15. Wild Woodsman With Full Beard

Wild Woodsman With Full Beard on a Slavic Looking Gentleman

Vladimir Salman/Shutterstock

Not every man can (or wants to) nail the wild woodsman look, but we’re big fans of this full and striking style. Your hair should reach slightly longer than your ear level to make this look work – you want the beard and hair to overlap and create a sort of lion’s mane look around your face.

Perfect for an older guy who wants to keep warm in a colder climate, this lush look helps hide thinning zones and puts gray front and center without fear. 

Things to Consider

Older men can wear long hairstyles without aging themselves or taking on the homeless look. All you have to do is follow a few “rules” to nail the long-haired look if you’re an older gentleman. Here’s what you need to know! 

  • If your hair is thinning badly or your hairline is severely receding, avoid long hair. Long hair is a tempting way to “cover” bald spots, thinning areas, and a receding hairline, but don’t fall into this trap. Long hair will only exacerbate areas where your hair is thin or where your hairline is receding. Keeping it short will better disguise and draw attention away from thinning zones. 
  • Pay attention to your hair texture and type. If you’re working on growing your hair out as an older gentleman, you may be in for a surprise when you’re dealing with a lot more hair. Your hair type and texture may be barely noticeable when your hair is short in a buzz cut, but when it’s long, styling and texture become very important. If you have waves, curls, or kinky hair, styling long hair can be a lot of work. Make sure you’re up for it! 
  • Consider growing facial hair. If you’re a guy who likes to stay clean-shaven, long hair may not look as natural and balanced on you. Longer locks on an older man need some type of connection to the face to “tie in” the length better. Facial hair will make long hair look better on you, even if it’s just a small goatee, 5-day stubble beard, or a thin moustache. Figure out the beard style you like best and start growing it out to make your long hair look better. 
  • Get comfortable with pulled-back styles. As fun as long hair is to wear down and loose, you’ll quickly tire of it if you don’t have other options. Older men that haven’t worn ponytails or buns before may feel a little silly pulling their hair up for the first time, but it’s a modern and totally accepted look. Plus, it’ll give you a lot more freedom with your hair in between washes, when you go to the gym, attend formal events, or take an outing on a windy day. 
  • Keep an eye on your hair health and condition. Your hair’s health is a major factor in how good it looks when worn long. If your ends are split, your hair is thin and stringy, or you’re struggling constantly with limp, flaccid strands, you’ll need to take action to make your long hair look healthy.
  • Get regular trims to knock off weathered ends. Work with an experienced barber or stylist who can add layers to create a fuller look. They’ll also be able to help you find the perfect length for your face shape and recommend products and shampoo that can get your hair into the best condition to wear long. 

What’s Your Favorite Older Men With Long Hair Example?

Older man with long hair leans over a metal railing and looks at his phone


Who said long hair is just for the young bucks? Show your maturity, masculinity, and sophisticated wisdom by wearing your hair long at any age. As long as you follow the general rules for older men with long hair above, you’ll find that long hair will make you look and feel more youthful. 

If you’ve always marched to the beat of your own drummer and aren’t interested in sporting the same hairdo as every other man your age, long-haired looks will be perfect for you.

Find your favorite look on our list and start setting length goals now. From posh and polished to wild and rugged, there’s no limit to the looks you can create when you keep your hair long.

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