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20 Dark Blue Hair Color Ideas Trending in 2024

If blue is your favorite color, then you’ve come to the right place. While dark blue hair may seem like an easy, simple look, there are so many ways to do it. Read on to see 20 looks to inspire your next style.

Considering Rocking Dark Blue Hair?

From choosing the exact shade to making sure the haircut complements the color (and vice versa), there’s a lot to think about whenever you dye your hair.

Dark blue is one of those colors that always has a lot of depth, no matter the shade. And, speaking of shades, there are so many to choose from––will you dye your hair a deep navy or a lush sapphire?

There’s no shortage of dyes to choose from, and just that task could take you quite a while. To help you choose your next blue ‘do, we’ve picked out 20 amazing dark blue hairstyles.

These span the blue spectrum and encompass all kinds of different haircuts. Read on to find your next favorite dark blue hair look!

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Long and Blue

Woman with dark blue hair sits with a basket of flowers on her lap

Trotskaya Nastassia/Shutterstock

Dyed hair really stands out when it’s applied to long and flowing hair, and this style shows that off. The richness of the blue is on full display here.

And the length of the hair allows the color to develop more dimension. Thanks to variation in lighting and density, the blue appears darker in some places and lighter in others.

Dark Blue Bob

Nice looking woman with dark blue hair tilts her head and looks at the camera wearing a black v neck button up jacket


This one’s for fans of bob haircuts. Since the bob is a shorter style, dyeing it makes it bolder and helps it stand out more. This hair is a dark blueberry with lowlights of darker blue throughout to create an overall dark look.

Alternatively, you could go without the lowlights and instead choose a darker base color that’s still reminiscent of this blueberry hue. We LOVE this color, especially on women with blue eyes.

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Dark Blue Waterfall

Woman standing with blue hair and looking back at the camera in front of lakes and cliffs


Dark blue also looks great with long, flowing hair, as shown here. The rich sapphire color adds a ton of dimension to the hair while the hair closer to the root remains untouched.

What’s more, the intensity and saturation of the blue increase as the hair falls. This gives it a true waterfall feel where the hair starts out calm and erupts into huge splashes of color at the bottom.

Half Blue

Woman holding her right arm and with dark blue highlighted tips

Vladimir emin/Shutterstock

Instead of using dark blue as an accent color, consider coloring the bottom section (or even just the tips) of your hair and dyeing the top a different color.

Here, the bottom is dyed dark blue, while the top is a dark teal that nicely complements the blue. When blended well, this color layout can be really striking.

Dark Blue With Teal Highlights

Woman with multi-colored teal hair wearing a teal sequin dress


Here’s another fashionable way of combining blue and teal that you don’t see every day. The hair is sectioned off into top and bottom portions that are each dyed a different hue.

The top is a deep azure, while the bottom is a vibrant teal. These colors play off each other well, resulting in a prismatic hairstyle that’s sure to wow.

Dark and Light

Dark blue hair doesn’t have to stand on its own––it can be combined with lighter blues for a dazzling result. Here, darker blues are woven into lighter, brighter shades.

This combo creates a great dimension that almost makes the hair look like a faceted gemstone. This is more complex to achieve, but it’s hard to argue with the results!

Dark Blue and Purple

If your favorite shades of blue tend to fall on the more purple end of things, then you might enjoy this hairstyle that mixes dark blue and purple. Blending the two colors makes the hair appear to be a third hue.

In fact, it’s almost violet. And if you look really closely toward the top, you can see hints of a lighter blue-green that helps the dark blue color pop.

Dyed Fringe

Woman with really dark blue hair standing looking at the camera


To change things up, you can dye just your fringe for a two-toned look. In this particular style, the hair in front is dyed a dark cobalt that simultaneously blends into and contrasts against the natural brown hair.

It’s a subtle way to incorporate color that still looks great. Of course, if you have lighter hair, the effect is  much more dramatic. If you’re seeking a muted blue hairstyle, this is the look for you.

Partial Aurora

Woman with a shaved undercut and glasses with dark blue hair on top which is kept long

Katie Bare on Instagram

The aurora look is a common variant of galaxy hair, which often uses a wide variety of blues. Here, a dark yet rich blue is paired with cosmic green strips. It also features a touch of purple for that galaxy hair vibe.

However, unlike many galaxy hairstyles, this look keeps the hair’s color natural below the dyed tips, making this another great high-contrast style.

Dark Galaxy

And speaking of galaxy hair, here’s a take on the galaxy style that uses dark blues to achieve a moodier look. The blues are mixed in with purples.

The end result is a swirling, kaleidoscopic effect, and there’s a bit of teal and magenta at the very bottom to round out the style and add a final splash of color.

Dark Blue and Green Mullet

Here’s a dark blue hairstyle on which the blue is the accent color instead of the main one. This mullet haircut uses a dark teal as its main color with accents of dark blue throughout. The blue is most noticeable across the fringe, but it blends in with teal all over. 

