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20 Cute Bixie Cut Ideas That Slay in 2024

We’re seeing the bixie cut everywhere suddenly and this short haircut is actually one of the most versatile styles we’ve seen.

It’s universally flattering for all face shapes and combines elements of the beloved bob and pixie for a unique look that’s giving everyone 90’s flashbacks (the good kind). We’ve got 20 cute examples to show you, so come on in and get inspired!

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What Is a Bixie Cut?

What Is a Bixie Cut explainer image on a tan background

A bixie cut is a short haircut with a mix of elements from both bobs and pixie cuts (hence the blended name).

The basic shape of bixie cut is short, usually around ear length or slightly longer, and features tapered ends to remove bulk and weight for a sleeker profile. 

It features a lot of layers (blended, graduated, choppy, short, or long) to break up the style and give it that wispy pixie aesthetic. Like a bob, it’s tapered for fullness on the top and sides and thinner on the bottom. 

Bixie cut styles usually include bangs of some sort. Bangs or shorter face-framing pieces in the front add texture and balance to the cut while broadening the number of ways you can style it. 

The bixie cut is truly a universally flattering haircut for women with all face shapes and hair types because it’s just so darn versatile.

We’ve seen celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Selena Gomez, Doja Cat, Ciara, and Kristen Stewart rocking this trend lately in a range of gorgeous styles! Style it big and voluminous, sleek and low-profile, messy and tousled, or full of body and waves for 90’s vibes.

Play around with the type and length of your bangs to make it your own – side-swept, curtain, bottleneck, blunt, and wispy bangs all look amazing with a bixie cut.

See 20 of our favorite examples of this burgeoning haircut trend in this guide along with tips and things to consider before you get your strands snipped! 

20 Bixie Cuts That Make Us Want to Go Short

Every now and then, you come across a haircut so cute and flattering that it makes you consider chopping your hair off to go short. The bixie cut is definitely one of them.

It’s medium-short, so it won’t be as big of a shock to the system as a traditional pixie. And it’s full of pliable, lightweight layers for plenty of style versatility. 

The more we check out these trending bixie cut examples, the more we’re itching to shed some length and give this trend a try! Here are 20 of our favorite examples of the many ways to wear a bixie cut. 

1. Bixie Cut With Soft Layered Bangs

Bixie Cut With Softly Layered Bangs

the stock company/Shutterstock

This bixie hits just below the ears for a lightweight cut that won’t weigh down fine or straight hair. Longer bangs add extra styling versatility and a little weight to the front of the style for balance.

With soft layers throughout the cut, the trademark head-hugging shape of the bixie is front and center. 

2. 90s Inspired Side-Swept Bixie

90s Inspired Side-Swept Bixie


Relive the funky, anything-goes 90s with a fun and feathery bixie packed with soft layers. Layering keeps the bulk out of the ends for a look full of movement and excellently suited for round, square, and oval face shapes. A side part with bangs styled down and across the forehead give it major “vintage” vibes. 

3. Wispy Layered Bixie With Full Bangs

Wispy Layered Bixie With Full Bangs

Anna Kraynova/Shutterstock

One of the best things about a bixie cut is how well the style works with different types of bangs. A heavy, full fringe adds shape to the cut and wispy, point-cut ends keep the style lightweight overall. Split the bangs down the middle for a completely different look when you style it!  

4. Tapered Bixie With Boosted Crown Volume

Tapered Bixie With Boosted Crown Volume


A little extra volume on top is easy to achieve with the short layers of a bixie cut. The added height makes this look super flattering for round or square face shapes as it visually lengthens the face for a slimmer silhouette.

Style the longer bangs in front over to the side to show off the precisely tapered back and sides! We love the extra length below the nape of the neck to balance the style. 

5. Graduated Blonde Bixie With Distressed Waves

Graduated Blonde Bixie With Distressed Waves

Sun Shock/Shutterstock

A bright blonde is the perfect color to accentuate a short bixie, especially with graduation and waves that shape and define the look!

