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15 Black Bob Hairstyles We Love in 2024

Looking for black bob hairstyles that work with natural or relaxed hair? Check out our big list of styles in this photo guide! We’ve rounded up 15 of the hottest styles to have your hair on fleek every day of the week.

Looking for Black Bob Hairstyle Inspiration?

If you haven’t already seen it first-hand, finding black bob hairstyles that look good, suit your face shape, match your styling preferences, and highlight your best features is a challengeIt’s essential to see examples of bobs with your hair type to know how the finished result will actually look on your hair.

So we’ve done some research and compiled our favorite examples of black bob hairstyles that can work with natural or relaxed hair. You’ll see options that range from pixie-bob length to long bobs that reach the collarbones.

There’s a bob style here you’ll love – you’ve just gotta find it! Keep scrolling to see our favorite black bob hairstyles. Then stick around to learn a few things about choosing a bob that will suit you perfectly! Let’s get started. 

15 Black Bob Hairstyles You’ll Love

Whether you want it short like Halle or long enough to pull back into a ponytail, we’ve got options for you in this photo guide. Screenshot your favorites to show your stylist at your next appointment! 

1. Chin-Length Bob With Voluminous Waves

Chin-Length Black Bob Hairstyle With Voluminous Waves

pixelheadphoto digitalskillet/Shutterstock

This bob is big on volume and shape to give you a professional but stylish look. Long layers break up the length but don’t make the bob choppy. Rock this bob with or without bangs!

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2. Blunt Asymmetrical Bob With Bangs

Blunt Asymmetrical Black Bob Haircut With Bangs

Beauty Stock/Shutterstock

This barely-chin-length bob gets a touch of modern edge with a single asymmetrical piece that’s longer than the rest in front. Complete the look with blunt bangs and precision-cut edges. 

3. Relaxed Pixie Bob

Relaxed pixie bob haircut on a black woman who's not wearing a shirt

Beauty Stock/Shutterstock

A grown-out pixie cut on relaxed hair can be transformed into a short pixie bob. This bob doesn’t quite reach the ears in length and is perfect for oval or square faces.

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4. Side-Swept Bob With Caramel Highlights

Side-Swept Bob With Caramel Highlights


Show off your silky relaxed texture with little pops of caramel color in the style. The cut is tapered in length toward the neckline with the top and bangs kept long. This bob gives you tons of styling options! 

5. Choppy Textured Bob

Choppy Textured Black Bob Haircut on an Afro-American woman in a touristy hat and a red dress

Jaroslav Monchak/Shutterstock

Long layers throughout and additional texture at the ends gives this bob a choppy, texturized look. Keep the top long and brush it forward and across the forehead to create piece-y side-swept bangs.

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6. Natural Chin-Length Bob With Curtain Bangs

Natural Chin-Length Black Bob Hairstyle With Curtain Bangs

Muse Studio/Shutterstock

Curtain bangs are cut at a slight angle to encourage them to open up and act like curtains for the eyes. These bangs keep the chin-length bob from looking too basic – like it ever could with her gorgeous, natural texture! 

7. Collarbone-Grazing Long Bob

Collarbone-Grazing Long Black Bob Haircut

Cheryl Savan/Shutterstock

Long bobs, or lobs, are a great hairstyle for relaxed natural hair. This length gives you the option to wear it up or down. Layering keeps this cut lightweight, and to style, all you need to do is part it to the side and tuck the ends under with a curling iron. 

8. Loose Curly Bob

Woman with a loose curly bob haircut for black women

Cheryl Savan/Shutterstock

Loose curls show off your hair’s shine and rich depth of color. Hitting at the chin, this bob is perfect for oval, round, and heart faces.

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9. Chin-Length Inverted Bob

Woman in a skin-tight dress wearing a Chin-Length Inverted Bob haircut

Carlos E. Santa Maria/Shutterstock

Make your bob a little more unique by making it inverted – shorter in the back and longer in the front. This inverted shape looks perfect with the relaxed hair texture and a slightly off-center part.

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10. Short Graduated Bob With Bangs

Gal with a popular black bob haircut talking on the phone and holding her other ear while standing outside

WAYHOME Studio/Shutterstock

Graduated bobs are tapered and layered to create additional volume and height where you want it in the hair. Here, the boost in volume around the sides of the face makes it perfect for oval or square faces! 

