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Should I Cut My Hair Short? Quiz | Find Out Now!

Going back and forth over cutting your hair? Take our quick “should I cut my hair short” quiz to analyze your face shape, features, current length, and find out if you should cut your hair short or let it grow!

To Cut or Not to Cut?

Woman deciding whether she should cut her hair short

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Choosing the length of your next haircut requires some serious thought. You’ve been thinking about going shorter, but is that going to be a good look for you?

Or will it be an instant regret?

We’ve all gotten less-than-flattering haircuts before and it can be miserable for a few months if you’re not fully on-board with short hair. You don’t want that to happen, so let’s get a few things straight before you dive into our quick 5-question quiz. 

Short Hair Can Make Thin Hair Look Thicker

Have you been dealing with more shedding than usual, or seeing signs of thinning and hair loss? Cutting it shorter can make it appear thicker while you work to get shedding and thinning under control. 

Getting a short haircut obviously won’t add bulk or fullness to your hair, but length tends to exaggerate thinning areas and can look stringy if your thinning is advanced.

Opting for a shorter style is definitely something to consider if you’re tired of seeing a lot of hair fall or are beginning to see more of your scalp. 

Short Hair Can Give Your Mane a Fresh Start

Choosing to go shorter means getting rid of any damaged or lifeless length that isn’t doing much for you. If you’re seeing signs of damage, cutting it off might be the best decision. 

Getting a trim can help rid you of pesky split ends and takes off the oldest (read: most damaged) portion of your strands. But going in for a bigger chop can help you remove years of accumulated damage so you can truly give your hair a fresh start. 

Not sure if your hair is damaged or just in need of a little TLC? Check this guide out (opens in a new window): How to Tell If Your Hair Is Damaged | 6 Obvious Signs.  

Short Hair Is Not for Everyone

There, we said it. Short hair is a pretty look and if you’re going for a bold, powerful, feminine style that commands attention, it may be right up your alley. Short cuts look amazing on a lot of women and there are short styles suitable for every face shape.

But going short is not the ideal choice for some women, and if you think you might be one of them, you really need to take our quiz to find out. 

If you regularly rely on casual updo styles (ponytails, buns, etc.), going short is going to rock your world in a panic-inducing way when you realize none of your go-to styles work anymore.

Short haircuts can mess with your wave or curl pattern, so even air-drying can be questionable if your stylist doesn’t properly cut your curls. And the first time you see a pretty, flowing hairstyle you want to try and remember your strands are too stubby to pull it off, it’s going to be painful.

Oh, and prepare to feel a lot chillier without the warmth of your hair around your head, neck, and shoulders. We’re not saying this to put you off short hair! It’s just an important thing to consider before you take the leap. 

Ready to take the quiz and find out if you should cut your hair short or keep on growing it out? Find the quiz below and answer 5 questions to see if short hair is going to be a good option for you! 

Should I Cut My Hair Short? Quiz

Take the quiz and find out if short hair is the right choice to make or if you’re better off leaving some length! Choose the answer that best fits your situation below. 

You Took the Quiz. Now What?

You asked, “Should I cut my hair short?” and now you’ve got your answer. Here’s what you should consider before you make it official. 

If You’re Cutting It Short…

Woman at the salon after taking our

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Going short is no biggie for some women, but for others, it’s a major decision that requires a little extra consideration. If you’re seriously considering getting the big chop, make sure you’re thinking about the following. 

You’ll need a whole new style repertoire once your hair is short – no more ponytails and buns! Try braids for short hair, trending easy hairstyles to add to your rotation, or even a female mohawk when you’re feeling edgy!

Clips, headbands, and small elastics will give you even more style options for short hair. Short hair can work for all face shapes, but not every short haircut will work for every shape!

Check out What Haircut Should I Get (Women)? | All Face Types to see cute options for oval, round, square, and heart face shapes. Complete hypothetical here, but let’s say you cut your hair short and hate it. How fast does your hair grow?

If it grows quickly, that’s great. If your hair grows slowly, you might want to opt for a medium-short style instead and go shorter if you dig it. 

If You’re Letting It Grow…

Smart looking woman that took our should I cut my hair short quiz

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Keep doing what you’re doing since your hair seems to be in great condition with little damage. Air drying whenever possible, brushing only when your hair is dry, and swapping out old products for ones designed for your hair type will help liven up your mane while you let it grow to longer lengths. 

Hair seems to take forever to grow and accumulate length? It could be due to repeated breakage from heat or chemical damage. In that case, peep our guide on How to Fix Damaged Hair: 10 Things to Try.  

Or, slow growth could be due to your body’s hair growth process getting stuck in the “shedding” phase. Read our guide How to Grow Your Hair Faster next to learn about natural and clinical ways that are proven to make your hair grow faster and healthier.

You’ll achieve long lengths in no time! If you’re a bit bored with your current length and want to try something different without waiting for it to grow out first, take a look at our favorite Long to Medium Length Hairstyles for a little inspiration! 

If You’re Trying a Medium-Length Cut…

Woman with a medium-length haircut after taking a should you cut your hair short quiz

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Going short might appeal to you somewhat, but we think you’ll be just as happy with a less-drastic, medium-length cut instead. You’ll get that total transformation you’re going for without the limited style options and dramatic chop of going short. 

When we get sick of our current length, it’s easy to see short hair as the only possibility. But what you really want is a different look that is easier to manage and requires less daily styling and manipulation. That makes most medium-length cuts the perfect option for you! 

We’ve jam-packed a guide full of haircut and style ideas that hit around the shoulders. Take a look and see if you find the inspiration you’re looking for here: Medium-Length Hairstyles | 30 Styles & Considerations.

Some of our favorites for this in-between length? The medium shag haircut and the choppy long bob.

While you’re updating your hairstyle with a little trim (or a bigger chop, depending on your current length), think about adding fun touches like curtain bangs or bottleneck bangs to dress it up and make it yours. You’ll love your updated look without sacrificing all your length! 

You Took Our “Should I Cut My Hair Short Quiz. Now What?

Short hair isn’t ideal for everyone, but it could be exactly the change you need to fall in love with your hair all over again. The important thing is considering your choice from all angles before you head to the salon.

We looked at some of these things to consider in the previous section, so by now, you’re probably feeling pretty confident in your choice to go short – or not. 

Cutting your hair short opens up a world of new possibilities for styling and completely transforms your look. If you’ve been bored with your hair for a while and think short is the way to go, you’ll likely love the results and have fun experimenting with new styles on your shorter length. 

But short hair limits the go-to hairstyles you relied on when your hair was long. Make sure you have a few cute short hairstyles planned to try out! We recommend grabbing some cute clips and headbands for fast, easy styles. 

Going short gives you a golden opportunity to get rid of damaged length and split ends. If you’ve been a little hard on your hair with heat and chemical processing, a short haircut could be the perfect way to start fresh and be much gentler on your hair this time around. 

Short hair is often very flattering, especially if you’ve been wearing your hair long for a while or your mane is very thick. The sudden length reduction puts your face front and center, making others see you in a whole new light.

You may be surprised to find that short hair actually slims your face! Short hair also exposes more of your face and neck. That’s great if you’re flaunting striking cheekbones or a defined jawline.

But if you’re a little insecure about any of your features, know that wearing a super-short style means there’s nowhere to “hide.” We’re all about loving yourself and flaunting your features, but this is definitely something to consider. 

Whether you’re game to cut your hair short right now, decide to let it grow instead, or opt for the happy medium – getting a less-drastic cut with a medium length – we hope you love your new look. Who knows? It might just become your new signature style!