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15 Best Long Hairstyles for Boys in 2024

Check out the best long hairstyles for boys from toddlers to preteens in our hairstyle roundup. You’ll see easy-peasy styles that won’t take long to style in the morning and require less maintenance than short hair. 

If his long hair is becoming a little raggedy or unkempt, these long hairstyles for boys will help you shape it up to great.

See a list of trendy long styles for boys, styling tips, and things to consider to keep long hair healthy and manageable in this guide. Let’s get started! 

Why We Love Long Hairstyles for Boys

Long Hairstyles for boys in a tan image with a boy with long hair on the right

Long-haired looks aren’t for every kid, but they’re refreshingly different from the typical kid cuts that can get a little boring.

Buzz cuts, crew cuts, and fades are fun and easy to style, but if your son is looking for a unique style that lets his personality shine through, growing it out (or keeping it long) might be the way to go. 

Long hairstyles are appealing for a lot of reasons. Maybe your son is young and you’re not ready to give him his first major haircut. Maybe he’s been begging to keep his long locks and doesn’t like the way short hair looks on him.

Or perhaps he prefers spending as little time styling and messing with his hair as possible. There might be a long-haired idol or role model he wants to emulate. 

Whatever the reason to keep it long or grow it out, long hairstyles for boys are definitely on-trend and a great, low-maintenance option. They give him the freedom to show his personality and get to know his hair type and texture better.

Think about it – if you always keep his hair cut short, he may not even realize that he has awesome waves, curls, or coils to show off!  

You’ll see some of our favorite long boys’ hairstyles below, along with styling tips and a few additional things to consider if you’re not sure long hair is right for him.

15 Best Long Hairstyles for Boys

Long hair makes a lot of new hairstyles and looks possible. There’s so much more to work with, so he gets a lot more options with the extra length! 

Take a look at this list of long hairstyles for boys – even better, check it out together – and see which styles he wants to try next. It’s always fun to find new ways to rock your growing mane! 

1. Side-Parted Boy Bob

Side-Parted Boy Bob Long Hairstyle for Boys

Alena Demidyuk/Shutterstock

An ear-length bob haircut is a great option for boys who want to grow their hair out when strands haven’t quite reached the shoulders yet. Trim it up so that it’s one length all the way around for a neater, thicker appearance.

We like ear-length, but adapt the trim to keep as much of the length he’s currently got as you can. Part it on the side to help keep the hair out of his eyes and make it easy to tuck behind the ears. 

2. Long + Layered Curls

Long + Layered Curls, a featured long hairstyle for boys

Sergey Novikov/Shutterstock

Curls need a little shaping and guidance to look their best. With this layered long haircut, your son’s curls will be lively and propped up with volume. Layers keep curls lightweight and ensure they’re able to move freely without clumping.

The important thing is layering curls in the right place. You don’t want to snip the curls at the wrong point and end up with strands that stick out or don’t completely curl. Choose a stylist experienced in cutting curly hair for this layered look!

3. Mid-Back Length With Soft Face-Framing Layers

Little boy with a long hairstyle sitting cross legged on the floor

Kuznetsov Dmitriy/Shutterstock

If your kid’s got some serious length going on already, you don’t need to do much – let it grow and do its thing! Adding in some soft layers around the face is a flattering way to break up the solid length of the cut.

Use a razoring tool or carefully angled scissors to snip softly blended layers into the hair in front. Start as high (up near the cheekbones) or low (around the collarbones, as shown here) as you want depending on the features you want to highlight. 

4. Sporty Box Braids

Sporty Box Braids, a featured long hairstyle for boys

Samuel Borges Photography/Shutterstock

Box braids are a great way to wrangle and style long hair for boys, especially if you’re finding it increasingly difficult to manage his hair as it grows.

Box braids hang freely, so he won’t feel constricted or deal with scalp pain from too-tight flat braids. Simply section and part the hair in the pattern you want – make sure to pay attention to how the braids in front will hang – and braid them up securely.

This style can last for 4-6 weeks, so you’ll spend less time chasing him down to style his hair and leave more time for fun! 

5. Shoulder-Length Shag With Side Bangs

A featured long hairstyle for boys, Shoulder-Length Shag With Side Bangs

Asier Romero/Shutterstock

If your little dude likes his hair on the messy side, he’ll love getting his mop shaped into this easy-to-style look. Leave as much length as you can while trimming the ends to remove any split ends or very dry, damaged tips.

