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6 Easy Everyday Hairstyles Every Woman Show Know

You know it’s going to be a good day when you wake up with good hair with minimal effort. Having an easy everyday hairstyle will streamline your mornings and make you look and feel gorgeous all day long.

What Makes an Easy Everyday Hairstyle?

Messy bun as an easy everyday hairstyle on a woman looking toward a white wall

Celeste Duffy/Shutterstock

The good news is that having an easy everyday hairstyle isn’t an impossible dream. In this article, we have ideas for making every day a good hair day with as little styling as possible.

We’ll also let you know what you should consider as you look for the perfect everyday hairstyle for your look and style sensibilities. As you think about adopting an easy everyday hairstyle, there are several qualities you should consider. These include:

Your Lifestyle 

Ask yourself:

  • What do you enjoy doing? 
  • Are you looking for an easy daily hairstyle that’s perfect for the boardroom or one that fits your lifestyle as a graphic artist? 
  • Do you want an easy everyday hairstyle for going to the gym to swim laps, or do you want a ‘do that will take you from work or college classes to a night out? 

An easy everyday hairstyle should fit your lifestyle and take you everywhere with little to no style adjustments.

Your Hair 

An easy everyday hairstyle for a person with fine, straight hair will most likely be different from the hairstyle someone with thick, wavy hair would enjoy. The key to finding the perfect hairstyle for you is to get one that suits your hair type. 

Keeping styling to a minimum is essential. If you have curly hair, embrace that and sport a layered look that makes the most of your curls. It will keep your hair healthier if you opt go with your hair’s natural state rather than straightening curls with heat or chemicals. 

Likewise, trying to curl straight hair can be a challenge that can also leave hair damaged. Not only will excess styling your hair put it at risk of damage, but it also takes time and effort. Who wants to wake up early for that?

Do You Color Your Hair? 

Plenty of people color their hair but still love an easy everyday hairstyle. Technically, you can call your hairstylist and get your hair highlighted or roots touched up easily enough, but it’s a good idea to go with your natural hair color if you want an easy hairstyle. There’s a trend of letting natural silver hair show, and it saves the time and expense of maintaining a different color. 

Your Schedule

The amount of time you have in the morning figures into finding an easy everyday hairstyle. The best easy everyday hairstyles take little to no time to style. A little blow-drying after a shampoo, a little brushing, and you’re good to go! 

You might want to do more styling if you have time, but the beauty of having an easy everyday hairstyle is that you can run a brush through it and go on mornings when you’re pinched for time.

Are you vacationing and traveling light? You won’t have to bring along your heated styling tools if you’re wearing an easy everyday hairstyle. Besides, who wants to spend their vacation styling their hair? 

Your Budget 

Having an easy everyday hairstyle is easy on your finances. More elaborate styles may involve frequent salon visits, straightening or curling treatments, depending on your preference, and purchasing expensive styling tools. 

An easy everyday hairstyle will require visits to your favorite hairstylist every so often. Still, usually, an easy-going style won’t need the tools and treatments that a more high-maintenance look will need.

6 Easy Everyday Hairstyle Options

A head full of curls may be an easy everyday hairstyle for curly-haired women, but it might take hours to achieve for a woman with straight hair. A stick-straight smooth ponytail, a look that’s seen on the fashion catwalks of New York and Paris, might be easy for some but require straightening with a flatiron every morning for others.

With the caveat of not fighting your natural hair type, here are a few classic, easy everyday hairstyles, including looks for short, medium-length, and long hair.

1. The Pixie

Woman with a pixie cut, an easy everyday hairstyle, in a green shirt smiling

El Nariz/Shutterstock

Delicate features and fine hair lend themselves well to this look, popularized by celebrities such as 1960s supermodel Twiggy and actress Mia Farrow. Few haircuts are as low maintenance as the Pixie, but you will still need to get it trimmed regularly to keep its shape.

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2. The Bob

Cute girl with a bob haircut in a red and blue striped shirt puckers her lips and looks to the left

Wayhome Studio/Shutterstock

Bobs can work for short to medium-length hair and textures from fine and straight to thick and wavy. The bob is the closest thing to a universal hairstyle out there, and its classic good looks are career-appropriate but can also take you anywhere from a day at the beach to a night at the club.

You can switch up a bob with products and hair accessories. Depending on the length, you can pull bobs into a low ponytail. Here’s how: 

  • Sweep bangs back with a headband or scarf. 
  • Pull one or both sides back with combs or barrettes. 
  • Add a little styling gel for waves or anti-frizz serum for a sleek look. 

These are some great ways to bring your bob to life.

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3. Long and Loose

Woman with long and loose brown hair in a white long-sleeve tshirt puts her hand on her hip


There’s a fallacy that easy everyday hairstyles equal short hair. There are plenty of ladies with medium to long hair who would disagree! Just as it’s best to work with your hair’s natural style and type, find the length that works best for your hair type and lifestyle.

Some may find that a sleek short cut like those Vidal Sassoon popularized requires many styling and salon visits for their wavy, thick hair. If you have wavy hair that curls even more in the summer heat and humidity, why fight nature?

Long, loose, healthy hair is always in style. A plus to this eye-catching look is that those with medium to long hair can go a week or two longer between haircuts than those keeping a short Pixie.

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4. Ponytail

Slender brunette with a ponytail (an easy everyday hairstyle) stands with her chest against a lilac wall

Roman Samborskyi/Shutterstock

Whether you’re going for a run or heading to a cocktail party, a ponytail is a classically elegant look that’s also an easy everyday hairstyle. For those with medium to long hair, a ponytail is easy with an elastic. Don’t worry about loose wisps of hair along the sides or curls in the ponytail – a messy pony is on-trend. 

