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The 7 Best Hair Masks to Buy in 2024

Sick of seeing fake reviews for hair masks? I’m sharing the 7 best hair masks I’ve found and letting you which one is best for each hair type. See products for dry, damaged, oily, curly, and thick hair in this roundup.

What’s the Best Hair Mask?

When it comes to finding the best hair mask, you can’t always trust reviews and product marketing claims. They all claim to be the most fantastic product ever created, but if you’ve tried a few different options, you know that finding the best is hit or miss. 

That’s what this no-nonsense hair mask guide is for. I’m a real hair mask user with a lot of experience trying out different products for different reasons.

I’ve used masks to:
  • Repair damage
  • Restore moisture to my ends
  • Tame frizz
  • Define waves
  • Cut down on oil production

To help you make your search easier, I’m sharing my own opinion on the best options out there. In a nutshell, the best 7 hair mask options I’ve found for different hair types are below.

Our Favorite Hair Masks:

Hair MaskBest ForPrice
artnaturals Argan Hair Mask ConditionerMoisturizingCheck Price
Garnier Whole Blends Honey Treasures Mask Oily HairCheck Price
Marc Anthony Grow Long Hair MaskHair GrowthCheck Price
Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3 Hair MaskDamage RepairCheck Price
SheaMoisture Intensive Hydration MasqueCurly HairCheck Price
It's a 10 Miracle Hair MaskFrizzy HairCheck Price
PURC Magical Hair Treatment MaskThick HairCheck Price

These are the products I consider to be the best of the best. Keep in mind, however, that while I found that a few were awesome to use, they didn’t work for my hair type.

But before we get started, I want to share how using a good hair mask has significantly changed my hair’s health and length. Be sure to read this — it could save you from buying the wrong product.

My Own Hair Mask Experience

Image titled A Good Hair Mask...

My hair used to grow so fast. But in my early 20s, something changed. My color-treated hair became extremely slow-growing with tons of fly-aways and split ends. I couldn’t seem to get it to grow past my shoulders no matter what vitamins I took.

In fact, I also stopped coloring, straightening, and curling it. I even stopped blow-drying it. I had no idea what was going on, and nothing I tried was working. On top of that, my hair tends to get oily fast.

So when my mom (a licensed cosmetologist) recommended I try a hair mask to stop breakage and encourage more growth, I was super skeptical.

But she set me up with a good, lightweight hair mask and promised I’d see good results from using it a couple of times a week. And I did. That first mask I tried is on this list because I keep coming back to it. It works so well for me.

My Problem

My hair wasn’t actually slow-growing. It was so damaged it was just breaking off left and right. Using a hair mask regularly fixed that problem for me. Now, my hair is long, strong, soft, and moisturized, without getting oily as fast.

  • I don’t shed as much hair
  • I have fewer fly-aways
  • My hair grows like it used to

Now I have to get trims every 3 months or so to maintain my current mid-back length. So rest assured that finding the right hair mask formulation for your specific hair needs really does work.

Most hair masks moisturize and deep condition, but they’re more than just conditioners. They can actually repair your hair from the inside out. That said, I’ll share what I consider to be the best hair masks to make your search easier. Let’s dive in!

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7 Best Hair Masks for Different Hair Types

Here are the products that really knock it out of the park. You’ll see the best masks for delivering moisture, repairing damage, and combating oily, slow-growing, curly, frizzy, and thick hair problems. 

1. Best Moisturizing Hair Mask

Best Moisturizing
ArtNaturals Sulfate-Free Argan Hair Mask Conditioner

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If you want a hair mask that makes your strands feel ultra moisturized and soft, the ArtNaturals Argan Hair Mask Conditioner is what you’re looking for. This mask delivers intense moisture to every hair for shine, less frizz, better-defined waves and curls, and fewer flyaways. 

I judge moisturizing hair masks by how much slip they give my hair after use. This one ranks very high on the “slip list.” Your hair is going to feel unnaturally soft and supple after using this.

Like, you’ll be wondering if you actually got all the product out of your hair because it will feel so unbelievably soft. If your hair is dry, brittle, curly, or prone to frizz, you need to give this argan oil mask a try.

Second Opinion

2. Best Hair Mask for Oily Hair

Best for Oily Hair
Garnier Whole Blends Honey Treasures Repairing Hair Mask for Dry Damaged Hair

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The Garnier Whole Blends Honey Treasures Repairing Hair Mask solves the insane dilemma women with oily hair have to deal with: Dry ends and oily roots.

This is one of the only masks I can apply to my oily hair from root to tip without worrying about looking like a greaser the next day. It works for oily hair because it moisturizes the ends, but it’s lightweight enough to not weigh down the hair at the root.

And since stripping moisture away from the roots actually causes your scalp to respond by producing *more oil*, this mask delivers moisture straight to the roots without leaving a greasy residue behind. 

If you can’t seem to go more than a day without washing your hair before it gets greasy, do yourself a favor and give this affordable hair mask a go.

Second Opinion

3. Best Hair Mask for Hair Growth

Best for Long Hair
Marc Anthony Grow Long Hair Mask for Dry Damaged Hair
  • Sulfate-free.
  • Inexpensive product.
  • Hydrates, controls frizz, and nourishes hair.
  • Long ingredient label with synthetic ingredients.
  • Not ideal for thin hair.
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The Marc Anthony Grow Long Hair Mask is the hair mask you need if you’re working on growing your hair out. No hair mask can force your hair to grow, but this one does something that’s just as effective.

It stops your growing hair from breaking off. If you’re having trouble getting your hair to grow out healthy and strong, this is a great solution.

