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What Color Hair Looks Best On Me? Quiz | Only 5 Questions!

Ready for a new hue but not sure what shade will really pop? It’s all about your skin tone, undertones, and the level of maintenance. Find your perfect color and shade with our What Color Hair Looks Best on Me quiz!

Find the Most Flattering Hair Color for You

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Switching up your hair color is a great way to reinvent your look, but choosing the wrong color won’t do you any favors. Finding a color that complements your skin tone, eye color, and perfectly suits you is what you’re after.

But with so many color options, it’s tough to settle on the hue for you. Good thing this quiz will make your hair color selection a snap! We’ve taken skin tone, undertones, eye color, and color maintenance preferences into account.

We’ve made the process easy by condensing all these factors into 5 simple questions that will lead you to the perfect hair color. All you have to do is take a minute to answer the questions.

Your results will show you the most flattering, complementary color for you, plus tips to keep your color vibrant and make it last! Keep scrolling to take the quiz and stick around for more helpful hair color tips after your results. 

What Color Hair Looks Best on Me? Quiz

Ready to see the most flattering shade for you? Choose the answer that most closely describes you in the questions below. Our quiz will instantly tally up your responses to show you the perfect color options for your unique skin tone, undertone, eye color, and more! 

You Took the Quiz. Now What?

You’ve got your ideal color match and have your answer to “what color hair looks best on me?” Quiz results showed you some flattering shades that match your skin tone, undertones, and eye color. Now, let’s take a look at a few things to keep in mind and consider as you settle on the perfect shade for you. 

Make Sure You’re Cleared for Color

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The thought of getting a new hair color that transforms your look is exciting, but are you sure you’re “cleared” for another chemical process? Look at the 3 questions below.

If you answer yes to any of these, you may want to hold off on your new color and give your hair a rest while you focus on repairing damage. 

  1. Have you processed your hair (bleach, color, highlights, perm, relaxer, straightening treatment, etc.) in the last 4 weeks? 
  2. Does your hair look or feel damaged? Extreme dryness, brittleness, breakage, frayed ends, or a mushy, gummy texture are examples of damaged hair. 
  3. Does your hair soak up water and moisturizing products like a sponge? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may want to wait to color your hair to be on the safe side.

If you use permanent color on already-damaged strands, you could end up with a mushy mess that breaks off near the roots or needs to be cut to start over. If you’re not sure your hair is healthy enough to dye, check out this guide.

Special Considerations for Neutral Undertones 

Neutral undertones contain both warm (yellow) and cool (pink/blue) underlying pigments. Finding what color hair looks best on you requires paying attention to what colors match your undertones and which ones clash. 

You have to take both your cool and warm undertones into account. You can’t focus on your underlying coolness while ignoring the warmth – that’s going to result in choosing a color that clashes with your skin. 

Instead, look for colors that can complement both cool and warm tones for the most flattering effect. Steer clear of “extremes” – platinum blonde, jet black, silver, etc. – and stick with tried-and-true shades like strawberry blonde, buttery blonde, ash brown, chestnut brown, or espresso brown.

What Type of Color Will You Use?

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Getting a new color means choosing between permanent, demi-permanent, and semi-permanent dye. Do you know which type of color you’re planning to use? 

  • Permanent dye lasts the longest, but also causes the most damage to strands. It’s the only type of dye that fully covers grays and upkeep is a matter of getting a quick root touch-up and maybe a gloss every 6-8 weeks. 
  • Demi-permanent hair color lasts 20-24 shampoos and causes minimal damage to hair. It gives you a month or two with your new color before fading out, so it’s ideal for experimenting with colors you’re not ready to commit to long-term. 
  • Semi-permanent color lasts 8-10 shampoos and is typically used as a toner. It can be used to try out a new tint or shade that is similar to or darker than your natural color. Semi-permanent colors have a more transparent quality, so they’re not great for super-dark colors or gray coverage. 

Think about which of these color types will be the best fit for your needs. When in doubt, talk to your stylist about it to find the perfect option for you! 

Consider the Season

Some colors have a seasonal look – we tend to associate light or golden colors with warm seasons and cooler, deeper tones with the colder months. That’s why so many women go light for spring and summer, then switch over to a darker color for autumn and winter. 

It’s wise to think about the current season and how your chosen color will pair with it. It doesn’t really matter what season a color is associated with as long as you love it. But skin tone differences between the seasons can affect your color choice. 

If you get a golden tan in the summer, your skin tone will look much different than it does mid-winter. That means the color that perfectly flattered your skin in July will look a lot different on your pastier tone come December. 

Keep these seasonal skin tone changes in mind to choose a color that will flatter you year-round – or be prepared to make some changes as your skin tone fluctuates. 

Mind the Maintenance

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How much maintenance are you willing to do? Think long and hard about this before you decide on a color. Low-maintenance colors may require a quick root touch-up every 6 weeks. High-maintenance colors will have you in the salon every 4 weeks if you want to avoid roots and all-over fading. 

The highest-maintenance “natural” colors are shades of red because red pigment fades lightning-fast. Red pigment molecules are bigger than other colors, so they struggle to fully penetrate your strands.

This makes them prone to “washing out” with regular shampoo, shortening the lifespan of your color. Coloring your hair red essentially means you’ll need more frequent all-over color maintenance appointments – not just root touch ups – which takes time and can get expensive. 

If low-maintenance color is key for you, stick with another color in your quiz results. Choose a lower-maintenance shade of blonde, brown, silver, or black that matches your skin tone and undertones. 

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