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15 Snazzy Tomboy Short Fluffy Haircuts for 2024

Tomboy short fluffy haircuts are the alt look of the moment and work well with every face shape. Check out 15 examples that give short hair an edge in our guide!

What Are Tomboy Short Fluffy Haircuts?

  • Short cuts like buzz cuts, pixies, and bobs boosted with messy volume
  • Diffused volume with bends, waves, or curls creates fluffy texture
  • Easy to style and ideal for air drying or diffusing

A haircut doesn’t define you, but specific cuts definitely suit the tomboy vibe better than others.

If you’ve been obsessed with the tomboy short fluffy haircuts popping up everywhere, take a quick crash course in the best looks and how to create them below!

Pick the Right Short Haircut

Tomboy walking in a city with a coffee in her hand, a short fluffy haircut on her head, and a backpack on her back


If you’re into tomboy-style short and fluffy haircuts, you need to pick the cut type that works best for you. You can choose from close-cropped buzz cuts, pixie cuts with a long top or bangs, mushroom cuts, bowl cuts, pageboys, and bobs of all lengths. 

It’s hard to determine which type of short haircut will look best on you without seeing it for yourself and how it works with your face shape. You can use a virtual hairstyle try-on tool to see how different short haircuts look in real time. 

If you’re stumped on which short haircuts to try, take a quiz to see what haircut you should get to suit your face shape. In general, round and square faces need more volume on the sides (like bobs, bowl cuts, and pageboys offer).

Oval faces look great with pixies, mushroom cuts, and buzz cuts. Heart faces can really rock bobs, pageboys, and tapered pixies well. 

Create Diffused Volume for the Fluff Factor

The “fluffy” look is really just soft, diffused volume with some type of texture – bends, waves, or curls. You just need to know how to get fluffy hair.

To master tomboy short fluffy haircuts, focus on achieving plenty of soft volume using a few products and the right procedures for your hair texture. 

Gels can be great when brushed through, but lightweight mousse and volumizing products with starches and proteins are ideal. Curl cream can help you achieve a little curl and wave definition without adopting the crunchy curl look. 

You can start the fluffing process with volumizing shampoo and conditioner followed by diffusing dry with an attachment or dedicated diffuser. Work in dry shampoo or volumizing powder/spray for even more lightweight lift. 

Take Advantage of Simple Styling

One of the best parts about tomboy short fluffy haircuts is how easy they are to style and manage. Forget wrangling tons of hair and using a countertop of hot tools and products.

Keep things simple with these short styles! Layers in these types of cuts help create “built-in” styles so you’re never more than a few minutes away from a cute tomboy look. 

Focus on your natural texture and keeping your hair healthy and clean. Air dry to rock your natural texture for messy tomboy short styles. Use a diffuser and a little airy mousse or curl cream for more definition.

You can heat style when you want to, but relying on air drying and indirect diffusing protects your hair from damage! 

15 Trendy Tomboy Short Fluffy Haircuts

Check out 15 of our favorite trendy tomboy fluffy cuts with built-in style below. You’ll see tons of different short haircuts and ways to style them to fit your vibe. 

1. Fluffy Pixie With Frosted Tips

Fluffy Pixie With Frosted Tips, a featured tomboy short fluffy hairstyle


Pixie cuts with longer hair on top are one of the best tomboy short fluffy haircuts because of their versatility. These cuts are easy to style messy and fluffy as shown or slicked back in a sleek pompadour style.

Mix it up with bleached frosted tips to add definition and dimension to dark strands! 

2. Messy Tapered Mushroom Cut

For a piece on the best tomboy short fluffy haircuts, a woman wears a Messy Tapered Mushroom Cut

Maradon 333/Shutterstock

A short mushroom cut tapered down the back and sides is the quintessential tomboy cut. This version is ear-length with short layers that help stack the hair for fluffy volume.

Straight texture in this look takes on a messy vibe with a little pomade for a broken pompadour look. It also gives the hair a little hold to stay put throughout the day. 

3. Fluffy Curly Pixie With Long Bangs

Fluffy Curly Pixie With Long Bangs, one of the best short and fluffy haircuts for tomboys


The bold emerald color might be the first thing you notice, but the whole style is built on the pixie cut with long bangs and loose, curly texture. This is a favorite tomboy look that’s balanced with some decadent feminine vibes. 