Fade to Blue

This is another fun way to do dark blue hair. Instead of having the dark blue take over the head, you can have it fade from a lighter color (in this case, a wintry silver) and culminate in a vivid blue.

The resulting high-contrast style is eye-catching and unique. If you want a more dramatic effect, you can even opt for a darker shade of blue.

Saturated Blue

Attractive eastern-European woman with blue hair and dark blue lipstick looks at the camera and holds her ponytail


If you want a dark blue that borders on the medium-dark section of the spectrum and retains a saturated richness, then consider this type of color. It’s bright without being light, and it’s dark, but not too much so. It’s a nice middle path for those who don’t want something too indigo or violet.

Blue With Natural Roots

Young woman with dark hair that blends into blue roots wears a lip stud

Vladimir Demin/Shutterstock

When you dye your hair, eventually your natural hair color will come through. While you can opt to recolor your hair when this happens, you can also roll with it and wear it as its own style.

This works nicely if the shade of blue you chose contrasts heavily with your natural hair color. That way, when your roots come in, they’ll pop against the colored sections.

Subtle Galaxy

Lady with dark blue hair lays against a blue wall and has purple and yellow roots

Anna Zheludkova/Shutterstock

Another take on galaxy hair, this subtle look uses a dark blue base and adds touches of green, purple, magenta, and yellow to create a prismatic look that’s reminiscent of a rainbow.

What’s nice about this style is that the main colors of dark blue, purple, and green all blend together to create a unified swirl of color.

Long Blue Bob

Young lady with a long blue bob haircut wears a red sweater and stands against a darker blue wall

Dragosh Co/Shutterstock

While we’ve showcased a blue bob already, this particular style has a lot of uniqueness going for it and deserves its own spotlight. It’s a significantly longer bob that’s almost an A-line.

This is because it’s slightly longer in the front. The blue color chosen is vivid and highly saturated, though, of course, you could go for a darker, more muted blue instead.

Messy Blue

Woman with blue hair and a black tank top with a tattoo sleeve on her upper arm

Dragon Images/Shutterstock

Like to wear your hair messy? This tousled look might be your next style. The front of the hair is dyed blue, and there’s a bit of an indigo-esque color at the top. However, the back is left untouched to create contrast.

It’s also worth noting that this is a much shorter style, so you’ll want several inches of hair on top with a fade on the sides. This dark blue hairstyle can be found on celebrities, soccer players, and more.

Blue-Green Length

Pale woman laying outside on a couch and holding a coffee cup

Alessandro Tomiello/Shutterstock

This unique look uses a darker blue toward the bottom and a more blue-green shade near the top for that wonderful contrast. This goes really well with long hair.

Why? Because the colors have more space to transition from one to the other gradually. If you have shorter hair, the colors will blend together over a smaller amount of space, which results in a bolder look.

Dark Coiled Fade

A woman with curly purple hair that fades to black holds her left hand up to her lip

New Africa/Shutterstock

Here’s one for the gals with extremely wavy, curly, or coiled hair. The hair starts out natural, but the blue comes in about halfway down the hair, blending as it falls and culminating in magenta tips.

The texture of the hair is crucial here, as the color not only catches the eye but also accentuates the hair’s curls and coils. This blue hair is bolder than most, but is also more unique.

Frosted Fade

Woman with a nose ring and dark blue hair in a brown jacket stares straight ahead

Dima Aslanian/Shutterstock

Here’s a final light-meets-dark look that combines a frosty silver top with dark blue. The silver blends into blue at about eye level, which means the hair is mostly blue. The silver on the top provides a healthy amount of contrast and gives this look a style of its own.

Dark Blue Hair: Things to Consider

Before you jump into the deep end and dye your hair a dark blue, you’ll want to ask yourself a few important questions to make sure that you end up with a color you absolutely love.

To help you make the right choice, here are a few considerations to keep in mind when planning for dark blue hair:

Keep your hair healthy. Colored hair requires maintenance to stay in tip-top shape, which means using color-safe hair products to keep your hair looking healthy and fresh. For best results, consult a hair expert to determine which products are best for your hair type and behavior.

Work with a professional colorist. While this might be an obvious tip, your hair will look the best if you work with someone who knows their stuff.

Not all dark blues are the same. As you’ve seen in this article, there are all kinds of shades of dark blue, so that’s something to think carefully about when choosing a color.

You don’t need to become a color theory expert. But you do want to consider all types of dark blue and think about which shades would work best for your hair type (and natural hair color, if that will still be seen).

Try to find real-world examples of your chosen color in action. If possible, find actual examples of people who have used the same dye you’re thinking about using. That way, you can make sure the color will turn out the way you want it to. It also helps if the people you’re using for reference have hair that’s similar to yours.

Think about where you’ll be going. This might sound obvious, but if you’re going to be rocking blue hair at school or work, you’ll want to make sure that it’s appropriate for those environments. Since blue is one of the less common and bolder hair colors, it’s a little harder to pull off in more formal settings.

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