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30 Trending Purple Hair Color Ideas for 2024

Can you see yourself with purple hair? Read on to see examples of this color in dozens of shades and learn what it takes to rock this unique style.

Thinking About Getting Purple Hair?

Full disclosure: I’ve been in love with all shades of purple since I was a kid. I had a purple Caboodle. My nails were consistently the color of Grimace. I wore my amethyst birthstone necklace every day. At 16, I dyed my auburn hair purple with a cheap kit from Sally’s (10/10 do not recommend DIYing it – call a professional).

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was a favorite for two reasons:

  • “You’re turning violet, Violet!”
  • Wonka’s dapper purple coat

So if you’re itching to reach for the purple dye, I am HERE. FOR. IT. It’s a gorgeous color with so many shades and possibilities. There’s a shade of purple that will suit absolutely anyone. The color purple also has a ton of meaning and symbology behind it, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Wisdom, royalty, mystery, confidence, and creativity are all associated with this color. Sounds like you, right? If you’re vibing with this vibrant violet hue, there’s no better way to show it than with your tresses. Read on to see 30 unique styles for inspiration before your next salon visit.

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30 Purple Hair Possibilities 

There’s something so magical and fun about purple tones in the hair. You’ll see what we mean with these 30 examples! We’ll show you which are best for warm, cool, and neutral undertones. And it’s no accident that every single one of these color titles would make a great band name. 

1. Icy Violet

Woman with purple hair sits down with an open-back dress and looks up to the left


You might find yourself adopting an entirely new persona when you dye your hair this icy violet color. Swathes of blue, bubblegum pink, and Mardi Gras purple peek out in different sections. It’s best for cool undertones.

2. Mystical Mauve

Woman with bright and light purple hair looks directly at the camera while wearing a black tank


Is it pink? Is it purple? All we know is that it is mauve-alous. Combined with big waves and lots of body, this color is perfect for you to rock if you have warm undertones. 

3. Electric Purple

Woman with bright purple hair in varying shades of the color lets it blow in the wind while wearing purple lipstick


Everyone who sees you will be shocked – in a good way – by this electric purple hair. It’s a cooler tone, but can work with cool or neutral undertones. 

4. Platinum Lilac

Woman with purple lipstick against a pink background wears a button-up coat and a white hat


Ultra-light platinum blonde just goes seamlessly with a cool tone like lilac. You can pull this purple hair off with cool or neutral undertones, but keep in mind that this one is harder to maintain, and some dark colors will require multiple sessions to lift to this color. 

5. Fade to Fuschia

Woman wish fuscia hair wears purple lipstick and no shirt


Wear this bold pinky-purple color with confidence. Because you’re going to be absolutely rocking it whether it’s all over or just the tips. Fuschia’s a warmer color, but if you pair it with silvery tones, it can easily work for cool undertones too. 

6. You’re Turning Violet

Attractive busty woman holds a sideways peace sign up to her purple hair


You’re no shy little violet when your hair makes a statement like this. We love full side swept bangs with bold purple hair – it really puts it front and center. Cool undertones look great with this shade. 

7. Magic Mardi Gras

Woman with purple hair and wearing a yellow shirt looks up to her left while standing in a field of high grass


Is anyone else thinking of king cake right now? This pretty and bold purple shade screams fun and confidence. Try it with warm undertones or neutral undertones for the best match.  

8. Ultraviolet Iris

Woman with purple hair holds her hands up to her face in exclamation and excitement

Roman Samborskyi/Shutterstock

If you’re loud and proud, this pretty hue might be for you. Contrasted with a sweet chin-length bob and blunt bangs, you’ll astound and confound everyone you meet. 

9. Tyrian Ambition

Woman with light purple-red hair looks straight ahead


Bold and steeped in history, this color symbolizes royalty and strength. Channel those qualities with this warm hue that fits warm or neutral undertones. 

10. Plum Passion

Vintage old hollywood style with a woman in a white feathered boa and purple hair and lipstick

Aleksandra Voinova/Shutterstock

I always forget about plums when I think of my favorite fruits, but no one will be able to forget about you when you’re rocking this tone. It’s a cooler shade that suits cool undertones. 

11. Heliotrope Tips

Purple heliotrope hair


Here’s a heliotrope tip: If you have cool skin tones and can conceivably lift your hair to platinum blonde, you need to try this color on the ends. Or all over. It’s gorgeous. 

12. Glossy Eggplant

Purple eggplant hair on a woman with pale skin standing with straightened hair in a studio

Eugene Partyzan/Shutterstock

Okay, this color title is one that might not make a great band name. But with such a deep, rich, and dimensional color, you probably won’t care. This purple hair works for warm or cool undertones, thanks to the combination of violet and brown. 

13. Amethyst Twist

Woman with purple hair that is curly and shoulder length wears a fancy Kimono-style jacket and a bright purple shirt

Beatriz Vera/Shutterstock

This shade is like a light-colored amethyst, and it pairs so perfectly with intense coils and a peek of darker roots. Cooler undertones work best with it. 

14. Platinum Lavender

Woman with lilac hair stands with her hand on her head

Deniela Collins/Shutterstock

Take any purple shade you like and take it lighter for a striking look that has an edgy vibe. Purplish platinum is best on cool undertones.  

15. Thistle’s Kiss

Woman with Thistle's Kiss hair color looks to the right of the camera in a studio and not wearing a shirt

Beauty Agent Studio/Shutterstock

Ultra light and best worn by cool-toned ladies, this(tle) color requires going near platinum to get the full effect. If you can get there with your trusty stylist, we’d highly recommend it. 