A side part and lift at the roots takes care of the volume here. Loose but defined wavy curls add plenty of shape that keeps the longer bangs and top sections from lying flat. 

4. Straight Tapered Pixie With Diffused Volume

Straight Tapered Pixie With Diffused Volume haircut on a tomboy with short fluffy hair


Height is the key to nailing tomboy short fluffy haircuts with straight texture. You can use a little gel (medium or firm hold) and brush through the hair to leave it soft and fluffed without that crunchy, shiny texture.

Tapered length in a pixie cut that’s longer on top gives this voluminous style a sleeker vibe that looks great with a square or round face shape. 

5. Asymmetrical Bixie With Loose Ringlets

Asymmetrical Bixie With Loose Ringlets for a piece titled Tomboy Short Fluffy Haircuts

Cast of Thousands/Shutterstock

Bixie cuts are a nice mashup of the pixie cut and bob, both tomboy-friendly cuts that can be styled a number of ways. Loose, curly texture that’s not perfectly defined or shaped is the look you’re going for with this fluffy style. 

Try scrunching your curls with a little lightweight mousse to help group and subtly shape them. A side part allows tendrils to fall around the face for a soft, feminine touch. 

6. Messy Layered Bob With Bouncy Curls

Messy Layered Bob With Bouncy Curls, a top pick for tomboy short and fluffy hairstyles

Jihan Nafiaa Zahri/Shutterstock

You don’t need to focus on definition with most tomboy short fluffy haircuts. A simple layered bob on curly or coily hair will allow the hair to stack naturally, adding volume and tons of messy texture. 

If your curls are naturally tight and more defined, you can try tugging on them or running a wide-toothed comb through before your hair is fully dry to get a fluffier texture. 

7. Fluffed and Curly Pageboy

Tomboy with a fluffy and curly pageboy haircut wearing hoop earrings and looking at the camera in a studio

Misha Beliy/Shutterstock

Pageboy cuts are very similar to bowl and mushroom cuts, but feature cascading graduated layers in the front with longer layers around the back. The cut typically has a U-shaped line in the back that really helps stack curly texture for more volume. 

Air dry or diffuse to bring out a little definition without shaping the curls too much. A little mousse offers plenty of hold for a middle part style like this. 

8. Bedhead Pixie With Messy Quiff

Bedhead pixie cut on a blonde tomboy in a room with a green screen


A little more length can transform a basic pixie into something a little more casual and loose, especially when you style it with messy, lived-in texture. Messy volume brings the fluff factor here with hair directed forward, up, and to the side. 

9. Chin-Length Bob With Fluffy Curls

For a piece on tomboy short fluffy haircuts, a woman in a retro green blazer holds her collar and looks intensely at the camera


Tomboy short fluffy haircuts can extend to include chin-length bobs if you want to work with a little more length. Big, full-bodied curls are the key to this look for bold texture that creates the signature airy volume. 

Wear it with your preferred part – side, off-center, or middle – to make this look feel like your own. Air dry or diffuse existing curls with a little curl cream to set the shape. A little frizz is fine! 

10. Ear-Length Bob With Frizzy Curls and Bangs

Ear-Length Bob With Frizzy Curls and Bangs for a piece on short and fluffy haircuts for tomboys

Look Studio/Shutterstock

Embracing the frizz that sometimes comes with natural curls is the heart of the short and fluffy look. You don’t want the style to be too perfect or defined – instead, air dry or diffuse with minimal product to achieve the look. 

A bright and cheery color like the lilac shade shown here can really elevate your tomboy cut and make it feel like a signature look. Curly bangs are the defining feature of this short, ear-length bob. 

11. Curly Bowl Cut With Fluffy Definition

Portrait of a woman with pale skin looking over her right shoulder and wearing a fluffy and short tomboy haircut


This cut offers a modern take on the bowl cut with luxe layers and a little extra curl definition taking it over the top. Root lift adds a lot of volume to the top and sides while tapered length brings it in. 

The bangs across the forehead bring the curly texture forward and onto the face. Muss your curls up with your fingers to create this messy-casual look with just the right amount of fluff.

