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What Hair Products Should I Use? Quiz | Only 5 Questions!

It takes a lot of trial and error to find the products that work best for your hair. Take our What Hair Products Should I Use? quiz to see the top-rated products and get hair-perfecting tips for your type!

Struggling to Find Hair Products That Work For Your Hair Type?

Cheerful woman who just took our what hair products should i use quiz

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There are generally two types of women: Those with cabinets full of a range of hair products to experiment with and those who use very few (if any) products.

No matter which camp you fall into, learning how to use products to enhance and support your natural hair texture and shape is essential if you want your mane to look its best. 

It’s important to get it right because the wrong products – ones meant for other hair types – won’t give you the results you want. In fact, using the wrong types of hair products for an extended time can actually damage your hair and lead to breakage, frizz, dullness, and more. 

If you’ve got the feeling you could be doing more for your mane with better products, you’re probably right. You can help your hair reach its full potential by swapping out unsuitable products for ones tailored to your specific hair type.

We can help you get there with this quick quiz! Answer 5 easy questions below to get your personalized product recommendations based on your hair type, shape/curl pattern, and hair goals.

Stick around after your results to get more tips on using products to enhance and support your hair type!

What Hair Products Should I Use? Quiz

Take the quiz to find out what hair products you should use according to your hair’s characteristics and features.

Each question on the quiz corresponds to a certain hair type (3A, 4C, etc.). Choose the answer that best describes your hair to get an accurate assessment of the products your hair type needs to look and feel its best.

Choose your answers below, get your quiz results, and we’ll show you the types of products women with your hair type need to have their best hair day ever!

You Took the Quiz. Now What?

Different hair types respond to different types of hair products. Now that you know which products are the best match for your hair, what’s next? Getting to know your strands’ needs a little better, of course! 

Type 1 Hair Things to Consider

Woman with type 1 hair lets it flow for a piece on what hair products should i use quiz


Your straight locks crave smoothness and oil control to look their best. Armed with your recommended products, you’ll be able to fight frizz with a little lightweight moisture and attain that coveted glass hair look without getting greasy. 

Keeping straight type 1 hair healthy and manageable goes beyond the products you use to treat and style your hair. Here’s what you should consider adding to your routine for better manageability:

  • Air dry whenever possible to avoid heat damage
  • Get regular trims to remove the oldest and most damaged part – your ends
  • Wash less often to avoid creating a feast-famine cycle with oiliness
  • Don’t condition your roots to avoid limp, greasy roots

When you air dry more often than you heat style, you get to take full advantage of your easy-peasy straight texture. Regular trims will keep your hair free from tangles and splitting, giving you a smoother overall look. 

Washing less often (every other day is as much as you should shampoo) will prevent stripping away your natural moisture. Avoid conditioning your roots to milk more oil-free hours out of each shampoo session! 

Type 2 Hair Things to Consider

Girl with type 2 hair for a recommendation as a result of the what hair products should I use quiz

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Type 2 wavy hair is typically pretty easy to care for and manage because the gentle texture is built right in. All you have to do is amplify and even it out a bit with your recommended products! Here’s what you should consider adding to your wavy hair care routine for the best results: 

  • Air dry whenever possible to avoid damaging hair with heat
  • Sleep in heatless wave/curl protective styles overnight
  • Clarify regularly to remove product buildup that flattens waves
  • Provide steady, lightweight moisture to amplify wavy texture

Air drying is a given for wavy hair because it looks so good! Beachy, casual texture without hot tools? Yes please! If your waves are a little underwhelming or inconsistent, try sleeping in overnight protective styles (braids, twists, or buns) to shape your hair into perfect spiral waves. 

Clarifying your hair regularly with shampoo or apple cider vinegar is key.

Removing buildup from moisturizers and mousse will keep your waves lively and bouncy. Providing steady moisture with daily leave-in conditioner spritzes or weekly hair masks will perfect and amplify your waves.  

Type 3 Hair Things to Consider

Woman with type 3 hair for recommendations on what hair products you should use as the result of a quiz


Type 3 curls range from big and loose to tightly wound and corkscrew-like. You found your specific hair type’s product recommendations in your quiz results, but you can take your curl care a step further with these tips. 

  • Add moisture between wash days by co-washing with conditioner
  • Hands off – touching curls too much leads to frizz
  • Swap your pillowcase for a satin or silk one
  • Clarify once a month to refresh strands 

Co-washing with conditioner means wetting your hair and using conditioner without shampoo to add moisture.

Since you likely wash your hair no more than 3 times a week, you need to co-wash (and use your recommended hair mask) to get enough moisture to fight off frizz. Speaking of frizz, keeping your hands out of your curls while they dry and throughout the day will help stave off frizz!

If you’re sleeping on a cotton pillowcase, swap it out now for a satin or silk version that allows hair to glide, not snag, while you sleep. Clarify strands once a month to remove buildup and refresh your curls. 

Interested in taking your curl care routine to the next level? Check out our guide on The Curly Girl Method | Step-by-Step Guide & Best Products next! 

Type 4 Hair Things to Consider

Gorgeous woman with type 4 hair with recommendations on what hair products should you use


Type 4 coils are the most textured of all hair types, prone to extreme dryness, and susceptible to breakage and shrinkage. Moisture is the answer to most of your hair care woes (as your recommended products showed you). 

Protein is the other half of the equation, providing your coarse-but-fragile strands with the support and strength they need to withstand breakage and shrinkage. Here’s what you should consider adding to your type 4 hair care routine: 

  • Wear long-term protective styles for healthier strands
  • Seal in moisture with the right oils
  • Co-wash with conditioner in between wash days
  • Inject moisture into every hair care step

Protective natural hairstyles keep strands safe from physical, chemical, and heat damage by binding and winding your hair into neat, protective groups. Braids, twists, and buns will prevent breakage and gently stretch your hair for less shrinkage when you wear them long-term. 

After adding moisture to your hair, make sure to seal it in with the right oil. Coconut oil is our favorite because it’s proven to actually penetrate strands. Co-wash with moisturizing conditioner in between wash days, and take every opportunity to add moisture to your hair with products.

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