It locks in moisture, so it’s the perfect fix for dry and brittle hair, even if it’s just dry on the ends. Apply a little of the mask from roots to ends and let it sit for several minutes. If your hair tends to get oily fast, you can try applying midway down the strands instead.

It’s super-moisturizing, so it can weigh fine hair down a bit if you saturate your roots. I like to use a shower cap over any hair mask to help it better penetrate the hair.

Second Opinion

4. Best Hair Mask for Damage Repair

You’ve probably heard of Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3 because it’s one of the most well-known mask treatments for damaged hair. A lot of salons use it. It’s a fantastic hair repair mask, but it is not a deep conditioner. 

It’s important that you know what this mask is intended to do and what it’s not going to do. It strengthens the bonds in your hair to make your hair less susceptible to breakage and snapping.

A good mask also cuts down on frizz because it’s making your hair healthier from the inside. It will appear to thicken and grow your hair because it’s preventing your hair from being snapped off prematurely.

But it will not make your hair feel like it’s been deep conditioned. It won’t give your hair that trademark slip feeling that many hair masks do.

It probably won’t make your hair feel all that different right after you use it. It’s a bonder, not a conditioner. If you’re trying to repair super-damaged hair and make it healthier, trust me. This mask works.

Second Opinion

5. Best Hair Mask for Curly Hair

Best for Curly Hair
SheaMoisture Intensive Hydration Masque For Dry Damaged Hair

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The SheaMoisture Intensive Hydration Masque is THE hair mask for women with curls. Stop looking; this is the one. If you ask a group of women with curly hair what product they swear by, the ones with frizz-free hair and defined curls will mention SheaMoisture’s hydration mask.

Word gets around because this mask really does work. It deeply moisturizes the hair, so your curls are going to be bouncy and lively again. Your hair color will look more vivid. Frizz becomes a distant memory. Dullness is replaced with shine. And the results last for days. 

Women with curls from 2C to 4C rave about this hair mask. Heads up: If you have super fine or straight hair, this mask can weigh your hair down a bit. It’s best for coarse or curly hair.

Second Opinion

6. Best Hair Mask for Frizzy Hair

Best for Frizzy Hair
It's a 10 Miracle Hair Mask Hair and Scalp Treatments

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The It’s a 10 Miracle Hair Mask is a Godsend for frizzy hair. It’s also one of the best options for color-treated hair. There’s a reason so many salons recommend and use this product.

Instead of leaving a thick, heavy residue on your hair, it penetrates and heals your hair thanks to the keratin it contains. The sweet almond and apricot oils deeply moisturize your hair to prevent frizz. 

I’ve used several It’s 10 products, and this is my favorite one. Even though my hair tends to be on the oily side, this doesn’t leave my hair greasy after use. I can apply it all the way to my roots, and the results keep my hair soft and frizz-free for a couple of days afterward. 

I recommend the Miracle hair mask to women with frizzy, curly, color-treated, or even oily hair. It’s expensive, yes. But you only need a little, so it lasts longer than you think it will.

Second Opinion

7. Best Hair Mask for Thick Hair

Best for Thick Hair
PURC Magical Hair Treatment Mask, Advanced Molecular Hair Roots Treatment

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The PURC Magical Hair Treatment Mask may or may not be magic. Seriously. You only need to use a little bit of the mask, even on super thick or long hair. It’s powerful stuff!

After you use this mask, you will notice that your hair is more moisturized with extra body and movement. It restores the softness and shine that damaged hair or very coarse hair is missing. 

One of my favorite things about this particular hair mask is that it doesn’t feel heavy and oily. It’s lightweight on your hair, and that’s such a plus for women with thick hair like me.

If you’ve got natural waves or curls, you can rest assured that this mask won’t weigh them down. Instead, it gives them more bounce! I would recommend this mask for women with thick, long, or very damaged hair. You can feel the results after your first use.

Second Opinion

Choosing the Right Hair Mask

Image titled Choosing the Right Hair Mask featuring a couple of tips on how to pick the best hair mask

Now that you’ve seen our picks for the best hair masks, you can narrow down the ones that best suit your hair texture and type. The hair mask that works perfectly for woman with ultra-curly 4C hair isn’t right for those with fine, straight hair that tends to get greasy.

The trick is finding the product that targets your hair’s problem areas. Choosing the right hair mask starts with knowing what your hair is in need of right now. 

  • Dry hair: Look for a mask that promises to deliver and lock in moisture. A good mask for dry hair will feel a lot like conditioner while on your hair and leave your hair feeling crazy-soft after you rinse it out. 
  • Oily hair: Hair masks that are lightweight and non-greasy are wonderful for oily hair. Avoid moisturizing hair masks, which can leave behind a heavy residue that causes your hair to get oily faster. 
  • Breaking hair: Choose a hair mask formulated with keratin to strengthen hair along with deep moisturizing ingredients like jojoba, almond, or argan oil. 
  • Damaged hair: Hair masks intended to repair damaged hair will actually bond the cuticle cells in your hair strands to make them stronger, less porous, softer, and faster-growing. 
  • Curly hair: Somewhere between lightweight and heavy, hair masks for curly hair should deliver enough moisture to define and shape curls while not leaving so much residue the curls are weighed down. 
  • Frizzy hair: Look for hair masks that are moisturizing and contain a strengthening ingredient like keratin. Healthy, moisturized hair won’t frizz as much. 
  • Thick hair: Thick, hard-to-manage hair benefits from a moisturizing hair mask that is lightweight and gives the hair more movement and body. 

If you look through the hair masks in this guide, you’ll find one that supplies the things your hair is asking for whether that’s moisture, balance, more growth, strength, or body.

I hope this roundup leads you to the hair mask that is perfect for you! It really does make such a noticeable difference in the health of your hair.

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