12. Voluminous Bob With Scrunched Curls

Short fluffy haircut on a tomboy in the Voluminous Bob With Scrunched Curls style

Look Studio/Shutterstock

If you can walk the fine line between curl definition and fluffy volume, you’ll love the way this balanced look frames your face and highlights more angular features. A deep side part will give you a little root lift and volume on top. 

Scrunch your curls with a little lightweight mousse to avoid the heavy, crunchy look. Finish with a touch of anti-frizz serum, but don’t try to get rid of every flyaway! It’s part of the charm of this look. 

13. Blunt Bob With Short Curly Curtain Bangs

Blunt Bob With Short Curly Curtain Bangs


Short curtain bangs with a chin-length bob give this cut a pageboy look and feel without the longer, U-shaped back. Blunt ends add an angular component to this otherwise rounded and curly style. 

The bangs curl up tightly to frame the face with texture while curls of varying sizes are allowed to take their natural shape through the body of the cut. 

14. Curly Pompadour Undercut

Curly pompadour haircut on a woman, a cut we consider to be one of the best short fluffy haircuts for tomboys


Edgy vibes rule this curly pompadour undercut look and it’s super easy to care for and style. That’s especially true if you’re rocking natural wavy or curly texture you can boost with mousse or curl cream! 

Keep the back and sides tapered and short to put all the focus on the longer, textured top. For a different look, slick the pompadour back. 

15. Tapered Fluffy Mushroom Cut

Tapered Fluffy Mushroom Cut for a piece titled Short Fluffy Haircuts for Tomboys


The sheer size of these big curls is the main element of this look. Since you’ll want to create giant curls to add lots of fluffy volume and a little definition to this look, it works great for straight, wavy, or curly hair. 

Balayage or ombre color works well with this cut to highlight the tips of the hair and accentuate the longest layers. Style it with a side part and keep the length in the back and sides short and tapered. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Pretty tomboy in a plaid checkered shirt and round glasses smiling and looking up at the camera for a piece on the best tomboy short fluffy haircuts

maradon 333/Shutterstock

Wondering what else you should know about tomboy short fluffy haircuts? Check out others’ most frequently asked questions on the topic to learn something new. 

How do you cut short tomboy hair?

Short tomboy haircuts include buzz cuts, pixie cuts with longer hair on top or bangs, short bobs from ear- to chin-length, bowl cuts, mushrooms cuts, pageboys, and bixie cuts that combine elements of the pixie and bob.

It's smart to go to a stylist or barber for short fluffy tomboy haircuts, but if you're doing it at home, use clippers with interchangeable guard sizes for easy length control.

What are some good hairstyles for tomboys?

Tomboy styles aren't anti-feminine - they just work in more masculine elements for balance. Some good hairstyles for tomboys include messy pixies, ear-length curly bobs, classic pageboys with a middle part, and short curly hair with bangs.

Do tomboys have short hair?

Tomboys can wear their hair at any length, from super-short to long. Short hair really suits the tomboy vibe because it's easy to care for, requires minimal maintenance besides trims, and can be styled a variety of ways.

What haircut should I get for fluffy hair?

"Fluffy" hair refers to airy, diffused volume with a little texture (bend, waves, or curls). Layers and minimal, lightweight product usage can help you master the fluffy look without excess frizz and tangles.

So, Will Tomboy Short Fluffy Haircuts Suit You?

Short haircuts with that trademark tomboy fluffy style are undeniably cute, but they may not be ideal for everyone. How can you tell if these looks will work for you?

First, consider how comfortable you are going short with your length. If you’ve been rocking short hair for a bit and love it, there’s no reason you shouldn’t try a diffused, fluffy style to switch up the look. 

Next, think about your hair’s natural texture and how it behaves with minimal product. This look is all about being casual, effortless, and a little messy.

If your hair is pin-straight (like type 1A or 1B), you might have trouble creating the volume and texture needed to fluff these looks up.

But if you’re rocking type 2 waves, type 3 curls, or type 4 coils, you’ll have an easier time building fluffy volume. 

Finally, think about the look and vibe you’re cultivating.

What types of clothing do you typically wear? Will you be happy with messy, fluffy styles that sometimes border on frizzy? Will you be able to create your favorite hairstyles with a short length?

These are all important considerations when you’re thinking about changing up your look. If you decide that tomboy short fluffy haircuts are right up your alley, just make sure to commit to regular trims to keep it looking fresh!