Have the bottom fourth razored or get graduated layers so the hair has more movement and swing. The bangs should hit around the cheeks to make sure they’re easy to tuck to keep out of his eyes when he’s running around! 

6. Chin-Length Shag With Brow-Grazing Bangs

Chin-Length Shag With Brow-Grazing Bangs


Shags are such a great option for medium-length hair while he grows it out. He might find that he loves this in-between length enough to keep it maintained!

A chin-length shaggy cut is layered down the sides to create extra texture and remove bulk from the ends.

A full brow-grazing bang balances the shape of the cut without leaving long hair in his eyes. Keep in mind that bangs will make this cut a little higher-maintenance, as they’ll need to be trimmed regularly to stay out of his eyes. 

7. Clean-Cut Surfer Boy Shoulder Bob

Clean-Cut Surfer Boy Shoulder Bob, a featured long hairstyle for boys


If he’s begging to keep his hair long but you’re not cool with overly messy or shaggy looks, this clean-cut surfer bob is a great compromise.

He gets to keep his shoulder-length locks and you get a nicely shaped, controlled style that doesn’t get confused with “I just woke up” bed head. Swooping side bangs balance the cut and it looks perfect with a little natural wave or curl to add interest to the ends. 

8. Toddler Mushroom Cut

Toddler Mushroom Cut for a piece on the best long hairstyles for boys

Maria Evseyeva/Shutterstock

Bowl cuts and mushroom cuts have made a major comeback after their resurgence in the 90s. If your boy’s got thick hair and you’re not keen on cutting it just yet, a mushroom cut with graduated layers in the ends will help it look thick and healthy without thin, wispy ends.

Bangs should be cut at the brow level to avoid interfering with his vision – as you know, toddlers are always exploring and on the go!

9. Skater Boy Razored Shag

One of our favorite long hairstyles for boys titled the Skater Boy Razored Shag

John Warner/Shutterstock

This razored-yet-neat style looks great on straight hair, but it also works for hair with wavy or curly texture. Razored-in layers around the ends of the style, graduated layers on the front sides, and long bangs give this look a lot of movement.

Prepare to see a *lot* of swishing so he can make the bangs land just right. With properly-cut layers, this look won’t require much styling. 

10. Long With Graduated Layers

Long With Graduated Layers, a top long hairstyle for boys

Amelia Fox/Shutterstock

If he’s been growing his mane out for a while, it can get bulky and heavy. Graduated layers are a quick way to shape and lighten up the hair so it has more movement and less bulk.

These layers gradually get longer toward the bottom of the style to avoid wispy, thin ends that can make long hair look unhealthy. Start the layers around the cheeks or jawline to keep plenty of volume on top. 

11. Blended Shoulder-Length Shag

Blended Shoulder-Length Shag long hairstyle for boys

Stephen Petrat/Shutterstock

Shags can look as neat or as messy as you want them to. It’s all about how well-blended the layers are and the texture of your son’s hair.

If he’s got straight or slightly wavy hair, it’s easy to cut seamless blended layers in to break up the length without getting the messy, choppy look.

Part it to the side and slice long layers in beginning at the eyebrow level down to the ends. Leave the sides and back unlayered, concentrating all of the shaping into the front and final inch or so of the ends. 

12. Choppy Layered Mullet

Choppy Layered Mullet, a top pick for the best long hairstyles for boys


Mullets are all the rage right now, and chances are, your son’s been begging to get his long hair cut into this iconic shape. If you’re willing to allow it, know that it’s relatively low maintenance and an easy look for him to style on his own in the mornings.

Choppy, point-cut bangs in the front give it a messy-casual look instead of the usual “business in the front,” while long layers and a little curl in the back bring the “party” portion of this classic cut. 

13. Long Pageboy Cut

Long Pageboy Cut pictured for a piece on long hairstyles for boys

Larysa Dubinska/Shutterstock

The pageboy haircut gradually lengthens from the bangs to the hair in back, giving it a neat and blended appearance. This is a great cut to give a thicker, denser look to hair that may be on the thinner side.

Blunt bangs cut straight across the eyebrows and the sides are expertly cut in a sloping shape to meet the longer hair in the back. Keep the ends blunt-cut for extra thickness, or layer them if your son has thick hair that tends to bulk up at the ends. 

