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How to Get Fluffy Hair | 14 Stylists’ Tips and Tricks to Try

These days, it’s pretty easy to get fluffy hair, but make sure you distinguish between fluffy and poofy or frizzy hair. Whether you have thin hair or you just want to learn how to style your fluffy hair, keep reading this article!

Get Fluffy Hair 14 Different Ways

To get fluffy hair, you have to combine volume and a natural look while keeping in mind that fluffy hair has a lot of volume with a beautiful finish. Whether you’re a professional hairstylist or a TikTok connoisseur, these hacks will help you achieve just that. Try these:

  1. Use Hot Rollers
  2. Tie Your Hair in a Bun
  3. Diffuse Your Hair
  4. Back-Comb Your Hair
  5. Dye Your Hair
  6. Blow-Dry Your Hair
  7. Layer Your Hair
  8. Use Dry Shampoo
  9. Use a Hair Iron
  10. Use a Volume Building Shampoo
  11. Tease Your Hair
  12. Crimp the Roots of Your Hair
  13. Use the Right Hair Products
  14. Use Root-Boosting Products

These are some of the best ways to make your hair look and feel fluffier and softer. And many of these are used by professionals! You can use all or only a few of these methods.

1. Use Hot Rollers

How to get fluffy hair using hot rollers graphic

A great way to make your beautiful hair fluffy is to use hot rollers. The best part about hot rollers is they give you curls without using intense heat, which is a lot better for your hair than using, let’s say, a curling iron! Since they come in many sizes, hot rollers also work well with short hair. And they can prevent your hair from being frizzy instead of fluffy.

If you want to get fluffy hair with some well-defined curl, select smaller rollers. Use smaller sections (about 2x the width of the roller) and make sure your hair wraps around the roller 2 1/2 times for the best results.

If you want bouncier hair, try using bigger rollers (who ever said size doesn’t matter?). One of the quickest ways to get curly hair is to spray dry hair with a bit of setting spray before rolling them up in the roller of your choosing.

2. Tie Your Hair in a Bun

How to get fluffy hair using a hair bun graphic

Tying your hair in a bun as it dries is a great way to give your hair volume. Tying up your hair overnight doesn’t require heat or anything else, besides a simple elastic band.

All you need to do is pull your hair into a high (but loose) bun with an elastic band. When your hair dries, it lifts off from your scalp, making your hair softer and more voluminous. You can also use an elastic headband made out of fabric to add volume to your hair. 

3. Diffuse Your Hair

How to get fluffy hair using a hair diffuser graphic

A hair diffuser is one of the best things you can use to make your hair fluffier. It works by helping you dry and fluff your hair all the while speeding up your hair’s drying process. Learn how to diffuse your hair in our complete guide.

4. Back-Comb Your Hair

Comb back hair, a step in the process of getting fluffy hair

Back-combing isn’t something you should make a habit of doing, but it can make your hair fluffier. The best way to back-comb your hair is to use a comb with fine but dense teeth. Lift up a section of hair and, placing the comb on the underside of the section, use a downward motion to comb shorter hairs down towards the scalp. You should have a nice cushion of hair when you finish.

After you finish, comb out the hair that’s visible so that it hides the teased hair underneath. Be sure to gently and slowly smooth out the hair on top. You don’t want to cause breakage.

5. Dye Your Hair

Step 5 to take when learning how to get fluffy hair

Dyeing your hair makes it look much more voluminous. After all, hair dye opens up the cells in your hair. The dye goes into the free space in the follicles, which means that the cells won’t close completely. This makes the diameter of your hair appear thicker, and thus fluffier.

6. Blow-Dry Your Hair Upside-Down

Step 6 when trying to get fluffy hair, to blow dry it

An upside-down blow-dry is one of the best and easiest ways to make your hair fluffier and voluminous. To do this, wash your hair, apply a styling agent —like foam— at the base of your hair, and then dry it with your blow-dryer.

When you blow-dry your hair upside down, your roots don’t rest on your scalp. Instead, they lift, adding more volume to your hair. Volume and fluffiness go hand in hand, so your hair will also be fluffier. To get the fluffiest results, brush your hair while blow-drying it (unless you have curls and/or frizzy hair). 

