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Long Hairstyles for Men | 30 Examples & Style Guide

Long hairstyles for men are trendy, but you need a little shape and definition in your hair to pull it off. Read on to see examples of long men’s hairstyles to get some inspiration before your next cut!

Considering a Long Men’s Hairstyle?

Fades and buzz cuts aren’t for everyone. If you’re a guy who prefers wearing your hair long, you’ve come to the right place. Long hairstyles for men give off a laid-back yet sensual vibe.

They’re easier to maintain and don’t require as many trims as shorter styles. Longer styles can also be super flattering on any face shape and hair type.

There are tons of ways to wear your hair long. The question is, what’s the right long hairstyle for you?

If you like the look of longer locks, this is the guide for you. We’ll show you 30 examples of long hairstyles for men, how to achieve the styles, and things to consider before taking the leap.

By the time you’ve finished looking through the guide, you’ll have a good idea of which style you want. Let’s look at this year’s hottest trend: long men’s haircuts! 

Long Hairstyles for Men: 30 Inspiration Photos

Here are our favorite long hairstyles for menfolk. Which one suits you best? 

1. 90s Grunge Throwback

For a piece on long hairstyles for men, a guy with such a style wearing a wide collar crew neck shirt


If you’ve been locked inside a heart-shaped box for weeks, you’re going to want to check out this Cobain-esque long hairstyle. The shoulder-length is long enough to pull back if needed, and slight layering at the ends helps emphasize any natural wave or curl with a little extra movement.  

2. Wild and Free

Sexy guy without a tshirt standing on a balcony in front of a grassy lawn lets his long hair blow in the wind

Marc Roura/Shutterstock

Definitely consider this style if you have naturally wavy hair – it gives it plenty of volume and shape. The key is letting your hair “run wild” and do its thing without too much styling. Long layers make waves more noticeable and keep the style from being too heavy. 

3. Seriously Straight

Man rocking a long hairstyle for men looks ahead and closes his eyes in a side profile

23 estudio/Shutterstock

Guys with straight hair can easily rock longer styles. Depending on how straight your locks are, you might be able to wash and go to get this style. If not, spray a heat protectant all over your hair and straighten it in sections with a flat iron for a sleeker version of the style. 

4. Modern Fabio

Modern Fabio long hairstyle for men showing a guy in a blue room looking left and letting his blonde dyed hair flow on a white shirt

Roman Samborskyi/Shutterstock

Prepare to unbutton that shirt and stand in front of a fan, because this hairstyle will have you feeling like Fabio. The soft, beachy waves modernize the style.

Spritz some sea salt spray into naturally wavy hair to achieve the style, or use a curling iron to quickly wrap and release small sections to get these soft waves. 

5. Messy Man Bun

Man with a long man bun put up in his hair seriously looks to his left in a darkened room

Kiselev Andrey Valerevich/Shutterstock

Buns are a convenient and fashionable way to style long hair when you don’t feel like doing much to it (or in between washes). This messy man bun is easy to achieve with hair past the shoulders.

Tilt your head back to gather all your hair at the back of the crown, then secure with an elastic. On the last wrap-around, leave the ponytail pulled partially through to create this man bun. 

6. Curly Shag

Arabian looking man with long hair looks directly at the reader while wearing a long haircut for men

Kjell Leknes/Shutterstock

If you’ve been blessed with natural curls or are thinking about getting a perm, consider this curly shag style. Keeping it about shoulder length will prevent your curls from being weighed down.

Short layers start around the ear level to create more curls and volume on the sides and back. Use a dab of gel or mousse in damp hair, scrunch and air dry, or dry with a diffuser to get this style. 

7. Body-Boosted

Marc Roura/Shutterstock

Long hair looks great when it has tons of body and volume. If your hair doesn’t naturally have it, you can use a volumizing mousse or spray throughout the hair to mimic a style like this. We especially love it with wavy ends that dress the style down a bit, like the style shown. 

8. Edgy Mane

Guy with a long haircut and a rough shirt looks to his right while wearing a long necklace

Vladimir Gjorgiev/Shutterstock

There’s a decidedly Depp/rocker vibe with this long hairstyle. Show off your edgy side by throwing out the rulebook and letting your curly or wavy hair call the shots. This can be a legitimate “I woke up like this” style.

Or it can be created with volumizing gel and a deep side part. Some light balayage highlights painted onto the ends and slightly up the midshaft adds more depth and definition to the style. 

9. Wispy Ends

Man with whispy ends and long hair with a gross goatee and mustache looks at the camera without smiling


Guys with fine, thin, or straight hair can rock this style effortlessly. Have your stylist or barber heavily layer your ends to make them light and wispy. This creates more movement and keeps the style casual. Part down the middle to play into the current 90s trends. 