11. Relaxed Bob With Side Bangs

Relaxed Bob With Side Bangs on a black woman holding a purple flower


Side-swept bangs transform the look of any haircut into something a little more fun. Her chin-length cut perfectly complements her heart face shape, but this cut would work for oval and round face shapes as well.

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12. Curly Bob With Split Bangs

Curly Black Bob Haircut With Split Bangs


Big, loose ringlets steal the spotlight when you keep your cut short (chin-length) and split your bangs to leave your face open. A rich coffee color brightens up the cut and adds depth to the style. 

13. Pixie Bob With Side-Swept Bangs

Pixie Black Bob Haircut With Side-Swept Bangs worn by a woman in a blue suede jacket holding her hair on top


If you love a super-short bob but want to add a little something to it, piece-y side-swept bangs are a simple solution. The bob is tapered in length around the sides and back, making it cool and lightweight.  

14. Curly Chin-Length Bob With Bangs Pinned Back

Curly Chin-Length Black Bob Hairstyle With Bangs Pinned Back

Gabriel Gorgescu/Shutterstock

When you’re feeling your natural curls and want to show them off, a basic chin-length bob will give you a lot of options. We love how the model has her bangs parted in the middle and pinned back to open up her face and keep the focus on the texture of her curls.  

15. Razored Bob With Flipped Ends

Razored Bob With Flipped Ends


Styles from the ’90s and ’00s are coming back full-force. Flipped-out ends are one trend that’s back and this choppy, razored bob is the perfect style for them. 

Choosing the Right Black Bob Hairstyles

You’ve seen some pretty examples and probably found a few favorites. Before you choose between them, read up on these tips. We’ll show you how to choose a bob that will flatter your face shape and highlight your best features without shackling you with too much maintenance or styling time.

  • Know your face shape: Most faces fit under one of the following categories: Oval, round, square, or heart shaped. Determine what your face shape is so you can pick the most flattering length and shape bob for your features. Oval faces are longer than they are wide. Round faces have a rounded chin and jawline with the width nearly equal to the height of the face. Square faces have an angular, defined jawline and are nearly as wide as they are long. Heart faces have a narrow chin and are widest at the forehead.  
  • Choose a bob that suits your face shape: Once you know your face shape, you can choose a black bob hairstyle that flatters it best. Oval faces can wear almost any type of bob, but if you want to avoid looking oblong, stick with chin-length styles or lobs that hit just below the chin. Round faces should opt for chin-length bobs or lobs without going shorter, which can visually widen the face. Square faces need softness, so try bobs with bangs that hit anywhere but directly at the jawline. Heart faces are narrow at the chin, so bobs that hit there can visually fill out the face for a more balanced look. 
  • Think about features you want to highlight or hide: Bangs and layers that hit near the cheekbones will accentuate them. Curtain bangs and middle parts can highlight your eyes. Hate your forehead? Get side-swept bangs or full, blunt bangs with your bob. Feel like your face looks too wide? Face-framing layers and avoiding blunt bangs are key. In general, wherever the ends of your hair touch your face, it will draw the eye and highlight that zone. 
  • Determine which hairstyles you’ll be wearing: Don’t make the mistake of choosing a bob that looks cute, but requires you to spend more time styling it than you can! Think about how you typically wear your hair. If your new bob makes it too short to pull back, are you okay with using clips, headbands, or other accessories instead? If the new cut requires 30 minutes of styling to look presentable, are you sure you’re going to dedicate the time each morning? Think about your new haircut for a few days before committing. 

Black bob hairstyles are as varied as they are beautiful. Whether you’re out for an ultra-short pixie bob or something a little more in-between, like a collarbone-grazing lob, keeping these tips in mind as you browse different looks will make your final choice that much easier. 

Arguably, the most important thing after settling on the bob hairstyle that is perfect for you is finding a great stylist to make it happen. You can come in with all the screenshots and descriptions in the world, but if your stylist isn’t skilled in cutting natural or relaxed hair, the finished result isn’t going to turn out like you wanted. 

So, spend a little time researching salons near you if you don’t have a go-to stylist. Hopefully, you’ll end up with a new stylist that knows how to expertly cut black bob hairstyles and gives you exactly what you’re looking for!