5. Messy Bun

Woman with a messy bun on the top of her head looks relaxed with makeup on and a lace shirt over one shoulder


There’s the saying of “Messy Bun, Get It Done,” and that’s true of busy days as well as when you’re lounging at home. A messy bun is easy to achieve for longer lengths, and those with medium to shorter hair have messy bun attachments that make that look achievable in minutes.

6. Headbands

Cute girl in a headband with a bow holds her arms up to her chest and smiles while looking left

Wayhome Studio/Shutterstock

Short, medium and long hair can all be dressed up with a headband. These versatile hair accessories will show off your face while keeping your hair under control.

Is an Easy Everyday Hairstyle Right for You? 

If we haven’t sold you on the beautiful benefits of an easy everyday hairstyle yet, keep reading. You may be wondering if an easy hairstyle is right for you. You may enjoy having a look that takes more than a few minutes to achieve.

The pampering and me-time involved with salon visits to get the look you’re after may be something you look forward to every month. Maybe there’s a hairstyle you love and are willing to commit the time and money needed to achieve it.

Farrah Fawcett’s flip of the 1970s or Jennifer Aniston’s popular hairstyle on “Friends” are just a couple of examples of styles that millions tried to replicate, often with great effort. Here are some questions to ask as you decide which easy everyday hairstyle is right for you:

Can You Embrace Your Natural Hair Type? 

To have an effortless everyday hairstyle, you’ll need to rock the texture and type of hair Mother Nature gave you. A wispy Pixie haircut won’t work on coarser hair, and delicate, straight hair won’t give you the look of cascading curls. The key to having easy-care hair is to love the type of hair you have.

How Much Time Do You Have for Styling? 

The less time you have for styling hair, the more you should gravitate toward easy everyday hairstyles. Do you want to spend your precious time styling your hair even if you have the time for high-maintenance hair?

Are You Damaging Your Hair?

Another consideration is the toll that chemical treatments, hair color, and heat from hair styling tools such as flat irons, curling wands, and curling irons can take on your hair.

Having an easy everyday hairstyle that makes the most of your hair naturally will require less styling. Having hair in excellent condition with minor damage will be the result!

Do You Like Variety? 

Some easy hairstyles are the same every day. Shorter styles have less length and fewer opportunities to transition among different looks.

If you like to wear your hair up some days and long and loose on others, you can still have an easy everyday hairstyle. Just opt for styles in the medium length to long-range. A scarf, a hat, and hair accessories such as clips, barrettes, and headbands work great, and you can get the variety you want with the ease you need. 

What Is the Shape of Your Face? 

You’ll want your hairstyle to accentuate your best features, so consider your face shape as you look at hairstyles. The right easy everyday hairstyle will add to the beauty of your features. Small facial features may call for shorter hair to stand out, while you could soften stronger features with loose curls that frame the face. 

Things to Consider

Woman with an easy everyday hairstyle (a pixie/bob) smiles and holds her hand to her left cheek

Alinute Silzeviciute/Shutterstock

Here are the top things to consider when opting for a simple hairstyle:

Shampoo and Condition Your Hair Properly 

Having shiny, healthy hair is a must for an easy, everyday hairstyle. No matter what your hair length, you’ll want your hair to stay in top condition. Choose shampoo and conditioner that’s best for your hair type and treat your hair with care.

Styling Products 

One of the keys to having wash-and-go or style-in-5-minutes hair is product usage. You must, must, must use styling products, but you should also tailor those products to your hair type and the style you want to achieve.

Going for a choppy, textured pixie? Spray some volumizing spray on your roots, blow dry, and finish it off with a fiber cream or texturizing powder for some insane texture and interest. In this case, the products make all the difference. Without them, you could end up looking like a timid schoolboy, but with them, you can walk the razor’s edge with Joan Jett. 

Want smooth, shiny, and flowing locks? Put some light styling foam in your hair and blow dry with low heat or allow your hair to air dry. Finish things off with a shine serum or spray.

Just as the right products can give you the everyday style you’re going for without much effort, they can also help you have some variety in your easy everyday hairstyle. Pomades and gels can make hair sleek, while the 1980s showed us how mousse could increase the volume. Changing up your look is as easy as selecting different styling products. Experiment and see what works best for you. 

How do You Feel About Your Hair?

On the best hair day, does your hair make you feel beautiful? Would a length change – shorter or growing it longer – make you feel better about your looks?

Ask Yourself Questions

Ask yourself the following questions to get to know whether a style is right for you.

  • How much time do you have to commit to maintaining a hairstyle?
  • Is that hairstyle suitable for your career and lifestyle?
  • Do you live an active life, enjoy traveling, or spending time outdoors?

The answers to these questions can help you find an easy-care, everyday hairstyle that will accentuate your best features while being easy to maintain and practical. The right easy, simple hairstyle will make you feel effortlessly beautiful every day, even though you’re spending just minutes on hair care.

Keep in Mind 

Having an easy everyday hairstyle that makes you feel your beautiful best each day is the best fashion accessory.

  • Less time styling means healthier hair and more time for whatever you enjoy doing!
  • Easy everyday hairstyles cost less money to maintain and make your life far easier every day.
  • Essential to having an easy everyday hairstyle is finding a style that compliments your lifestyle and career, your fashion sense, facial features, and, most of all, your hair type.
  • Fighting your hair’s natural texture will add up your time styling, add heat damage to hair, and more time and money spent in hair salons.

Healthy hair is an easy everyday hairstyle that is always effortlessly beautiful, and it will add to your confidence and complement everything you wear.

What’s the Best Easy Everyday Hairstyle?

We think every day should be a good hair day. Finding the easy everyday hairstyle that makes the most of your naturally beautiful hair and facial shape will make your hair your best feature. Consult your favorite hairstylist for help in finding the best easy everyday hairstyle for you.

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