16. Vivacious Violet

In a studio with an orange background, a woman with purple hair wears dark round sunglasses


Oh, it’s hip. It’s bright. It’s a carefree lifestyle of living on the edge in a color. Try this color if you have warm, cool, or neutral undertones.  

17. Go, Indie, Go!

Woman standing in a yellow dress and wearing purple hair against a pink background

Beatriz Vera/Shutterstock

This frigid indigo shade is unique and super-flattering for cooler undertones. Texture really shows it off, so if you’re coily, curly, or wavy, definitely give it a try. 

18. Gradient Grape

Beautiful model with purple hair stands against a dark brown background

Aleksandra Voinova/Shutterstock

Dying your hair purple: Awesome. Using two shades at once: Amazing. The deep grape looks even bolder as a backdrop to the red-violet highlights. This one’s great for warmer undertones. 

19. Suave Lilac-Mauve

Woman with lilac hair lays on a light wood floor and wears purple lipstick

Africa Studio/Shutterstock

Yeah, all other ombres can go home now. This one wins. It will always win. It will look fantastic with cool, warm, or neutral undertones.  

20. Indigo Glow

Woman with purple hair cut into a bob cut that covers her face


This shade is like a mixture of indigo and violet. There are tons of ways to style it, but this short asymmetrical bob is tops. Try it with cooler undertones. 

21. Byzantium Mulberry

Woman with grey hair that fades into purple

Focus and Blur/Shutterstock

No need to mull this one over. Rich Byzantium purple at the roots gently fades into the more-pinkish mulberry hue. Warm undertones can rock this color all day long. 

22. Purple Periwinkle

Woman with purple hair wears yellow leggings and a bright pink shirt and white sunglasses

Eugenia Porechenskaya/Shutterstock

It’s near ultraviolet hue is eye-catching and a little sassy. So to answer your question, YES, you should dye your hair this color. Cooler undertones will match it best. 

23. Dramatic African Violet

Punk girl with a lower lip stud and spikey sunglasses tilts her head to the left and holds her face

Kiselev Andrey Valerevich/Shutterstock

African violets are dramatic and hard to care for with gorgeous flowers and we can relate. So you are going to feel *seen* with this frosty, botanical color that works well for cool undertones. 

24. Her Eminence

Half-naked woman with purple hair and pale complexion lays down on the ground


Get ready to adopt a new title of royalty with this shade of purple, aptly named “eminence.” Curls and waves show the color’s dimension best, and warmer undertones are going to be the most flattering for it. 

25. Mermaid Cascade

Woman with mermaid hair looks away from the camera

Lia Koltyrina/Shutterstock

Light and cool shades of blue and pink make their appearances here, but we all know that purple is the star. Look like some sort of sea queen (the non-evil variety) with this manic panic meets oceanic ‘do.  

26. Glazed Wisteria

Woman with dark purple hair stands and looks at the camera in a dark floral and space themed shirt

Studio KIWI/Shutterstock

This tone is subdued enough to appear vibrant without being too bold (if there’s such a thing). Dip your toes into the wild waters of purple tones with this color! Especially if you have cool undertones. 

27. Frosty Lilac

Woman with purple hair wearing pigtails


This light, cool-toned bluish purple hair color is one you can’t skip if you’re trying colors in the purple family. Blunt bangs give it a more powerful impact. 

28. Laid-Back Lavender

Woman with purple hair and a white semi-transparent shirt with a tattoo sleeve stands in a forest

Natalie Magic/Shutterstock

Darker hair can be tough to lift to blonde and a pain to maintain. So try lightening the ends and applying a pretty lavender shade instead? No worries about roots growing out this way. This color works for warm or cool undertones. 

29. Purple Rain

Woman with super bright, almost purple hair taking a selfie

Kiselev Andrey Valerevich/Shutterstock

Blue tones give this vibrant shade of purple a unique look that sort of straddles the fence on what color it really is. It’s definitely a cool shade that will look best on cool undertones. 

30. Mulberry Mallow

Woman holding a partially smoked cigarette and purple hair


Definite hints of pink and mulberry with bluish tones make this color suitable for anyone with warm or neutral undertones. It’s one of our favorites. 

Things to Consider Before You Dye

That’s d-y-e, to clarify. Going purple is a big hair decision and you want to make sure you’re truly committed before you get it done. I’ve learned a thing or two about this hue, so read through these essential points before you decide to dye your hair.

  • Purple turns heads. Some of us love being the center of attention and others, not so much. Be aware that purple hair is going to make you stand out. You’ll get tons of compliments and a few judgemental squints from strangers. Stick to a burgundy or maroon color if you want purple tones without the attention, or if your workplace won’t allow wild colors.
  • Adjust your purple expectations. Only super light hair (like platinum blond) works for some shades of purple. You can apply a lilac or heliotrope purple to darker hair. But it’s not going to look vivid like the photos you’ve seen. Even naturally light hair will probably need to be lifted to a higher level before applying certain shades.
  • Be wary of using Manic Panic, Beyond the Zone, Punky Colour, etc. Unless you have a ton of experience bleaching your hair and applying hair color, please steer clear of these DIY options. Dark hair has an especially hard time lifting to the level required to make vivid colors show up the way they appear on the package. Just call a stylist.
  • Seriously, just call a stylist. Purple has the possibility to look so gorgeous, and applying your own color will only make things harder (and more expensive) when you visit a stylist to get it fixed. And much of the time, you will.

If you decide to try purple hair, you might find it’s your new signature look. Or you might give it a try and decide you’re on to the next vivid color next or looking to go back to your natural roots. In any case, life’s too short to not dye your hair purple at least once! I think you’re going to plum love it.

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