7. Layer Your Hair

Step 7 in the how to get fluffy hair process, layering it

Getting regularly scheduled haircuts is one of the most important things to do if you want your hair to be healthy and look its best at all times. When your hair is well layered and cut, it will give it a much more voluminous and fluffier look.

There are different ways to layer your hair. You can layer your hair by cutting it with a razor blade —or feather razor— which will make it fluffier. 

You can also “window” your hair. You do this by cutting some thin strands of your hair at different lengths. The shorter strands hold the longer ones up, which makes the hair look more voluminous and fluffier.

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8. Use Dry Shampoo

Using dry shampoo when trying to get fluffy hair

Having dirty hair can make it feel grimy and heavy on your head. The best thing to do to get rid of it is to carry some dry shampoo around. It’ll help you keep your hair volumized and fluffy. 

Dry shampoo helps to give your hair that natural, lived-in look you want. It does this by refreshing your hair strands, absorbing the oils in your hair, and volumizing your hair.

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9. Use a Hair Iron

Step 9 for a piece on how to get fluffy hair, using a hot iron

You can use a hair iron or a curler to make your hair fluffier. The hair iron curls your hair and makes it wavy. Curling your hair makes it look fluffier and more voluminous. Make sure to use protective hair products when you’re using a hair iron to protect your hair from heat damage.

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10. Use a Volume-Building Shampoo

Using a volume building shampoo as step 10 in the how to get fluffy hair process

A good shampoo will make a lot of difference in your hair’s volume and fluffiness. It shouldn’t contain strong chemicals like sulfate or formaldehyde, as these can destroy your hair. After you wash your hair, use a little hair conditioner, then rinse after applying it to the lower part of your hair.

11. Tease Your Hair

Woman teasing her locks to get fluffy hair

You can tease your hair by using a big paddle brush to give your hair a soft, fluffy look. The best way to do this is to brush your hair section by section by tying up the upper part and back-brushing the rest of it. For the best results, apply a little bit of hair mousse to each section. 

12. Crimp the Roots of Your Hair

Woman getting fluffy hair by crimping the roots of her hair

Make the roots of your hair’s underlayers stand out from your scalp by crimping them. The best thing about crimping is that it takes just a few moments and needs no knowledge, unlike flat irons and curling irons. The crimping is also entirely covered by the top layer of your hair.

13. Use the Right Hair Products

How to get fluffy hair using good hair products

To keep your hair fluffy, you’ll want to ensure you’re using the correct styling products. When you want your hair’s natural texture to take center stage, use a product that will make your hair fluffy and volumized.

If you’re working with curly hair, using a lightweight mousse will improve and shape your hair for smooth and bouncy curls. Apply some hair mousse to your damp hair, scrunch it up, and let it air dry to make it fluffy.

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14. Use Root-Boosting Products

How to get fluffy hair using a root-boosting hair product

Root-boosting products are your best friends. They give your roots the support and structure for the volume you want and the different styles you try out. They also help your hairstyles last for a full day or even days on end. 

The best root-boosting products to use are those that are for fine hair specifically. Root-boosters don’t work when your hair is dry, so make sure you use them on damp hair.

For overall thicker hair, we love Folexin.

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Things to Consider While Getting Fluffy Hair

Here are some of the things to do and not to do while trying to get your hair fluffier and more voluminous. 

Things to Do:

  • Always apply conditioner daily
  • Trim your hair once in a while 
  • Use hair masks
  • Use some home-made conditioners
  • Always rinse off your conditioner with cool water
  • Use root-boosters
  • Use hot oil treatments
  • Reduce the number of times you dye your hair

Things Not to Do:

  • Don’t wash your hair with hot water
  • Reduce the use of heating tools
  • Don’t shampoo your hair every day
  • Don’t do certain hairstyles that tighten your scalp
  • Don’t expose your hair to the sun 
  • Don’t overuse dry shampoo
  • Don’t back-comb your hair too often

So How Do You Get Fluffy Hair?

So, there you have it — how to get fluffy hair. Getting fluff and volume can be a little challenging, depending on your hair length. The above tips will guide you in making your hair fluffier without damaging it or causing it to lose its sheen.