14. Braided Rattail Hairstyle

Braided Rattail Hairstyle for boys

Maples Images/Shutterstock

If he’s been rocking long hair for a while and wants to try something different, let him have a little fun with the transition by going full rattail.

Cut the front and top in a short, tapered crop – leave a little length for bangs and brush them forward. Leave a small section of long hair in the back near the nape of the neck and braid it up to copy this oddly trendy look.

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15. Ombre Dreadlocks

Ombre Dreadlocks pictured on a young kid for a piece on long hairstyles for boys


Styling and managing your son’s long hair on a daily basis isn’t easy, but it’s a lot less hands-on with dreadlocks. This style works best with very textured hair, but it can work on straighter, finer hair with the right technique.

Learn how to do dreads here. With locked-in locs, you won’t have to worry about brushing, detangling, or styling his hair as long as you keep them in!

With a little maintenance every other month as new growth comes in, they’ll look great and keep his mane contained. For an extra fun touch, bleach the ends for an ombre effect.

Things to Consider for Long Hair That Looks Good

Long hair may be low maintenance, but that doesn’t mean no maintenance. If he’s wearing his hair long, make sure it looks good by keeping these considerations in mind and following these tips. 

  • Find out his hair type. Hair type determines the kind of products, styles, and treatments he’ll need to keep his long hair looking healthy. If you don’t know what his hair type is, check our Hair Type Chart now to find out. It’s helpful if he’s nearby while you view the chart. You’ll be looking at the strand thickness (fine, medium, or coarse), shape (straight, wavy, curly, or coily), and how his hair behaves to find his hair type. 
  • Regular trims are a must. It’s hard to convince a kid to get regular trims when they’re actively growing out their hair, but you’ve gotta do it. Regular trims keep the ends healthy and prevent split ends from leading to breakage. Breakage only results in lost length over time, so explain the importance of a bimonthly trim and stick to it. 
  • Pamper him with a monthly hair mask. Boys love being pampered too! A monthly hair mask will help keep his mane healthy, shiny, and strong. You’ll notice that he starts looking forward to his monthly mask and how great it makes his hair feel afterward! Here are our top picks: Best Hair Mask for All Hair Types.
  • Give him some say in his hairstyle. While you can make the final decision (and always have the right to veto!), make sure you’re letting him choose the long hairstyles he likes best. It’s his mane, after all! If he’s begging for a bold style that you’re really resistant to, consider letting him try it out over the summer or during a school break. 
  • Fight frizz to help long hair look better. Frizz is the enemy of long hair – it can really mess up a style, especially on humid days! It’s easy to fight frizz with the right tools and techniques. From switching his pillowcase to a satin version (grab one for yourself, too) and wearing his hair in a ponytail, braid, or bun while he sleeps to using anti-frizz serum and styling his hair while it’s wet, there are lots of ways to get rid of frizz
  • Make sure he’s washing his hair when he needs to. Boys may need to be reminded to wash their hair and bathe in general, but make sure you know how often he should shampoo based on his hair type. Daily washing isn’t recommended and he doesn’t need to shampoo each time he showers. Typically, it’s a good idea to shampoo 2-3 times a week. He may be able to shampoo less often with coily or kinky hair. 

Choosing Long Hairstyles for Boys

Long hairstyles for boys are so fun. With short and medium-length hair, there are just fewer options and ways to style and shape the hair. With long hair, the options are endless! 

Whether he’s growing his hair out and wants a few styles to help him transition into longer lengths or needs new ways to wear his long hair, this guide is packed with great long hairstyles for boys. Hopefully, you found a few that he’s excited to try! 

Don’t be afraid to let him get creative. If he prefers messy, tousled styles that use his natural texture and don’t require a lot of styling, that’s fine! Just stay on top of frizz and keep the ends trimmed regularly for a neater look. 

With his creative ideas, helpful long hairstyle inspiration from this guide, and your guidance and help with maintenance, his long hair will be a joy to manage. You’ll be able to help keep it looking healthy, shiny, and strong for as long as he’s interested in rocking the extra length. 

Who knows? Long hair might end up being his signature look for a lifetime – or become a fond memory you can relive through pictures when he’s older. For even more hairstyle inspiration for boys, check out these guides next!