Longer bangs without tapering keep the look uninterrupted in the front, while the layers around the back and sides keep the style tapered to the head for that classic pixie-esque shape. 

6. Sleek Side Part Bixie 

Sleek Side Part Bixie 


Bixie cuts don’t have to be heavily layered or choppy – blended, invisible layers can create a sleeker profile for the cut if that’s what you prefer.

A side part and point-cut invisible layers remove weight and bulk from the ends while shaping a sleek bixie that is so flattering for oval and square faces! 

7. Shaggy & Tousled Bixie With Wispy Fringe

Shaggy & Tousled Bixie With Wispy Fringe

Dean Drobot/Shutterstock

One of our favorite ways to rock a bixie is with the shaggy, tousled look. After all, with all these beautifully light pixie-style layers in the style, why not have a little fun with them?

The shorter layers create the shape for the look with piece-y, wispy bangs across the forehead. This one has all the best parts of a short bob and pixie cut, combined!

8. Throwback Side-Swept Bixie With Extra Volume

Throwback Side-Swept Bixie With Extra Volume


This voluminous style is a fun way to arrange a basic bixie cut with lots of layers and longer bangs. It reminds us of Courtney Cox’s short hair in the 90s and is a universally flattering look for all face shapes.

Use a little volumizing spray or mousse at the roots before drying with a round brush to achieve this vivacious volume! 

9. Layered Bixie Blowout

Layered Bixie Blowout


Lots of layers in a style will always benefit from a little extra attention during the styling process. A blowout with the hair directed toward the back in a lightly feathered effect is perfect for a modern bixie with 90s vibes!

Leave the front bangs section longer to achieve the bob part of the bixie look. The layers and tapered shape are the borrowed pixie features!

10. Bixie With Chic Flattened Waves

Bixie With Chic Flattened Waves

Irina Bg/Shutterstock

Lots of lightweight layers are the base for a range of hairstyles, including these chic and gorgeous waves. Creating spiral curls with a curling iron that are tugged while warm will flatten the waves for a sleek and chic texture that highlights this short bixie cut. 

11. Layered & Styled Forward Bixie With Bangs

Layered & Styled Forward Bixie With Bangs

Yuri Shevtsov/Shutterstock

Getting creative with styles is so easy with the versatile bixie cut. Bringing those blended layers forward with a feathered effect is a fun look to try.

Long brow-grazing bangs styled over to the side match the styled-forward layers on the sides to create cohesion with wispy, point-cut texture. 

12. Tapered Bixie With Side Bangs

Tapered Bixie With Side Bangs


This fun and airy cut has the look of a layered bob in front with sweeping side bangs that add a little youth to the style. Around the sides and back, the hair is tapered to create the pixie shape without a lot of weight or bulk for a slimming effect. 

13. Blended and Shaped Bixie

Blended and Shaped Bixie

Roman Chazov/Shutterstock

If you hate spending a ton of time styling your mane in the mornings, a blended and shaped bixie is a great solution. Blended layers lie perfectly on top of each other to prevent unwanted bulk or heaviness in the base of the style. A side part and quick blow dry is all you need to bring this look to life! 

14. Layered Lightweight Bixie

Layered Lightweight Bixie


An off-center part is such an easy-breezy way to base a range of casual, tousled styles with a bixie. Soft layers feather back to shape and add texture to the style, while a cropped length keeps it in bixie, not bob, territory. 

15. Beach Hair Bixie With Choppy Layers

Layered Lightweight Bixie

Alena Gerasimova/Shutterstock

If you’re a fan of tousled, messy-on-purpose looks, choppy layers in your bixie are a must. Lots of gritty texture from sea salt spray will help you achieve the fresh from the beach look without stepping foot in the sand. 

16. Asymmetrical Platinum Bixie 

Asymmetrical Platinum Bixie 


This one takes half bob, half pixie to a new level. One side is tapered close to the head in a pixie shape while the other side has the added length and fullness of an asymmetrical bob.