10. Natural Waves

muscular man in a rough white button up shirt and a long hairstyle for men looks intently at the reader


If you’re somewhere between curly and straight hair, this is a great long style option. Natural waves only need a small amount of mousse, gel, or sea salt spray to achieve this messy-casual look. 

11. Beach Boy Volume

Ripped man with long hair in a tight orange shirt looks to his right in front of an ocean


High-volume roots keep this style from falling flat on the beach or wherever you may find yourself. Texturizing spray can help you get the volumized roots and piece-y ends shown here, or just let your hair’s natural texture take over for an easy style. 

12. Chin-Length Casual Waves

Man with an unbuttoned white shirt and a long men's hairstyle poses against a wall with his shadow following him and standing seriously looking down

Halay Alex/Shutterstock

If you’re a fan of the long look but don’t have the patience to grow it out, you might like this chin-length long style. Here, the model’s hair is wavy and heavily layered for more texture.

Have your stylist cut jagged layers throughout the hair. Use a little hair milk after showering to bring out the waves or curls and let it air dry for a casual look. 

13. Shoulder-Length Straight

Close up of a guy with shoulder-length straight hair squinting against the wind blowing on his men's long haircut


Show off your Samson-like strength with a shoulder-length straight style like this. It looks great with curls or waves, too. Soft layers at the ends and around the face give this style a little shape. But it’s free form enough to wash and go, too! 

14. Captain Crunchy

Man in a park with a powerline in the background lets his long hair blow in the wind for a piece on mens long haircuts

Matteo Patetta/Shutterstock

If you’re living the crunchy hippie lifestyle, this is the undone style for you. While your beliefs and ideals might be crunchy, your curls should never be! Use a moisturizing curl cream on your ends to get soft, touchable curls that still have that decidedly hippie look.  

15. Slicked-Down Front

Guy with a long hairstyle for men looking like he's straight out of a movie with slicked-back hair


Long hairstyles for men don’t have to be free form and casual. Take it up a notch with a chin-length straight style and a slicked-down front that looks polished without being too buttoned-up. 

16. Side Part with Low Pony

Man with a long hairstyle, a side part, and a low pony lets his bangs flow on his forehead

William Moss/Shutterstock

If you’re living with longer locks, you know they can get in the way at times. A great and stylish solution is the low pony with a side part. Part your hair to the side and gather your hair at the nape of the neck. Secure with an elastic and pull a few face-framing strands out to duplicate this style. 

17. Wavy with Middle Part

Man with a long hairstyle and his hands in his pockets leans against a wall and looks down at the ground

G-Stock Studio/Shutterstock

Waves and long hair just go together so perfectly. You can make this style an easy wash and go option when you use a little hair milk in damp hair after a shower. Sea salt spray can work too.

But hair milk will give you the soft, moisturized waves you see here while salt spray will give you a more tousled and messy look. 

18. Coastal Curls

For a piece on men's long hairstyles, a guy in a white shirt that is unbuttoned looks sternly at the camera and stands in front of a cloud-dotted sky

Wirestock Creators/Shutterstock

Waves are great, but don’t think they outshine curls! If you have natural curls or a perm, play them up with a side-parted shoulder-length style like this. We love the blonde hair color paired with these curls, but any hair color would make this style shine.  

19. Mid-Back Waves

Man with long hair and mid-back waves walks shirtless in blue jeans through a field of high grass


Once your hair has reached the mid-back length, it’s much heavier and begins to pull some of the natural curl or wave out of your hair. You can bring some of that shape back by using hair milk after showering and air drying or diffusing with a dryer attachment. 

20. The Guru

For a roundup on long hairstyles for men, a Russell Brand lookalike wears a flowery tank top and a jean vest and smiles big in a cornfield

Syda Productions/Shutterstock

Prepare for people to approach you for life and love advice when you rock this guru hairstyle. It needs lots of volume, so it works best with natural curls or strong waves. Part the hair slightly off center for a casual look that gives you an air of wisdom. 

21. Half-Up 

Man with half-up hair looks at a tablet wearing glasses for a bunch of long hairstyles for men

George Rudy/Shutterstock

Managing long hair means having a few styles ready for days when it’s just not cooperating or when you want a different look. This half-up style is perfect. Just part slightly off center and gather the top third of your hair into an elastic at the crown. 

22. Pin Straight with Layers

Long-haired asian man stands on a balcony with the skyline in the background

Ranta Images/Shutterstock

If your hair is straight, it will look more voluminous and full with some layering around the face and at the ends. You can let it dry naturally or use a blow dryer and brush to direct the sides away from your face to get this look. 