Full bangs bridge the two looks together for a cohesive style, and platinum color adds to the edgy aesthetic. 

17. Chic Softly Feathered Bixie

Chic Softly Feathered Bixie


This look is all about creating fullness and volume without bulk at the bottom of the style. The short length helps sculpt your jawline and highlights the shape of your shoulders well.

A side part with a quick blowout helps define those layered pieces for a chic, feathered style that looks very put-together without a ton of work.

18. Tapered Split Bixie

Tapered Split Bixie

Red Umbrella and Donkey/Shutterstock

While tapering creates the head-hugging shape, graduated layers around the front create a gorgeous frame for the face that suits heart, oval, and square face shapes perfectly.

Create a middle part and split the bangs down the center to open up the face and show off the shape of this tucked-under bixie. 

19. Inverted Bixie With Highlights

Inverted Bixie With Highlights

Roman Kosolapov/Shutterstock

Take your pixie bob and add a little length to the front for an inverted take on the bixie trend! If you want a flattering style with longer face-framing layers, this inverted version is perfect.

You get the convenience of a short pixie in the back with the stylability of a longer inverted bob in the front! 

20. Long and Wavy Bixie Shag

Long and Wavy Bixie Shag

Space Images/Shutterstock

The main features of the bixie can be brought into other short styles for a unique twist on the trend, like this heavily layered wavy bixie shag.

It’s a little longer than a true bixie and is layered high up for the choppy shag effect. With voluminous wavy texture and a heavy blunt bang, this is a really cute option with excellent shape. 

Bixie Cut Tips and Things to Consider

Now that you’ve seen how many ways a bixie cut can be worn and styled for different looks, you might be considering giving this trend a try.

Before you book it to the salon and get your bixie cut, read through these tips and tricks to make sure you love the result! 

  • Layers are a must. Layers “release the weight” in a bixie cut to make it light, airy, and textured. A blunt cut won’t adopt the trendy bixie shape and leaves too much weight and bulk in the ends. Layers are one of the pixie cut elements the bixie borrows, so don’t skip or skimp on them when you get this cut!
  • Ask your stylist to point-cut the ends. Along with soft layers throughout the cut, you’ll also want to ask your stylist to point-cut the ends for a wispier effect. This further lightens the ends by removing some weight and adds a sleeker silhouette to the style. 
  • Pick the right bang type and length. Bangs and bixies are a perfect pair, so make sure you’re choosing the right bang length to suit your face shape and highlight your best features. Short cheekbone-skimming bangs are great for round faces. Softly layered long bangs work well on oval, square, and heart face shapes. Full brow-grazing bangs (wispy or heavy) work well on oval and square face shapes. We also love a good curtain bang or bottleneck bang with this look!
  • Get creative with different styles. While the bixie cut has great shape built right into the haircut, you’ll have so many different ways to style it. Don’t settle for one – get creative and rock your bixie as many ways as you can to broaden your style spectrum! Straight, wavy, and curly textures look great in this short cut, as do all different part lines (middle, off-center, side, and deep side parts). Rock a voluminous blowout, go for a 90s aesthetic, or style it feathered back or forward for fun, unique looks! 
  • Don’t skimp on trims and maintenance. Short haircuts and cuts with layers do require a little more maintenance to avoid the grown-out look. Don’t skimp on regular trims (once every 2 months in general) and take good care of your hair. At shorter lengths, split ends, dryness, oily roots, and scalp issues can become more apparent. A monthly hair mask and limited heat styling will help you keep your mane in tip-top shape. 

Is the Bob & Pixie Combo Right for You?

If you missed the original bixie made popular in the 90s, now’s your chance to try this feisty, fun short haircut. With the layers, tapered shape, and easy care of the pixie combined with the longer length, volume, and fullness of a bob, this is one cut that makes going short a lot less scary. 

Go with a modern version of the bixie cut, throw it all the way back to the 90s, or develop your own take on this trendy style by mixing and matching your favorite elements into the cut.

Save the examples you liked best from this guide to show your stylist and get ready to show off those shoulders!