23. The Professor

Guy with a long haircut for men writes on a tablet of paper while looking at a laptop

Vlad Linev/Shutterstock

Shorter than some of the styles we’ve shown here, this one hits about chin level so it’s more lightweight. Use a dab of mousse or gel in damp hair, then brush back and work the product through the ends to define any natural wave or curl in your hair for this studious look. 

24. Layered Curls

Man in a white tshirt points at his right pec while wearing a long hairstyle for men and standing in a white room

Damir Khabirov/Shutterstock

Chin-length curls get a boost with heavy layering around the face. The sides are slightly swept back and out for a look that reminds us of feathering from the 70s. Use a curl cream to define and shape your curls for a more polished look. 

25. Castaway

Man with a long Castaway-style haircut and no shirt standing in front of a stream

Marc Roura/Shutterstock

You’ll be wondering where Wilson is with this sexy castaway-inspired hairstyle. A deep side part breaks up the volume on top, while salt spray texturizes any natural wave you have for an island look that is super flattering.  

26. Blown Out and Balayaged

Man with long hair and a blowout and balayage 90s hairstyle cocking his head as he listens to someone behind the camera

William Moss/Shutterstock

If you like a more polished look for your long locks, here’s a great option. Highlights throughout lighten the overall color of the hair. Balayage – hand painted hair color – on the ends creates an almost-ombre look that pairs perfectly with a fresh blowout. 

27. Lengthy Locs

African American man with locs stands shirtless and holds the back of his head


Dreadlocks can be done on almost any hair length, but we love them on longer hair. You’ll need to find a barber who specializes in locs to get a clean and precise look like this.

Don’t forget about maintenance – they’ll need to be touched up every now and then to keep them compact and clean. 

28. Sleek and Shiny

Man with shiny long hair that looks like he was in Nirvana stands crossing his arms in front of a speckled brown wall

Tveritinova Yulia/Shutterstock

Straight-haired guys can take their long hair to the next level with a little product and a few more minutes of styling time. Spray heat protectant all over your hair while it’s damp.

Then blow dry completely. Use a drop or two of shine serum or spray. If your hair has some slight wave to it, you might need to run a flat iron over it to get this sleek and silky look. 

29. Long Side Bangs

Person with a long hairstyle for men wears a gray or off-white v neck tshirt with an aged collar


Whether you’re growing out bangs or want bangs long enough to tuck behind your ear, this is a great style for long hair. You can use a round brush on the face framing pieces to curl them slightly under.

Part the hair on the side and use a little gel or curl cream on the ends to define any waves or curls you have. 

30. Intricate Braids

African-American man stands in front of a skyline wearing a long hairstyle for men and a white vneck

Luna Vandoorne/Shutterstock

Braids are a great protective style for long, natural hair. Choose any braid or twist style you like box braids, cornrows, two strand twists, microbraids, etc. – to keep your long hair contained and looking awesome.  

Things to Consider About Long Hairstyles for Guys

Hair health is important. The longer your hair is, the more noticeable it will be if your hair is damaged or unhealthy. You can start improving your hair health by taking a multivitamin, doing a hair mask once a week, limiting heat styling, trying keratin treatments, and being gentle when you brush or style to avoid breakage.

Don’t forget trims and maintenance. Although longer hair doesn’t need to be trimmed as often as short hair, you still need regular trims to knock off split ends and keep the shape of your current haircut. Aim for a trim every 3-4 months to keep long hair looking good.

Have a variety of styles in your repertoire. Long hair can achieve so many different styles – there’s no reason to wear your hair the same way every day. As you looked through this guide, you saw a variety of ways to wear long hair. Try a man bun, low pony, half up, braids, waves, curls, etc. to spice up your style routine.

Address thinning hair or hair loss. Long hair makes thinning hair and hair loss more obvious. If you’re set on wearing a longer style, address what’s causing any thinning or hair loss with a proven treatment to make hair fuller. Check out our guide to the treatments that actually work here: 5 Hair Loss Products Proven to Work.

Know what to expect if you’re growing your hair out. If you’re not quite to the long point yet, you might be wondering how long it’ll take to get to your desired length. On average, hair grows about half an inch each month. So if you’re trying to grow your hair 4 inches longer, expect that it’ll take about 8 months to reach that length.

Long hairstyles look great on men. If you have healthy hair and the patience to achieve the length you want, we say go for it! You’ll be sporting a trendy style that is easy to care for, versatile, and flattering for any face shape and hair type. That’s the long and short of it.

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